Sep 7, 2012|

if Bobby loses his job with the Red Sox, it looks like he is lined up to be joining the Dennis and Callahan Morning Show.

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Many people think that if Bob Levy loses his job with the Red Sox you'll meet a sense. Of corporate earnings and answered but he's not -- because John -- is suffered -- -- position on the Dennis and Callahan morning show good you're you're doing is massive lack of sleep -- is always a little -- in the morning. -- jury in the mouth. Andy's already in frantically promise Jerry video show up early for show crap -- show up at 330 or more every day. Hey he's promised eleven meters dumb jokes are simply doesn't mind dealing with dean seems producers. Incompetent. People and doesn't even care if the audience doesn't like him that war -- to them so easy but we won't mind if he loses that managerial do you -- I don't what are you sick of holding press conferences anyway you're really good car and he definitely won't have to travel period. Brokered -- -- coliseum. So don't worry you Bobby leads the Red Sox he's got an open invitation to meet you right here we DNC. It's going to turn out.

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