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Stevan Ridley: Have a long way to go before I’m the elite running back

Sep 10, 2012|

Stevan Ridley, Patriots second year RB joins Mut, Lou, and guest host Troy Brown on location in Foxboro. He shares what he’s learned from BenJarvus Green-Ellis, how it felt to be the starting running back on Sunday versus the Titans, and the difference between playing at LSU and at the professional level. He admits he needs to work on his pass blocking in order to become the well rounded running back that the explosive talented Patriots offense demands.

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Poor basically who won't they give the ball to Ridley running left. Into the end zone for a touchdown. And let the crowd Louisiana State University. Doing the job here this afternoon in keeping the patriots a little running attack that they had in quite some of the and now giving them a bigger -- That was the third quarter touchdown run Steven Ridley second you're running back than England patriots -- and -- Troy Brown 93 point seven WEE nine. He is Wilson who is on highlight in -- headphones here in studio Stephen Bradley ideal man Abdul and be on the show the site on Twitter today get some treatment you'll thank god. -- Carry -- let's not here right field. You know I had a little -- only yesterday but. Was nothing that I wasn't excited about our -- afford to and so. You know came around at the beginning and has -- -- -- treatment and -- -- thing -- -- by his -- bureau of next week. Here we can modify out of college shows -- up people say you know the way you use maybe the goal line back it's a big bruiser you hear some of those reports and us. One approve you mourn every day every down pentagon. Of course -- issues will be differently program -- the Oakland and about 22007. Capital to -- -- if I gave here and you know the -- to cut them instantly and I think that's ultimately. The same zone Dwight Freeney and -- it's at right now at about treats women you know sort of losses totaled punished in some people lately it's and its blow me -- -- -- -- -- too much to me just -- difference. Toned it down whom -- part of York. And deposit facility I mean and and I think you go back to last -- one of the biggest knocks on you know the -- of bad stuff but you know resist what did you do over -- -- the offseason and training camp here team. Secure the ball better. -- they say it was just mainly focus. Towards the end of the year you know you have two balls on the ground. I don't think you won't be playing much anywhere no matter where Suharto and its Peewee football -- you know New England Patriots but back to Baghdad to form -- a new. Even as a rookie that that that was two things that could happen so. For me this year my biggest thing is as prominent folks and all the small things remain. Semblance of some tremendous talent to you know put favourable all the way to do it as have to focus on the small things throughout the link to the game even when I'm in the rumor. Even tired to focus on how to handle the -- and America. It and make you carry around like 34 balls and it's. I don't know -- open door and I kind of stuff -- put as an issue with some kind of mission on the ball somewhere and then. Make silly you keep up with the ball at all times at home -- -- -- He's done in the seven attempts at several -- of it and missed it but you. He really didn't. I say for me miles of pretty much over when I was. Watch in the the AFC championship roamed the box you know with the with the ravens -- Mattel also. -- deathly didn't you don't common at all good -- and dangerous game I'll never forget that missiles and I've definitely learned from. After the game go to the super bull you know it and conceal have to witness now being down that was just kind of tough it was Obama -- from -- -- You know less -- you -- heroes big fans of the law -- you know protecting the football. Always gaining yards -- even initial big gain at fault for for another two with three. Yes Els won the press is things I thought that I saw me yesterday was that initial content making a guy miss but after initial contact couple times that you're about to lose your balance. Danger bouncing in -- five or six yards it worked with a guy like that last year. The -- that help you what would you learn maybe -- hours last year. Or grinning like you said he's aback. You know the the first tackle and never really brings it down and you're always up to 404 and maybe now being scat back or speed that's my job you know I have to release. Try to fall Ford used for momentum of the time I'm going down to the ground so. For me a lot of time on this a -- a little bit too drowned. And internal work on that Buddhist -- give my pads down trying to hold onto the football of course first and then fallen for a second it is my job is the back and I am in this office. You -- asked after the game yesterday Stephen about the expectation you said this is game one was sort of beyond what you were expecting what what part of it was the result was the amount it carries what was. Beyond your expectation when -- that game yesterday. Oh and expected. What was the 2121 guarantee we'll want to therefore want to point that definitely didn't see that column but. A goal that I set myself going into each game is. I want to get a hundred or ground you know for this offense is we have such a strong passing attack and hoping to decreases are in there so. For me. That is my main focus that I am -- -- it was an -- going into over Specter. The NC column that we didn't see you built on the phone and healthiest today but I'm thankful I'm very blessed that I know -- that would go out there and do that. Q&A where you do yes that you might start see in about 35. And I said yeah I think there are error in middle school football mind him man eleven -- -- eleven and soon. That's that -- an event as the game yesterday man a great start to secure it is mean to you is to the season four of -- this team you know it. And -- to fully Soviet. Moment ago the average about a worked doesn't want their votes go to school in Bolivia it's. Became -- became -- pretty humble yesterday though -- his post game it's like c'mon man. In thanking the commitment. The -- about you know so. Even with a Phelan and he went import isn't there. Now you look at that I know you guys say you know of through bill and everything around it we know it's focused right we want is gone on week two with. I mean you should back -- call to -- Tom Brady and now you're part of this office of people say this is almost like that missing piece. You know it's not just run effectively now they got a runner in at the what you saw in dispersed last year and inning game one given. You look at and say OK I'm out there right now operating all these weapons and knowing the patriots start running back. Say start and I mean guy got the story yesterday but as we still do you never know my and that's all game plan and and going out there and you never know who's a little bit on the field -- it. Come in and play with arguably the best quarterback to play beginning. To be in there was to grow and Hernandez in the. Where should you have all these options out there Brendan would call for two full who have talent everywhere so. For me are really do I take pride in in my position in our room -- I think we have a young group that is really learn from each other -- still learn things from woody. Just so -- in the locker room and I try to learn some things from him last two -- You know for me American say that -- at this than the new piece of the puzzle I'm just gonna go out and do my job and I know what I've been fortunate and -- and they have them do and that's run the football play that position so. Some will be -- myself but at the same -- must have a long way to go before -- can say I'm. That'll leave running back at the running back that we need to be. Lot of people kicking themselves this morning you know that right ways -- it -- spheres youthful -- excellent last week you people go about it that's 800. That's good that went out -- that I'll probably one of the technical. If you want to twenty dollars and -- doesn't count. And if you -- Oh no we -- blow him up. We have fun we have you know we have on it until years after serving humble pie left and right now you can. -- -- -- you mean. He's joining us here in studio on a patriots Monday that second year event to different offensive coordinators guys call the place how different. Is Josh is offense based on what you saw last year from this Patriots offense. -- -- -- -- of the game assume that every player -- You know from this offenses were running the ball a little more and he kind of tells us that before the game you've got to establish their own got to establish the run at Augusta the town that we have out there obviously the -- is going to be there. And that was something last year you kind of I guess he saw that will be different you know if you were sitting -- -- and back on. Chico and -- be doing that this year so for us dolphins you know we have to try to be balanced attack and I think you know these coaches do an exceptional job openness and to estimate played every week. -- -- Of this offense going forward and that week to week role but he -- it is something that would double early the weapons around like a changing game plan we've got a team where. He said don't. Don't sit -- in the starting god has -- can changed up your offense and what you did yesterday spread to have the you know -- you guys gave defense is a lot of looks that's a great weapon have a bad. Right right. I go back from college days going from no issue -- out there to assist tone down their man and that was and experience and so but plan and a office there was pretty much rundown that we just ran the football powerful or Madonna -- you get here. Two NFL and you see. Playing with a quarterback Tom Brady and all these weapons. And -- and lanes that are on the field display I've never seen anything like this you know without the cosmic objects and things like everything he calls. Is the perfect place slaves while okay well there's like Kris did -- make you couldn't in New England hit it so. For me it's almost easy but I have to go out there and just keep working and not ever being satisfied -- in a limited you have I don't know. Look McCoy won't back to the urgency of forgot those out there as much as you were the other day I am one of the big -- this office -- with a -- -- number is still the passing game and and and blocking. Board Tom Brady wears as part of your game goes protect and he'll block and I as a running back. -- can -- tell -- Hello -- and analysts say about it. And -- -- toys and that and you beyond a bit of an entrance on the other Tom gives. Section in this -- you know -- -- -- him and come back to balance our luck if he's unaudited viruses. You know someone an area we don't tick right. Recovered from LSU actually power run the football and this is a part of the game now that that's that's the adjustment for you. You know pass block him. Us of that work all but I mean that that's been key -- -- please you know my whole career you have to protect court. And I think it's a little bit more emphasis on analyst Tom -- there. You get your Gisele now. I don't know -- I'll make it there for the confusion out. I'm gonna throw. Look I mean you have to be a well rounded back you know you -- severe -- and you can just do block it into the receiver and if they would do altering thing to do well. And that's one thing that you know Tom does expect the -- of perfection and another you know -- -- -- -- is the meaningless the preacher would. And it's no different from -- opposition you know what to expect enemy of the -- -- Lu mentioned we -- -- -- attacking style Ron you're running guys -- I'm curious was there -- guy ate at the NFL level -- high school you're gonna LSU the you looked up to once said. That's a guy wanna run like -- you you ran over guys yesterday. All when I was young I watch in this brutal good. Bill go to our -- and I was in college actually watch -- -- from the jets have pretty good bit and I like him as a runner because you're close to the same size and I'll wash and saying forty and so plate that Bennett. Are gonna get over that -- broke out there. As well and back and -- so there's. The we appreciated and -- big game yesterday and good luck next week and mr. Leno was taken him. My very first plea here and winning you know it was. Return -- ago. And a phone. And he picked and a new. -- -- -- Much differently and and today definitely. And and forgotten place -- as -- just -- me. He went by me just now people as announced that it could have it is a good news yes. It weakens their zone. From our interview with Steve or at least brought to you by Verizon official wireless in telecommunication provider. The England patriots hair follicles toward brown said.

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