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Tom Brady: My nose feels better than it looks

Sep 10, 2012|

Patriots QB Tom Brady called into D&C to discuss their Week 1 victory over the Titans and gives an update on the condition of his nose. Tom touches on how impressed he was that Logan Mankins played all of last season with a torn ACL, if he was surprised by the balanced attack the team had against Tennessee, and the commitment the whole team has to reach its goals this season. He also mentions how enjoyable it is to have so many weapons on offense, the importance of communications on road, and if moving into 5th place on the all-time TD list.

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It's -- on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE the quarterback of the patriots Tom Brady. Our chat with -- brought to -- northeast electrical distributors and gallery BMW good morning Tom. -- -- -- It's fine it's fine. It's it's not I don't know does a broken. -- feel like it now. I think I'm good ago would still bleeding. Is simply. That looked pretty good at it trying to slow -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah a little bit -- played at a -- jail last year so I could -- the correctional what are your what are your boys think the -- bans on your nose. Didn't seem yet -- before I got policies we got here about ten minutes. They've American story is amazing it's not I mean can can you imagine playing an entire season he hurts and on opening day with the port ACLU had one of those and you miss the whole year. Tiny -- but that's you know that's. Did they talk about mind over matter I think you know a lot of mental toughness echoes in the playing this game meant. And you know certainly -- the guys that set the tone for the whole offense and you know that entire offensive line group they've never complain. And and they just keep going -- to battle and you know he had satellite slogan is you know injury get. Would you know be incredibly. I mean I said it. You know every every single person I've ever known this was the year and you know the Pro Bowl season so he's fit. It's toughness and attitude what he brings to -- team in terms -- work ethic and his attitude is is really unmatched since. You know through a great example for all the players on the team both very young guys and the veterans that. You know -- -- your commitment to achievement. In. You know really takes precedent over. You know whatever you may feel on a daily basis so. He's as tough as they come. Daisuke Matsuzaka missed over a month with a crick in his next suffice it to say with people like Logan Mankins in that locker room Tom not many people are gonna miss a gamer practice -- we with a cricket and fair to say. Well -- -- but it had I don't know if I mean proposed just a different you know we play once -- week so. You know really you gear up. You know for that one particular game and you know everyone feels pretty crappy album name -- just based on the physical. Nature of the sport but at the same time you. It would it when it comes to play you just strap on your -- that you grew up there and you play that's kind of what's been built into our mindset since we were. You know kids play in this game he just. You know it's it's it's not like -- -- I'm not feeling great you are gonna -- it's I'm not feeling great the team needs me you know -- did everything I got. Did you think going into that game you're going to rush the football more than you passed it. There's you did 35 to 31. Yeah and at what that's the kind of balance that we need -- we've been looking for and we used to have guys second run the ball like we have. You've got to give them opportunities and when they get opportunity. It it can really. Control the tempo of the game and down. If it was great to see Steve had a great they were involved you know the end he has no business. Has been huge impact thirteen since he got here so it was good to see those guys. You know really. You know had a huge role in the game and that's -- -- got to continue to be troubles he's -- They've -- -- -- for men and wondered if if you actually see it too were young guys. Look at a guy like Mankins CU and what he plays with the kind of -- pain he persevere is through and say you know I can't let the team down -- set the tone and that locker room and at times. Is it unhealthy that may be guys wanna be to break -- and and probably should sit out in the play anyway because you know that's what warriors do. Well I think that -- that's the mindset and it's you know that's part of like you know you go through training camp for example like. Now we've practiced I don't know how many practices we have let's say. I don't know what -- 35 days 3060 days. And we probably had 3031. Practices and 36 states. So you know you just try to condition your body and -- that your body. The rigors of the sixteen agencies and so all the work many days off -- training camps so when you get a during the regular season and I come Monday or Tuesday here Saturday were not hitting. You know your body can recover pretty quickly so. It's just the way it goes and so I mean that's what we're used to soak. In you you you you just did everything and if you try to go up there and you beat the best you could possibly be and it's not always know and at this point the years a 100% anymore. Nobody really on the front what you portray yep and after that you know you got to really take care of your body got to take care of you know you're nutrition and then. And that you know they don't try to stay on top of the little injuries that become bigotry if you don't take care government. Really the commitment ecumenical these next six months since. One who really pays off in November December when you feel healthy and everyone else is clearly. Deteriorating that's why that's why you train part that's why you condition your body to be able -- withstand. Four for five months of football. You've played with a lot of tough guys obviously all the years in the NFL. Is -- the toughest. I mean he mis read the top of the list and I think Matt Light was pretty damned tough to. You don't always false and offensive line position did -- was pretty tough campaign. If they just slug it out on every play. Stephen Neal coming to restore company confidence have either -- and of this -- from the offense and that's. Where you establish -- toughness is I think after the game is right on the ball and stop the -- mean guy like it's got Rodney Teddy. You know that just slug it out on every play and they take. You know the guards take on the inside linebackers in home in the run game and it shifted downhill -- it's a car crash and I think what I got mad when I got that you know little fender -- a few years -- -- -- have. -- And I remember how fast I was the only other currencies like it was going pretty fast split. You know that jolt the that I felt I mean I didn't really feel anything after that as compared to what I feel when the -- again. The offensive -- do that every single place. So that's. It's impressive thing having those guys are built for that and that's why they're playing professional football could they can withstand. Those type of collisions. But you know when you see -- you never take for granted because you know you see that our work in the commitment that they make to be able to do that every single week. Talk Phil Simms sat on the broadcast yesterday that in the pre production meeting with you you said it all just came together these last couple days of practice getting ready for opening day is that accurate did you see something in practice in the last practice were to the said yep I think we just turn the page who went to the next level. Well I'd I'd I thought that you know by the middle of last week we we really started feeling good about where -- -- I would say. You know you ever feel really great story training camp because. It's a lot of individual improvement in training camp. And not. As much team improvement. I mean you try to individually get better but collectively as a team -- it's a bit challenging because. Yeah your rotations so many different players you really don't know what the makeup put your team is going to be event. You know after it you know they'd -- pretty cut the team that the 53 guys you see the guys you guys you see that the strikes. Which -- gonna focus on offensively and I think that you've built on the over the course of offseason and then and you put your game plan may have been for the relief for the first time you begin to steady your pulpit and used thirteen plays and plays and you didn't -- players these formations these ladies these routes. These are the positions and get our guys that take advantage. What you see defensively and then. You go out there and you try to execute doesn't practice. It's when they start looking pretty good that you obviously developed a lot more confidence and I appreciate that it is the challenging because. You know you get scored some of those games you have no idea of the casually plane as he ever in the state of what you really focused on. In -- the patriots improvement but I. You know I I I love the fact that you know when you know your opponent you can really anticipate seeing. That. Which are trying to accomplish so. That's what we didn't and I thought it was really a solid week of practice and it resulted in solid game wasn't perfect by any stretch. At least it's something that we can go built on. Thomas I asked you -- your favorite son is you'd be hard pressed to give me an answer probably wouldn't solve this probably -- to ask you this. But -- favorite weapon -- favorite son on the team is -- grunt is Welker is that Hernandez is Lloyd or is Ridley. Well I mean I get from them and that's impossible I get so much confidence all the guys and and I think the thing that's been finding is ever one is willing. To put the work I mean nobody works harder than last name with which he -- on a daily basis is so. The president talk about will be here for the team. You know between his work ethic -- what he does is. It's it's you know it's really second and then you have Robin -- who has done so much in such a short period of time that. And they both loved the game Brandon united and everything that the coaches have asked them to do. -- Stevens worked technically Jewish settlement has worked. To put him itself in the position we're really keep palpable training camp against three receivers who have. You know -- changeable or indeed on who you are on the roster at this time but it. You know that the competitiveness that he showed so. I would so much confidence in the guys sort of out -- with them. You know really it's a matter he's just trying to find a matchup controllable in the right place itself. It's not really like picking guys out in fourteen minutes but he was the defense has given us so much trouble you'll get the ball to that guy. How many of the running plays were called at the line when you stepped the line and you looked and saw. Whenever sixty -- she -- them back in coverage and you checked out to Iran. Well hopefully you know we don't run it -- -- many defense -- look where it's not a good look. You know we we're always trying to find you know good matchups in the run game and the -- game. So. If the cover get inside got to run it outside the current outside and inside a third. If they're all down there you got to throw it if they're back you know you got it right I mean -- just that's the chess match of football so. You know a lot of that comes from the sidelines and certainly I have flexibility with an offense. Get this into play that may look a little bit better. You know but he just a matter because ultimately brought down excuse that we don't want a one blocks and you know guy like Steven ramp to a lot of tackles yesterday a lot of arm tackles and -- sometimes you can't block everybody you play. And you know the running back have to make guys -- You know and and that's what you know I thought he did a great -- obviously his decisiveness. Make it not cut it down and so what went through tackles skiing in action yards after contact. That's -- you read further in whatever 120 yards because. He's able to. You know to really run with power to -- count you know he's he's a -- gets going down -- Brandon Lloyd had five catches only ten more any ties Ochocinco from last year this Ochocinco will have fifteen I guess in your opened the ends up with a few more than that can you tell us and I knocked -- say it's his fault but on the long past the incompletion. And then the first pass to him. You just missed is that -- a play where a month from now you won't miss. Or you know I'm I'm pretty confident we're not gonna miss another one of those off season -- -- You know it's just. It would it would have been the great play call we got you know they they really you know sold the the reverse that we ran to -- and and we just didn't connect felt at the end of the day we got to connect that's that's that's the point and we can't in close games we were. We're not going to be able to lift those -- I'd be hard pressed to think that. You know we're gonna miss another one of those self. A Tom what -- favour of the 23 completions was at the back shoulder to -- the touchdown to Hernandez right think. Hernandez was third or fourth read on that play it was he not. Yet there is. You know that was the that was a big plays first you know to start -- and it's always when you go on the road you really wanna start fast. And -- you know minimize with the crowd being in the game and as you know that's so that's the issue on the road the communication and so when the crowd gets. You know hyped up. You know you've got to be able to settle them down and and you know we scored there in the first quarter. So that's that really helps out and we did a little bit of momentum get decrypt touched -- -- we scored again. So. That's that's the way that took it to the crowd out of the game so you know that was -- big play the game. That sort of frame that we do work -- -- for the last five or six weeks. So I mean that's. Look if they wanna punch -- the -- inside that we got from all outside of Britain certainly has threatened being able to do that he made some. That catch on the sideline where he wouldn't have little post quarter ended up challenges that would have phenomenal catch that was too so. And you know he's a weapon for us. You know along with you know Erin and Rabin Julian and Wesson. And so whoever they're not gonna cover that you were in the triple double to and that's that's what makes a good offense. So. I would have felt we really battle shifts they were gonna continue to need to be balanced. I can't say western perfectly left plenty of yards out there plays out there and hopefully you know we can improve this week and -- up there play a lot better next. When you hit Welker in the mask is that about as hard as you can pro football. I love that ball except that you know that it did jump up on -- so he was flying out of his break and he was. Open and I you know on that one themselves. Yeah I -- I I. I had a lot of had a lot on the. You know how fast your fastest fastball is -- on radar gun. I have never really done that. We think it is. Based -- based corporate pro football football. I don't know I mean it's it's tough to say. Do you ever feel like it's your fault as he threw two armed. Or do I. Can be a problem and there's no question that can be a problem as. It's not how hard you throw it hurt in a letter that I see that the NFL is you know they blame to receive -- -- drop. But the reality is him in the balls come and so forget how hard I mean -- you need -- -- admit to catch the ball you know so. You know it's. The passing game has stolen -- and -- and it's not you know. Just blown it in its not just catch a bit and you've got to give those guys catch balls and they got to make tough catches sometimes where. No really there's some places where you can only throw it they got to catch it does sometimes work he's open that if you throw you know at ninety -- are fastball. But the chances of -- -- -- a lot less than the due to -- our fastball. You know so a total of 98 with the football but I mean you obviously has baseball you know. Baseball guys -- -- -- clearly split you know you you got to detectable balls and that's the running back that's a tight ends obviously the tighter the coverage. You know the harder you got to throw it but you know two guys wide open you gotta give and -- schedules ball because that's the other half of thrown at this -- that. It taught there were three consecutive passes in the third quarter that low -- receivers feet one element they Bobble and I thought it might have actually caught it. One McGraw didn't casual one at that somebody else's feet was that a mechanical situation where three in a row were were down in the dirt. Yeah it was just a little. Yes the way it went from I got that. Corrected so you just get a little indecisive at times and when I get it in decisive factor was going to be a little bit low. Look at these so I can be so yeah yeah like I'm not quite sure you know and but you know we we got that figured out. I assume just victims had a good day in his return -- first the regular season game can you give us an example of something just did or said. That that -- yesterday. I think he's got such a great feel for the defense of what they're doing and you know the rhythm of the game and you know our players and who we want. To get involved -- a particular place so. And he he's he's off that he does a great job week -- five. So much confidence that and we know each other so well we've known each other for twelve years. And I thought there were some things going into the game of the keys. Things don't look forward that are really expected to from. You know what he's calling it what he's prepared needed to move into. You know I really. You know can't say enough about Yemen. And you know religious commitment thirteen also communities yet he expects. You know perfection from us and you know he's disappointed when -- we don't. Do that whether that'll walk through whether it's at practice and certainly in the game but he's got tremendous forays. And I feel like he's always a step ahead of the defense so it's the media you know before they get they get off to a good start. You know that play was over the whistle had blown before you were down. Before when Lee's knee came in your face do you think he crossed the line at all have you seen it on tape. I haven't seen it now admit his part so probably tackled he. You're trying to get a fact I don't. You know that you would. It -- -- -- potential peace you know player and I just think it's one of those things really get you just caught the wrong -- We've we've labeled -- Wilfork that's with Vincent and just climbed a little more. Yeah but he echoed the -- what you -- -- win they've been set a couple of years ago he could be two and a foot race we laughed about that but after watching him drag catch and dragged out Chris Johnson from behind I think I have the -- Tom. I don't know he's he's so quick starter I don't think he's got. I think it the first forty you they would but it would rip to a moment I think I'd like to thank you want. Pay 301 touchdown passes passing Elway for number five all by yourself does that have any significance for you. No really now. I wanna win that's what I care about don't care we run it throw it. You know we ran for 53 round of the year that may be -- and things so I'm just trying to win and I love women. There's nothing like waking up Monday morning property guys women go to bed last night when inflatable women. Kissed that's what it's about why we play at. Stats in yards in the and that's reading it and I think that's a bunch of BS at the end of the day thing that matters as women and you know what I'm most happy about it. You know but the long training camp preparations for the upcoming game everything wasn't perfect in the pre season we talked a lot about turnovers penalties. Metal layers. You know we came out of the game feel pretty good about that we got turnovers on defense. In the kicking game would compliment we -- on the field position. -- that. That's what it takes to be good football team and and that's what I'd love being a part of. And Phil Simms was talking about the plane ride home and how much fun that is I assume you weren't or worry you already watching Arizona today. We just enjoying yourself. I was not I I'd like to get a jumpstart. So much celebration lasts till I get to the -- from picture -- -- on offense actually. Got some time when -- -- and some time this morning and then. And I feel like. You know -- best thing about football it is when the game against the clock it's taken on next week though the longer you know. They can about celebrate the win and got a great we are and how we got you know. It will on the road -- that you go. Home field advantage all that -- you know you're gonna lose next week if that's what you are thinking about self. And you've got to get on the next week whatever we did this last week is gonna have no bearing on this week. And you've got to put that same. Time energy effort into this week as we did last week and I understand. It wasn't perfect last week win or lose. And try to make improvements to what we need to do because. You know that you've got to continue to accelerate. And you got to continue to get better and and we have a lot of room for improvement on both sides of the ball and. And certainly there's only -- they want a tough game yesterday they're gonna come and feel good about themselves. And you know we've got a little home opener. And we got to go out and try to play a lot better and take care of business at home. But a question from me Tom it was 2110 patriots in the third quarter win. The sideline microphone. Picked up -- boot times standing over Aaron Hernandez on the sideline and you can hear clears and that -- anything. On the broadcast -- and I'm gonna have few up all day bitch. Public. Affects how much that goes on during the course of the game a lot a little. A lot a lot there's just his -- I mean it's -- now we're here in the heat of it at about -- media. You know it's just a it's an emotional game I mean there's one big this game you have to play within a -- that you have to feel like. You know you're years you know aid bureau. In our war -- you know pit so to speak your you're its -- it's everything you got -- physical I mean. Between you know before the whistle blows. You know it's beautiful place that's what you're doing -- track and that he returned it to play as hard as you can have been in. It's just that's the nature of the sport -- the guys to play tougher wind and and you -- on a consistent basis what you can out tough the other piece. And and we found a way to play a bit more physical than they did yesterday that was a big part of our success and that's going to be trying to fourteen but that's so we gonna continue to work on and build on it. You know it's it's really been remarkable -- -- for a long time to play physical play Smart and certainly clicked off. Our congratulations on the win good luck next Sunday and try not to scare the -- of the boys at that bandage on your nose and out like Garrett talk Breivik doesn't tell elevates AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE. The interview with Todd has brought you by northeast electrical distributors and gallery BMW.

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