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Mike Lombardi: You can't beat the Patriots without an elite quarterback

Sep 7, 2012|

NFL Network Analyst Mike Lombardi called into D&C to talk about the Patriots chances to get back to the Super Bowl. Mike discusses the importance of elite qbs to win in the NFL, how much longer can Brady perform at an elite level, should the Patriots expect Brian Waters to play this season, and if is Ryan Mallett the future at quarterback for the Patriots.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan it is a patriots Friday our conversation with Mike Lombardi is sponsored by town fair tire and -- HSA. Insurance Mike joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE. Mr. Marty how are you are doing great thank -- -- we're doing very very well excited to get this thing up and running this weekend five I believe rookie quarterback starting for their respective teams how do you think that's gonna go -- guys like. Well I think you know when you read the five this year and five last year you got ten quarterbacks and obviously new franchise franchisees are counting on I think really in two years from now probably. Will look back and I would say just for those teams will have their solutions -- quarterback I think it's going to be a challenge for the young guys to come in the league. And be effective right away I think organizations have to really. Take a strong will concede they really have other guys -- twenty games to really know what you have a quarterback. And I think once you get past that point these teams are gonna have to make decisions. For example -- Christian Ponder really our future of Minnesota is cakewalk for the future in Tennessee I don't think they can those teams can say with certainty. Much like Indianapolis and much like Carolina can and probably much like watching because that they have the quarterback of the future. And you ultimately be a great or successful or extremely competitive football team in the National Football League with out a very very good if not great quarterback. Are you can't but to me it's the number one thing you must accomplish as a personal directors and executive in the league you have to come in and take. Any price bear any burden to get quarterback because you can't compete. At the highest level united beat the New England Patriots would just with defense and try to win the game thirteen to ten you're not going to be -- green bay Packers and that's -- your quarterback. Must be blue chip he must be the guy and set the temple for the team he must be the hardest worker he's going to be the best leader. All those qualities that Tom Brady possesses issue but you have to have them. You know it's it's it's it's really difficult to compete against. Both quarterbacks if you don't have one and I think it's a challenge. Obviously it's something Bill Belichick doesn't have to worry about as long as Tom Brady stays healthy if the opposite happens will he be criticized will do you scratching your head about -- out and Ryan -- now the heir parent. -- I think once you turn the Cardin for Ryan mallet Bryant worst time was over -- -- developer. Hit developed Ryan -- for the future and it's funny when he made it Richard Seymour trade I was I got a phone call with the Los Angeles like a phone call from Iraq. How -- executive in the league in Egypt and the guy just says to me is well Belichick's post -- he just got. Brady's replacement with that pick now that it didn't turn out to be a quarterback but I think he did get it would right now. I think he might be able to develop and other -- I'd like Brian -- on the huge Brian lower them but. Porter's contract would go to expire at the end of the season he would do to make one point nine million. And I think you conceived by all the moves the patriots have been making. That they needed that cap room to give them a little bit more flexibility to put a 1000009 in a backup quarterback and they couldn't do at this point. So they felt like it was better off to let them build and keep them on the team. And I think somebody would be really Marcus I'm Brian where I don't understand why Brian Hoyer doesn't have a job I think what happens in the league. It's it's really hit it I was talking to somebody else the other day. The picture can make it a thousand moves they've got a good teams some of the teams that are bad don't make any moves just don't want to you wonder why some teams are more restaurants -- They might also works in this in the front office in the back rooms when you're trying to determine how much time how many years -- quarterback in franchise quarterback has left I'm looking at the ages. That the top QBs over the years were done and some were done in the mid thirties Boomer Esiason. Drew Bledsoe -- on the McNabb. Hum others you know that went in the forty's we noble farm Vinny Testaverde. Warren Moon most of you know 3738. Brady's 35 says he'd like to play and it was forties. They they can't just say oh good he'll be great for 567. More years. -- do the patriots determined that time that the that men approximate that date when they have to actually live life without Tom Brady. Well I think he you watched the tape and you see you know the number one thing you have to look at this is she's still willing to make the throws down the field as he's still -- execute the entire offense. I mean what happened with older quarterbacks is they get kind of set in what they wanna do. And what they wanna do may only benefit their own game for example you know we were in Cleveland. You know we we had quarterbacks that just wanted to -- checked out -- -- so they come off the field that you -- with ten for twelve. And my percent to completion look at this book yet he threw for 25 yards. If the quarterback regardless of the -- is willing to execute the office in its entirety. And that means doing what the offense has to do not tell the game around making your stats look good. That I think you can you you have to make a change I think that shows up on the tape pretty clearly -- and you watch it. The one thing you don't want to say when you're watching the quarterback it's -- we would have it would have on the ball here look at what happened here of what we do this. I think that becomes the issue of having built the telltale sign. And now as supposedly guys physically and -- -- gotten hurt too much doesn't have. Miller Dan Marino blows Achilles if he's not and he keeps himself in shape so there is hope brownie of the Brady will be able to do into his forties. Do you think that Brady the -- baby Brady retires is the day Belichick stepped down. Now I don't I think I think bill has this insatiable. Appetite to coach and I think it's I think what would make separate bill from I think -- separate all great coaches is still has those -- to comfort. Mean bill was never comfortable -- never feel like we've got it. And and bill always driven every day and I think it's a trait that we all the great people have bet that the sense of of comfort is never in the vocabulary Tom Brady's never comfortable. I think every that you're to challenge you get up in the morning and you've got to go out prove yourself clinic that's part of bill's life and they got what he does well. I think that's what he likes to do and I don't think he's defined by a player or his career is going to be defined by a player certainly it's a great marriage Brady and Belichick. But I hope that that's the true definition of the -- career. Mike circling back to good or bad or in different quarterback play the jets -- doomed to mediocrity if this is the ceiling for Sanchez. Well look I I don't with the jets -- Bad is -- they've looked in the pre season so I don't think they can win playing the bullish about the Woody -- game that they've decided to play I don't think you know running the football in the National Football League is is really hit it. A time element in this sense of this I mean the patriots need to run the ball more effectively to control the pace of the game but their passing game is going allow them to score points. And for the jets the justice -- run all the good that was established field goals and try to win games thirteen to ten I mean to be honest that they be better off just. Point people in the Denver style because that's the way they're gonna have to win by the centers the quarterback for -- the quarterback. And I think the jets have enough defense to play those kind of games -- they can beat -- inferior teams but it could be a really good teams only to can be difficult. Or do you think is the second best team in the AFC east. I don't think I have an answer I would think it was awful for awhile but buffalo in the pre season has not look effective now buffalo. It's the scheme oriented team I think that's the thing as patriot and you have to really understand the patriots are a game specific team. And by that it means that they game plan specifically for the opponent. And when they game plan for the opponent and -- planning on what plays are gonna work against people that their game planning what plays. The opponent's adjustments can't handle and that's the key element of football and I think part of buffalo does some of those things to -- so buffalo was tough to evaluate this summer. I'm concerned about their overall defense and I'm concerned about the offensive line about -- I think the jets and buffalo looked to me the people 500 type teams and they're gonna compete on a -- are a lot about the east. All on on Sunday when multiple places. Just when you think the dolphins in the cellar of the doubt. I think the dolphins. You know look the dolphins are -- -- said -- often the dolphins are rebuilding their team they don't wanna come out say they are. But that's the reality when -- started rookie quarterback who only has nineteen starts at Texas say them. And you've got no receivers to really help them -- a rookie right tackle. -- you've got a lot of a lot of things that are not in place I think you're saying you're rebuilding a high -- Stephen Ross's commitments that he expects to seem to be a playoff team. I don't think -- and I'll watch in the same game. If you were only allowed to watch one football game this Sunday should I assume it would be one of the new quarterbacks may be RG three or lock in those two games. -- are probably like separatist go green bay Cuba I really think that's a fascinating game because it's set the temple rather early for San Francisco do they have enough of a passing game. To go in the Green Day to handle in the could score more than fifteen points. And except -- just collector that that -- type of schedule benefit them I think you're very good football team but we're gonna find out how good they are. When they play against sophisticated passing game and can they match. That passing game that the -- -- that's going to be a really interesting game. You know all the first your quarterback and RG three goes and down the superdome he's never gonna hear noise like this. Never embellished career that he urine was that the people when they went to Austin played that the longhorns remain. That's going to be something that's going to be difficult I happen to think Andrew Luck has a really good kid to go and play well in Chicago but to me the game -- wanna watch the most separatists have greenback. I am looking at the headlines to your latest column that says cowboys ravens will be better in 2012. Patriots Steelers will be worse. Last year the patriots a thirteen three I can't believe you got them going three and thirteen this year is that right -- All night I got that she put that that's where those editors of the on the carpet sell us on a personal papers with a look at. What I that what they wanted me to do as a director going to be but I mean twelve and four for the patriots this is still would put these I think this. I think rebate fifteen and one I think they would trade in those fifteen wins to not be old one in the playoffs and I think the patriot through trade in those thirteen wins to go free you know. In the playoffs is that a 21 in the playoffs and I think that's really what was my point was. I think the one thing you're seeing with the patriots all these movements that they've made in -- in this week -- of leading up -- the first game particularly with the roster. Not because it's gonna benefit them from beating the titans are beating Arizona in the second game but it's gonna benefit them from beating the best teams in the league. That they get that rosters set perfectly to make him play the game in any style on any fashion they have to play it and still be able to win. If you have any insight on Brian Waters what he's doing what he plans. Brian Waters does I think it clearly you know it's it's a situation where it's a personal matter I mean Brian Waters family was in Kansas City elected they've moved backed out of Dallas. He's got a family -- -- if you want to play football I think but it definitely does badly so torn at the very difficult position. And you know when you play in one place for so long it becomes much harder to move across the country your kids are in school we tend to lose sight of that and I think that. Brian Waters probably not much because forum but probably wants to be a part of this kid like it is tough to do it when when the games in Foxborough and the typical school and now. But a question for me and Mike in your estimation which coach will be first finding himself on the hot seat this year would be Andy Reid Rex Ryder somebody else. Well look I think Andy Reid notes he's got to win games and we get we're comes out even know Bob LaMont physique and try to get him a contract extension before and it's definitely comes down to eight -- -- -- get it done though. I think that I think we'll kill pilgrims -- the -- by the new coach the Miami Dolphins to his owners expecting. To be a better team and I don't think he got the team to be better so I think that's going to be a challenge for him as well. And and when you just go polygamy -- -- obviously it's gotta be played also that I could keep their job down there and I think people realize that. But there's always those one or two teams that that the supporters during the season that that put the the onus on the coach and galloped another example until they want opening day but I think that's a team that you have to monitor closely because the expectations are extremely -- Mike -- the lead you can lead -- out of the closet now. I have a thicker ice that are up for a walk secret I mean she just loved the radio she got a lot of is that we keep the monitor. Enjoy the week -- talk today we -- about our conversation with Mike Lombardi has brought few by town fair tire and -- HSA insurance he joins us of course on the AT&T hotline.

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