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Dennis & Callahan mourn the loss of Avalanna Routh

Sep 26, 2012|

The show learned early this morning that Avalanna Routh passed away. This is our tribute to an amazing girl who will always inspire us. From her twitter account (@Avalanna): "Our darling Avalanna went to Heaven this morning. Oh Avalanna, the brightest star - you took our hearts with you, our greatest Love;("

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Welcome back. Dennis and Callahan. Really no easy way to get into this and we're not feel so frisky about sports right now. We got some bad news that the old friend Angel. A lot of Ruth. Passed away this morning a -- -- we have many more details than that Gerri on open. Yet been to a wall for a while now does change in chief she fought like crazy to Ian yeah. He was. Almost seven and don't think anyone thought it was gonna. Who's gonna make it almost 7026 and a half birthday because you celebrate those things when you have. Kind of limited time limited time that you had -- that was in and the spring. And -- -- just took a turn for the worse earlier this summer should have been hospitalized I think she was home. Is in considerable pain. And like this -- and cruelty -- rule them you know others. Not many people we met a lot of kids that Jimmy phenomena people please say you know that is it'll never forget that as a kid right. Left an impression on the forever and there was some about -- it was and you say Angel ornament was she moves unusual was unique she was I know she didn't. Grow as big as the other kids in first grade because of reflection but she weigh about a minute and you know she was an old -- And having fun with the people and I know your thoughts that you didn't get in get invited to the end Justin Bieber wedding. But -- Clinton and they did the winning the little fake wedding of friends and Jamie components incredible show which she was in the infusion room she was. Struggle and then they knew she'd love Justin Bieber and it's just one of things they didn't do their old story when they took. Play buckles Colorado put just the beavers face on the cake that music. And and ghetto and they assured that's -- mrs. Bieber there of the shirt and actually -- -- wedding that was the beginning of and credible love story elsewhere just and got wind of this and god bless that little little guy he is just. He's the best and he. And that meeting. I don't know on the content because that that his manager his handler. And and they invited. On the line. Top secret -- New York. Madam in the hotel hung out in the overnight Candy Land play Yuxi Yuxi I played the same gutsy game as if they use the same -- seated at a school. And he and you've seen many many pictures mean he could not have been more genuine he does not he ended up. Invite her concert it was not a photo opportunity now and you really took good genuine interest and absolutely wanted no one and all about it and he was great -- and and you know he grabber bankrupt -- dance whether. Saying newer brought her up on stage and it concert you haven't seen that video -- can probably post that we confined. And and and saying colonel Jacobs is my ears heard there was a lot of the real concert. But he he raised. The awareness and interest in and her and her charity. Her affliction was called AT RT it's brain tumor brain cancer. Afflicts about thirty kids a year in this country. And -- -- survival rates about 5%. It is a death sentence. Andy's cool and because it's so rare that doesn't get all the surrounding buzzing -- a lot of attention. Her parents cam and he -- that in their own. Charity called cure AT RT we're doing this just kind of wing and right now -- we're gonna try and get some info on the web -- maybe some pictures. But cure rate TRT. Is the charity and that than a few events and continued to events because it doesn't get it's what happens when it's that rare yes -- -- ignored obvious issues treated the Jimmy Fund cheers from the children's book. They knew she was diagnosed at eight months you know in new and they got that that incredible bad and that incredible bad news very early age. You wanna talk about living. I mean I know. 5060 year old the you know and you do to have not lived as much as this in live Astro and drew and I wrote about it last year I hope we can fund column because that -- -- think she did. She rode horses that went with a -- there -- -- I didn't I didn't ride but. No one belong -- rode horses she would go to Irish pubs with the Irish mom and sing Irish songs. You know and and and and get the whole place going worked at a pizza place -- when -- went to that when they made pizza and literally went back behind the counter and and the fictions on and made us a pizza and she's in six years old. But she just wanted to do things that you didn't wanna of course the manicures like rock and -- don't sit around account she didn't sit around like she did things she lived. I don't know if she knew it was in last obviously -- you really onkyo had no. But she put a lot of life into a six and a half years she writes she. In -- -- obviously Justin Bieber and and at a birthday polishing up and -- saying -- just six and a half right at him and saying it was just an -- our telephone for a while and just commanded great human like never seen anybody who just took over Roman at age at that size. Like she did she was the unofficial manager of less I can say it again a spot less sponsor we need us and the one. And and she -- who literally take people and incident an element in the manicure and again the nails in the pedicure. She was into that and and that was that at the spyware that are cycle. Then the and fund raiser twenty for a enough on just was doing stuff live in her life and to the fullest and something we were anti Obama. Five or six year -- And when you think about it at any time anybody passes obviously there are a number of people their circle of friends and family around him that are that are impacted by certainly saddened by it. I can't think of a much bigger circle of friends of people were all said this morning and not not even the obvious like her parents and an and the relatives. But Lisa and Justin Bieber or getting one text after another text after another text -- people say my heart is breaking it feels so bad for this. Avalon -- a lot of people a lot of people knew all alana. And and she is she is going to be missed I'll say this not that we need re energized. Two do what it is we do happily do what we do for the telephone on the radio on. But I think this kind of redouble our effort for next year and and there's a little theme I think that we can have -- now when it rolls around next year. She's she's trending our IPO Avalon area and and no. You know Justin Bieber will. That's -- about this to lose whatever it is twenty million yeah five million. Full hours he was the real -- -- showed interest we tried to get him. The radio on and he said he would caller and human visitor but he didn't wanna make an appeal echo photo opening and it never did yeah. But truly we can't gauge this we met -- at the radio on the first. For the first time she Pannemon nailed the first yes and -- At the first time winner on -- to us we put a microphone over and most 545 girls they don't know what they needed you know she would talk and with sing for us. And perform. And we can't gauge this much money that she raised you think she raise them we just sit there which is mostly Xiamen in our name yes -- every year. When we had Iran with their moment that are with police in the lines lines would light up. Because she connected and I don't sounds hokey. Or something weird about Ehrlich who seems mean you can look -- our -- and there was just how much. Connection there you know what I thought ticket from all the news in your eyes was so one of Weathers it she could that's. Here to see into everybody's soul I was gonna say that's not a -- paper that's it's sacrosanct and that sort of debts shares and you felt like. -- -- grown up India and little liberal -- pull the wool over that little -- lies about anything. She was amazing really Smart really social like the innocence you know she she went she can look like people. Election in a room she would like grab whatever and programs stop playing with some that should look at you and care and and and and focus on you when folks on the other people on the other kids and and it Sheehan and presents. Mary few kids and obviously there's a lot of kids have been dealt -- bad hand. And then there's lots and stories but. And and in just -- much of the credit have to go their parents. Yes there I mean I -- hey what they were dealing with NB you know how they allowed her helped her present her took -- to. Cram all of that. Living yes in her never six and a half years in on the. The you know. Obviously it was -- and but they never -- -- -- they said we are not consider around writer who just wait and this to happen feel sorry for ourselves feel sorry for her we will go live and and boy did they ever they just kept on -- kept going places and and and doing things and you know go to the beach and and could have gone to visit people and it it was it was on the -- watching the dedication that Cammie lean. Had to discern no one and he never got the sense that that they have that this is the worst thing a parent could have a pair. This is the worst nightmare any -- oblivion never felt that that that Pall over the there was every woe -- me kind of feeling there now and over the had to be. Privately oh sure now every day every night when they went to bed but they did not -- it publicly they said you know we are going for and and we're gonna make this little girl. I have the best time. You could possibly have in six and a half. Six and a half years in the November she would have been seven and and she wanted to. You know go to school and she went to school that was something they never thought would -- you know they -- went to first grade history you to all the time is that -- over to Jimmy Fund clinic is in many cases they just policy -- kids go to school bus and that was. Good example and -- them they never thought which is diagnosed they tell you in on. Be lucky to make it tough for every four right. And the kids went to school and you know what all those kids in their class. Open the Merrimack all those kids will never forget that are -- those kids were likely experience that. Whirling dervish that but phenomenon that was Avalon -- them and we were we were lucky to. The experience of for a few years and I alma together. We'll take a break god bless a lot of. -- on the show John you nailed it is a few of those are very nice day. Now are you gonna do Jerry's deals this year. Or we -- -- he needs it he needs help what was -- and what color we do and -- good gurus pump our own glory. Purple or yellow and green blue green blue that's a publicist. Well Tiffany Tiffany hello Avalon I -- -- you're actually a manager -- respond now or -- --

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