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Jerry Remy: The Red Sox will be 100% different in 2013

Sep 26, 2012|

NESN baseball analyst Jerry Remy spoke with Dino & Gerry to discuss how the Sox are keeping themselves motivated as the season winding down. He chats about how different the 2013 Red Sox roster will be, which young players have bright futures with the Sox, what will the Sox do with Jacoby Ellsbury, and who he believes is on the All-Fenway Team.

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Our conversation with the Rem dog -- -- is sponsored by ARS restoration specialist property managers and insurance pros depend on heiress to cover all the disaster basis when it comes to 24/7 emergency services 300 ARS serve dot com that he would take into field. And by dragon speech recognition software dragon makes it easier for anybody to use a computer you talk it types visit get dragon dot com and of course. By -- of Watertown. Inviting you to a new level of excellence 1800. Go -- Jerry joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning red dog how are you a good -- and -- -- -- what's more difficult playing out the string as a player. Or broadcast. But but but but as well as a player you put that accomplishment you wanna make you know personal goals. So -- you know you you. Well out there every day and try to do those let me know exactly 125. Home runs -- a guy that wanted 300 that are guys that wanted to you know do this offensively so. You know you plan it out there and really it really comes not a personal goals but -- -- just that the result of the beginning of the season you know I as a broadcaster it's like a hospital for three months yeah yeah and you know you just try to do the best you can that the people that they and then and then tell what's going on with the ballclub. As a player when you look at your other teammates playing out the string does does how they come conduct themselves in the final 23 weeks of meaningless games tell you a lot about that guy as a team. Absolutely absolutely I -- anyone wanna go down you know playing hard every single day. -- played the best your ability every day you don't wanna see guys -- and and and end you know I think for the most part they've they've done that they haven't been winning a lot of games but they've you know they've gone out they've they've played the game the way it ought to be. He played you know a lot of they possibly can and then that with that -- can hope -- you know you don't. You what you don't -- you guys sitting down and and you know I had that ability right now. You know must have an injury obviously. But you know up for the for the most -- I think these guys have been good about going about you know the best they can't have a bad situation. What do you see Rem dog that encourages you tell us something good -- some good good to see him from this team from these guys. Well. I don't know you know you start looking at the young guys. And Iglesias. You know one there is no question the guys -- big league shortstop in the going to be a very good big league shortstop. And then I have been surprised a little bit with -- swing and my body was more of what a slap kind of guy and he's not really that kind of hit it. And I got up. Gut feeling that in time he's going to be able to hit a little bit thin -- in -- up enough to carry you don't carry -- -- lineup where you're not going to be is that the you know offensively. And you've got to really help you defensively. That I've been impressed with the even though the numbers don't short right now. He's not getting a lot of hit I think this is when his conducive to you know to -- -- work work and also you know to be able to hit them at a reasonable. Average at the Major League level. So he's your starting shortstop and April. Could possibly yes. Yes possibly. And the other guy LeBron way you know -- -- numbers are what they should be offensively but they've they know. But it feels strongly that he can do the job offensively. NIC is defense improved in what instances -- I've started spring training but he still got a ways to go. So I don't do those really things you're looking at a you know directors our. Who committee has been. You know a great story this year he really had and that I got to came out of nowhere you know Tommy John surgery comes and goes 97 good split -- at bat well. He's a guy that I'm glad it's a bit out of the bullpen it -- -- that that that's really the kind of and you look at that right now. And you know how. You know how this. How this off season shape up there and and and and they get they get so much work to do is going to be very interested the other put this club together but 2013. So you think this team is gonna look substantially different when we gather for opening day. I don't think there's any question is gonna look is gonna look a 100% different I mean you know you're you're you know you're gonna have -- back I'm sure up. You gonna have Pedroia back on -- and have little Brooks back at third base. You know help the but after that. You know there's. There's so there's a lot to be decided Angela and a lot of the look that. And -- gonna add to that the -- staff. You know that that that's a must. So it's going to be it's going to be a very very different looking team but you know quite happy guess right now yeah. Ellsbury are they sort of have a strong with Ellsbury in terms of the injuries not playing well in terms of being able to trade him and just bring -- back and see what -- can do Europe for the final year. Well I am the night my personal thing would be to bring him back because you know the guy put together an MVP season a year ago. Eddie does have that help that you view this year to be able to do that in you know everybody's accepting got to roll. He gets -- again and again and again about I don't know what he's battling now they won't say. But it kept model lineup but what about four -- five games now and he said that they -- that he may maybe you'll play tonight but you know he's never been able to get on track. You know from the time he came back that -- saw what he did a year ago itself. You know I wouldn't be at all surprised that he's back at it and and you know try to put together with the idea that he did a year ago. It does anybody from outside. Intrigued you a moose is somebody wrote -- the other Keppinger would be. Gooden veterans such uniform in Fenway we saw that last night we've seen. Alex Gordon would be one guy that you say you and I would where he's got the good work here in Fenway do you look around Rem dog it's a that's a good piece to get that to this and improve -- I don't want them to do that you know I think that -- left that the scouts and general managers who lives in you gotta remember that when we we do games we see it with a very small sample. Three games in a row you know what Kansas City activity than the last time we saw them like. And I know Gordon at the time had you know bunch of doubles and you don't look like a very good player in this and that. It is it takes it it really paid. You know the scouting department and the guys that watch these guys played day in and day out but I can make those decisions and and you don't like Keppinger for example we've seen him. A couple of times in the last a few weeks with Tampa Bay didn't look very very good. He looks it looks like a Fenway swank to yeah. I you know guided the home run last night than he did you have a good series down in Tampa against the Red Sox to lose so. You know he's a little depression in my head in the he's an interesting player guide to and three putted from 27 order of the game last night played different positions could play at third place second so you get -- but but it is it is tied up arise because we just don't. You know you just don't see teams enough and and in -- and I like to see guys play over an extended period of time. You know before you can really make a decision on my -- -- the guy hot as hell with three days and and then and then he's gonna trying to look up be sitting of the points -- like -- you got to look spectacular but three days. You know I thought that terrible for three days for the guys have a great year so it's really odd for me to make judgment because they just don't see these guys enough. I guess you're gonna -- in a day or two that they hired Jason Varitek and nothing Gordon needs rights as it probably a special assistant to bench Arrington. If that indeed is his role what was Jason Varitek brings -- organization in your estimation are. I think he brings a lot of respect obviously and I think he brings a lot of knowledge and I think he brings you know when he talks people listen. And you know you've been through enough -- with the organization he knows very well. He's -- guy that's always -- well respected by the front office and I and I think that you know what he -- comment about something that they that there is going to be open in the go to Weston but that doesn't mean that'd be. He picked up position always gonna agree -- -- them but the fact is is that you know he's got that kind of knowledge whip. You know he knows what it that. And with the equipment major rats that I think of a red dot to have him involved in the good way you know it's. You. He's fresh out of the game so he basically knows a lot of the players in the game. He's you know quad did -- behind the plate for a lot of these guys wouldn't give you. Express it in and the ballot design -- you know what you know what should -- -- he would do. So like I you know I -- hit nothing but plus in my opinion that it that it could be -- -- organization. Any legitimacy -- significant role you know. Which I think he will I think that he you know he can be a huge help to bench Harrington and and and everybody else involved. Is making decisions on players. -- -- there are and what is the all Fenway team tonight -- out there yes and did did Bobby door edge you out at second base from Doug. Bodyguard is one of the second baseman. There at three that have been. -- the air and did I I believe this -- at each position. And there are more pitches than you know that the. Yes -- cells that Doug Griffin Denny Doyle. -- armor well on Jackman broke him there if if if if it I think you gotta be wrong. And who -- be that Bobby duel or our year. And who's the third his third. Brought -- of -- total failure of liberty -- this other -- they've pretty obvious look at Pedroia Rem dog and Jose offerman any anyone. On any order of particular. Well I would -- in the Madrid I grew. Who's number one. Bobby -- and then and then -- Pedroia I would think so I would bet that yes you know the all finally -- mean you -- and tell us. I I did that to be honest view I don't know the whole game. I know some guys have been here the last couple of days are going to be on it. But I was told about a week ago that I was and I'm pretty it's obviously excited about it. Graduation it's. I appreciate that I remind the heat will they pick a starting pitcher like an -- like number. One starter and so I know I. I you know honestly guys I don't know what the program -- Pedro and Pedro and Roger both still here who just. Pedro and Roger a ball still in town and right Hoosier who would be your race. Well they go with the Miami. They ability in my -- Yeah I mean that to me he's the best drive of the and I've ever seen. And and I've had said that a zillion times and and I'll never changed my mind. The stretch that he went through. Where he pitched you know also incredibly in the steroid era and he hit me. I mean it's it's it's amazing what that -- accomplished in the you know what to mis. It it would let that I've always said -- so it was always an event every time he pitched with a it was good of that. And I I take him but you know Clement was pretty darn good to see it but -- How about that performance at the all star game is blew everybody away for a couple of innings. -- it -- -- divided today you know you never was really the same after that tell the guy and I think that the heat in money want to embarrass people like day which he didn't. And it but I think it took a lot out of him that performance I really do because that I don't think he was never quite the same. After that the performance in the -- Deported to -- like Adrian Gonzales on the home run derby yes and in the same since that. Yeah exactly you're exactly right and shoulder wasn't right and he went and went to the home run derby -- that didn't hit any home -- the second half mile steel or this year so. It always had given the statement that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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