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Jerod Mayo: I Can't Wait For Sunday to Get Here

Sep 7, 2012|

We talk to Jerod Mayo on a Patriots Friday about the season opener @Tennessee and his upcoming Mayo Bowl for charity.

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Powered to go out the -- show short way and with Hollywood about your phone calls and a couple of management talks of football during the course of the afternoon as well. As it is indeed patriots Friday first game of the season. Coming up Sunday against Tennessee a little bit later on Tommy oracle just -- he's added a couple strands on the top of that scalp. And Chris mortenson who will be joining us each and every Friday. Here on the big -- Which is exactly what. -- -- -- does every single week captain once again congratulations are. Art air pressure our conversation with drug. Now is sponsored by Sam Adams Boston -- -- and Boston. Laser Austin laser and Boston longer -- -- the eleven. Issue with Tennessee. You guys have had a tremendous record. Over the years against quarterbacks rookie quarterbacks and this is in essence a -- a rookie this is his first. Real star here how much of that is -- do you think his game plan to disguising certain things stick confusing that quarterback. Laden -- you know we all are so different looks where you're gonna get better quarterbacks aren't -- thing though. Not like you said he played here. He's. He played in natural gas before I play well my vote. And dangerous player. What's it like for you Roger -- to go back to Tennessee when you played college ball there. Had some hasn't had enough success to make yourself a a top ten NFL pick. -- stud -- are going back to Tennessee. It is very exciting not only as he too much and then the whole coaching staff we lift everyone's gone -- already not coaching anymore. You know coach Davis and LSU coach wrote that Clinton does -- not like I have a lot of people there but there are -- that and I do care about -- and he -- -- If you're trying to go back under translate. United united editor Chris that's good job actually get it while. Turn your number -- -- a -- unchanged and how often does it do it powdered detergent number every six months. I don't know how I -- out yeah also. But the people. The people who were supposed to have your number had -- right exactly. Now what we have bad idea for me -- -- the -- that the university of Tennessee's schedule here. Would be a bad idea for me to go Georgia State. In this game tomorrow that's -- -- well -- A terrible I didn't steal all of it. Even though I'm not -- it's our bumper and their full floor this year so. Why sub and wanna game by a couple touchdowns but we do know I -- the SEC is a bit overrated as a conference. -- it. Yeah right okay. And in not a majority stake their Mac. It that it would have bet on it and you wonder what sort that we -- all the. -- out how many sessions now. How many sessions do I get to reach a hundred yards to do any -- Would go on demand -- and I am you. The simplest bill I'll call him randomly on base your future. -- tell you Michael's confused he thinks it's either George or Georgia Tech cannot assure. They must do it that. Defense last year. You guys like 2930. Overall in defense you gave a big yardage in third down situations. Third and long you guys get -- an awful long. How do you how do you get that. You know took up hearing not a group effort. That's -- that the coverage. It's everything and -- -- big picture -- want them Rampage in dinner and get everybody ready to play. We we look we've survived helped Arnold lashing back at camp opened and then let McCain get the title they'll get off the gulf spill. Mr. that they have on the job done 100 pushups in my life and you aren't all that talent and are betting that remote. There are a pleasure out you look look we got a picture of -- -- should check muscle -- -- Yeah. And what I ordered city no one -- budget nor nor could you see that religious event -- to feel better about yourself so they're. Maybe as -- -- defensive coordinator now he's he's a guy who's been around your entire career there in different positions. What's it like to see Matt Patricia. Become the defensive coordinator and has that changed the operation. Any for you. You know he's not like to say and writers and they want me and I always. And a great teacher great leader of and it outside of -- get the title -- Hopefully I'm not saying get turned around since whenever started actually in we'll have a long way to go and that's up Wisconsin and it's the end is a great coach. The way the league is constructed right now most weeks you're looking at a lot of -- lot of dime out there. You've got a running back in this case on Sunday and Chris Johnson extremely dangerous ball through the air. And running the football potty stop him what problems does he present -- Yeah he noticed it is you know he can you compare the speed and one that we played. It's the last -- we played here in the he's like he's dangerous about the actual screen about it wives actors. Some elderly people on blocked an army to beat today -- a -- group effort perfect DB it was a fine. Especially love -- and. Is trash talker is off the field he's constantly talking about how would get 2000 plus yards. -- to talk trash on the on the field. To be absolutely I don't remember but I don't think -- -- awesome -- great competitor. And Egypt -- option in place. What's your bowling game like Weezer which are best -- you -- -- -- 200. On the -- -- true or he might bet I would be a great. Forty. What's your what's your best male bowl score. When the lights are on everybody's looking would do it. Later hey don't don't forget where we first started saying I would -- the first law -- I got their strike. Law right or out on the -- you know exactly at Wimbledon but. They're male vote. Michael want to hear some might add more to come home walking around regulate. Do you keep a -- so we're on the ballclub he had used those gutter traps. You don't know enough. Oh. I broke my car mark actually you are. Well now is this is happening on Monday. It's dead it's a kings in -- too great pleasures that third annual mail bowl celebrity's. Shared a bowling tournament. 600 legacy place. Professional athletes and celebrities will be competing to raise money for pitching it for kids in Boston Medical Center. What else what else can you tell us about male -- and why do start in the first place. What -- to two great organizations like -- at the -- and at Boston medical. Too great and I believe and I wanna platform you know been exactly. It being able to give back -- A great thanks to do it. All of our time in order also come out and get. We beat Cilic. Bill Belichick in the past has brought in a lot of the veteran players sometimes guys that he said another other places to the -- form. Obviously you will for others now -- been elevated to that status. This is a young defensive team. Does that present some problems early on for guys like you guys like -- in that they're gonna make some mistakes they're going to be learning. On the job out there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm not liked it must figure the government though bad. This group -- political every day and work hard and I'm gonna get a great offer every -- you know so we had no choice but to get better. You don't related though. I should mention I mentioned -- below the third annual -- bowl a limited number of tickets are available to the public. Tickets can be purchased on climate one of FaceBook dot com slash mail bowl. And you click on the link in got to be there on Monday. Starting at 6 o'clock here's an awards ceremony there's a live auction. And -- concede Jerod vols somewhere around a 190. Starter Jeff if you're asking them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or 21. -- -- guys aren't I just acted on in the unity over and lose once and life. Have a great game on now Sunday will -- unit for -- are prepared to Ireland minister -- mail each.

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