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Bobby Valentine with the Big Show

Sep 19, 2012|

Bobby Valentine joined Glenn and Kirk Minihane and discussed the Sox current win streak, the situation with pinch hitting for Jose Iglesias mid-at-bat, and gets testy with Kirk after Joe Maddon and late-gate are revisited.

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Win this hole blues -- Yeah. -- -- Don't mean to the game. It's a an all time. Right into. I've got to make sure enough Ford why along with Kyle running filling in for Michael Holley today that does for our league get together. The skipper of the Red Sox Bobby now that -- you buy or -- insurance here for your power. -- business here for new englanders here for good and by Verizon -- say network. In but we don't honestly. Good the way. What is this summer vacation congratulations. Time for Mike. Her graduation. Congratulations time for a for Mike is so wife gave birth to a -- girl on the over the world. -- -- -- Congratulations -- -- -- -- -- everybody's doing well and he'll be back to work tomorrow so everybody knows everybody student and on the case and I'd speaker reached -- Or other the best I can do the best. I think -- got a lot of what is actually happening here over the last week what have you noticed. About. The budget team where things seemed to be a lot better. Oh well. You know when you win some games then all of a sudden it's demand magic potion that everyone drank and you know things through different day it seems like things are the same guys are playing their hearts they're grinding and do and everything that they could possibly do -- To. You know earned the respect of the team that their play in and do baker fans appreciate. You know this team from what we have been we've gotten to break their bullpen pitched very well starting pitching has been good and get on the tomorrow with some timely hitting that's this year. -- a sense from some of the veteran guys who I mean let's face it Bobby guys like Pedroia every single year of their career basically -- -- playing for something you know the post season perspective. In September to get a different feel from those guys this time a year maybe than them and passers that sort of the same -- -- had state 34 months ago. I wish I was here to -- the league's. Best you've -- a -- Dustin has one gear and gears. You know play the game the way the game -- you played. They would you hurt your soul and then with a great ability that he has and and you know there's veterans Cody -- blame the exact same way. You know else's. Having a night Monday to keep Blake. Where he is right now so. You know he's he's playing the way. You really wanna try to play Ian. They get the soltys the -- indeed via the other veteran along with James Loney who. Has a lot to you know a lot of reason to go out there you he went to shows what he could do and he's been really good team member put you know soltys. Trying to get to the finish line and -- standing tall. After a rough start with -- way he has played a lot better get a lot better. Hear more recently as matter of 'cause he's catch he's caught the ball he caught on awful lot down the minor leagues obviously they wanted him behind the plate every single night. Was -- a situation where maybe he was a little bit worn out he's got up. Them in a little bit a time off -- may be says recharge the batteries. Well maybe you know he's he's good player he's good hitters. You know he's he's follow up a lot of pitches that he had been hit I think it's just timing and or lack of the -- the right timing. We don't let that get to it -- two strikes those are. Those early. Character building yet that didn't. You know I expect him to take it. Let me ask -- that a pinch hitting for -- he has in the middle of that -- I know you've given some chances but you know why I'd rather -- it directly. From you was there any thought of pinch hitting for him before he got to the point. Well good question Glenn. I I really wish you know I actually. -- -- rather than a real playing all the time I got here here in in the media -- and actually ask a and intelligent follow up questions so it's something like that could be answered. Okay the luster well give it to pinch hitting for him when he went to the plate let me explain the situation. Two outs and they're a good first base. Another's my only left in the pinch hitter. Daniel Matta came down and make that data -- government. It's gonna steal second base here that are. Okay let me explain that went through. If I tend not they hit. He and Pedro gets thrown out trying to steal. What I just did -- she's married. Defensive shortstop. Who doesn't go well in a tie game. The -- it. The end I use my only pinch hitter because he's used up because the third inning -- made at second base. So the answer was no I did not think about pinch hitting for him at the beginning of the that. If if that's what you did Bobby that was the thought process I guess my -- be widely seen you do that. In the past managing sort of you know the situations like that in the middle of the pats penchant for guys. -- problem because of that situation hasn't occurred in the past. I think I think in the middle at that before but -- -- sometimes it has been for pitchers you know -- situation. That that situation would be very similar maybe sixth inning. The pitcher can either go out very you know he's not gonna go out so deeply. Place hitter gets on first base. And eight then the pitcher up -- hit. Figuring I'll send him back out but now with the stolen base occurs. Then I'll pinch hit for him if he gets thrown out the pitcher goes out and pitches. And then he gets pinch hit for at the beginning and an -- thing you -- -- it's -- -- base it's a baseball player for those listeners out there. Who give a damn about baseball. Do you Q do you buy into it yet you I don't it don't you buy the idea although Bobby and some suggested. That this would somehow Alter or reduce the confidence over for glee season. Mean well but I I understand that. You know armchair psychologist deuce thinking no god support it's good because I know the day from spring training I know what he's doing. I know he's struggling with -- that that they didn't. You know that the -- goalies in the putting and. You know when he came back and played the last 290 -- played the best but he's played since he's been up he's at his best at bats and he's. Broaden the base is the best so I would guess in a very small sample the questionable others confidence was -- would be well. Guys although -- a I don't know how to that the judge that -- what we're dealing with Bears have very unique situation and the stadium there. Just look who's pitched -- all season long he's pitched his heart out he's never missed the start. These two games under 500 going into that. That game and I know what he wants to do what I wanted to do and I want fans to do. -- -- in the pages -- out the rest of the way and we did get humble couple more wins so he finishes at 500. To be away he goes home during the winter feeling. OK about the battle -- that. That he conduct. Did you have Bob it'd be fair I body like I could be fair and talking to Red Sox fans -- -- Jon Lester finishes 500 -- where it came at 500 and he did or this team record is -- want to stymied from their perspective. You think fans care dumbest offenses you know eleven and thirteen thirteen thirteen I would imagine that you unless you -- A lot like you but he brought the fans. My only supposed to pick about what -- feeling and not. So when exactly exactly and that's why he's at us and everything he could do this team this stories in -- to just say hey Judd. I don't really give a -- what happens to you I'm only concerned with this kid who just came up because. Well -- complex. At what might -- I guess if you're balancing psyche Bobby I think the psyche Jon Lester coming back here next year would be strong whether he finishes 500 not Iglesias -- -- Like he's going to be broken. Into double to break Bobby I do not let Bobby I do not what you're saying I say yes. Think about the dollars and I had picked out the dollar in my bank account and Alvin dark pinched it for me with the bases loaded at 32 out of my. -- -- -- -- What happened -- not. It may be more determined next time I live up to prove to a -- I was good enough not to pinch hit Fuller why can't let it says that but like this. It's rare that a that's that's -- -- -- that's a fair answer -- -- -- Alfred or -- pitch again this season. Maybe -- -- if this situation. Calls where he's. He's able and ready. What -- the situation we have a situation in mind for him that that you would use him. Sure you know what we need if we need the long man tonight for instance he'd be the guy. He -- pitched last night. Is there I'm wondering if there's any message here because you were stretching him out he told us that. That was the reason that you pitched in so many innings in the course of four days. And the idea that bizarre move where he wouldn't give you the ball and he walked around the mound. I think most of us -- probably gonna get another one of those three game suspensions or whatever. Does that seem to be to be quite rude and disrespectful. We have seen a sense is that a message. Well. Again I think that that armchairs. We -- we're just to do we just know what we can do hear it and right now you know effectively -- long man. We you can look for Alfredo to to be in there as matter fact I needed that. I need a starter tomorrow for instance there's something happens more than likely you know he's already thrown. Sixty pitches in the game. You know he'd be he'd be a starter something came up you have to. You don't have a plan B and Anthony's right now planned speaker and that situations. Let me ask about -- Iglesias could you seem to be hot and we certainly got that message for you early on in spring training that you really like what you saw this -- why not. -- the court transfer. That from the glove to the throwing can't unbelievable. He can make plays that a lot of guys can't make. But man he really just doesn't seem to be able to hit Major League hitting how does he solve that problem -- We're working on that guy's -- You know. A lot of it's timing -- mechanic you know and and you know obviously. You know aren't -- growing confidence is important to yet you know at this level. He you know you need success built confidence the end. The best plated built successes to be properly prepared with really good swaying. With the strength that you need knowing the pitchers that that you're hitting again. And I think he's still working on getting that comfortable. Mechanic. Im learning. You know who the pitchers -- in day -- day. Or me you know during the game. You know the pitcher comes -- he wants to know what this guy throws because you know it's first time sometimes first time ever -- -- -- a long time. All of the Tim -- our situation with the giant in an interview with you suspect Bobby hey what's your relation but Bogart who cut him visually -- think he'd be. We don't -- -- to be this. The bench coach here have to we had a discussion where he felt he was being passed over. For those opportunities. Because see he didn't have a position -- status. You know he convinced me that. You know he can do the job here in. I put him back and I say he's gotten the exposure guessed that that he needed. To have this interview I think you know he's he's well connected there isn't -- know he loves the game of baseball like been around him along time. I'd love to see him not have an opportunity yet that the next level. Get Daisuke going tonight last three outings five and a third winners they are one and a third three and two thirds. Obviously he's coming back from from major surgery. Is that the issue right now is that the issue strength. -- command but sometimes command comes with -- guys and you know we know that. Them. We know I I think one of the real and and it. Not -- -- old Japanese have been saying but Vieri easy. Compare and contrast. I think would possibly be with Gonzales who came back from an entry and people but you know literally just let them pop the ball like he should be in in the spring a -- Demo and I talked with a -- felt he was real close but he he's still holding back just a little. There at the end this spring and and then he evolved to the point where he just. Decided to let it go and now I think he's one of the better pitchers that. That we have it's not in in this league for that role. I think Daisuke might be in that same boat where he's real close. To letting it all hang now he and at times. You know he's holding back at the last game. And even the game before that where you -- short. Where he threw some pitches outside. But he really cruel and agencies that paper they -- full force pitches the gun. Verified defective instead of 91 it was like 9495. His breaking ball -- sharper at times and so. We're just we're just see how this evolved and hopefully can build on last start. Bobby it's I've I noticed your favorite part you're in the right here we -- -- is at the Mohegan Sun dinner with a big show serious question -- Bobby Valentine. Comes from Josh Edwards at anfield Connecticut. Who asks if you come back to manage Red Sox next years or anything you would like to do differently. Oh yeah I'd like do I get off to the better start -- definitely have the benefit better finish where we're. You know and in the post season and hard and on to the playoffs. A -- -- one -- Bobby -- forgot to ask you did out yeah after being with -- a couple of weeks ago that the fight when you guys talked about the the time usually show -- you mentioned Joseph Maddon gets her every day at 4 o'clock it turns out some people on campus said he didn't Maddon said he did very. Yeah it was the first time. Think it said I think it's a brief period and they said declaring the first -- may be -- times he -- since I wonder if you sang to him if you felt. Apologize I don't think joke I think it was cool with pole led that commit. That they try to -- in drama and the play didn't read that and I only dreamt. Where he said. I thought Larry I thought he said that he doesn't spend all day hanging around the clubhouse in his underwear. Waiting for batting practice to start he likes to get there at 330 sometimes and just strap it on and get them may maybe. I -- that but I could have sworn in prior to their conversation that I had read that and if not I shouldn't even brought him into the. Conversation he was wearing easily I -- shows at all I think it was all he might be. Don't look at it but I think -- -- so that's a bizarre -- -- -- that's a dream that's a bizarre underwear. Yeah well when you guys to captain recently and he gets that ability resurgent. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Are look at it and then I'm then I'm wrong. -- talk dreams again next week -- I have a great week. Great. Opponent does that mean -- the recent that he never get to the ballpark after 330. All of personally asked all the beat writers that beat writers that he gets their 2453. O'clock. Madden himself said that I'm looking here on line -- What's that. And wannabe writers travel on the relevant to the -- would get a road. This is what the writers and I speak for the beat writers in Tampa Bay appears to be a look at that as a all the writers out there yet that that first home game yeah. When you're down and out of doors and get some excitement out already here just rhetoric in -- -- so you're not buying its dreams. Could I wouldn't say. I think it would I think you -- that somewhere and it know what what the held a big deal what I think the big deal is that we're even talking about this. That I got caught in traffic and got to the ballpark at 4 o'clock that that was an issue and I think for everybody who's made it an issue they should be ashamed. All Bobby record during that you pick up your son that's fine you that you get a Bobby you think there's only pick. Detroit so that's. How it tracks. A prominent artists story. About artists -- response to today's Matt. We did you introduce Matt that the congress. What difference does that make. We just he brought up -- Matt you brought the whole -- part of the problem with you. Guys -- -- and I'm excited. Wipes -- of people you like I am I. I mean it's probably yeah that's that's partly. It you know -- -- you know. I would say this if if he if he does come back next year. Do you think the percentage is that probably and real high but let's say he does well now. What the -- record. Does. It does get back actually the one thing he might wanna do differently because they are a lot of times. With the -- did you bring up things. The probably. Our little bitch -- -- you obviously bring some stuff up that kind of -- would Bobby does that was you've fallen ten years. A lot of this stuff on his -- and what does it. He -- so the meat he gives it to the Sharks -- many wonders why the Sharks go into a feeding frenzy via the -- -- stuff he brought a new about that would not about that. He's done this numerous times right I mean. Yeah again I mean he brought up -- an interview with you Michael. Unsolicited he -- Madden a couple of times and I just just for Sammy seeing Joseph Maddon won LP apologized of course. Even think so lucky as you did in the current. Issue. If the result that well for being selected for asked me adelphia ask that question or not Josh is one amid -- overnight stay at Mohegan sun's out eligible to win and the season grand prize. And overnight stay dinner with a big show Mohegan Sun is -- WEEI dot com slash Mohegan. Every week to submit your question for Bobby pin with a picture was brought you by Mohegan Sun among -- millions of moments. Some of the very best for me by Mohegan Sun create a moment in Mohegan Sun dot com -- he can -- -- -- of the best moments -- to 35 on Wednesday afternoon quick break we're right back catch. Well good. Question Glenn thank you.

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