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Replacement Referees go from bad to completely incompetent

Sep 24, 2012|

We discuss the topic of the day... sure the Patriots blew chances to win the game in Baltimore on Sunday night, but the horrible brand of officiating has overtaken the talk and people are sick of watching officials who just cannot keep up with the NFL game.

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But Michael I know you're not one of -- People who do what you just find a way you have. Dumping all over officials. Everytime your home team. Loses. Certain people we know they are in the city that touched their -- so brilliant that every down the team loses it's the officials screwed on way. They aren't compliment or. You know there on the taker -- -- happen. Why is so Michael's -- microphone solo. I think -- is she is playing games who did -- not much less what does all over -- what I did a much I rarely have settled. Perhaps I was -- move Michael won't play along with fairness you. Roll groups are not. -- -- a -- at this week night. I've got other things reminded the -- somebody who's not playing this week -- I don't have a diaper to fill out yet and I don't I'm not a diaper to fill. Diaper to discard their -- and there always will let. You -- talking Armageddon like this people who. Who blame the officials for all their problems. You'd be here in on okay like he's one of a cold yeah he's one of them might likely play Lotto officials all -- okay. You ask for a -- You and I have not played this game -- complains of Baltimore -- you what I've never played this game. So that's why I'm gonna be fascinated to see. -- people listen to your take on this that -- today. And this is complete embarrassment this is a joke. This is I'd almost say this. We're gonna try to. Dissect and analyze our own football team as people will be doing throughout 32 other cities here 31 of the city's. I don't know how you can determine. What you've got as a football team what your team's all about. Based on the way in the game is being played right now because this is not the NFL. That we have come to know over the last five years that it's different the last five years and it was previous five years and 1015 to beyond that. This dot. The same game the game operation. Is a complete disaster. It breaks up the -- it gives -- advantages. Certain times during the course of the day. They complain the politically correct -- running for an accent right and shake his don't want. They also have to deal with the same officials and -- even solidify the corner but it's a bunch of BS you'll say it's exactly what they were chanting in Baltimore last night. That's what it is because it does affect the games but the games is static we are different the strategy becomes different. These are not the same games I can't tell. Maybe you can't I can't tell what this team has what Baltimore has what Arizona -- what Detroit does what any of these -- the teams ever right now. Because big teams and not being played the way they eventually will when you get real guys that. You know -- attracted to defend these people after week one we mean these people are try to defend airtight their kind. Because -- thought it. The couple games or watch in week one start up that giants. Cowboys game but he did a decent job and -- not great but decent I was expecting a lot -- Then I want the patriot game. Decent job patriot Tennessee. Job. Okay they may be honest something -- -- the -- games will be yet patriots well affected much in their first showcase. Game but that the NFL opener here over defending champs playing at home vs longtime rival Dallas. I thought the officiating was pretty good in that game pretty good. The last two weeks have been disastrous and I got to disagree with Ron Amadon I think his overall point is absolutely correct. That we will watch in that the NFL cares most about that most. About eyeballs on on TV's. But I have to feel that the officials were sitting home right now. They have gained tremendous leverage even though NFL. Is he is the ratings whole war. They've they've gained leverage because they don't wanna see the body. I'll bet you they've got that they don't have 32 head coach storming their offices right now figuratively -- in their offices including the one right here. They've got up and they've got at least 125. Outs nobody nobody is happy. Not just new England and nobody is happy with the product that just. It's these guys. There's one thing about. Being unsure of what you're doing and that is evident that they are unsure of what they're doing because they have to wait till the principal. Picks up the phone in new York and talked to the guy on the sidelines so he can address them and tell them exactly what to do. But they don't understand it like chaperones and if -- -- to -- Oh yeah and they'll have to hit it well after the OK okay no no no you can't do that -- you can't sweetheart I don't want it. And we don't do that the National Football League. Learn the rules. That's the priority the pace of the game that I can't. Almost can't blame these guys having Clint Eastwood last night with -- and Bethany cutout there but it's not used -- not his Forte it's not a strength. This is. These are college these are these are college officials. Putting at college view a college paste onto this game and the game is much much too complicated for them right now. Not even the SEC and we were doing great addition Revision 3 that's what we're dealing with. Michael I don't know the rules they don't know the difference between illegal contact holding. Pass interference they don't know the difference between offensive pass interference. Defense and pass interference they call 11 time and you see the exact same -- the circumstances. And it's called totally different the next time. And if you're apply here. The players are going to do what ever they have to do. To win the football game OK so if they -- in the stadium was talking about this or earlier it was a great point. So I got to know all of the officials I got to know the tendencies I got to know because we talk about the -- to slow the guys are consistent during the course of the game. I understand one guy's gonna call something one way and another guy's -- call something another -- is there is even though their roles established. There is different term protection but the start of the game. If you understand how certain players going to be colder in the course of the game the players and the coaches. Can now suddenly adjust what they need to do to play within the parameters of the officials that are officiating that gave. That's not happening right now yet these plays are changing from one play to the next what I have no idea. Get a jump in with a Brandon Spikes hole was late in the game yeah I'd want to get it ten times I think it's done. -- is not -- there's no way you can interpret that as a -- and yet I watched wrong. Getting old. Times during the course of the game and nothing was -- You know I think they are I think obviously they're college officials and that's a problem in itself and not even big time college officials. So the speed of the game is something new to them that these guys are in no man's land. Because there are intimidated by everybody around him I think they're intimidated by the players and they're intimidated by the coaches. I think intimidated by -- -- I think there are intimidated and are intimidated. By this scrutiny. Of their bosses at the moment so. It's almost as if they are they are making calls but there is nothing decisive. About the calls that they -- making there's nothing definitive there are a lot of leaders out there among the officiating crews and I've seen. Because all of them have made a number of mistakes that. The regular officials would look at it as as pretty minor as that not only minor but minor leak. So I think that's part of it. Last night there's no excuse what what you you'll like the regular officials are not do you think there Aussie plus guys are seeing minors guys. The worst regular official in the NFL. After about. Eight or nine minutes of ravens patriots would is that okay. -- -- enough is enough I don't have sort of flags and art. I'm taking control of this game if you guys are not gonna pull this BS write her a picnic and it never may have been born in these games any of these candidates. It'll ever had a technique. Where they can just kind of slow things down and say no this is this is how it's gonna be you because it's already established about it sort of slowed them. Nobody can they can't establish boundaries because they don't know the boundary that's it. They're not sure of what the rules are and you could tell me some of this stuff that we saw this week and we're Tennessee gets screwed. And they they set up the ball on the fifteen yard. Unnecessary roughness in the and they put it at the wrong 44. And it turns out to haunt them at the rest of the -- San Francisco against Minnesota. Not only do they give a challenge. To the other half are called by Jim Harbaugh. He had no timeouts remaining so they weren't supposed to do it but then when he won the challenged it is template I am a black. They never had any use that. Challenge -- its foliage. And -- tell you that the people even back in New York today of headsets -- can't react quickly enough to be able to -- all of the problems of -- and are you or you're with last week you. That the regular -- now. Had no leverage despite. I told Obama is all about -- net have you changed your opinion now because I haven't got pregnant because I I don't buy -- I would Troy -- and I heard Troy. And Troy mitigate a passionate case for the fact that. You know he got tweets from from buddies or whatever who said that. You know they're not gonna watch the game and he. He himself he's only happens this weekend work he counter punched out I am I I I find that hard to believe. It's a great game we had phenomenal finishes when it's many of them well many of them because the official screwed up and that's why you were in that position to play. It right down the wire. I just don't see the NFL if they have been this stubborn to this point. And it's gonna cost them thirty million as they claim. Between you know pension and other benefits down the on the road in an additional income for these guys. I just don't see them suddenly giving -- -- what it really affects them at -- at -- on television okay. You said they've been stubborn to this point you know why. Because they didn't think it would be this bad. The last night but we let them -- I'm talking about what you portion low. I look around I I thought I tried to brag that they were atrocious and every season I thought they were atrocious in week one atrocious and we too. And atrocious three times in week three and guess what. Don't be worse next weekend -- The NFL did not -- And say August better if they can argues that we will be sitting here. In late September. Talking about the troops -- the showed jurors shortsighted the brewers are and how they -- that's why I don't know partly why the players said you as a carpenter said they're stubborn and you know if they haven't changed before the -- now they would change now. Because now they understand. I'm sure all of them understand. That on the Monday after some phenomenal games including last night's game. It maybe it was phenomenal because of the officials. Maybe it was phenomenal of that that ravens and patriots and and they are both excellent teams and AFC whatever whatever it it was a great game last night. Your team and win but it was a great game. But and Iran's ratings will be off the charge and instead of talking about these games. -- -- And other unbelievable game on downs and overtime officials screwed up yet so. So you're talking about that which I'm at the officials they don't want that you know the ratings are great. Even -- -- make money you're talking about more games in London games in Mexico City on and on. They just don't want this so I think the officials have gained some leverage in the last couple well. Then if you're the official Gerrard could give warning and -- if you gain leverage here. And if they go to the bargaining table and they apparently met twice during the course of the weekend according to Peter King. If that's the case. The officials are going to be more. With there you know stubborn right now white why give up you've you've. You're right the public is on their side right now -- -- -- -- person actually the players but if statement that state of your players you don't officials are gonna cost write music officials are given him. I think they're given and you know the and I felt the NFL's not gonna throw the talent if they didn't get some movement. From the officials maybe they give it a little bit not given any. -- -- -- -- -- -- There's one thing about a lockout that happen. The NFL lockout last year that you know really resulted in one -- pre season game qualifying -- one thing about it. That Robert Kraft got tremendous. Tremendous. Praise. Accolades for his mentality in the -- Early in a lockout it was as if some owners just want it to win it right. Robert Kraft. According to those who repaired and in about from a patriots people. Those were there said he got that point we're just wanted the deal. And so I think the NFL start up with the officials they went away when across from we're busting union -- bring them to their knees. And now if somebody comes up and says how about a weird deal that Robert Kraft in the negotiation that needs somebody like that today. Our guys I understand you want. XYZ from the officials but it's not gonna happen. Our game is being hurt right now. It is not eat the ratings say it's great ratings don't tell the entire story this is not the product that we all sides if your -- come to a fair deal. If you're right. Then this thing will. Break over the next two days because they have to get them ready for this weekend if they go through this entire week after what we witnessed this weekend. And the replacement guys are back out here in the next weekend then we'll go to it it'll it'll it'll show you. -- Adamant the NFL he has. About not giving in an inch they don't have the leverage right now so they're not playing with the with the with the ace right now. They would have to give in and let's see if they given this we are not sure they given. We all agree whether you're ravens for ravens fan always. -- one last night -- ravens are. We can all reach across the today that the issue was that yes. While rental -- talked about it after the game that art that the rate -- shy about talking about it after the you know -- -- or they were up in arms lust and or Eagles game hurt more -- quoting here morning hurt the officials hurt the ravens or patriots more ethnic. And a great deal shirtless in -- ends up losing team that's you can always rationalize that. It accurate to -- They can't pastor at the game the game was an excellent. Topic from -- -- pictures of victory. I don't think -- I don't know. I don't think we know the answer to that we know the -- -- he's all -- -- if we -- the regular officials these games would look. Totally different -- the result he played the results we have and the results would be different I believe the results would be -- -- Playoff game between the patriots in the remember how much criticism nutrition god from the pool because they felt like -- didn't grab it. It finally area -- To be fun to watch. That's a hole in the Booth. And I really -- on Google there through that kind of you know damage that. To win but it is you can't do that -- the game you -- in the game take care of itself. You know the one of the biggest plays of the game and you give them three points right there you know they had no helmet to helmet. It's -- -- -- at his side and clearly hit in Minnesota today. Give those things cannot expect that to win this game is played and then that this is part about it is when you hear abuse old tools on the ropes for a it's not the rules the rules of this game is whatever you've got to do buying them that's there that's the beautiful part about this game. Right he's right about the federal Smith and so there are rules that's that's a good guys or whatever I did several potential to play the game. He's wrong he was talking about the he would read a helmet to helmet hit on not on number media and -- On that play actually -- got -- tomorrow yet to me and and Chris Collins -- about the -- smiling right now he's about because he thinks is pondering. And he -- his -- but I actually didn't I adoration all idea that was enough. -- Which is its value. I mean Reid is a guy who's always been a phenomenal play a physical player dirty player absolutely not Bernard would. Dirty dirty yet courteous -- -- player to hit a ball I'll give it the initial a lot of guys -- the -- It -- never had that reputation. To. Helmet to helmet -- one is called one -- -- -- to what was not a Julian element. Why is it re doing it costs almost definitely within the evil in the game. -- is absolutely correct players are going to do whatever they can do. To win the football game right arm that's what it's all about how well we are gonna get away with -- and if you give them. If you give them an inch. They're gonna take it off what they're gonna take to figure that they can just challenge you to death. We heard we are Collins worth coming out of the break here that -- However as well. And I know a lot of people have strong opinions about Chris compiler of either a lot -- you know I love her dormitory and nobody could answer. OK I don't have an opinion you love the guy you hate I loved so he was spot on last night I think he's done a fantastic job he's one of those rare guys. Who can see that play he understands why plays worked or didn't work immediately. -- -- go back to the trucks. In figure it out after the break he can see it knows the game in just has really sharp spot on analysis and he got it. That he was talking about -- cattlemen push off. Which was one of the worst calls of the game because either it's either his defensive interference. What there's no call right into it it's not offensive and affairs there's an -- -- defense or you got this lad of just letting go correct. But he called that. Late first quarter early second quarter that this game is going to be wild. Officials if they don't take control of it is going to be fun to watch with a lot and that's exactly what it was. So we -- very early. The Indiana cocaine control. The announces on their partner networks right now because they're killing go up and down Madonna yeah right I. Watched those games and see what the announcing crews are doing for CBS and fox they're just. Killing these officials about a -- about Roy ray ray pregame. Are -- is -- this is revenge what really this is revenge OK so so now that the ravens have won this game or two when line. Do they have when the parade. There's no word hate I hate or revenge. -- -- Otherwise but -- always think they -- yeah. They're trying to block your personal note note that the game at -- well. Blocking exactly you know what he's doing he's recyclable stuff offered to fire things before you'll Rafa I forgot my book and they can't touch that he's got a got to come up some new material are let's just talk a lot of personal right I'd sure use that proved over and over again as well. There's just a -- which first Dublin today's big show hello John. -- Aside political momentum on the appreciated you know like everybody else it's it's been. It's been horrendous I think you know. Also -- Something has I think seriously be done. If somebody initially it's. The -- Korea's somebody yes. It it doesn't take much for these guys do it. Reflecting upon somebody else and and it's typical -- -- Oh. In my opinion I mean is this is this is something that really has taken very seriously about hopefully official. They -- and it. Yes something needs to be done. That's they would need to be. The officials and come back. I agree absolutely I think. You guys got a lot of points and you know some of the waiting game display and -- it's not then -- I've come to know. They're pledged to -- very serious. About preventing injury cities players in in in all the change of the role that have been going on the last several years. Well then it's time to it's very about bringing back some officials. They can seriously you know what's really going on Heidi controlled the game and how they have some consistency. In what you calling -- not call. But these guys are not capable of doing that we know that now we've seen him for three weeks in the pre season -- if you use these guys they can't pull off it's like asking. People out of the stands to -- and say you know the officials didn't show up today can you guys help us out what does that that you know -- as president would you know that they're incapable of doing it. Will these guys. Can do it a little bit because they've done it before at a lower level and college -- capable of doing it would speed that the game is right now. And I just wonder what some of the officials from the big time college officials think and we talked about this before some guys just like the pace. And the schedule a college football the pay is much better. Here. But if if if they're guys in the SEC. Looking at this. Very used to a faster game than these officials right now -- And there's -- -- they're having problems well why not us. If you're not gonna do what you're if you're not gonna do with your regular official records and there's a vacancy here large -- give us a shot. I think would be a little happier. If you had. Of -- can't get them right now now I don't know if they break the union at the end of the year. You could end up hiring full time officials for what you -- -- time officially now and bring in SEC guys in there would be I think. Com final period where they would be getting greater interest in the job it would take it would take some time but I think in the end. -- -- -- -- a lot that are of what you -- that these guys are capable. Of doing the job which we hear you know what. The NFL control this. That line of crap to -- want to get better every single week cannot you know by the way in week fifteen. They will still -- and wait till it comes down to a playoff game where everything is on the line and -- some of the plays like UN yesterday can imagine -- emotions on the field. In the stands up. Our playoff game yesterday Michael. And Baltimore after the in the -- by the -- They ruled that field goal no good. Those referees I would be concerned about their safety. I would be because people are are fanatic when it comes to the -- could you imagine. What they would be dealing with you have to have a lot of security people -- all of these stadiums. Yeah you're right that's awesome job -- an official aspect of that was a heck of yeah. Hulk opened up a bit. Different it's going to be Ottawa went out into it I. He'll get finds an April 25 grand we'll find out probably this afternoon. A lot of pictures now from Laguna. I was the ball far sideline and this is. Hopefully it up again. Alone and it will be pass interference on New England first and goal -- with 46 seconds left Oakland. It. The passion appearance on them according the last one there's no question could -- a senator Joseph what what about relevant what about when about the first call there. On him on that last drive -- what was that. Still trying to figure that hit a terrible night. He had -- ahead you know what it's a pass interference from and happens with even great quarterback. And like he was on his way to be in great quarterback in his rookie year and he has been. Moved locking ever since. In a great quarterbacks. Past and affairs column. The worst play of the night and they both should be ashamed of themselves that -- in Gregory. On the touchdown. They had. They watched film today those guys that killed at Google dot does Gregory think this is soccer player -- chance there's no doubt in my mind they'll never tell you know do that here. What happens in the the film room stays stays in the film room. Those guys keel now of course he gave it up yet to give -- it was not competitive it was bad guy that was bad. Demo Cordelia really rough game made a couple of big plays but you're right so many bad plays during the course of the game. I do believe that he was victimized on the holding -- called we. And I know sort. A Michael's that was so hard. Nobody ever saw that the officials I don't know what they're looking. You know I've no idea if something else about the patriots here this happen more lately and it and maybe it's unfair. To link this current team is 2012 team. With other teams who have done this. -- It used to be with the patriots maybe it will stop it and 07007. Team has some scorn on them because they lost in the final game. But I say from like 010%. There was a patriots type of game that you have seen. Twenty times. Up in the fourth quarter close game in the fourth quarter. Courts of their four minute offense games over the clothes -- -- -- -- like Mariano or -- moved closer. Lately. I farmers I've found myself going back. Immediately after the game is over. And watching it looked like a half hour 45 minutes thing. How you lose I'm not sure how -- caustic and -- patriots teams. Win this game. A dozen times. Well does -- get any easier over the last couple years to sort the defense does the -- -- embedded in the defense this animal is at all I think it's mostly often it's coming I think the offense right now has opportunities. To close out games night. Eight point lead last night the defense fourth and short make the stop thank you now it's up to Tom Brady in that offense to do one of two things in -- marched on the field. And score so that you make it more than two scores. Or here's the other one Michael. You use up so much time. The Baltimore doesn't have enough time to go down there and scored twice because they need to scores to be able to get packet McCain yeah yeah yeah neither. You look at it look at last night and I did this and I'll I'll watch it again this morning so I -- thirties when he won. In the fourth quarter and I'm thinking here's a player of the game is that I didn't know if Harbaugh was gonna go for it. Ed and try to get a touchdown or did you put your kicker in a position where he's got to make a pretty much a fifty yard field goal. To make it thirty to putting -- still plenty of time now say it's a one possession game now. So I'm going back and -- but -- what does he do he decides to go for this is the player of the game I'm thinking they stop. -- here. Give up all back to the offense CEO later. The defense made the play. But the play but the patriots score from that moment so I don't deepens. -- according we were talking about him and we're talking about Gregory and how to whip and and play as well. But the office bear some responds well this has been an ongoing thing used to grow yours -- -- -- the calls are not great counsel Sharon. I agree and you don't want worries me it worries me because. They're trying to do with the wrong and I almost think right now the best way to do -- is the way that you've got there may be giving a little too conservative in this thing. And that's spread it out yesterday would know Aaron Hernandez. We saw the three wide again we saw opening up that offense a little bit and it worked effectively Baltimore couldn't stop them as they were marching downfield early on. Late in the game. Trying to run the ball try to run the ball up the middle try to play conservatively. I think that was a mistake I really do you know -- lost that last night after the game he said. Until this defense it until the defense gets gets it together you'll never see another championship and doing as please. I thought about that for a lot pretty strong from from Ty Law. Think about it more this morning okay the New England Patriots gave up 31 points. At a loss to the ravens the ravens. Gave up thirty. So the ravens. Are -- championship contender to you know -- defense are problems are innovative but college add another Dick excuse me. Both of these teams Michael. Are contenders here. Both of them are content is not agree there's only one I agree that when you get to the end of the giants have proven this not once but twice against the patriots the defense in those big games would you -- done a one game. Means an awful offense might get should there but you need to have some defense that is true but there's only. In this game now. There's only one defense that scares me last year the one difference is scare me. Do you fear that was separatist was unbelievable what they did last year. This year and I'd love to watch him a start an -- that's -- it last year Arizona sheriff Arizona now don't scare me. The one defense that scares me and they were good last year and they seem that paid us on another level and only get 25 point yesterday is Houston. Houston. I can see them because they can do a lot of things things multiple looks like some playmakers there but much NFL now. There's not a defense whereas if there are a handful of differences that used to sit there and and shiver. Over over the thought of facing -- apple makes a good thing but it's hard to look at it after three games because you could look at all of last season. And the giants had one of the worst defenses in the in the -- the numbers are very different than at any point. Did you actually get -- -- how I think teams through on them at will but. When you look at the the playoffs. And look at the high powered offensive teams that did that they contained. Then obviously they get the defense to get -- -- to they have great personnel upfront yes no question about it but -- second socked. So but they're they're they could rush for. Keep seven Bakken coverage and there's -- -- job back and get the job done here's you Alando in in Rhode Island Alando. There are you don't run off my list in my congratulations on the new addition to your family. I'll thank you ought to really appreciated -- But does -- doesn't care either. And America should -- your message to let you know maybe -- come over babies for you know what you say if you see any 68 yet I think he would okay -- come over babies. Article very guys you know I didn't list -- you guys wartime and actually -- have been -- and chew. When the guys that -- You know little mark. So as much as -- talk about the you know the officials. Worked. Can we do to make it better. It's really like to conceal it officials back. What can we do to talk about this until the end zone policy that. That is yeah you know I can't answer that question how can get the officials back on -- it it's this is the frustrating thing. And we can give lip service true. You know boycotts which we won't do Sunday at one man one of my favorite times of the year nobody's completely is it in the false and they want at sacred. Nothing dot com all work. I don't wanna go to another okay that's football so we're not gonna stop watching football. And we don't wanna say this but the truth. We're powerless. Were powerless to deal. With this this court this corporate giant. Had control over -- -- -- addicted to football it will continue to watch it. And and we just hope that they're not as arrogant they it'll remain as arrogant as they've been so far that don't it can do -- -- Right there in my you know aren't -- do -- like well why listeners call and in this whole -- something that might change prepared used really hurt. There are if the football all of her life proud floor. Jerry jolt to the Dallas Cowboys guys that it that important that people listen twelve. Moses security game because -- in the back -- Authority actually happening at -- start. Every shot he's got it all -- yesterday you'll want to work or we're shortly altered. Darrius Heyward-Bey got hurt. Okay we're seeing improbable weak right now you -- Ed Reed with true helmet to helmet hits yesterday one of the great players and again who's not a head under. Players are taking liberties right now because. All this thinking of when they're on the football field. Is and I heard people say this all the players should take. That more care about the safety -- the players care about winning. It's all about winning it's about being a part of a team and collectively going out there and -- a bunch of the other guys. It's the legal national established the parameters of what these guys can do and the officials that are out there on the field are capable of -- yet. And that's the problem so it's great you can talk to the players during the week. -- safety all you want you get into the heat of a game on Sunday where everything is on the line sorry. If they get away what it. And they are holding -- their clutching and grabbing and they're kicking somebody in the -- Guess what engine nobody would they didn't get what -- yesterday. That happened yesterday in a game so you -- that person to both knew if I can draw but it happened and if the patriots can. So you can get away with that. You can get away with a -- And -- she went again as Ray Lewis said earlier. That's all the matters. That's what matters on Sunday to these guys this boot is there -- is there. US evil that happens to -- day -- take our officials -- when he was out there right now this is well. -- What can you do. We we you know aggressive defense. It takes away from your -- it. They even try to do. And take your word you know so -- he has to do this we're not doing what else. But you know what we have to play within the rules and with the grooves are but hey. Sign up to me I'm not so. -- -- -- talk to one here in AM 4 o'clock hour Dion she'll be a third minute for the last two hours. And of course Bill Belichick coming up at 5 -- we could find out about a possible. Fine I can't believe dubious suspension but anything's possible we are based on the language we got out of the NFL's office this week when they said it is -- ability. That they could suspend the -- you know what they I -- thirty grand last week Jack Del Rio a coordinator we thought okay. So 25. For the coordinator. Wouldn't make contact with the official. Thirty for the head coach who did not make contact with the official -- 55000 dollars from that organization. For not making contact. Belichick may contact it was brief but. He got to get more than thirty grand is if John Fox was berating the officials knew what that entire Monday night game and and I was with them he shot. I mean it was it was a lot of egregious. Errors and air from the officials. So if you're John Fox's. Hit for thirty -- from a boy John Elway -- apple and -- industrial thirty grand. And Bill Belichick is grab in the official chase and aftermath -- the game -- you can't you can't really I don't ordered thirty. And yet. -- -- -- you can't put your hand on the heart Bob -- an official was sidelined earlier trying to get his attention for a timeout that's what he claims. He got penalized for anybody -- identified as a joke but but here's the problem you just brought -- John Fox is not one of those guys that goes bizarre on the sidelines Jack Del Rio has been known to do that from them on the -- as a head coach when he was in Jacksonville but. Nothing. Like what we're seeing out of every one of these coaches every single week and here's the problem. Roger Goodell comes out he says he wants the coaches and the players to respect the replacement officials. Michael how Ken. You earn respect. These guys are laughing at these officials can't have respect for these guys and still everything is on the line for these players not just your own safety. But their fate this season. If you're an oral injuring a desperate straits right now you're down old and three out of the gate -- teams are gonna get more and more desperate in the next few weeks. How can you expect the players and the coaches. To have any respect for these guys when they know that the only reason. That Roger Goodell is not bringing back the -- officials the guy shouldn't keep you and -- you know they did the that the think from breaking out into war -- feel. All because of benefits -- -- employing our core. -- -- not gonna have respect warm I mean there there are guys who were here just because of negotiating or. Maybe not even negotiate negotiate in good -- negotiating your -- tried to arrive at a reasonable place it's a -- not -- I don't -- him. In. Any normal negotiating situation. Could trade negotiating situation. You both are on the same page I think the agendas -- different you can't edit it if the officials the officials have an agenda coming back it appears that the NFL has an agenda. Of crushing them and so wrecked they will not respect these. How is Roger it's not gonna. There are different they're different agendas who Roger Goodell wants to spend as little money as possible on the official -- -- to. -- thirty years but so -- it that's his business model out I'll accept that part of it. How can he expect up players and the coaches you -- which so much at stake here. To sit there and not say a freaking want about it. He's asking them if they've played my agenda you know and I don't might affect you that's what he's asking not basket and he is how to teach -- I -- right now. As has it's been said before not my line we heard about it last week on the eighteenth tee -- and I guess that wasn't original either. Fidel. Goodell. Fidel Castro he's. Fidel Castro is not asking you for favors Fidel Castro as well and you. It's how it's gonna beat oddly chart done. I'm telling you you're not gonna say anything because if you leave the coach's box. Like they haven't cricket the NCAA. Basketball. The only -- to spot. Good deal. My right sure you want and -- -- -- coach what I don't want OK if you're gonna play -- of -- coach loses a couple games early on and he doesn't care why just wait a minute and he gets fired do you think his -- is gonna -- -- -- you know what I understood it was we -- games early on the season we have these -- plays and -- -- and is -- you. You don't screw yourself you do what you -- supposed to do with our attack is gonna do that so if -- coach you've got to worry about your romance of -- -- You gotta worry about Georgia and Roger Goodell worry about your ass. -- take -- yesterday. NFL PA came out with that statement. And at that it was a great statement I agree with that they are asked by the it is not a question. Well I don't know why they did lawsuits I don't care I don't care why they did it they came out with that statement they said it's time in this thing bring back the regular officials. These guys are incompetent. They are making mistakes they are affecting the game players' safety is at stake on -- -- At least those players have an advocate and as builders of 5 o'clock torture -- Did it to get your point across. Head coach in the National Football League just you Bill Belichick but John horrible Jim Harbaugh Mike Tomlin and John Fox. Who do you go to do is there somebody in place you can go to them. This is being asked I don't owners had their position. I know the players at their position they got their leadership. -- -- -- But it can't get to position. Out dear Michael because the commissioner Walt what I cannot come out publicly publicly object privately okay how'd how'd they do -- outside of did you deal with it without being funny the first dating. -- -- showed his true emotions on the field all you have to do is be able to read lips a little bit because he enunciated. Every AMF was enunciated. Look at you could clearly -- must do what he was saying and what Harbaugh was saying on the sidelines at the end of the game you saw his actions out here you sharpest he -- in the -- over but he wouldn't. He wouldn't cross that line he wouldn't sit there and site. OK so Goodell is getting what he wants but what does he expect from these guys please tell did you expect them to be on the sideline I just take this. Please tell me was my last night so he was -- was in my guys right now -- -- it what that -- edited -- -- material you won't see how is great you'll see that Bill Belichick Andrea like Bill Belichick or mental or -- read body you'll see that he will not see that. Break at the top of the hour. Well I promise you'll get right to the phone calls now.

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