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Michael Lombardi: Don’t underestimate the Cardinals defense

Sep 14, 2012|

The NFL Network’s Michael Lombardi joined the boys to go around the NFL. He talks about how the Patriots could lose to the Cardinals, what’s the difference between Kevin Kolb and John Skelton, which possible playoff team is already behind the 8 ball, and if he’s even seen a QB push around one of his linemen like Jay Cutler did.

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It is a patriot Friday with Dennis and Callahan and one of the staples of our Friday conversation. The appearance of Michael Marty from the animal at work a conversation with Mike is sponsored by town fair tire. And by HSA insurance Mike joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. Good morning mr. Lombardi how are you are doing great thank you Mario we're doing very well. I know you watch football longtime -- you know more than all of this year combined. Have you ever seen a quarterback -- offensive tackle on the silent bump him because he didn't protect them. Yeah you know it I was like you would you wonder why I can protected at the linemen that even back up and and then go after him you know usually those guys to -- the end and -- to deal with. You know if he just took it he took it like like he should have taken so. You know -- that's been the problem apparently for the bears an -- -- Lovie Smith said that he is is the best search team he's ever had going in the Lambeau Field. I will be watching tape that was offensive line play I mean that's been the concern bad offensive line never travel well. And that that's got to be concerned for Chicago it will be a concern for the Arizona Cardinals as we -- the committed when. I know the offensive line has a lot to do -- very much to do with the play the quarterback but doesn't the legend of Jay Cutler girl last night he runs his mouth pregame. He gets sacked seven times intercepted four times that he shows is offensive -- what's the book on Jay Cutler around the league Mike. I think if you could frustrate him a little bit I think early in the game and they try to get them off to a good start they called the bootleg they called the cross directly to shut down the field -- Matt Forte didn't pick up a blitzer. And the game started they were always in negative first and out possession -- what we called our starters they were battled drug starters. And I think that ultimately he gets. The more he gets frustrated the more he gets down the worst he'll start to -- it's not one of those guys they'll fight through the adversity and sometimes it happens a lot of quarterbacks. And clearly I mean I think that the hardest thing to do is that I earlier in the bears have a misconception about how good they can be offensively it's wanting to beat the Indianapolis Colts. Other legal -- the Packers to win the Lambeau Field. Do you look at that embarrasses. Perennial all under achievers do you look at them as contenders can they win that division. I don't see how they can win the division look you know I think it's admirable that Brian -- try to play -- The reality of it is is is when your middle linebackers all of your defense your defense. Well and the bed at Packers really they exploit them at certain points of the game but nobody's gonna get away with playing them with a slow middle linebacker especially when you play against teams. They can be multiple and out of their basic formations and I think Urlacher. You know he's trying to play but he can't run if you can't run you really can't play. And and I think it's really hurting the team more than actually helping the team now bear fans -- actually become. You know I should hang in -- public square for saying that but the reality of it is as he can't. Moved. In my -- team last week. Raise their profile or raise your appreciation of them from where you thought it was to where it is after I understand small sample one game. Would be Baltimore would be the jets -- -- to be some other team but I don't for the niners and -- About the go niners that I think the niners you know look they've had seven looked at last year they had seven weeks to adopt our ball personality. And now they've had a year and a half to adopt it for and they don't have adopt them in the team looks like. You know the really the team looks like they've been on on the most incredible training program possible. You know they they are unbelievably well well shaped me I'll try to do the same thing there was. With a with a couple women up from from Boston Connecticut fuel but I mean. I've got to do a I mean this team looks like they're amazing at how they're handling it and and their physical they just beat up -- damaged. Jarrett Bush talked about how he. You know the game wasn't close. We will watch in the same game I mean he is the Packers did lose that game green I mean San Francisco beat him up pretty bad right. And wrap up all the most impressive but I think New England was impressive as well just in the style on the matter and and that and the kind of methodical nature of the way they play the game. I tell us how New England could lose this game. At home against Arizona against Kevin -- is well anyway. Other at the minute if you turn the ball over you played sloppy the one thing that -- people who don't play hard for sixty minutes they played to the whistle and the defense now don't underestimate the defense. They've got pro bullet on every single level this defense from Darnell Dockett. Police Campbell outstanding defense of one of their different they they play Pittsburgh style of defense but the bill that was the Pittsburg bill. They basically are built strong down the middle so Campbell docket is very good Washington an outstanding inside linebacker and then -- -- -- You know -- roses in the dominant player but Adrian Wilson as a unique player in the sense that he is toward Alamo he's a great -- He complain on the first and second level and the physical force and they can turn the ball over with this defense if you throw it up to Patrick Peterson. And he makes a play on the ball it could be a touchdown the other way so the patriots have to be able to do -- handle pushed up not turn the ball over and force the team and Kevin come out and force Kevin -- to realize -- -- starting quarterback in the NFL and once they hit him early in the game CL reacts. Speaking of being hit last week the Arizona defense just -- the crap out of Russell Wilson's seven times and locked him down three sacks. The blitz all the time is this going to be a and upgraded test the New England Patriots offensive line on Sunday. I think it will be these two guys inside docket and even dabbling comes when they play and their base defense Tim Williams to note start from number nine duty he. Still powerful player but docket in Campbell a really good players that quickness to make a play with power any common defensive lineman can transition. Equipment in the power that becomes the biggest obstacles some guys have put that you know how to handle that some guys just kept power. You know how to handle apple and equipment sent power. That becomes a true challenge they've got to be strong down the middle there -- start that there edges aren't that great Sam motel. Okay not not a great player he's somebody who would not great size he can have O'Brien Schofield really not going to be a challenge so. You gotta be able to be strong and protecting keep the paint what we call the paint the middle feel for the quarterback clean. What's the difference between Skelton and -- All Skelton and cut outfitted. It's a little bit more methodical -- he control it still stay in their I would say global cup this is better Cobb gets rattled quickly -- has the the throw the ball over the men and with -- we did a marvelous job of of selling Kevin -- to the National Football League he ran all these what we call cut the defense played which means part play action. Where the defense separates for Kevin Kolb can read hi lo OK that linebacker strolled in I control the ball on the outside. And followed play action pass or thinks he reversed and then he throws -- -- of purity forced in the probable certain locations that Kevin -- had to stand back there and read the coverage. And make a decision based on that with somebody coming in his -- He's not gonna do it very effectively they're gonna have to force him. And he wants to move out of the pocket he definitely wants to get out of there because she doesn't want to get hit I think they've got to hit them early in the game. Would you be shocked Mike if RG three went twelve for 27 with broad touchdowns and three picks. -- -- I would be because if you really break down the reds game at a -- trees a marvelous player that he's done great but I think there was somebody bubble screen that was the -- offense the pistol offense I mean it you know what you -- when controlled bubble screen. At some point does that really count to pass through that really just the behind the line run. And I they get behind the line run if you can't complete a bubble screen would be doing in the NFL. You know I mean you can go to any high school game tonight and watch bubble screens go war. And kids are competing completing and so it's not really -- great achievement and I think that's why the percentage of completion. It's really -- that detailed look at the throw out the window right now because. A lot of quarterbacks can be 65% in terms of the completion but can they get the ball down the field I think that's the next step for RG three. Defense is they're gonna take away the bubble screens -- forced him to throw the ball can he do I think he will but I think it's unbelievable there's going to be some growing pains. They might which team who has deep into the playoff aspirations and lost in week one finds himself behind the eight ball enough to go 02. I think the giants are the top spot it's offensive and defensive -- haven't played very well this summer the other defense on their lack of depth especially at tackle I think he saw that in the in the cowboy game the other night. When -- when the cowboys were fired up the giant defensive front all the sudden the game was over because they don't have the secondary to cover. But more importantly -- giants' offensive line. Especially what it would left tackle in the restored change Sean Locklear at left tackle that's not the that they thought they would duke. Most of these alignment where the sixth and seventh linemen last year on the team Kevin blue -- starts. He was the backup relief actually even though we played the Super Bowl let's take their offensive line not playing to level that they certainly expect that they want it bad in the -- I think clearly that has to get improvement right now there's not that five there I'd agree they would you watch Green -- -- the Green Bay is the classic example. Of why you almost have to change your redefine your identity every season in the NFL because people have a read on them just -- about it last year they only 155 times. Already this season that part of eleven time they're averaging five -- have punting game lecture they averages slightly more than three last year they only scored. Less than 25 point one time in the game they lost the -- scored less than twenty by the bowl games this year people get a read on it becomes more difficult to handle. Plus ago at the run the table to be one and fifteen again after an opening night loss to. Well -- I'll see how they do that people thought -- Cedric Benson backward to -- with -- more I watched that game much like the more I realize they need to run him back because. Separate beds that and it's -- BenJarvus green Ellis looked for the -- there was somebody runs especially the war against the opening play against the New York Giants -- your recent board. That's the Itron but it should have been a bit of a nineteen yard gain it should have been about 49 department. I think ultimately when you watch center spent the last night the same thing. It seems like offensive line is a theme -- conversation today is the Indianapolis Colts offensive line gonna get Andrew Luck killed before gets the like we. Five or six. I'm worried about it I think it's clearly a problem I think when you know look when you take over a team that's bad. Typically it's not that hard to figure out why their bed about an opportunity -- like if you can't control the game. In that sense you're never going to be able to win on the road winning on the road it's how you mark your team winning on the road it's how you judge your talent level. And if you can't control the line of scrimmage on the road you're not going to be able to be an effective team and that's where the bears. Last night showed up -- the bearish camp blocked the Packers in Lambeau so what they think you're gonna go to ball. As you and you've been around a -- you've been inside these organizations have ever seen you ever remember a guy on one of the teams that you've been -- Playing an offensive line in my -- planet full season. With a torn ACL. Never had I can't imagine the top of the Logan Mankins I don't know how he did it I really don't then you know there were times last year. And that is where you have to be careful to evaluate when you're watching a player -- she knows a good player he's not playing well there were times Logan Mankins didn't play to the level that you thought you should have played that he didn't know that yet the injury. And failures so that they can slip that is not playing as well what's going on here in I think it's on the I think it's unbelievable. Play with that kind of pain and that kind of adversity in terms of being able to move lateral chaotic it was really unbelievable. Unbelievable achievement. As you know like we can't do an interview or conversation without mentioning the -- viable mention that name of -- -- double teams here of the two teams Pittsburgh and New York which one's perception will change from what we saw in week one the Steelers who lost the jets who won impressively. Look I think the Steelers after they know they have to bounce -- they know they have to play better in the Soviet tougher challenge for mark it just last week he got a high -- game he got buffalo playing a lot of cover one he got buffalo playing a lot of easy coverages to read. He threw the ball up I'm not sure what buffalo was trying to accomplish on defense which ultimately they accomplished nothing because they did was stopped anything so. That'll be a challenge. You know -- Green as -- -- buffalo played early to get top hundred yards -- -- he's he's just with a three yard rubber you're gonna find in the league and that's about all it's gonna get. I think the -- that challenges awaiting them and it what was concerning when you watch the tape in Japan silly you know party just what the patriots well but the reality to be objective. And there never objective and I think when you watched that tape. The bills had a chance to make some plays and they did in the running game particularly just Ryan Fitzpatrick performance really not very good and I think that affected. This will be a tough game for the -- that the game that the jets have to go in there. And Mark Sanchez -- the play really good in terms of not turning the ball over for the bid for the jets to win he's got to play less that he played last week in terms of yards. But he can't but he can't turn the ball over. Informative conversation -- Mike -- you're the best Bible -- -- into a week now all right our conversation with Mike is sponsored by town fair tire and -- HSA insurance -- -- fond of NFL -- -- -- any game any person and a player he lives it man even -- breeds it. Are quick to not meet a pro sports slashes next and they come. Your phone calls.

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