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Bobby Valentine: I want to be here in 2013, and beyond.

Sep 12, 2012|

Bobby Valentine joined Glenn Ordway and Michael Holley the week after his news-making interview with us. Bobby was in better spirits today and hashed out some differences with Glenn. Bobby would go on to tell the guys he thinks he'll be back in 2013 and beyond.

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This -- Osama. Yeah. Us. It all means is OK name. -- I so we all live over here and I suppose -- -- at Fenway Park -- why Michael Holley is time for our weekly get together. Our love fest -- Bobby Valentine to prosecute liability insurance here for your car your home your business here for -- -- -- here for good and by Verizon files. A new network ahead Bobby showed up this spectacular love -- right here I figured I'd just love this review he shot blocks off this and -- hold -- repositioning this right you're right right am I August. That's not gonna use. It again yet it. These are actually work. At it. It's great work. -- -- a few people over the years. Before we get on to. Or where back quicker at. -- you. I think every day and only choose -- you. Let's let's just referred back as people made a big deal of the comment that you made about pudge at first I knew what was it Joseph. Said ha ha it was clear to me that it was joke on the other hand. It was clear to me that you were pissed but the question and a right to be pissed because. I was questioning it was a question I wasn't a statement it was a question. I was questioning based on the situation that exists that the big trade the fact of the talent that you had left in the scheme. Whether. You had done what do you check now. So that part of it. Is -- the one thing that I was surprised that this past week that you did say is that we crossed the line by doing that that's fair that's fair criticism. But you said that we crossed the line by attacking of him I never brought you for. Malia I never brought to send Derek didn't know you brought it up I never brought it to go to that would it was brought up it was brought up by others and I was. Agitated because of that you know a guy had some Texans have made it. That was being said about. You know the day before and in no particular myself and I need a rude comment if you remember I had an adult couldn't get to the part himself for a supplement. You know I just -- I I was upset with that. Now with you. Okay because I didn't make a judgment on that the one thing I will say about and again. It's understandable that you were pissed that I was questioned and your professional and I thought after you Sarah -- That they're fisticuffs sadly you you answered it in your way you're proud guy you work arrests are doing this. The one thing that I would say when you view. You said it's a and unprofessional question whenever you kind of set the exact same thing about you coolest early in the season saying -- Physically you question whether he was physically and emotionally into the game. And I thought that was a legitimate question at the -- how different is that from actually asking you and that. I'm not Smart enough to figure all that stuff up but really mean you can isn't it situations so it's not. Dragnet through the -- again -- but Internet and I think that's why we said the other thing is over the weekend you said it's all been. Person. Do you -- final no place in different states so that's I don't Soledad well as have been personal I said yes it's always been personal all year it's been Russell actually yeah Tonka. More ourselves not really meant you know about it all personal. You know there's some guys have agendas it's simple it says it's been that way everywhere I go and it's no big deal I get it. If that people look other people don't get it snubbing a quick I I understood yeah. What the what some people who have agendas and had to come in and they were going to figure out who I was. They were going to figure out what I do they were going to understand anything about 2012. They're just gonna come with preconceived notions. And make sure that their preconceived notion is what people believe is reality in. And that's that's a personal agenda of their -- it's not about you know necessarily personal about. My family or anything it's just. It's it's not professional it's personal with a hundred to -- out. Okay with a 191 million dollar payroll on the team in last place and you're obviously not responsible for all of -- -- I am a you -- response I think some -- then. That's where people are asking those questions and people are lashing out if you weren't first place right now. And while it's doing now -- -- -- -- and I'm doing myself I don't and lashing out and myself than in the way things went I'm talking about. What happened from the beginning I thought Tom meant. When he asked the question and again you never know how you re answering questions and he answered incorrectly. You never get a chance to put the genie back in the bottle when these ports we got home he said it he said nobody met maybe -- he said yes and -- okay. And you know that's just the way it is in life and and I get that you know I I thought he'd meant you know getting here and being here. You know as we were talking off the year. With with some other people you know it did some people have a personal. Agenda. About me win the whole thing started in capsule and all we made that way forever because that's some time that's the way people. -- -- their life you know legal battle with the with blinders on and they feel -- If -- and hitched there are there wagon deal horse they're never going to change stores and I -- stuff. I agree with you and I think it goes both ways to you can have a personal agenda against Bobby Valentine if you think he's a certain guy. And if Bobby Valentine is short guy that's Italy then hey I don't care what Bobby says what he does. He's my guy but tell me how he dealt with the let's focus on the negative ones how you dealt with a negative. Personal agendas in your job or have you fact that you focused on them at all. No I haven't I haven't dealt with -- -- and confronted him. I just. I hear about them in passing and I and I understand you know when they say this guys from this pack of wolves that I understand you know what the Prius. It's that that is the. So you look at -- pack of wolves are well not all of -- only one issue Fitch issuer. Can you get any complete joy out of being the spoiler being with Baltimore was last year down the stretch by the. No I think that stuff I I never get satisfaction from other people's misery of not one of those guys other people do live their life that way though and and they go through a very bleak -- street as they walked down and I think but. I think it by finishing strong by giving Europeans. -- taste of the good brand of baseball the end. Giving their fans. A situation where they could sit and root for us against teams that they don't wanna see win I think could be great satisfaction absolutely. But at what point do you he probably can't do this right now because you're still in season at what point do you step back and assess. What happened to me hot -- at the Boston Red Sox get to this situation where. In the play over you know went what's what's your process like how long does it take what you do when you assess what happened during the season. Well. I don't think they've ever done and it's in the same way. You know sometimes accident in in meeting and -- -- abatement bunch of notes -- -- figure stuff out here. If figured out while while you're in the meetings sometimes it's. You know long bike ride sometimes it's it's over dinner with nice glass of wine weird. You go oh yeah there there was a situation that should've been. Different aren't here moving forward. This needs to be corrected. And this is not the time to do it I understand but do you feel like. In your heart you already know what the major issue is you know -- well back to take some distance to figure out. I think root causes ovaries -- which -- -- and -- you know ever looking produce symptoms are looking for the because. Of the disease is the problem and then. You know I think it takes I think it takes a lot of -- Soul searching a lot of time to really get. To the root cause and be definitive that that's the problem. You said the U things in the past he's no longer here and just for the record. If you're brilliant -- just say -- -- -- when he left here. Not now 230 AOK and when he left here but disagrees and use it to 38 is because I really effected it negatively. I was a cause of I was the root cause of his not perform well. Since -- Chicago. He's at 238. They just wanna go out and just so you don't wanna say that because they know as a buddy but I. I just want to make I wanna I wanna make it clear what. He's not -- Mike -- -- -- -- tackle writer from the duke I -- -- -- make I don't like we're becoming you guys they wanna make it clear. That the. Cause of him hitting -- 238. Was not OK okay. Legitimate point my point and I was bringing up to you earlier as you back in April early April. So do you call this. May be physically and I'm not a physically and emotionally into the game which obviously stirred up. Dustin Pedroia startup Adrian Gonzales who you we heard from some players that was the point it was bringing in or in in relation to the question that I asked you last. I had nothing to do with the thirty yard performances and there. But guys -- -- that you closest idea you made a trade you guys are out here as your relationship since these players have been jettisoned out here. Your relationship of the players get better. Oh I have no idea US says the players. -- -- -- it I think they only said good relations with the guys who are broad. You know and an activist they're developing -- was in my office more than anybody else on the team in spring training. You know it in a 101. Friendship routine he's -- your packed -- spent a lot of time. Which used so you know it wasn't like he was in the in the opposite corner. So I am you have to Adrian and I talked all the time. I think I took more with judge Edward meetings adjust according to Tito and it you don't owe me one time that he would have it the annual conference with Josh. You know I had five and six. -- conferences if you will with jets and I don't think there's any you know discord between me and the guys who left necessarily. Now here you say that did it does it surprise silly topic united. Why not me and he chose not to him but you try to talk to me when Darien was he not thought he was not happy about playing time. Yeah if you don't then. Did he complain that once that the -- should be playing more. I read that I don't remember that he -- -- never salty decoded. The result to come in and to my office and saying. Why mine edited it's a radiant. And I went oops you're right you're in there and it. So I don't know that -- ignorant complained about anything. But going back to what you said a couple minutes ago that yet. Very pleasant exchanges with Kevin Youkilis in meetings with Josh Beckett. Did it surprise -- -- in the east when this string of stories came out whether it was from Yahoo! were ESPN or Boston Globe Boston Herald. Because it doesn't sound like that those stories. Where you are reality in terms again with the players -- stories. -- I don't know its story and on American and McKinnon. Seventeen players media and all this stuff you know buster Olney I don't know about the said the seventy players meeting -- -- -- state but he. We're in their bed Bethany I'm gonna bet they weren't. Could be wrong I was an enemy. You've already said you wanna be here you believe you're the best guy for the job for 2013. Do you believe -- be here 2013. That's not a team and I think it will be. And beyond. And beyond -- beyond its personal. What I wanna come quite as they wanna be here for 2013. As though that that's going to be the end of something that will be the continuation hopefully. The beginning of something really special way when I think that it's going to be years. Is -- 2013 and beyond what is it about. Let's say you're here in 2013. And -- and I've talked about this extensively. What do you build on with this team I mean this is you -- far below 500. How do you how do you build back to the point where it's championship level team what do you feel like you have to. -- I to think that that's a wintertime discussions that I know a bands are very. Deep into that because that is his. You know -- and it is his real job of figuring out. You know who we're we're getting at the talent in. You know what the talent is that we need. Last night we you out there were talking to Jon Lester certainly sounds like most of the conversation was directed toward the home plate umpire for Atlantic. In my -- too much out. Well look you've got voice carried FBI is that he played so lip readers -- receive from the -- total -- but I think I I can read. Let us know yes there's there's the -- and every current -- -- manager ploy you know you disclose speak loudly enough. To somebody else of it your message is being heard because you know allowed to talk to him about balls and strikes. -- it's targeted John about the balls and strikes. Which is what you -- to a having. -- Iraq is I I does that is that imagine he was really terrific accompanying parent and rightfully so according to the graphics and who knows how accurate you make a pitch zoning thing. He was throwing strikes and not getting credit for strikes I can imagine. You're trying to calm him down but. I know the last thing I said is jets -- good umpire bill called the strikes. When you throw strikes that's a lasting I don't remember much or worked well effectively for a -- Syria Archos and a a real pleasant surprise. Against the Yankees he's an unbelievable why. Just that they too -- it's I thought Mikey he. As showed up differently against the Yankees but he's he's a good players you know and we played him. We played a lot of games against yankees he's got a big since since he's been upbeat. I think Pedro Missouri and visiting me about a fight Major League contributed to a championship team. Our Bobbie I'm holding an actual piece of paper with the surreal but if you question he's like he's written. It'd chorus yet opted. Time now for Mohegan son's dinner with a picture of today's question for Bobby comes from -- seen Manchester sounds like a fake name and obviously mark Preston mark seen Manchester. But he's -- from Nantucket. You're -- -- yes as a -- about that but any. Since he came to town they're all kinds of stories about how you invented a particular kind of sandwich. To set the record straight once and for all did you really invent the -- sandwich. Mark once and don't. You invent things that they -- freedom the end the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) did a total search on that thing and definitively says that differs wrapped -- considers answered that might place -- 91. So I'm not saying that. But that is something that the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) . Who figured out wall street journal of credit for they gave secret isn't mentally in Mesopotamia. Yes yeah I think years you know you have to use you. Develop things that tree. Yes you know. I Bobby you're grocery runs of forty let's -- -- passed out of the public just want hello one you used to -- and on his left -- they wanted to get the boxing gloves I don't look image. I you get the left on target there at a one good clutch. Good -- I'm talking actually looked ready get a two game winning streak ego Bobby Valentine regularly show.

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