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Wes Welker, Patriots WR, On week 2 loss to Arizona

Sep 17, 2012|

Wes Welker, Patriots WR, joins Mut, Lou, and guest host Troy Brown to share his thoughts on not starting, how fresh he’s feeling coming off this preseason, practice performance leading up to game 2, and taking advantage of the opportunities that are given to him.

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Wes Welker Wes Welker patriots wide receiver is brought to you vice haired doctor doctor Robert Leonard call 1800. Get hair that's 1800 get here. As a put a damper on the team record yesterday -- reception record when you don't win that game west. You know only time we don't win the game. You know it's definitely everything's kind of put on the back burner so. You know it is. You know Moses was supposed -- you know gray davis'. -- five you know law so this is -- goes. -- still pissed that by the way even though his business new red jacket he's still not happy. Yeah I know I know and it gets under routes through a table of -- At -- but yeah as. It tells me because. You this. Man like to. Witness him. You know -- did -- by my nose -- before the game started out just in the right. I'm man you know not toward brown you know I used -- he's the best you know so it's it's you know. You always it's. The same time -- that I'm sitting in the game only because. When Stanley Morgan. We lost a game to vehicles a -- the past ago enlist them in the game. It is a problem beat him gaming anyway you know as -- did I mean and it -- and in the locker at the games. As one of those type views and over again well four things. There is is not is not the same feeling as when you win the game. It's funny. Those are expecting questions about you know you in Britain the record and stuff like that but it. Nothing was about the and you know all I -- just. But everything else could -- yes what -- are now area is as we talked last week and I sort of this is one week you know snap -- less well it's no big deal it's game plan week to week when it opens people's eyes. It when you're start of an effect Detroit has built please -- start and play -- -- That. Are you surprised. When you find out stuff. Mom. I mean are really are are really went positive even leaned up to you know. The first series so. You know I'd. I was juice of one served well you have been so I just got there and and whenever my number's called I'm a gun play is it. Given though for you Rio we just think Wes Welker starts today I mean 600 point two catches this guy starts when it's not that's. That's why I think opens people's eyes. Yeah I mean I guess I mean how are now demands. It is what it is and I -- you know coaches coach players play and and you know -- can do. You mentioned you know it's opened up first snapped I'm curious in the in the week going up and in the game plan to bill for Arizona any clues that early on it was going to be Julian out there on the field and and not. -- -- -- -- -- -- I mean a little bit but you know you just continued to describe to -- in -- for the weekend. And prepares us you know you're going to be going in and I did you know and a plane quite a bit in the game. So -- hourly -- -- for -- and these casting the government trying to explain to promote you guys aren't playing the exact same position on the obviously Julian as announced that. That would Dan's right but the problem you know with them. Well yeah I mean we knew we got a lot of great players and you know with our tight ends. And you know running the football and you know. Com. You know our offense is a little bit different and a little bit. We'll -- more balance and different things like that. You know I guess -- really wasn't yesterday but you know for most part it is and and you know -- You know I'm a slot receiver for the most part I feel like -- play outside and do some different things they're good. You know I just I go out there and and two when a massive -- and analysts can open kitchen bowl and in -- make plays and you know like up those opportunities yesterday deterrent to prevent them. There's a lot of people of this -- as it happens people just obviously start speculating right now like dial. Talks in the offseason contract talks maybe is an injury there simply much in the pre season. We have foot joking during the week that we didn't hear -- I don't know but it was nothing. Like that this note on health or anything on it. -- off to a great through great. You know from Summers ago -- and I know and we see we've seen. -- seeing you know gronkowski over the middle a lot you know -- -- make some of the kids is that you did make him the president though it went out as planned here. That Tom liked his big gas 'cause he can see them. You know over the middle and those kinds of things that can sometimes to your movement. And and those guys today I did notice in the washing worry inserted into the game was Jimenez went down it was a little bit of spark this. Running pitch down the middle of the field before -- time. And you made a few things have been there for his football team and Kansas. You know what does Jupiter by this kind of fizzled out there in the second half to -- -- -- -- -- had a hard time. Getting started there in the second and you get a minute to minute. To give the test on the book what what can happen. At halftime and I know wasn't really a -- have time speeches against -- but on the he's just getting it's getting along with him and isn't and. Down. That network. Well I think we've filled you know there have been no huddle and like the two minute we did their towards towards the end of the half. You know we're we're. Somewhat successful on that in. And move the ball and and did some things so. You know during that time we knew we had to make some adjustments with and going around in and doing all those and everything and that kind of happened the first. -- make adjustments and and change. Chains or you know or our personnel and and everything else too. Kind of fit into you know the game plan we have so that we can you know game plan almost unchanged at that point. Tom talked about this morning the inconsistencies -- in the offense. And how did they could never yes never get a rhythm. After the game you crawled. Airing ten. Logan -- all said that you saw something in practice that there was a practice at some point in the week that you sort of led you to believe -- you talked about that oh. There might be something that we're not prepared for but practice led to this what day was that how does that manufacturer itself where you know one a practice -- we're not. On that the page we need to be for the game console but wasn't. -- looking at the it's affluent that they're -- that. You know I think this all through the week do shoes you know not. Now being on -- -- to me you know lawyers and and different things like that in and I think Fridays are specially today where. You know mentally you've got to be really sharp you know maybe you know few minutes and you miss like the -- the remiss in all. Some different things like that good as far as assignments and techniques and -- and all those things right. You know it's a big day to mixture on possible. He stuck to vote changed that plan once -- went down nets. We're talking about before iron in isn't growth throughout -- for every play against Tennessee writes you know their big focal point this office but. Even with -- and is going out there still so many weapons on this team you would think it's just move forward. You know how much does that change in a plane got work all week long he goes out now since completely different difficult this -- We you know -- I think she's using key player you know menus ease -- you know matchup nightmare for a lot of defenses. As far as how they how they won't play do want to big people in there and and you know let him run routes or her do want a smaller people in there and you know let -- -- the ball in and are bigger so so I mean it's. You know it's a dilemma for the defense to figure out how they wanna play dead and and you know so it is you know it changes for us you know as far as you know going into the week what we're gonna do him. And you know how we're gonna play. You know a guy like that in and get him already visited it changes things whenever. He goes down. Wes Welker joining us here at studio weird pre season because you played three games in nine days she missed one of those and not a lot of -- I'm curious. Data put your team in the best spot to be prepared because offensively there were some plays there were there maybe and Tom talked about it today the amidst. Do you feel like you got enough reps enough repetitions in the pre season to be where you want to be and we Tim. I mean obviously you wanna have more reps and especially game situations against different teams and things like that but. You know I've I've been in situations where you know I haven't played a lot in the pre season before and and bill to come out there and and do just fine so. You know -- You know kind of but I didn't pick up some consider Brazil. Think that the courses -- news is. Okay yeah yeah I know the game situation. Pre season game and most of him anyway. But. Baruch -- the fact that. The fact that it just the way the ability to set up now with a limited amount practices where you just candidate Sam is not in the practices. And on the time that Tom is -- -- dead as explicit new guys he needs to get familiar with. Is just not -- just getting -- the risks in in the time and down -- you need is between three practices I believe before the first game regular season game. Used to be 2420. Some of them before the first. Precision. And now I mean you think that's a factor in the whole noses and it wasn't just you go resolute. Like you weren't on the same page it was a come across the league I mean it was it wasn't -- the ball has been as we. Yeah I mean you know old I think. In all different things happen in you know -- you know I had a death in the family in you know missed a week of practice and you know you do you this week it's likeness and you know two weeks back in the day. Harrison Beck that day you know couple -- ago. You know it's a little bit so the difference or you gotta make sure that. You know you're on top of everything in and you know stand up to the the challenge and you know the so you know -- in this in that time and stuff I mean that it hurts I I agree with you especially now that you know you don't. You don't do it is minarets. I like him better. Are aerials. You know it's like. -- you know grind of -- with this thing is not a bit is not about getting getting hit. With the practice time's just about the -- until you legs -- and it was cutting and -- you know but there's going to take improbably found found out in the somewhere where they can be honest this thing out because. And inequality of phobos is. At this -- -- -- is not where it used to be me saw a lot of big returns in the kicking in the -- game -- system but as far as. Teams like the New England Patriots there they were already weakened. With the passing game -- know by the stand right yet and it's like I'm having big remedial citizen means. I mean -- can get better when you don't practice who doesn't it you know who doesn't hidden around I mean nobody. -- -- uses. Things are better when you practice you know -- Miles in the fourth grade you know and -- -- to -- to England to close to the same thing. Still struggle. -- The -- will not come in this year you know with you back in -- brought back in Brandon Lloyd the new guy but he still knows the system that it would click that it would. Come back a lot quicker you know you guys would click on all cylinders and we want to still look the great week one in the did you feel like there was still that it just with the -- camp every year. We guys always -- page. I feel like were ruse on the same page. You know languages we got to do better job of just tracks and everything in and make sure on top of at all and you know it it is still takes time no matter you know how many weapons you have for anything else you know everything's going to be. You know clicked in and and -- by just got to work together to it to get there. Get -- on this she got the Baltimore Ravens on Sunday nights a huge game the FC Ray Lewis their linebacker came on after their loss yesterday -- and said. It's time to get the full time officials back -- I'm not looking to put you on the spot and say. Every play you -- but you've seen two weeks replacement officials have you noticed a difference in the way they called games which is a receiver we see pass interference that. You're usually is called and it's not always seen guys barely get touch and it's called what are you seeing from these guys these first couple weeks. You know when I haven't really paid attention to it very much. You know. I feel like you held your weather's Clijsters this series so you know it's -- you know and an escalated scrimmage you know the same end and in odd ideas trying to monster dome on Meehan and what I have to do about their so. You know I try to your comment and all that. One more thing for me is that every week you are used to seeing. You lead this team Rio and in targets and especially nasty talk all the new talent you have and he got a ton -- new weapons on this team and different roles with the tight ends but is it hard as a competitor maybe not being that focal point that if you have been in the past with this office. Mean and not really I mean in any you know we we we you know -- team in some good players and its you know its. It's good to have you know. You know -- -- I don't mean to make a 120 catches you know it's serious it's it's not where we wanna be as an offense and you know we re just guys that are there really stepped up and and it's good to have you know those those guys out there -- complete source. -- put the voodoo doll away -- -- Adults I have to I have to tell. Us that is the -- where -- -- list practices now -- -- -- as planned -- You just might -- Miami Heat between the use. And shoot. -- it anywhere close to you. Be a happy man. Nine -- he feels that the football you play twenty deeply torn between the -- -- -- Exactly dissident. There is a new patriot leader all time receptions Wes Welker joining us -- appreciate the time thanks all right thank you saw appreciated Troy thanks and and time -- dollars in attack no doubt. About every Monday. Afternoon and I gotta put without them our best girl breaking negotiate -- -- let's -- I -- -- Sports Radio WEP.

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