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Minor Details Ep. 37: Bryce Brentz and the next wave of Red Sox power hitters

Sep 17, 2012|

In 2012, Will Middlebrooks became the first Red Sox drafted-and-developed rookie since Nomar Garciaparra in 1997 to hit 15 or more homers. The gap to the next homegrown power hitter will likely be shorter. Triple-A outfielder Bryce Brentz, the Sox power-hitting prospect who is closest to the big leagues, discusses his development in 2012, while Red Sox minor league hitting coordinator Victor Rodriguez takes stock of position playing prospects like Brentz, Xander Bogaerts and Ryan Lavarnway as well as Jackie Bradley Jr. and Jose Iglesias.

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The Red Sox AAA team in particular what its first international title in 28 years last week. It was an interesting team that had been made time and time again. Mostly because of the need to accommodate the constant stream of call ups from AAA to the majors. While most of the top prospect such as Ryan the barn when Jose Iglesias. Moved up to the majors there -- couple of eye opening performances at the end of the year especially in the playoffs. And perhaps the most notable of those was from outfielder Bryce brands. The power hitter with the ability to launch the ball to all fields some people suggested he has more raw power that will middle Brooks. As expected he went through an initial struggle once he got up to Pawtucket he went -- for his first four or so games. -- even dominated for the first five games in the playoffs -- six extra base hits including two homers and he seemed to be making a really quick adjustment. To a more advanced level pitching. At the very least to give some of a significant foundation on which to return next year when he's going to be starting the season interplay again. The chance that he's not too far behind middle Brooks as the next homegrown power hitter. We'll talk with Red Sox minor league hitting coordinator Victor Rodriguez. About brands as well as a number of other hitters in the system. But first we'll talk with price -- about his 2012 season in comparison with -- 2011 season. In 2011. Prince and hit thirty homers. While hitting with an average of 306. And on base percentage of threes 65 it has no PS of 939. Even so most people including brands -- say that he made considerable progress in the 2012 season the sun hitting seventeen homers. With that too -- averaged 349 on base percentage and 8140 PS in Portland and in Tripoli protected. Here's price -- breaking down his season. Price -- so well congratulations on the recent column. It's been it's been an interesting and in brief experience how do you. Describe the difference between the first you know the first few games -- four games being played here and then you know and then performance what you're able to do over the course of of playoff series. I think first here's just you know presence in -- transit Lawton. Time you know take text him back on now estimate flammable. No -- me when you're in lol you you talked about kind of pressing too much what does that mean like in terms of your approach what becomes different when you're. You know when you're trying to adjust to a different level play. It's unfortunate -- -- -- and DiMarco two so counseling -- is doing its lines and everything so. There was so little bit and -- First month it and his sanctioning and a so you know -- along whenever you know -- east and you can't take a step back in this devices and -- reasonable thing works for. Seems unfortunate that they can hit the ball nine miles of you are born -- significant whatever like you know. 45000 feet what's the furthest you've ever had a ball I don't know. We have statement. At any level though like is there any you know I had heard did middle Tennessee there was it was a -- like a football field or something that was across the street that -- You know fit from the from the park there that your ability. You know launched a ball onto a few times. Live -- both are based off those currently on the stadium. Right couple right they've got a -- -- -- you know it's just that's actually haven't missed a short swing I mean. This -- uses you know effort level and thanks Argo and I try to do too much entirely to strike zone I -- at least command the strike zone and there -- things go south so -- for me mum on the horse and me trying to do too much in the box so. An Oregon man and take a deep breath and just relax and get back to you know say America the middle. Things go a lot better from it. It's interesting you talk about the strike zone and you know be your own worst enemy because I thought that it was a real interest -- -- from which to follow you because. You know you had your power numbers weren't the same as they were you know in 2011 when he hit thirty bombs -- and -- 105 games and you missed time for a hand injury which this. Which made it all the more impressive. Click here on base percentage was was hired and walks rates were -- box rate went up on the pretty good amount from what it was in 2011. In terms of where your approaches in 20121. 2011. How would you describe the difference you know where are you as a hitter compared to where you're a year ago. A year ago. You know name -- it's it's a lot different I mean -- -- -- You take it you know taken hostages to order didn't you know one account and -- count. -- a fastball and you can just teeing off on it you know this year and overlaying especially here you know. 20 doesn't guarantee a fastball and history -- 3010. So you can only gear you know them to go out and get the fastball. Just stay back can. I'm prepared for anything -- I said you know the power numbers -- you know powers so there is suspect division levels of baseball uses. Parlor of Harlow of baseball and you can't sitting there they're -- and professional because non entity did it with these pitchers there's these older guys who can throwing things any count for strike I mean. Seeing a lot to a change of tolerating you know two sliders and and it's it's it's a different volumes and a ball they don't have that option. So when you didn't have advanced counting -- there and just swing for the fences. I mean where -- you satisfied then overall with the shape that you're you're stuck you know you can you can go to power numbers were down like did you feel you know. Do you feel like you where you books I kind of feel the improvements that you're making obvious. Yeah I mean offered this I must first month in April homes went up there. -- -- -- like there was you know last year and in grieve alone and in -- Salem you know thinking I would get to a fastballs and and I wasn't and you know it takes a lot more discipline so you know this year is more about becoming a complete hitter I mean how and his went played. No situations. What they're trying to do. Was a school or say a lot of us you know it does dictate what the pictures don't -- so. Thanks and unable and those those don't have that option I have to come -- fastballs and and upper levels of based on the control anything any count so. In April through numbers you know your numbers. Weren't what you want them to be for awhile however people in the organization talk. You know quietly about oh press having really really good at bats he's you know lining a foul ball down the right line it's shooting a foot felt that sort of thing. How good are you -- separating. The process as a hitter from the results. Yeah I'm a lot better now was my first euros and won't. -- -- the processes takes it takes a while and you know during a dozen bats in April themselves have -- about -- -- results and you know -- pulls up and down. There's a lot of times where. You do everything you know take a bad swing at a bad pitching that didn't -- found a sudden he's trying to get -- -- -- as time goes right to somebody so I mean is there's a lot of variables you can't control he's gonna go to. -- there when you're at the -- you know have a good approach have good -- and and stick with a and that's what that's what you know people talk and he was you know especially knowing that. You gotta have a plan his tango fares -- -- -- playoff Somalis evening news and today's challenging tee off on a fastball even if you do that you are guaranteed morning and -- -- -- and ending get one and close it's. You know. There's -- little fastballs -- middle of the more no more single moron. Giving more selective and look for an area so. Processes some that says if you know baseball and you watch -- that's -- watch how persons taking pitches now he's you know Hillary symbol. They'll show that he's come around. You know she's doing -- in the batter's box obviously sums -- off but you know it's just on the CW patient. But said no Byron number really remember to thank you didn't April. Zanardi finished up -- -- all that matters. Your numbers there there was insisting again to follow you on a month by month basis right because you had months where you're. Basically is -- or as dominant as anyone in the he's from the there were other months much the numbers weren't good to feel like you were. Consistent over the course of the season and that the numbers just to necessary reflect that. Which you feel like it's total points in your career where you know where there are going to be you know natural inconsistencies and you know best player develop. Nothing I think I mean -- sit him on the same boat on mean we have our streets where you know we're pretty common anniversary swear. You know things on doorway and that's part of him based farming their make and Star -- and making adjustments. When you know when you show you in on them. Chaser and stuff that withdrawn it and then than traditional mouse and when you fairway they're trying to duty and -- there was a better approach better idea. And then you know. Another town you come attorney -- teams over and over again they make an adjustment and then you might struggle obviously got to this sincere to trying to do. Obviously last time it -- there and do some different and you have to no make that adjustment so I mean. -- it in the season you know that your sister in the same spot in the season and all that matters. Campuses ups and downs as us based Communists. A lot of a lot of -- is the big -- and that's part of -- I -- -- got a few guys here consistent and those are freaks you know. Electrical hoses and you know infielders -- Gaza and you have the same every year. This is one -- their districts I mean I'm -- by his -- so. You know I'll take my streets and I take -- around amount enjoy them and then whenever things are known so well mr. you know battle molesters stick stick to the same approach him you know. Let baseball take care of itself. It was interesting to see that a lot of in a lot of your hot -- we get a lot of hits to the opposite field to center field opposite field. Is that something that you've always done or is that something that you had to do since coming into pro ball and since he started seeing those adjustments being made against you. -- -- never been like. I did pull hitter and -- I'm pitch I would just as -- -- -- -- ovals a lot of balls left but. Not mean a positive drug all right -- -- it's just. You know when I'm -- I'm combos you know writes it means there are things going pretty even stand on the baseball -- you know pulling off -- them seeing Austrian notes when. This one year old notre pitches you know possibly -- authored. Isn't trying to do too much and that's -- and to you know and either take a step back relax and not do so much so. -- -- all right those not to our or don't do it and when I'm mama she -- about -- -- -- I'm probably on the streets. You had. In spring training you were you have a team to make an impression on people and kind of the Major League games and you know and certainly did right there was that the conversation about. This is the sound of the ball off the -- restaurants you know people -- -- global -- of that. And then you know and then again at the end of the you're getting this effort from the open AAA. How much has this year and it told you about how close you are how far you're from the majors. You know to spring training was no really good. Now is gonna make good impression you know I make about one. But going into round you know this season you know on a -- -- -- for awhile -- -- positive for the entire season are. But I was hoping that maybe you know in the last week or so could come -- during you know cup of coffee and trips to see what it's like and you know it's been doing -- a lot of learning experiences just washing around -- -- different players themselves how to go about their business appear you know it's really usually professional. And you know it's seen these older guys how to do stuff and how they are it's it's it's pretty impressive but. I says you know it's still baseball as far as getting to the big leagues and it's their bicycle when he gets there and stay there. You know. That's I think about it more now because I'm actually AAA accident while -- come actually found him -- step away and so you know just reminded that he got to keep. That he worked in the Bridgestone on there I mean. It's nice to be here and I'm really happy with the help out the -- stuff but ultimately what they're militants a policy goals at Boston editorial in the. Speaking of of goals. My recollection is that you create stupid goals the beginning of every season I think that you told me that. Entering the 2011 season you are setting the bar high at about. 200 with maybe five homers he did better than that last year what are your stupid goals entering this year. I just wanted to you know above two torn -- maybe have six home runs and a thirty RBIs and April has banned. But then after you know -- tactics of the donors to James -- enough as it is there's a lot of -- a lot of -- was you can't control. He's gonna take there was you can take care of so. You know for me I don't I don't two point people trying to you know put so much pressure on themselves like I do this to achieve this you know be successful like I -- now for me and his. Axis on those two vehicles and once -- reach and we just take off -- bombing. A long season. Says north in the season series numbers are you know -- determined. Was at a Goodyear it was a bad year. Mean I think you know that you know this it was Goodyear I think it was bear -- -- you know thirty home runs he's used to the fact I learned a lot more history. She's got you to take to mean for me and you know they've all this year that. With it is as -- -- was down. Well. Probably it more than thirty but. It's just you know Lexus disciplined man learn discipline and I had to -- you know it. Situations Allison did today Belichick isn't and lower -- they don't have that option they have to throw the fastball. And you know -- you know who knows it and does -- throw them off speed. So home and more seasoned guys but it was good I think everything else worked effort into and I learned a -- and stolen. Raising the bar on your stupid goals you're pushing it up from 202 and you're doing kind of ambitious. Yeah I guess so is it an issue that says something that. I don't wanna put too much pressure on myself I try to do too much and that is sometimes zones try to keep it simple and it. Throughout there in stroke play and you know semi annual goals and I am pretty -- -- -- shut it down and just knowing where buddy mark -- playing. Fine. There is by virtue of the fact that Adrian Gonzales been treated you know there's kind of a conversation about where to the Red Sox buying power from. And so you're one can win of the quote unquote power hitters today have in the system you know moving through the upper levels and you kind of aware at all of just you know. Mindful it. Pat how much you know how much -- you know of the idea that the Red Sox need power at the Major League level that that's you know that might be -- to a degree your ticket equipment. I think every and every team in the dailies and -- -- power guys they all have. You know it's. It's it is nice to think about and the like this actresses and these you know in the -- You know anomaly where about China when you -- our prospects is trying to play ball. You know unfortunately is now a few moments -- and there so home and get that get that label and you know take it on the field. Unless every team needs and you know there's other ways it is -- mean and -- Tom don't -- -- Power via -- for -- all right fielder. Period defensive you know Monday's -- and -- well -- that more and batteries. In his shoulders -- -- aspects of the game now team contributes on Obama that just it is. Remind me to do you work out at Fenway before your drafted. You -- -- -- -- for a drafted for the Jeff came 2010. My agent whom you know there. -- -- -- you go to decent line and so when there in the Olympic -- -- there is a great experience and you know I mean and again and smiling along with a lot of upon. I'm his -- that is going to make me play you know. -- -- and it worked out it was. A lot of fond. -- like you know ballpark it's pretty far. Tell me about putting him -- ballpark everywhere -- parking most there. Yeah I -- automatic download march 30 and I mean. Old model couple times over I mean it's. That's -- -- partner rights and nightclubs on the still those it's it's not you know mile away. It works -- my swing and and hopefully play and produce. I mean that's that was kind of a preview perhaps of that he gets do you you know does does it feel overall just doesn't feel close to you playing in Fenway and you know where your careers going -- -- kind of try to separate out the level of rappers were -- I was amused when you sit back and think about it you're like yeah I'm I'm close and always dies in soccer that -- you know laden in the big reason. Once you have and I -- days again you know. We know we're close and remove one level I thought. You know we can't go out there trying to play it was selling your mind being like on -- -- you know do greatest anymore. You know -- is -- -- -- now on its joked and played take care which you can take care of it and you know. Here productions was from the agency anyway so that's what. So we'll try to do keep it simple you know football and hopefully when they get that phone call. Bryce thanks so much for the time really appreciated on things. The Red Sox had a breakthrough this year when -- -- Brooks arrived in the major leagues. And held his own he had fifteen homers and 75 games and looked like you might become a future middle of the order fixture. But Mel Brooks is not alone. There another is that next wave of Red Sox power hitters that isn't too far behind him. Guys like price brands guys like Zander Bogart who toward up in double -- in a fashion that was eye opening for a nineteen year old. So in order to take stock. -- some of the top hitting prospects in the Red Sox system. We'll talk to Victor Rodriguez the Red Sox minor league hitting coordinator. He's been what the Red Sox since 1995. So he's seen virtually every top prospect from Nomar Garciaparra. To Dustin Pedroia Jacoby l.'s very and middle Brooks coming to the systems so he's kind of -- perfect person to lend perspective. On to this next wave that's coming to the system now. -- Victor Rodriguez. Victor Rodriguez thinks so much for setting aside some time to talk a -- here -- -- to check in with you. I'm not saying -- murders happened in the end. -- always -- W a lot of guys. I appreciate that well -- one of the guys is kind of opened eyes late this year really throughout his career but I think this was really interesting was priced brands because. I'm not sure that anyone would have expected to go to AAA. Struggle for a few games then make a really quick adjustment to be really is good hitters you guys had in the playoffs state in the -- front of the -- sucks just had to their championship. Bob and he had huge numbers mean two levels of a ball last year he put up thirty homers and about a 105 games -- homers were down this year his on base percentage was up. Can you explain what happened in his development as a hitter this year. I think I believe it's idiot how much you are a lot is made up problem. From an eight bit when he prepared every day in August and it went 8828. Who brought the -- -- everyday at burying it at that bella the main thing you understand that aid. Import them out of habit that they interviewed about the -- of -- And you've all been able to hoping that -- being game that may -- that -- -- what age you are able to make -- just -- in game. And aimed at the because it is I airport -- little guy he wasn't able to smoke being sounding the at a time but this year. Each a lot of made it back quality of being able sloping down according to help inevitable basically do. To recognize and bring about a -- just. He's a guy who sometimes we'll talk about himself is trying to hit the ball nine miles problem is he is that being the case. Do you view it is kind of a sign of his maturity may be that. -- his home run total and done this year or is that just kind of a coincidence. Yeah well into Baghdad -- -- probably more power than anybody in the Danny Aiken and and because of I wanna do mortar little blip and probably -- -- -- glad the ball. And I think that's what this is learning that -- make the greens so hard to get the ball a lot of the people applied a lot of the deal and it 88. And that's what they've -- now he's learning. Is learning it big game he's learning about himself and let them up while -- -- name is learning the main thing that when he sitting at the beaches. And he divorced PGA he got more then -- in Delaware route. It's interesting that you said they've -- that he has as much power as anyone in the organization because I was just talking with someone yesterday who'd seen a lot of him. Who says that he might have more power than middle Brooks do you buy that. Well you know it is -- -- -- the artist that you guys. Is they waited a walk out of that bat. -- is basically bouquets are. You know it also driving the ball and -- -- serial and you know about something special digital minute broad statute being and it ended. And then brand happy being -- so Coke guys they probably due to grab the ball to all villain. That's something that you're not everybody can do that. What's the biggest thing that price prince needs to do in order to become more consistent. Hitter at the upper levels. I would like Ellis -- give console that level you're able to slow -- -- and be able to regulate the industry need to beat just. And I being at -- here at eleven a lot of bad. A acting up welterweight nobody did think he understands that it's the Latin read it based on the high level. He got -- love to prepare -- and day out and not only physically but mentally. And meet each other programming goals in the opening. It this year you know it more fundamental site. -- being what they've been more improvement -- this -- being able to smoking without. Being able to threaten the ability to drive the ball to all -- not probably the pool side. Web tools hit the ball workspace is based about boldly go out and he wanted to fall instead of -- did -- that they'll wait. I think you learn a lot of that this year. Do you think he's a guy who can learn to kind of be respectable on base guy you know because. It's so rare now in the major leagues I think that this year. There's something like a dozen guys who are on pace to have thirty or more homers in an on base percentage is high is -- 340. And so it's a really rare thing to combine those skills do you think prince is someone who can have enough plate discipline. To be able to combine those two traits not just the guy who can punish mistakes but also you know work his way to get on base. Yeah not being this year these -- improvement and that he just -- They've been able to -- lead to look great -- speeches they -- -- when that would be what you would do it. And it is still the early days -- work improper. Whether he is saying he's like you said he'd improved our lot in that aspect. Is they believe they wanna walk it is gonna take a walk and that the main thing about him you know it's -- to borrow it or. Being able to assaulting battled and name -- remembered Manny Ramirez only want. You know I'm. Booked all wait to anybody they want to walk me I don't take -- walk. So and I think that that pretty strong back and -- bad and I always -- that the game that. Because of the power he got a lot of time -- like little work around the plate and the -- and Bigelow. Bigelow will be just out of the rights opens it and swing and he got an honor to be more agent that most directly answer that better pages and did you wanna walk in. Take a walk. We're talking with Victor Rodriguez Red Sox finally hitting coordinator. A couple of other guys had absolutely spectacular years. They're kind of more noteworthy because of the power department played. The the the fact that they were impressive years extended beyond just home run totals. -- -- is obviously pretty close to the top of that list. At age nineteen. Have you ever seen anyone hold his -- like that. Against those kinds of advanced levels of competition at least -- you know what now eighteen years or so that you've been in the Red Sox system. -- had no no and they are basically it and and it. You know it -- eight hours we yearly get better. And they get started up in that nineteen year old you know he got a lot of rolled it and to get better then. You know it but more importantly what you've got to the next level. And pain and you're able to do put together their you know make a gap well in game -- -- the nation and what they're able -- hoping -- it. And they continued to do what he was the little bailout -- -- -- welcome Fred it's been able. Ali Campbell in a decade. And -- better -- as they overlay level. What kind of home run potential do you see in him. Oh my -- guide them but got it that we dug in a while I work. And we can't get them while they waited all out battle the -- G-8 demo the guy in that level of my grandma and aunt immutable. And we told -- -- bad guys that is. Or portrait younger than do what we -- -- about. You know silly string field and how many people get stronger so. You know late at night and you're -- police armored in cool and it leaked bureaucratic battle right now and again -- the only. In no -- he got a lot of a lot of -- well a group being bad and. He had really get on base numbers in Salem and then he basically never locked in those roughly you know about a month that he spent in Portland. Even though he was he was killing the ball I mean he had about an extra base hit it every damn per game roughly. What does that say about his approach in what he's doing very well as well as where he's struggling in his game. Well if I could give credit -- -- is still learning he's going to be learning they've. You know they've been eight days. They wait to ain't broke in the game. And they wait to Apple's Ben and HMO the -- and learning and that they need to control the strike -- better. -- any lead -- force base. At -- -- getting back in that they'd. In the moral or legal age I believe everything that a political -- about out of time -- If they keep a while -- -- -- overweight so he's he's already learning how to keep the ball what is basically told and -- -- -- -- -- unit -- And I think it will take time they'll pick -- bat. And good -- take it reached all hail on the spending that went evil Google saying is the most probable. And they -- being need to Bentley -- is learning. Gate. And able to space shall -- -- we went up and help establish and he put it altogether and that may -- why he was able to look through all the strike is all. It was able to won't scroll way he's going. Anyone able to get divorce base. -- totally level he went up there and hey you have to that's the way it being worked at -- eat or more -- -- a -- Sold it east are real good there. And I think that the issue being beaten all animals and a challenge game I need to get back and so -- -- only. They got the ball game and they or impeachment out of this Faisal men and and that's -- into it needs to get better little understanding that beaches are better. And they locate all the better and they hated being in these -- trickle told the strait song and -- a lot better than we have that a peaches. For a young kid like that and what is -- -- which level is going to represent the biggest of the biggest transitional challenge for him. I don't feel it is a playwright bad isn't it W -- their islands. You know old. It that's when you separate that they hitter -- when you get to global -- and then and then -- and you chill that you can compete at eye level then. And we know that we got -- special night saying hey look you know I am. And wait -- double -- we know we got hadn't played there you know -- that -- got it -- and the -- And we got fatal bait them all the bail lending them. Right brands to stroll about a little island day eventually. Made so much that women got better and -- and Bogart. Game. You know super delegate. You know put together -- than not I'm -- they would date with BC that it is that we indeed bring an upbeat throughout this I don't. It all at all it would need strong he made out back in and got the boot -- He's another interesting guy in the fact it has power works to all fields I know that it was it was kind of it was kind of brought down a little bit by Salem that huge park there. But once he got up to -- blaze started hitting home runs against -- right field which is the same thing that you guys saw from him. In Greeneville that something you're talking -- with friends his ability to drive the ball out to all fields that something that middle Brooks has talked about with his ability to drive the ball out to. To rate sent her into right. How how do you have this kind of grouping of guys who seemingly. You know who seemingly have that opposite field power is that something that you're trying to instill in the met that level where is it just something they come in west. They can't do with they'd maybe it created you know the that -- -- the ball out of the field. You know eight at stake so we did it at some special kids get stronger. And they eventually they'd they won't let him walk out of the field but some players that probably bit. And we started about three guys that and we did I think it just pay it. You looked up Alabama and make sure they understand that they don't need to. Don't we move the ball. It's clear that that the only thing they meal of the field and I -- both sides of the would be strained they have these little ball wolf Palin. And that is -- -- at the late. And don't try to do too much just in the bowl and -- back and and -- -- they'll fail and they definitely did eleven. I think it every so just parties seem to ball and it'll walk a bit still below the weight. They don't understand that eight pages needs -- you know being in the postseason does it support base. When the last question about Bogart's. A lot of people see him and because of how good the performance has been so early. The guy who they mention immediately is is -- Especially because you know both shortstop -- bigger short stops. Is that you have do you see any similarity between the -- UC Bogart's is being kind of a different model of player. I mean all of a little different you know just looking up well I think Ellie what more -- Let me. -- -- just saying out there and they had big elite I work they came later this guy. Eight actual I words from the beginning. You know from very young age. At the local level that he's eating or I ordered it I don't think Hillary -- that power until he got up to the regularly. So you know holes just look at all of I'd be -- more they. -- -- it -- -- create -- layered into all of that then -- and yet this same time you know a all the days we've built something -- like -- -- you'll see too much and pain. And they something special deal and we what special but you know just being a -- -- and look at all about something a little more base eventually. Just because of the numbers and illegal about it in the. -- -- yeah he seems like he's kind of a workaholic you aren't there's you know obviously that you know when Hanley was a teenager you know some teenagers -- are more mature than others but it seems like Bogart's. Is pretty pretty advanced for his years in that regard. Exactly exactly although they detailed more offshore and name. More into the game and it really -- -- and in and eat it look -- things the right way to go about it being that they in and day out. And lightweight easy diverting it to learn that I may we have the ability and my bowels. You know he's daily preparation. And the way he needs to robotic bitter but eat at all. You know hole albeit let them -- cares about his career and I wanted to do it. We're talking with Victor Rodriguez Red Sox minor league hitting coordinator about some of the top hitters in the Red Sox system. But down in Greenville you had a really interesting guy. In and -- Della crews who hit twenty homers stole twenty bases twenty year old that's lot of -- but Dutch. You know this was sort of a breakout season how did that happen for Della crews. Who hadn't been he would he had shown some promise and in previous stops but nothing like this year. Yeah 88 period that led their clothes that you execute that it was solely so -- some and they have. And I think may -- become its currency from everything that he -- aimed at these -- luck create. Their uncle's -- believe that they in preparation vertical see them. It was that way well probably their personal and I think this year he learned. In the end of April -- -- you've got a Beagle and a state with date with what works but searching and trying new things. -- into these eleven guys that wanna try to do convenes every day. And this year create transparent needed that job and Kyle Stanley -- -- making sure that these can't prepare. And then and then as they call -- then an agent would what it would be -- of the play that name. Not only fundamental side for both on -- at me and mechanic he mechanically right. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- To put the numbers that he did. He's been described as a very aggressive player is that is that something that you know it's going to be. And and it's going to be the real test for him as he gets to the upper levels. All of you graduate to that resume integrate destroying both days it all digital players AA acting -- bad. And now are being dead -- and and remind them that it happens so they have to be able to bring it to peaches. They'll get better eat. It whether aggressive brought the same time I -- him. -- -- beaches where Carol -- they don't walk when they were giving it to him. Game and the eight were able to sloping down a lot although -- -- in the past. But -- to put the number that need to be. Easy out to be -- -- bicycle seat belt with some demon. Is there -- other things that you need to get better. You know but although it all it did a great job -- Speaking with the program that you would approach is taken with eight we didn't seem to -- -- April spring training we'll wait till the end of this season. His numbers were very similar guys two shows that Josh Redick put up when he was in Greeneville. Offensively. Do you see any similarities between those 'cause in terms of approach are in terms of in in terms of what they are as as hitters. Well educated. A critic -- that -- where he's a hitter in good hand eye coordination these sort of every human being like eight. Saying they contact within the game. -- it I've seen it all apologies should create a carried a -- nearly all partly then then then ready at that time. A acting re reading what are -- guys that. And it took advantage of based state seat at that level of that they just make mistake and need it to get bands of that he had been a close. Eight. Look like it will all our moral that control into aspect Australia that better -- And all ran as being and he worked Bernard is being middle of the field. Now I'm ready ready name. You know we just have mentally got better as the year went on a higher level he understood that. That he needed to to to be more -- to clean up the late collapses. And that apple got it better and better idea that. And we've been talking mostly about guys who had big power years this year on the other side of the coin. -- the hard way had been the most consistent power hitter in the system over the last three years -- infected 32 homers in 2011. This year he's in the single digits I'm do you have any thoughts on on his here -- you know where you've seen progress is ahead -- Where -- -- struggle as a hitter this year. I've but AS when I -- -- they pretend that arm and still control the strike -- a lot. Age you know eight. I think we just knew who we were out there and impeaching top. You know they were -- -- -- -- him acting -- you were trying. Is to hit the ball out of the field and throughout being proposed at the great. And it went to try to -- eight to get it done what we do truck. And you -- and that -- happen is that chances to grab more there it is better I think that's what they want more than any being able. Miserable in my Obama -- -- by the sees a real hot hitting it all works and I believe he was trying to -- -- would go guys. And then got out of these apple app hangs you know even the -- they average was good then name. And and you goalies and eight batting heaven wasn't that bad eight able to -- part of the game that AEG the issue I think he was trying. 828 ball out of the -- they have little posting -- at the plate. That I allowed in to dried -- -- elected in the past. In order to focus in order to advance himself defensively and I think everyone gives them you know agreed to of credit and rightly so for the work he's put in on that have the ball. He did slimmed down a -- that he did you know he did make a point of increasing flexibility. In just kind of decreasing -- and you know -- muscle mass a little bit. And also he did have the demands of being an everyday catcher for really the first time in his career. Did you see the same bat speed from him did you see the same raw power from him this year that you didn't pastures. Yeah yeah I saw it a lot sort of batting practice isolate aid Abe tumble although it. That that do not let this feel like in the past when I said he had a lot of things like the eight. You know eight he was only more. And you know they'd like -- they love a lot of weight so actually set policy issue that you really aid. And just suffered a lot they have -- -- -- -- in India and empowered because of this tunnel work. That you put a hit every date due to be behind the plate. But it you know I think he's still that in your seat up there. -- get back obstructing that -- you know examples of the plate and aid guide that. That decade and and and keep the ball out of date is wolf real. Aid -- that meal of the throughout pros say he used to do in the path and name are kind I don't see it but. All the rights being allowed in and out and gore know with him that he's the -- Out into have a days successful career he sees this you're still ahead and. Talking with Victor Rodriguez Red Sox minor league hitting coordinator. Up one guy who was who was not a power hitter this year but who had to my mind -- that stretches there were unbelievable. I was Jackie Bradley junior. How would you characterize what he was able to do in his first full pro season in what his approach was like. Then -- give it is based journalists bishop can't you know he works. He was created. Based upon that moment that I saw him and structurally is name. And Hulu in lol and -- up -- said the late. And got -- and allowed him to get disabled and the way did you know eight -- is number. -- -- this number empower wasn't there but. They weight control this strike is all meant that we eat he would abolish business you can tell that he was the apple says a bit higher level because. He won't say he's able to sloping now and I and I -- put together good at bat. You know way into Salem were impressive. -- -- He wore in that notebook PC unit -- it also bit and he called from the site called teed the ball -- series. AA it. You know better step -- part of the player that I allowed in to go to Dublin bubble lady. He's started in Belgrade. Saying that he wasn't playing in Salem and they're talking that always that's first of personal here. And -- -- it bingo they're tired and then saying. Probably little city is built structure and -- of the blade and tried to do more. But these acute bed a table to sloping down and putting an open -- policy issue to continue to put together good at -- Have you ever seen anyone in and it it with that level of professional experience was so comfortable hitting with two strikes. Well basically got -- have -- apparently do not equal -- it's all right on the whole. Four I experiment they look -- like he would. Strong well I know that currently seen -- stroll. You know we they would be somewhat bad but. He was able to if you had eight days and that batting which he. Heating up there -- that he wanted him except that it would be open to do procedure sloping now. I got back up eight. You know put into -- that bats against so. Get a teacher they -- bailout eagle about a bit as -- light -- -- -- -- -- lab we have been Gary's agent. -- well you know they -- hopefully that is. You know he's swinging also approach any -- Just does his offensive approach remind you of anyone you know does it he does it say you know is is he the kind of you know high on base percentage may be a 38400. OBP guy. You know but it without you know who have who's more of a gap to gap type of guy or how would you describe what his offensive demons. I know that you think I've got stronger base is it that guy that got a little bit -- almost nobody is gonna score -- and then it. Any good speeches lately that you ability the real agents made a don't know what -- gonna get out of here -- they'd be just. And it eagle eagle eagle putt at eight -- no mercy way you know he might put the power numbers. Hey he's got up and go out extra base hit it got a good way to -- until it -- or someone you know and name. It is going to be a special player -- -- every year. Another guy and you had a ton of really impressive performance is moving from Salem to Portland this year I think especially. That was Travis Shaw who didn't really have the prospect profile of the some of these other guys entering the year. But had to put together a really good year especially at Salem and then. You know once he got up to Portland. He struggled to get on base but he was still he was still hitting the ball hard brother he struggled to hit for average so got on base -- was hitting the ball for extra bases. The Sox no longer have a long term first baseman do you see a guy like Trevor shot having the -- to be an everyday big league first baseman. All of these guys believe age he's a good guy with a good part of the plate decade. You know from the beginning from the moment he came in Maine in the -- last year -- shorted he was a built a global insight on either Gupta got the hitter but. I think -- he learned. Aid. The delegate. If he's ever heard and accountability because literally and then a web able to -- the ball out of the field this little guy that -- person and man. And next at bat as Google giving them better you know lead immediately they weren't enter a comment about he had -- people power. But this guy eventually. Eight start that he's soaring. And that won't middle name he worked he worked so lenient -- the right way and react in the right where he was if you walk out of the field. But the approach that anybody's call out into -- let's -- big gap to gap hitter. Agricultural this right so mentoring -- beaches you know -- And -- -- he -- this morning is -- reverend is Smart and -- -- tabloid business to -- late date and they out. The last player who last you about and there are I could ask you about a number of them because you're your system really has. I do think a number of potential you know everyday players in the big leagues. You know and at several levels but -- though the last guy Lester out about it about his kind of been. More of an immediate question which is Jose Iglesias he struggled that's -- getting to the big leagues on this call up. That voted AAA season which get a couple months in May and August there were as good as anything he's done in his minor league career but he also had a couple in April and July that were. Where his numbers were amongst his worst of any -- of any mentally Monty had. How do you see him as a as a hitter right now as compared to 2011. And how far do you see him being from big league ready. Well articulated very narrow its you know it's a kid that they that -- you sit. -- left open now and I saw our name in the last couple Bartlett told him I thought he was the better I'd seen Indian guy a decade. How competent. At the plate a short bed and approach of the plate. And gave. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Incapacitated. -- out -- -- is they'll be trying to beat somebody that is not. Trying to ignite it from people that -- will be in itself. This year they it it -- -- will be named itself and I -- played a game that is capable. And hand. And I need to get to the game I facilities community it morals. It's all really they are I don't we have nothing to show. It -- broke a lot better he was able to doodle to sloping ground is so appreciate you do need some people that were when they gave it to him. Eight were able to bribe the more people more extra base it. It is clear Israel is still young and and I think days here are out of the built -- a its present -- that of the bat. You know it food to 2 PM immediately levels so. You know racial signed but still legal system in some aspect being scored eight. Being able to -- and been able to withdraw itself. At being able to boarding opening the policies simply divorced base instead of just that it slow enough villages Sunday. I'll finish with a general question. You've either as a as a suggesting you've been in the Red Sox farm system for human growth Troy Miller the two guys have been in the Red Sox system the longest at this point. -- have you seen that he how would you how would you assess overall this group of hitting prospects. That's currently coming through the system. You know in -- -- in comparison. With past groups of of hitting prospects because. You know again it seems to me like there's -- there's an impressive depth at number of levels but. But you're kind of closer to it. LL. The alleged assailant then hit it in here so I can't appreciate it in my little group and -- is that we have right now. It seemed like every year they have been scouting. -- competed to do a good job to bring a good group. The raiders would go to pros of the brain that allowed in Latin. So you know -- -- very happy and then you you have to be happy when you have it. A group operators like we do right now and and now we know that every tablet blob there. At the world with them. Which at that age you know it was Alabama -- -- -- predicted big important open it open debate elite team because of you know apple said they haven't -- -- they are so very excited and an imminent and amber create. You know. Very very excited and happy detonated the players that we have right now and they and they -- they've got other business -- -- did they wait days. The eight play that game and they way -- having success when knocked. But -- that you put a lot of work directly with those players swells with the other hitting coaches that there at the individual levels. In order to help you know in order to help these guys make the progress that they are so. -- I appreciate your time and the fact you're willing to take some time two to break some of these guys down for us. My total created you know. I just said hey you got the Braves and you've gotten cold jet being we have big blue the normal coaches that dated back then that. Like support that I am an airport and and man and care for the players then. And -- they have done a good job they did development is it course. Victor great talking to you thanks as always look forward to being touched down the road. All it take -- much.

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