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Peter King, SI, on Patriots-Titans and Week 1 of the NFL

Sep 7, 2012|

SI NFL writer Peter King joins Mut and Lou to discuss this season's opening weekend and what the Patriots should focus on against Locker and the Titans.

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Once thought our much Lou not a three point seven WEEI part of our patriot Friday as well my favorite parts. A football -- talk with Peter King a -- every Friday at noon and he joins us on the eighteenth the hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three G. It's AT&T rethink possible we know Peter is day. Red Sox supportable keep the body -- questions until sometime after the year for appear. Oh wait particularly if I noted that right right same mind you were inviting. Commercial with him fighting and questions -- You know that are the talent and are -- sure they're gonna be more questions are you outline. Nom I'm go with the questions I just sit back every Wednesday it was to the interview I -- is here and that's at the David from meet Peter enough that. -- -- That or -- that was one of the nutty things I've ever heard in my life that will help the appellate. You it's -- was and I wanna -- that while we're talking about the chaos that just jump rental page charge up to the jets. OK a lot of those guys in the Rex Ryan and that team is they're sick and tired here in about Leo that the word circus which will we hear a lot of body right -- near Boston threats are circus tent. How does that thing unfold he says the best team he's had since he's been there. Or is Norman Vincent -- I mean. If if see. If you had the. EEE reality UMass football team. Shooting out Sunday he would say that's football team ever -- in -- that that's who he is. He's he's power of positive thinking -- these guys. So I don't seek -- community. And you know quite actually. The chips are as if it's any question that any team in the league right now entering the season. That includes all the teams that were theory -- newsmakers and very controversial in the offseason you know like the saints for. And the you know the colts for the Broncos and everything there is it because nobody has any idea right now I mean. Well the last time you saw marks intrinsically good football. Well the last I mean see him. You start you have two or three really sharp rise in Cairo. Lead his team don't feel you can see it at all and in. You know in training camp this summer. Where I would remind you were an awful lot of pressure on interest are showing that. Marks into the left December's not the real sparks interest so. I don't I don't know what we're gonna see -- then obviously. And I cart in its training camp. And he says to me what I -- them out all of the you know what was it apple with a shotgun. -- with the with the wildcat. And coming off the field for both Egypt's. Look light trucks told. Meaning Tony -- and he believes that are in Colorado. As -- -- -- with them and so at this point. I don't think early. If Mark Sanchez is 60% passer and score some points. I don't think I think this team will be a good playoff contender. But he's what he was late last year in inaccurate many skeptical people are regular quarterback except the sole -- -- would not be surprised. You know and hit it yanked and then it's put panic any ineffective again I would be surprised at some point -- if Mac over the third string quarterback comes in at some point start asking for this team because. He is right now in that stable the most accurate Patrick we have. Well all circle back to the patriots to the other big story that everyone's talking about heading in to kick off this week and Peter is the Broncos a team. The -- projected to get to the Super Bowl to take on the Packers. You followed Manning here in the pre season is that all systems go for the old Manning do you think when a kick off Sunday night. I think when you watch meaning twelve days ago in the secret fiscal 49ers that was for him it was a really important keen. For Peyton Manning for the remaining confident in fourteen to be able to see you. Everybody knows that he is. Absolutely. You know a 100% with -- mentally. He's formed good bond and mystery with a -- so far in a bunch of new guys. So he and you'll say that our collection has spent. See it being able to make that twelve ER girl really strong and -- in the 49ers. You know when he told me that summer that when he loses -- you know. In out in Louisiana. Italy at every year college quarterbacks covenant. That college quarterbacks were throwing them on the beeper and and let you know he's just got truck control there and not make the deal of that. And be at the -- -- nine you know go go 4040 right here -- sixty yards so. I just think that organ that -- maybe slightly different meaning but think back. Cooling you've seen me handing it is bad. I mean how often do you see him throwing the ball if your feel. I'll never forget after a year -- Parker -- refer. Fight out in the arts go to training in public -- in college. In her island and we're talking about his partner and everything I had to -- question. Here. I threw for a ball last year they went over 45 -- in the air. And so you know really how vitally important is that howitzer. And it helps but it sure doesn't mean everything. -- look at the AFC office and patriots Houston. Baltimore I think people giving up on Pittsburgh -- habit too soon but are they good enough -- taken to the heights that they can actually compete this AFC's content. Will create -- advocates for non. Entity in her IE you know I think it really depends. Especially if they can stay healthy enough on defense here you know they -- -- in the secondary. I really thought Hillary keep green -- at -- -- -- cutting him. And you know so. I -- I mean they must feel pretty good about their secondary. They got two good. Rusher you know hey you know especially I think Von Miller is gonna really have an outstanding year for -- or so. I think you're going to be good enough on defense and. So. If I don't think he's gonna have to win a lot of games. 3530. On it's it's gonna have to possess the ball mood changed I think he's very very capable do and I. I would -- confidence in the oval seat but I think he can do it. The patriots have added Brandon Lloyd they subtracted Brian Waters and some other pieces around their Peter is there anything in your mind it could derail. The patriots are getting themselves back to the Super Bowl again represent the AFC. I mean not a lot that I can see I mean they look like a really good team. And you know I was really impressed with it even though I only -- one -- your -- meaningful this summer the they keep me in New Orleans we're in now. -- don't start the -- -- shut out of the cannon and so I think. You know to get some help obviously on the defensive front for M. So you know I think this year they're at least is good. And they could be better because of the patient in Italy it's. I think that you know a lot of people would look wonderful war -- -- and that's great question I don't know what can -- -- I don't know is that you know in the last few years. When I when you watched him come down the stretch of the season. Eat you know they believe very very well and then they get -- -- play out where. You don't leave your offense stall to care and beef and mean you -- in the derby but the -- -- initial part of that Eli Manning to little five year. Putting great in the fourth quarter but. I think that should peak year for this. You know -- no idea how many more years debris at he'll tell you -- of course except shorter. But once you get your mid -- you really don't have any idea how much longer you have three quality football. So I think this is this -- very big year for them and they get -- which. No one at significant of people Citic can derail this teams of Tom Brady doesn't isn't given the time we look at this offense they don't have Brian Waters at least for week one and who knows that when he comes back. They donate sold out there in the left tackle maybe they use these extra tight ends to help him out but. Isn't that a big area of concern for team that's supposed to be so offensive mind. I think a lot at teams and you know it's hard to say well -- to -- it and then. They are in they're protect the quarterback in. That is if the patriots too tight end of the definition. Of the term wildcard I mean that he had no idea I mean last year and a in the 21 snaps to running backs so. I don't think that traditionally. What she's she -- It playing too tight end -- necessarily in the air help. You know protect Brady but you know who knows maybe one of the reasons they wanted you know to work out all those other tight end and get the extra tight end. It's. Another one on each and every Sunday to be the traditional. 66 -- that line. You know traditional good blocker on that front. So I think that's part of it and I also say -- will -- the used to that type in particular seem more and more teens. Playing multiple formations and people are -- about Bill Belichick and Eric not what the patriots have done not only because. The success. Of Hernandez and gronkowski but I'll tell you if you -- on Sunday afternoon. Sunday night or other watch how many. I bet it'll be the majority of the snaps the Denver placed too tight -- That they play Jacob K in Angel -- I think they're gonna play in the air base offense. So. I think more and more change your seat -- multiple tight and you're gonna seep into it -- -- -- In Baltimore a lot playing together so I think that's sort of the trend seen this season multiple tight ends and not -- -- protection purposes but for offensive purposes. Peter we get five new signal callers rookies will start the opener here this weekend. Of the five what do you think has the best chance to win. In week one. I think Russell Wilson does because I think if you look at. The opposition. And even the -- Robert Griffin the third gold in the Portland I don't be like in -- only Chicago. I think -- could win this weekend by. I'd still pick Chicago. And -- into Sweden again Philadelphia. Yeah -- right -- until Houston the only team that should look the only that you look at and say. You he's got a really which I think is are so little civic go to Arizona Arizona is really struggling to score points. And you know the one pre season game that Russell Wilson played a lot against. Defensive first scene was UK and the city of seven series and the acting. Six searing -- directed scoring -- on the seven point. You are the few local so if -- you know -- eight. I mean as much as I look at. Much as I -- to be you know -- simply looks certain for your player. Russell -- first thing for you that your senior right now. Peter there regular referees gonna loose week one paycheck and we all know that's what sort of hits all right when that check doesn't command you don't make money. Now Wednesday night look pretty good but we all know fifteen games left the correct some issues here on Sunday. Now who has the leverage because access the referee signaled not getting paid on those guys -- to dancing to -- get this thing done. But then again at the product is not there and feel they will have some leverage. I agree it eight. I think it's the league the leak at the leverage right now based on. The fact that. I was attacking me and I would call -- B minus officiated game. And the consider that the referee was doing and an eight -- eight games in Oregon. A year ago this time. And this is the first game he ever worked with six guys on the crew. I mean to be great -- like eight or they only one glaring error. But no -- call out Victor Cruz at the goal line. They probably should've called a -- on the cowboys in the giant Sony offensive line but I think in general they get a pretty good job which. Yeah that torture looking forward these replacement she wanted to do pretty -- -- -- practically the but I mean talking to both sides this week. You know -- the green wanted to reps so orderly negotiators and told me that you know -- solid and you know they're -- they're very resolute and all that but. I don't know how much longer they can be solid and resolute it's the replacement do a good job but again. There's no two bit or sixteen games played the story line could change drastically on Monday so I just think -- the war. This week -- being I think they'll probably next talk. Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. And you know still anchors actually they compact for week two but they think -- -- compact from week to. It is. Eat you know is safety the the real officials. Look at this thing and basically say you know what we as much as -- yet we've got -- current tension that we really like. That really in anger but we got to give it to you expect to work. You got the Broncos are present in the AFC Padilla in the NFC Peter -- have winning it will of course will not hold you to this because we're all going to be. Well you might be right but will not be wrong it's a. Now I'm not gonna be right by anyway I pick -- pick -- pick them to win 3330. And I just I just look at the Packers and say. I'm got a lot of faith in Don capers to six screwed up the and there were doctors. And -- -- a lot more no huddle is here as they're such good weapons and yet. -- -- You know both the scenery and tight end position. I mean I I think he's gonna have another ridiculously strong year. But again you know they've got one of the problems that we would you know they look at the protection problem -- -- so. That's one of the reasons why I think you're gonna see Rogers go a lot more shocked -- Because it gives you the image. He eat you know we're the defense can't substitute and the defense -- tired. We -- months of football on Sunday starting this -- Peter King Sports Illustrated joins us every single Friday and the -- Peter great stuff is always look for talking throughout the year. He's one of the best Peter King joints on the ATP outline what Peter joins us this conversation is sponsored by reference the town fair -- quick break come back. Thought we -- with the jets -- Well the more -- conversation there because that thing could go south real real quick keep it here.

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