Sep 17, 2012|

Hear the Patriot great and how he can't seem to stop talking about Bobby V.

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Troy Brown is one of the greatest wide receivers New England has ever seen. It's a lot of good. He's a patriot so little cleaner how great field -- Has it -- you. And while he really enjoys talking football there's one thing that he just can't solve the yeah Bobby Valentine and showing up late in the game Bobby yeah. -- and so for a son. It was thirty years so what do you learn what I don't into -- food -- -- Hamlet does he have a cellphone doesn't have any dangers and import this information this. Is that this is baggage claim. Ground transportation. I hear the delegation arrived at thirty the patriots motto has always -- to do your job and that seems to have stuck with Troy -- he's making money is closely competitive the demands in the -- the Boston Red Sox so maybe that's why he can't stop talking about -- Valentine's. Day in the about me you know -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- to work. You know the style kind of a mean lady and allows millions annually because it. You do towel in basically.

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