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Larry Lucchino: Pinch Hitting for Jose Iglesias during a 2-2 count is understandable

Sep 20, 2012|

Red Sox President and CEO, Larry Lucchino, joins D&C to discuss what he is looking to take out of the rest of this season, specifically the development of young players including Jose Iglesias, Ryan Lavarnway, and Chris Carpenter. Larry also shares his thoughts on Daniel Nava pinch hitting for Jose Iglesias during a 2-2 count and possibly extending the contract of Cody Ross.

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Welcome back our number three Dennis and Callahan recovering at foxwoods resort and casino at -- night of the -- treatment agree with -- clients last night. Terry mark right to a -- quandary is no mind -- amnesty you'll foxwoods got terror. Joins us later in the hour 9 o'clock but joining us on the AT&T outlined. The CEO president's Boston Red Sox Larry Lucchino in right -- casino. Larry we've missed last -- have been down and we had a great time. The pitch he did -- -- to a lot of our corporate partners. And glad to see you. Giving those guys -- and opportunity this year that wears. Yet quite the place take a 500 season is now out of the question as of last night how hard is the bush at any level of this organization. Not to finish last to have all of us all winter long saying they finished in last place. Well I don't think that's the -- That's the reason there it is certificate -- a lot of highly competitive people in the organization. Who just wanna win that they're playing sand lot game. They would want to -- and I think that's true people in uniform and the people in the front office. So I think our guys guys wanna win. But the same time and you'll. I fighting games particularly -- they have -- I was watching the. Twelve the very game. But these last night because I want to see Chris Carpenter. The Marty through and -- -- -- stuff like and the very interesting dimensions for people who are true baseball fans the I we we obviously don't wanna finish. Alas I would like to win as many games as we can -- we want to learn as much we can the process. Our September assessments of players young or old or potential free agent who would have the case may be. Accurate or flawed. Others see the conventional wisdom. In baseball was gonna be real careful what happened in this. Spring training and a little bit careful what happens in September. Because of the rosters are so expanded. And I I think it's and also because so many teams are out of it. And I'm not -- take conventional wisdom does a little bit out of date frankly because. With the two wildcard teams so many teams are still in it and so the notion that this September valuations are are are are less reliable I think he is is itself less reliable. Because there are more teams still playing. Hard to win it. In the old days when you had a team and actually there were a whole lot of meaningless games it's Denver that's. I don't do anymore Larry I don't remember I -- you guys haven't had many meaningless September's but there's been a few in the past and and I remembered doing that what you did last night. Watching the games just looking for young guys and look and and try to projected to see what they could do next year. And even then even with that little. Exercise it's been a very discouraging you wouldn't agree watching the Iglesias has been tough watching. Obviously Daniel Bard boulevard way K Alicia went where's the hope you Larry a little microscopic. -- -- But -- about it yet seeing all the young players in in September. I don't disagree I don't agree with -- -- all on all of those guys. I think well watching -- Hartley has been that interest thing we have seen. Positive things for him is his defense is throwing. Particular. Is and then in the guys -- everywhere he has been and he is. Dictated every level he has that kind. So while I fully expect he will hit again I do. I do that you're watching him I think you're watching places in the field because it here for years -- That -- he was but seeing him quickest and our quickness -- is kind of fun. And we've learned about is offensive and -- is need to to grow a little bit get a little more seasoning. With the -- to be sure he's only 22 years old. So we write them off quite yet. I'd tell us but I agree. They're there if four players -- go on the killer -- Are in our minor league system you know they are Bradley spoke so far it's been. A focal point for gaining the rights rights rights for being here and force guys I think represent the cream of the crop in the and projected be. Outstanding you know Major League Baseball I. I want to ask about those guys because I would love to hear you say you can accelerate the process may be. After watching my throat and Bryce Harper you might wanna say he's there. He give these guys a shot shorter than they have in the past them in the Bryant was 25. We have to wait for these guys to all be 25 -- -- before the ultimate two things. Mean they do things about that wind is that baseball is is it became pretty it's cliff stated that sounds. I've been saying it over and over particularly this year. It is the game for young players we're seeing it with that child's ability. And church -- the Texas some of the younger players sort of promote. To be sure but I think that there is Syria. A reason for that two. We. In the absence of the effectiveness of the commissioner's spirit program I think that the the. Removal of the steroids. Curse and and equally importantly. The the elimination of the epitome. And they -- to that part of baseball forever. These could be. You know -- Sitting around him and -- -- illegally or they were down there are no rules or regulations against the. And they were greedy major operation is people would. There'd be thrown in the cop C they were commonly used. And and when that also what was cleaned up budget by the commissioner the notion that the players to get any kind of. Artificial. Assistance. You from something like Gilligan a -- mean was eliminated and we became became much more has become much more. Eight game tour -- younger players. -- by Bogart's in the regularly I want what could we see them in the big leagues next year could Bradley be in your lineup starting out in. Possible I think that is that's possible but maybe not just started this season but there's a point during the year. But second thing is I do think we have had. Tell we joke about that era career valid point. This is a valid point we have taken a very conservative approach historically. Does he had the advantage of players and a minor league system. I think that's just the undeniable fact and I I hope as. We focus more on. Scouting and player development in the the in the next few years particular. That. That that will change that there'll be a presumption for a slightly erratic group. Larry what is the offseason plan to fix Daniel Bard. All I think. I don't know what the pitching plane will be I think there's -- idea a plan that is a psychological planted just let him. Did is get to get regain his confidence to get away from the chorus of people and talking to this year. Trying to help him. Get returned to the form he had before. So I think that the what they have to happen is that there is. Is confidences. Is it psychological. Approach to the game. Is gonna have to do improve and I think that that will come from some. Some time away from the game and sports psychologists. Special assistant so that. Governor as a result my opinion. It sounds like a Bob Rotella type person might be the future singles and. I I don't know Bob Rotella is that I looked -- is that that. At least we certainly have our own people our -- folks we do that. A do you agree with your manager that this is the worst lineup September lineup in the history of baseball. I think that was a bit hyperbole. To be sure he and he basically spoke and do it to clarify that. I instantly was talking about in terms of the injury senators of the fact that we had. Like AAA team plane and feel. Until look -- good -- -- -- had a great -- Pawtucket once they governor's cup in the international championship. But does have to understand where it was yours goes from I think he's the he's clarified that. What was -- You watch every game right every inning of every game well. I you know I missed a few I missed so here and there but that's not not often but I do this -- in certain. Was what was your visceral reaction to Daniel Bard coming up the pitches. Iglesias with the 22 count -- out there and enough so -- early part of you can't be any worse at the plate and isn't a man but I thought our post or -- Now -- came up to hit. Out. -- reaction. That there that. After the fact quite didn't fear that the that the mole they had this but I by reacted to his I was was not I don't understand why I think I thought. Very proud oblique I don't believe you. It is I am absolutely the streets -- -- and I try always that they attitude that I'm trying Tony right now our reaction to it was. The idea was to win big game from Lester Lester. Beautifully that day and they idealists. To be nice to do to win this game for this guy I don't think that does it again. He's going to at this point to keep that title to he got a lot of time to learn I think more I think he's demonstrated. There's a lot of offense to ground he's got to cover. In the in the -- here does does so we're talking. Though a guy who's going to be it's good to be playing in the big leagues next year. I played try to win one for Lester -- place had to do. They Gordon needs -- reports that you're you guys are trying to add a veteran front office guys sage. To your front office is that true and it you have to have guys in mind names in mind. Well we're we're -- we were -- an argument the front office staff we try to do. Something. Every every season that -- -- -- up in the make the baseball. Operations process even better. Did sometimes it's it's facilities for the players this year it's going to be. I think augmentation -- some of the valuation. Personnel and in the system. And we've been talking for a couple of years about a pitching evaluate here. Someone who could go. Predicted the Major League level but throughout the system and then evaluate pitches and work on the total of the pitching. So we are looking for that -- -- -- has also -- for a special assistant. To work for him as well so I think you'll see a couple of cases of the baseball operations department. Larry I get the sense in this of the observation from afar that the organization is very optimistic about the reclamation project that is John Lackey for next year. Or insult -- all of the information. Getting has been quite positive about his health. And it is. Current state of readiness but there were a year. The twelve month season is that there's six month season -- would be pitching the second six months but done. I was so -- we have to have guys that double digit where. In in the big leagues has been a. Of course away waves when he is it's so. And I also have a new one of those people who believes in the Tommy John surgery. I've seen a number of players come back and it was a much. Stronger arms and pitch and played very effectively my Kabila's is that he had Tommy John. Survivors. -- it is dollar. There and so we have we have seen evidence that this could be very effective procedure. Two points and Larry are paid me -- -- are you doing. To adjust on the -- nicked up and Larry don't let the other brought to a generic they're like -- It's too dangerous and don't let a regular he's a little nicked up the just thought I could put there with the best to stop J. D. Drew -- Larry. Cody Ross so when you stand on that negotiations with Ross's you've got the deficit wanna bring back we're just and now. Where would we love Cody Ross he is there's someone at I think it was a lot of that Jarrett kids. Best offseason acquisitions. And when we saw the spring training. Several of those predicted that he would get very popular player because of his. Style personality and power and he's proven to be just that. So yeah it would look could you ask about him. Places. In future years. -- -- At the beginning stages -- And it left to right which you want him next year. I think he I think right field -- Fenway is a particularly difficult. Piece of baseball territory is so big -- someone was more like. Or like center fielder second senators goalie -- -- -- refers -- -- And I think that's right so I see him more at LSU. Is Alfredo a service a good enough pitcher. -- value valuable enough commodity. That this organization would continue to put up with his for lack of better term antics to bring him back next here. But we have so far. But whether we will he's been suspended her respect and -- But he is always the first part of the question he's -- valuable pitcher is. That -- And he's so his track record over or the course Major League career is that the -- and. Jerry Remy called him the smartest pitcher on the Red Sox staff. And if you do bring him back does that not have to be in H starters role because that's what set him off when he wasn't. Well. That that's a the decision will be made. Express but I. But I look at what every team he is with me with us. And what -- -- it and BBC if so where. It's a little early to -- it was a question. Was circuits or was there any discussion Larry -- -- -- -- the second time was are concerned that the union. Would factor into that they would they would arbitrage that religiously that are try to try to you know what that off the books. Yes yes. I just just say yes -- first there was discussion. About a -- Decisions made it to. Was not necessary. They were you surprised are you surprised -- all the guys like but Robin Ventura and to a lesser extent Mike Metheny. Managed -- no experience have had success has that changed your. Feeling at all about managers and if you had to hire a new one would you would you look at guys with no experience. Well. It's a bit of a loaded question but I would say that. There's on the notion of entities that experience you're talking about players. Both the stature of the both of those players. In. Special circumstances yeah I still think there's a presumption in favor of experience but. But there's there's always Syria but he rebuttal exceptions to -- two of production that we've -- -- this year CA I think it's changed little. Industry's perspective that. Is there are still a presumption that your manager is coming back next year. C'mon now becomes is it still present you get together showed it here. Yes we got caught up ultra yeah I think it. Well we -- -- to addressed those those kinds of issues that the Tennessee and Michigan well those so I sure. We saved those little questions brilliant idea yet. Larry could talk and we appreciate you can't really think my next week and are clearly you know CEO president Boston Red Sox with them and Callahan. Broadcasting live from foxwoods resort and casino. To become Jerry mark right not applaud what it's built mind when he has got accuracy -- -- -- In the 9 o'clock now.

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