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Is Welker being phased out of the Patriots offense?

Sep 18, 2012|

John Dennis returns and the guys react to the Big Show's interview of Bill Belichick and discuss "theories" on the future of Welker.

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Okay today's game is. Huge news and you could only pick one pick one of the reasons. Only one. Wes Welker. Isn't playing. The usual role he plays on the football and I got to pick one I'll just say this if -- Robert Kraft. The only one that works for me is we're trying to save him and preserve him so he will be healthy down the stretch and then bring anything else pisses me off on the -- -- -- right. He knows that which is why he implied he didn't say it flat broke some might be true but he said you know one overworked guys yet he can infer and a that. They were preserving him don't want him to take a beating. But at the same time Brandon Lloyd -- this image played every play. I think it's got to I think it's going to be. -- you were gonna ask me. With my theory yet what is your meter what is -- -- but there uses and the dollar has clearly and they're all they're upset them. The contract situation that's unacceptable that -- that's Boomer Esiason two as -- delicious day. I have another 1 but ma am not I don't know anything and as usual so I'm sure bill went to -- dental bills -- cleared -- just have to listen yeah in the audience. I think he did something else besides the contract a contract this has built a half. He doesn't like him nine million dollars and leave he would he want him picnic kept from the team from the deal and didn't do so it was a contentious negotiation as part of but he itself and tells me he missed two pre season games to exhibition race with family problems via -- there was a death in his family an Oakland Alice. It. Those of Pedro grandfather you know I mean if there if it was someone real close to him probably found out. Bobby is a cousin or grandparent. You missed two games for that. That two exhibition yemen's out there -- bills and hot with you think that's just not the only thing sure it was a death and amateur went home monitoring grieved in mourning came back. But you missed two exhibition games on and play -- play right Waterston practice he get mad at the is that he's missed everything right right now this -- -- you're just desperately need a man and two good point don't need desperately need Welker now. Oh no you have to implement all that's right that's right -- -- yes hey it's it's like. You know when. -- it would appear again reports like when. Don't when when Bledsoe was -- and -- Brady and you know when. Would be an example a real good player coming up taken place over -- well. We'll bring it to children Brady -- will be done and that's a bad example Brady was nobody in nobody knew anything about him but I'm talking about a highly touted rookie come in and -- in the job. Of a veteran everybody knew he was gonna take the job and as it was inevitable it is Julian Edelman. Who's the next superstar yes I'm guessing he's gonna have wondered when he catches. Every year and make four pro bowls because he's that -- he's he's starting ahead playing ahead. -- Wes Welker and I love a -- sarcasm I just love when this is diminished when this is downplayed. It's it's instinctive. For many of the fan boys to say what's the big deal. Bill -- knows what he's built nobody -- do nosed team better than you do he's. The big deal is the bottom line is. In -- the patriots they are the biggest deal in town. And that is something Bill Belichick is not tell us. If it's because bill is petulant and petty -- he's lighting. Because bill says we put the groupings out there that help us in certain situations be the best we can be on the field. You can't tell me -- with album on the field they are the best they can be on that particular grouping in particular series in that particular core of his life. It's obviously. As I as I wrote this morning he he suspended and suspended bench to Welker who. Please don't have -- for bench guys who are the best players available but he's benched him for disciplinary reasons. -- -- So if he's done that before like most coaches in that he was upset that it was ridiculous that movement benched him because he Mittal put comments. Com so the best players weren't on the field. Correct at the start of that correct. They lost that game edited they lost the game by a touchdown and lost a saudis and they lost Sunday's game. And their offense was stagnant and Wes Welker wasn't a part of Britain. In the first half when Wes Welker was a part of it. They moved the ball Brady gotten rid of them they get millions think britney's little more comfortable with Welker that he is Lloyd. I think you'd be comfortable bowl. I -- -- do -- just try to force feed -- though and China you know I mean we're whenever they -- times a game UC Brady and and and -- not on the same page Josh McDaniels obviously wants lowered to work he's. Thrown a ball in the play him every play. But last I checked they could double play. Once the slot ones that on an accident or a lot of help Bolton there yeah and that's the way it worked to a minute mark swisher X receiver. Lloyd is the year deep threat -- deep. Your mask I hope it works I hope peak and get on the same page bald guys now you really need it with with Hernandez out. In the bottom line is. This may mean nobody believes its performance based nobody believes settlements better than Welker nobody believes that. I mean you got to be the big tasks so much up -- in the world let's say yeah he puts the best players on the field. Had a much better than Welker is just not true. And -- look at target him and he has never gonna have -- to an -- not telling you -- play boomer. From yesterday he just said I think its contract. Which I didn't get to my theory and dale and -- -- talked about it yesterday. It's it's -- in general and maybe will learn more someday maybe you won't. I think he did something else and they needed something else besides. Look across the table of Belichick in the contract negotiations and said stick it bill I'm not Simon. Maybe it was the off season. In general where he denies it's the offseason specifically. Where he did something didn't he giveaway as leverage and an -- and Brady were connected at the -- announces. Will Oregon California although wedeman was in cause I mean them Welker wasn't Costa Rica -- Brady and Brady polish yesterday. It is one of my best friends one of the best players have played with he does not sound like he soured on Welker at all and he didn't look -- in the game either dating now. I mean to couple of the biggest plays that made were Brady to Welker and again when he wasn't on the field when he wasn't involved. They look like crap. I mean. They established Iraq -- -- -- so wonderful -- quarters without a touchdown something is inherently wrong right. Right this offense that court this offense -- assessments when walkers on the field when -- in a rhythm -- in the no huddle. Brady's thrown the ball to Welker in the response most spots that only -- -- the offense works the offense move -- should've done it in the first quarter. He should've started the game should've thrown in the first series. And and and get in the end zone -- you know what I think. It's not a stretch to say this Welker issue was one of the reasons may be the biggest reason they lost. -- lost by a but it will. I guess that that it's gotta stretch -- that theory you sound when you watch that tape again and see how many wasted place comedy plays absolutely do nothing could go nothing that don't provide anything -- they were back it up -- were just stuck in neutral they look like. Eight team out of sync and a rousing welcome was not in the that there are often low. Gotta sink when what was on the field and Brady's thrown out well now I mean it's when they look their best and I understand. There right tight end based office now Welker and and mean and isn't gronkowski are. His favorite targets now that's fun making that transition. And then this is gone. Out. Charlotte when you heard four to six weeks like he'll be back in October. I'm shocked that just say and you know -- Troy Brown said with the next year via. Troy -- like which will make every guy who's had an every guy -- plates and there's no way -- not. Fine in a month he just not and browns that you won't see Hernandez and his best till next year. So. I mean this obviously forces Belichick's hand but again back to my theory. US the question. You know we can go around the room here whether theories. And and it's how will start boomer seismic malicious that he takes its contractual. I think. It's something else I think it contractual -- Belichick yeah yes I'm and I think he looks at Welker and says -- overall rating yourself and you know a year. A damn good slot receiver which -- not. Calvin Johnson enough player FitzGerald. You're not supposed to make you -- led the league -- -- -- the last five years and can't just spend 1012 million dollars a year you're supposed to make here when I'm offered -- three years -- whatever it was 25 point seven points and so like that that's what you're supposed to make that's a lot for a little -- it was a released Friday San Diego release -- in the Miami double check that. And trade about Miami for draft picks you know who -- that would once scholarship I made you win yes and I made you did make you Brady made you but yet we've made you. He would say so pissed them off that Welker. Over rated himself and Belichick's eyes that's done that didn't didn't help this also opened files that the miss in the two games. Something to do with the offseason something to do with Welker is attitude maybe he said you know maybe was supposed to be there. Didn't come back then bill isn't doing his job. Bill is not doing his job and he is punishing him -- is something contractual. Or something in the offseason or combination of both the bill isn't doing your drop Robert you -- loaded him when he benched him a -- the forty Robert Kraft. Pays the Bill Belichick to win as many football games as he possibly can and put the best player on the field in every situation he's not doing. He's not doing. And as I said about Robert Kraft I find out that this is a punishment type of -- the building petty the -- upset about the contract that I have to have a top in my head. Richard it would be benched him or make in the forty wise cracks. You support that regardless just replace the lost games and -- -- don't -- -- game and you know what Vince Wilfork said after the game it had an effect. It did not help. It was beyond stupid it was beyond -- He shot himself in the foot putt you know he's built get a shuttle to ultimately edit the -- himself in the foot and Marcus goes in the water yeah and put his foot up his ass and what is dismal and lost just like Sunday and I know we're not supposed to ever quit Joseph bill now. And I notes it's OK okay with everybody that he doesn't explain their there's no other coach manager. In in professional sports who would give you less on the subject it is a big deal this is one of your best places when he best players ever. In the game that he set -- the club record the French as record in stock. In the game we're broke Troy Brown's record in the game where he became the all time franchise leader. He was backing up to an element they former Kent State quarterback seventh round draft -- It's curious and that's kind of why they have press conferences. I cannot -- it's why there were invented not if you don't like guys do interviews his fans. A lot of money there emotionally. Engaged involved. They don't just sit there for three hours or when you have replacement -- three and a half hours. And watched a game they ask questions they wonder they -- they go to work and and talk about it with their co workers to go to the gym ago. You know bars and they talk about it and they all are saying that they can deny it you know -- -- -- boy and say. Whatever -- wants but they all want to know. What happened Wes Welker the greatest slot receiver in the game the most prolific baskets you we've ever had. YC a baca now and they don't -- know and bill doesn't even from across refuses to bill looks at press conferences and that venue at that day as an opportunity to frustrate people. An opportunity to abuse people to disrespect the fans and here you get feels like Easter I'd like somebody else that's why it's it's it's -- now. But as a paying customer that you deserve. Couple answers -- not not everything and I understand there are rules for injuries and he's never gonna -- in those rules he will never ever say anything when injuries to these past two required to on Wednesday. And he soul. Averse to discussing injury he wouldn't even talk about Logan Mankins guts. Plan here with the ACL. So I understand that but. Doesn't feel like the people pay fortunes. To go to the game. I'll check the most saw the Bill Belichick and it is I mean you you called a lie. It's sport's for him it's what they do. What are you saying about Welker you know we put the best players on the field mound and you don't do not know you know when you know play the bestseller receiver in the game. Brady's favorite target new doesn't start and doesn't even know he's out there at the end of the game just doesn't even know that he's not starting. Until yet the game of the game be willing to call it brought altered in -- number began. That's how different is baseball for football baseball game began and Wes Welker. A potential hall of fame player beat pizzas you can place like this guy -- -- just incredible. Player valuable player in the hole. Franchise of last five years. Is standing on the sidelines on. And -- I don't know. Bobby Valentine books that -- -- -- -- -- and he must couple hours ahead and tell you must about it when this. You did some they went up there with Welker and -- formation of practice and and -- -- time pulled a fast one on it was announced as a starter. They announced them over the PA. Has the star. I mean are really no I really went positive even -- up to you know the first. Series so. You know I'd always is a once served well who have been so I just go out there and and whenever my number's called I've. -- -- -- -- 6777. Nigeria fifty toll free number 888525. Missouri 54 electoral talked and -- Carlos and Steve. More phone calls and Barbara -- -- is curious to why Wes Welker seeing. Much less play like yours too and you were you when he asked that I mean there was an yesterday I didn't hear your financial assets I I I I would like to think he's doing the right thing trying to save this little guy. Trying to keep him fresh for the rest of the season you want welcome fresh just don't care vote -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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