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John Henry, Red Sox owner, denies report of trying to sell the team

Sep 13, 2012|

Red Sox owner John Henry joins Mut and Merloni and vehemently denies the report that he is looking to try and sell the Red Sox. He also touches on Bobby Valentine and the blockbuster trade with the Dodgers. Finally, the owner tells the guys that Sox president/CEO Larry Lucchino will return next season and has already signed an extension.

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Port is completely without foundation. And regarding unnamed sources. Any sale discussion that may have taken place are missing three key people. Larry Lucchino Tom Warner and John Henry the Sox and any other feature components of -- Fenway sports group. Are not for sale double -- before the receivable future that's pretty much opposite of what you wrote today at Fox Business. Step up and I can't -- -- emerges. They have you know. I. At the -- covered Wall Street a law that would be a very early stage discussions. I believe they all -- some degree plausible I ability. Pot but there's no doubt that he sort of discussions. People are talking about it internally there's no doubt and doubt. -- -- I can't I get no extra money electric checked. Making up the story about her. I was Charlie Gasparino. A Fox Business joining us here much load on a 37 WEEI he's got the story hello plausible deny ability the weight of the world does. Are you shopping -- John Rondo coal. Poll taken calls on -- make calls on rather just a part of it. Is this world beautiful thing I'm not making this stuff up I don't care how they deny Gasparino seven -- a couple of minutes ago. Interest in terms of where this thing is going to go in and how people are going to. I'll respond to 6177790850. -- 388. 5250850. Verizon cellphone pound WEEI it's a free call can text us. On the AT&T text line at 85850. -- it's August and I Kevin. What's up -- interesting. -- -- I don't know why they let you look into -- move the team now the poster a year from now. Recount capital gains taxes will this team is it is exactly 15%. If they don't make some adjustments to the bush tax cut expire. Extolling -- -- 23%. That it. He one million dollar difference based on the one point three billion dollar value. And I think that's significant reason that -- -- At least doing record diligent in looking acting -- we make up fifty million backed. Here. Yeah well listen I mean you know we're we're talking about the sale of a huge company -- -- is lot more factors other than. A sellout streak and just you know reducing your payroll I'm sure there are a lot of different things in in play here you know. Again and. -- wanna get as much money and they can't report I'm sure that's something that they're looking out and is set to expire. You know let them. Return the money. -- all these things are going to be up in the year and what Charlie said businesses. Very early stages. Of the conversation. You know -- -- not a sports guy he admitted back coming in clearly got some sources that. Are tied the sports world of the Tiger Woods coming into it Randy Levine. I mean it to say at the waste that it -- and he's a friend it's only a lot to speculate that Randy Levine is at the said it is not going to be -- the Red Sox being forced sale. The bigger part again of the story to me is not that they are for sale with the Charlie Gasparino what have you believe that it's financially. They are strapped because the Liverpool. And John Henry's company. That would scary as the Red Sox fan I group will want -- percent. Why wouldn't they be looking around the guys at its peak and somebody wants to many are paid double what you paid for this market. You beast played. Not to look at it. On the other hand if financially you're gonna hold onto this thing because you wanna keep the team bought. You being stressed by Liverpool or other options that's where I get concerned is if you're gonna wait that you yeah you know -- By Liverpool 476 million in 2010. Years it if it comes to that in just look at the financial -- You start looking at potential. Known as a chance at W money in ten years of Boston right -- If that opportunity probably not there for Liverpool in the last couple years and what you pay for and everything else if it's even come that. It'll be interesting is a great night last night at Fenway how these things. Percolate the next couple of days because obviously the Red Sox have responded here. They are looking Norris -- this morning with DNC before the report came out. Nigeria -- at the end of the interview. -- when this thing was gonna go principal owner John Henry. Respond with a statement today in fact joining us on the eighteenth the -- Red Sox principal owner John Henry John -- little Dario. -- I am well John obviously young mr. Henry YouTube. Probably heard the interview with Charlie Gasparino -- and a report from Fox Business you respond by email but I'm just curious if you heard the interview and your response to what he -- Well I guess. What response Sam is that sometimes. Journalists have sources. Just. Completely off base don't know what you're talking about -- I guess that's what I would have to say having having the wherever he's talking Wednesday certainly. Especially when when he mentions that there's. There's been talk with a buyer and so forth it's just so. I don't know how far apart from or or out of -- Horizon of things that have been going on here. As were a number of things for instance discussion we. All the time spent only tool that we. That we spent their time it federally. It's -- people. Will just just not true. The other part that he mentioned here John was that he said knows for a fact is sources tell him that internally. Our conversations going on at yawkey way about selling this team which you dispute that as well. Absolutely it is just there has. In my statement I said -- there been any discussions they certainly haven't include included Tom Moore corollary or. So I don't -- discussing certainly not minority partners because we've had. We've had changes in ownership rule among minority partners. Even this year. It as as you probably an -- times -- a significant owner of one point. They -- something like 1718%. And now they -- here that that is. That's been going on. Others since have changed their ownership interest but there's certainly been no discussion we have quarterly partner -- there have been no discussion. Among partners even an executive session. About. Sales of any -- I don't think there's anyway. In the partnership whose interest in selling immediately aspects of Fenway sports group. -- area we're talking about why I asked him you know how common is this in big business is different to me between gauging your value and actually wanting to sell me. Do you gauge the value of this organization without the intent of selling is that something common practice. Nobody you at least ganguly C forms. Take guesses what. Things are worse and even their best gases are usually way -- Well mark I'm part of baseball's executive council we dealt with the sale -- bankruptcy sale. Of the Dodgers and we'll all have ideas about what we all bought the Dodgers might go for a billion and half dollars today and it went for two point. 15 buildings so you you never know exactly what these things are worse that you have an idea based on this. Oil prices have. Other clubs and -- Obviously after the Dodgers sold for what they did. Do you think that that's in the -- timing why do you think there's some like this comes out -- I think whatever things aren't going according to -- With -- all the turmoil we've had this year has that people are gonna speculate about this sort of thing but just think there's. The -- buyers been approached it and it. You know investment bankers do a lot of things maybe one investment banker. Talked to potential buyer and decided that he could get. A bit of vaccine might be able to create an interest on our part is something I mean maybe that's a possibility. But it certainly hasn't come from last week. We're committed to this. This franchise with a long term and you know we get up in the morning we don't think about anything other than what can we do. In fact every day we're having meetings here at -- about 2013. And beyond so. I don't think any of this involved. Are in the financial situation where we think about her personal net worth. -- -- what happens tomorrow effect that. -- you on getting pressure call -- and maybe some minority. Owners maybe two to get out. Not so I'm sorry cylinders that are up. I'll just say in if you get any pressure from in some minority owners as far as the pressure of getting out. Well as I said earlier we had minority owners get out and but there's always been. More than enough interest from existing partners to take -- now we've had people inside. It's such ownership that is continue to increase over the last eleven years -- -- -- increases. Ownership of the club. It's never ever really gotten to a point that New York Times sales 17%. Became public and they actually went out. Publicly which he was free to do but. No there hasn't been any discussion among minority partners at least -- -- That. They have the desire to -- Allison I think they're all huge threat. John Henry Red Sox principal owner is joining us and you city dispute a lot of what which Charlie report today of Fox Business mr. Henry I'm curious. I'm disputing -- sources have -- resources and telling him I'm completely disputing anything. What you're saying. One of the things this source and his story brought up was the other interest that the team has in particular Liverpool he brought up your company and he would have us believe that financially. Some other things the team is involved in is putting a strain on you and the Red Sox and that is the reason this conversation is coming up are those outside interest Liverpool particular. Affecting the finance the Red Sox. But we have a particular point of view the do you look for ways to justify and that's that's all that is either an investment company that's actually very small company. So what happens and that investment company has very little impact on me financially or or otherwise small company. The Red Sox on the other hand are large company. Since we simply bought Liverpool there's been this continual. I think back and forth in Liverpool about the money we expect them. In Boston and in Boston about the money we've been in Liverpool I don't think we anticipated. -- I think that's been the biggest issue that hasn't been a financial issue but there's really been an issue. Between ten cases of where money is spent. Course. You know right after weeks and what did you say 479. Million. I think of it counts and really even now. 476 at the cubs -- basic. -- -- -- four and 676. Million. Two by Liverpool. Which many people think it was a bargain price again. We spent how much on. Adrian Karl. And that that provoked such an outrage. In Liverpool who we were we are shocked about that effectively. Went out to sign these creations some bosses cause that there we went out and spent. -- 150 million dollars and so on. On buying players that Liverpool and it provoked bet here so that's really mistake on our part not to recognize that. That that was going to create issues -- franchise but there independently run. Organizations. Just as as Roush Fenway is independently. And what happens at Roush Fenway. You know we tried to NASCAR championship last year -- -- them on a tiebreaker. But whether we win or lose there doesn't doesn't impact the Red Sox from our perspective -- -- individual unit. -- that's part of it through that that the people of tough time understanding though. You would think that a mean if you own different companies if one company struggles the other company -- their fourth taking a hit as well. You're saying that's not the case. It's not -- -- because we we have separate budgets for each preacher and so they they really -- inter related. The budgets in the Red Sox are based on such revenues and budget in Liverpool based political -- So so if you make more money with the reds -- you can't take that money spent a Liverpool. It's. That's like saying if you if you have the low ratings and -- and you can't buy players it just. You know I can understand logically that some people would say -- well that has to have an impact. But really what has an impact to our what our budgets when we talked down about what the budget is that's that's what has an impact on. The red -- and that budget deficit annually based on what's going on it with the rent. Feel like we have the second highest payroll in baseball and have had over the last eleven years because. The revenues with the Red Sox are extraordinarily good. I'm just -- -- back to the Dodgers being sold for a were poorly two billion dollars when that happened it. Was there part of you that set there and thought I wonder what a ten years have been here in Boston is a chance that I can actually double my money on them build business I would think that that be great opportunity. If the -- if I were driven by money and you know at this point in my life that person. That doesn't drive me. Uh oh what drives me is what we're involved that we love we love doing -- common Larry and I have a great relationship. This is what we do every day this was in over the place and having meetings every day. And -- about the future and that's that's what drives that's not what the what it's worth it's just he that'll that'll mean more door Ayers -- will to a. I'm curious you said the team is not for sale on your joint deal which are doing John how long do you envision. Being part and an Orin the Boston Red Sox in your mind. As long as we can't believe. We recently completed. What what took over a year. And I alluded to it today and I think that we re looking contingency planning on. On what happens if something happens to be what happens. What happens in who we have to have a contingency plans because of death or disability. And we worked on in the last year about what we would do so. All of that and those documents never came delayed it clear that we're. You know we're in this for the long term and we're committed. The Red -- committed to getting back to where we need to be. -- -- -- -- One of the things Charlie talked about we mentioned a trade freeing up money in the -- you know. Potential buyers will look at that to a just freed up a lot of cash and he related to business and notes different disease that is not a sports fan -- -- is that whatever company has financial issues that's -- you do yet the cut. Money if the cut payroll cut employees the sports world is a little bit different. But that trade freed up a lot of things was that more of a baseball decision a financial decision. -- what would you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Continue to speculated that's why I want it on just to answer any question -- out of that -- great. A great question we did it. For one reason and one reason only to provide payroll flexibility we -- out on payroll flexibility. Into the Yankees or the residences as you've noticed last couple years panel over the last year and had great. Financial flexibility and there's a new collective bargaining agreement. It has been. That's come into existence last year and it's sort of informed. How old clothes have to behave the draft is no longer. Even close to atlas. A year ago two years ago two years certainly. So the amateur draft -- what's going occurred signing the budget with regard to signing international free agent. So baseball -- changed economically. And we needed -- likes to. But mr. area and he came on a dispute the interview with Charlie Gasparino as well as the articles wondering is is -- chance to guess a couple questions about this team. -- you guys came to defense of a Bobby Valentine ethnic -- -- a month ago you had the breakfast out in Seattle with him and I've been critical of him as a manager and I'm just wondering going forward. The minute you guys sickest we've heard this from owners before we have his back he's gonna be our man doesn't always work out that way do you still view them. Given what's happened since you've said that as as a viable option -- to manage this team not only this year but -- four. I think that that will -- look at what has happened this year. Again I don't -- before it I don't blame Bobby Valentine. Put this I think that we have a lot of culpability. Ourselves at at the highest level of the Red -- because. One of the things that we should have been looking and is how much injuries are playing apart at least if not in baseball. At least in Boston how much. Injuries or have played a part with this club since 2006. And so we still continued to concentrate. On. High ticket. Players -- speak -- the depth. So I think. That's it never really heard -- this year. You can't use injuries as an excuse. And therefore I I would say that we weren't as prepared. And just didn't realize -- and haven't caught on I think quickly enough. How important it is to have what relieved worries. About Larry talks about this year is called -- -- -- talk about -- up front. And that's that's something that would focusing much work. Going forward. Nerdy guys made a decision or do you do you think he'll be the manager next year meaning Bobby Valentine for -- We have made any decisions about retain Tom Warner. War on. So Thompson -- in but I'm joking that -- is unavailable to the highest -- is everything today confirmed. -- what one of the criticisms also missed -- Andrea I think for me is that the communication may be from the player to the manager of the coaching staff the manager. But really top to bottom I think a lot of people questioning that chain of command is that something that you need to look at the communication chain of command this offseason. I think chain of command issues have been something we have -- Over the last. More than a year now. You know we've always been chain of command guy you have -- look at what what you do -- at the right people patriot right fuel place. And then give them the resources -- going to be successful. -- that questioning that talking to Jack Welch. Great CEO. They're looking at Gracie you know these guys -- known as micro manage its. And so I think some of the criticism that we've been to hand off and our level. Obviously -- -- can make baseball decision. But. But I think there -- validity of some of that criticism that we perhaps have. Relied too much on and on others and we need to be warned -- we have been able. That's the -- Don't. I'm curious she joked about Tom and obviously Bobby. Larry Lucchino that was heading into the final year deal here there was a report that. In signed a deal going forward is Larry gonna be back with the team next year yet. So he has signed an extension. You mentioned hands on and I'm curious now looking back at the meeting had a New York obviously not gonna speak about that meeting and I keep things in that clubhouse but. Is that a meeting John that maybe -- taken place earlier in the year to sort of found out things about this team. Certainly it looked perfect hindsight reason. Reasonably good hindsight you can look back -- India that should occurred early. Would you like it didn't really seem to. Made it didn't impact. Things. And that's one of the reasons that that's one of the things that led to. The trade. A lot of people look at this year look at Bobby Valentine maybe that messed up at the very beginning you know maybe was it -- choice was it Larry's choice with the fact that maybe the coaching staff. A lot of managers like to have that bench coach that like to have that that guy that's been would have been with for a long long time. They look at the players may be -- -- right from the beginning the hiring of Bobby Valentine now allowing him to pick his coaching staff got everything off on the wrong foot. I don't think you can say that he wasn't allowed to pick his -- coaching I think that what occurred was here. He inherited a group he had to decide whether or not they're gonna stay or go so. He's he's certainly don't tell. At least it on level you know title I don't -- ended this it is this is a guy is going to be here. Pitching coach you batting coach. I think Bobby what you know you have to talk with him about it but I believe that he site survey. Situation and and I'm not sure if he needed. Changes. A lot of people might think that Bobby came into a very tough situation they very tough group of players do you think these players. Gave him a fair shake from they want. Pear shaped meaning that they gave in the respective -- that -- -- he deserved there was some disrespectful things I thought that one on. Well you can you talk to play her so I'd ask you from my perspective yes they they. Absolutely in the fair shake but will. Can you maybe maybe who would vote differently but I. What you know to me. Listen I I think Dustin Pedroia is a hell of a -- player a hell of a player OK but you know when he comes out and says you know this is not things that we do around here is not -- panel Bobby Valentine's thinking. Yeah I think a step back and the -- talking about his manager and we're weakened the season but didn't sit well. Yeah I don't think it's productive for me again and two. Whether I agree with everything that's been said by. Everywhere whether it's the amateur players. At this point I think that. I think the main thing we have to do is make sure the going forward. That we're doing things are playing the kind of baseball we need to be playing. You mentioned the trade and how play a payroll flexibility was the reasoning for that trade John. We surprised the Dodgers were able to take all that money and how hard was it to put that deal together knowing that. In the case of major Gonzales -- given away a pretty productive player for your team. Those difficult and obviously. Who leave we had an opportunity to do that -- earlier in the year we didn't have any interest said but it at that time. The ability to game payroll. Meant that we we had to sacrifice we had to make sacrifices. The ability to payroll flexibility going toward being able to. Build this team in the image as as. Has been since the time. This just isn't. From our perspective we're not who we want to be. Well mr. Henry appreciate the time and coming -- with this on a special day and let let us say. Happy birthday to you. Well this degenerate into just. What a tour of the of the ballpark. With people from -- Nursing home and it's just incredible that we will come to this park every day and it. That things that are. Happened over the last eleven years. Under our ownership I know we're putting it to get criticized daily and we should because team has played well but from our perspective is just. No interest who we love coming here Tom area. -- love being part of this organization so we're not going. Despite what anyone. Maybe today you were especially unnamed source. The Red Sox principal owner John Henry John happy birth they appreciate the time today in -- -- -- talk to you soon. She'd taken a few minutes talking about the report and Charlie Gasparino -- says that these for sale and we missed what's on tap -- On -- with the big shall reacting on the afternoon the only shows just checks in with. We got -- we get out of here we don't. A quick break come back and kind of -- we learn from John Henry keep it here.

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