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Cody Ross with Joe & Dave after the last game of the Orioles series

Sep 23, 2012|

Joe & Dave talked to the Sox outfielder, who scored the first run, drove in the second run, and made a great catch as the Sox avoided the sweep at Fenway.

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To radiate heat it up with a runner at second. And that he can get the bunt sign on the first pitch not you know I was actually you know my own -- -- It's tough to see up there -- just thinking you know let's turn if somebody in the there and -- PD over and you know hopefully if I'm wrong. Which -- run across what. You know we ended up missing this in the bunt and then. You know after after that I just found him trying to stand cited turn it the other way in on the ball -- -- -- running in on the and in and in not you know just took a swing and you know somehow -- fair. Cody was a wall to wall day for you mean a big hit to that wall and and a great catch a thought probably gives the right field wall at the crack of the bat. Tickets through that play because that ball was over the -- gone right that it wasn't you know. I don't put a good swing on it and you know I was just. -- attractive and the wind kept pushing and pushing and pushing it in their first second I thought it was going to be Fallon and it just kept. You cannot straighten out a little bit and you know just reached up and and likely what my glove and -- -- a little bit my forearm but I probably would have been home for yeah I think it was I think it was a home run but. -- them back. Let's make no walk policy yet fifty balls off the -- twelve over the law here anyway is that the ultimate of offensively that are. You know. This is you know. It's no secret to replaced -- explicit for me. You know for their first second I thought I might not one but winds blowing and blowing. Towards right field -- and you know like please can offer -- peace Gordon. You know got second. Kind of middle. Base running blunder but it didn't didn't affect us particularly. Cody you've made a lot of fans here in Boston -- very popular players no one of the bright spots and was otherwise been a very tough year. Is there anything you can tell fans about luck getting too deep into its. About where things are with you and the Red Sox and possibility of returning 2013. You know there there's definitely. Mutual. Deal that we we we both wanna make this work -- you know I wanna come back they wanted to come back and you know on this. Still just going up and playing right now let my. You take care of that in them you know just talked it through and hopefully you know can find myself and that's next in the unites the two I was we have our games at Fenway this year Cody -- -- more to go and the Red Sox at least -- clubs that -- -- -- so that has that a little bit more to it that. If somebody would be about batteries absolutely you know it definitely makes for a that we better atmosphere and yet it seems like. We're we're in the game. A lot more we're playing against teams that -- -- -- did and and obviously who we would. Brother behind in their issues. You know trying to do and as opposed to ruining it -- -- you know one way or the other we gotta keep going down fighting in plain and and you know this is the role we have to deal with him. You know it's going to be nice this last. Seven I guess he means we have left. To go out play against teams that are attending an economic -- -- -- Don't Cody another nice day in have been several for you here at Fenway Park this season congratulations enjoy the rest of the -- hi guys thanks a lot things happen.

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