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Adam Oates, Bruins Legend and Washington Capitals Head Coach

Sep 6, 2012|

Mikey, Ryder, Lenny and Phil Castinetti talk with Adam Oates about his time with the Bruins, making the Hall of Fame and his expectations as head coach of the Capitals.

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Or to -- discussion about how many yankees might must be on this on the stuff the idea of the PE PA's you know how many roads are still doesn't think any of them and I think on. I agree -- -- has been out of for years. You have to be a big bulky guy now they get testosterone now you know they got to HG HH GH. Film in a miracle -- if guys don't blow up -- veins sticking out their eyeballs like the used to. All these -- these -- guys made but nevermind that for now because. It's my pleasure to bring out to the radio program tonight -- guy who hard to believe. Just turned fifty years old and it really is a remarkable number for guy looks -- young guy who's now the coach of the Washington Capitals and our -- of ever. It's Bruins legend among other teams at a votes. Won't -- I got a note how I got -- cast and -- here and -- meg Leo that it is sounds like Italian night do we get to John Ryder over here hi you've been. -- number. We're all good -- except for the super Bobby Valentine the Red Sox were doing great up here and why would you want -- ever but I'm the -- that's Adam why would you want to do this. -- on this program are not. Oh culture they had coached. That would be -- you know white -- what you wanted why -- -- had no headaches. -- -- ER I still. I look at it like it's an extra -- highlight of the player. And -- Ali you set up if you're already in a while everybody but yeah. But you know what it it's an -- -- in my life but I get an opportunity to -- good guys and and try -- out along a little hockey knowledge -- -- we can. Former teammate went to games and do well. I really I -- senator talent. And it would be the next step for you whatever you're you're coming up an assistant with the with the devils a YouTube obviously comfortable out and watching you spent so what's on six years of that team. Yeah I hit a bit but -- you know what I was taught chemical and -- the complaint now all. Way more special order and where the -- -- or the other -- now. -- it. Thought we were not a sport that you know it changed. And all excited to be part of it. You know it's look at the challenger. -- echoed that are. It edit it seems like Washington's always so close vote in terms of record it seems like they always have these -- records of that feel early in the post season. -- why do you think that is an Heidi hope to turn that around. Go to Atlanta -- everything. Here but -- be managing the Red Sox. Yeah are there. But we're currently contemplated under you're right yeah close. The doctor. Don't want our record is going to wonder if indeed it. Arguing get out there -- -- -- and you're getting a -- and call or -- parity. -- border and it really really aided and particularly you know we're a team. All it will get ultimately get good -- all right. And shall. Adam what did you learn as an assistant coach that you know how can apply it to be in the number one guy. Go I learn from everybody you are -- what -- repeat or collect regular at tactical. You know you PP career Rico Florida. We're a courier did -- play out. Now all of my street in final goal to become a good coach last year. Well I don't think so I think we talked about it -- not ready. But I think you're very Smart man that are going your way. I get the player they re right side may get a couple great. Altered -- some. And you know all all all I'm gonna try to do -- cook incorrectly. And hopefully things work our way. Are you going to pick your on the assistance. Like Bobby Valentine didn't half academic and horror. They -- same place third is that still in the works. Or why aren't the the assistant coaches -- may be optics only be holdovers. You know what I hired Kelli ordered that -- played -- In Washington -- years. Who literally their split that -- put -- was watching it and we're so great. Like that my rookie red Kelli and her job. Thought I gotta encourage we're not under Benedict then just because of the corruption. Where dirt road street that want it ignited and -- on time it sure helps. And Margaret in -- who they are you want time that I actually coach Elliott being watched there record on -- Who have great respect or blow it just worked out -- it. I gotta ask is a former -- you have you have some pretty good years obviously at a 140 some points one year for the -- remember that 97 assists I think was what 939293. A big season for the -- by what you are I was standing far away from it and knowing what the Bruins fans have been through for a very long period of time here. 39 years how did you feel for the Bruins franchise when you watch them finally when it you years ago. On. Be equally on that it makes it. Moderately happy or. People that I know that I liked it and -- the fans because. Uproot center -- and and I really enjoyed my -- Are there are being created it and -- arm. You get a little bit of a -- figure well. -- But but you know why they want to you know have a lot of people -- Your -- order a great -- to play victim who. And sports -- they're great they're. Oh you know I I would become a happy. Let me ask you about a guy who I think it it's admittedly you're Ochoa there had left that Africa movement -- I got -- -- compared some of the things on the guy's obviously you know year year assists totals are remarkable -- fifth ties that he is DHL. One of my personal friends have played National Hockey League I think of him and ends in somewhat of a similar vein to you as far as you aura. -- did willingness to give up the park at the right time and that's Ron Francis a guy you don't really think about that much for number two all time and assist. How is that comparison fair and it's a compliment right. I can have a column and I I could -- where they -- and get my little rear and not a party that where. Happier outlook are probably -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I I think that would government ought to do. You know I'm -- -- that you require. At a replay it was so muddy ray player -- I'm not gonna you know have you single out one but you name some of the best easiest. To play -- terms of your style on your plane making Seattle with the men against cricket. You don't -- I would not say that they took -- -- all proud of bears. I played with two guys scorcher eagle yeah. That every area and -- -- right and you know what point if -- never got it. I -- we were cool. And here. Where I'd be game they. That they -- -- out -- out of that. Buick and who are here you're forty you -- it on one leg what -- sure she's credible and put in the work because you weren't there. Quite know what we're gonna go through. Just to get out and it -- It was true anomaly years ago I went on like he did and he retired a year later Wright spoke. Incredible that it appropriate all. The elected or they aired an airplane put you know when the couple other player and a great or. Move. Well Utley put me to another level player like him outrage. You know Motrin and -- Re a little bit older -- at a -- and -- -- and kind of gave me a better player. And on your people -- -- -- don't work -- how are you where he would let them be like oh look we're iconic Obama. -- when you don't listed play I was just so I'm sorry John you did play for -- you know last. I mean I think about the air you played in there was a period of time for five years we're all only Wayne Gretzky had more points -- you. You know but you're at your feet a lot of these guys and set these guys up the red wings the -- on the blows the Bruins at capitals. Are you you probably played with -- almost everybody. Yet vehicle audio where. My Brothers on our immediate release though. Any certainty what do you play in Canada. And I said well. It's harder Lambeau it but I was well I would at a check the trying to I Oprah in Canada. You know Wayne Gretzky and aerial view Mark Messier and Robert Trent. -- how -- what the Senator Obama opened up a particular but I. She adds you know. One of the need to make certain that. -- the names you mentioned earlier agreement Cam Neely did you ever envision him as the end working in a front opposite of being a team president like he is with -- -- -- -- -- I mean. That I can't beat your -- you have to act into article movie. And -- Like you we are gonna render my uncle and so we all -- a boat through a memoir of the lower court earlier. I think you're really into -- -- It on the cup. Appears ability to French and Katrina. -- -- -- -- What topic coach you think QB I mean do you have set it's something said in mind that are gonna be disciplinary and or I just kind of let it play ounce he might personnel. Treat -- all -- lie that might be some special cases have to treat differently. Any idea about what their approach is going to be as the head coach now. I myself. Kind of a lot of -- where. You know I've met out there and we don't air pocket you heard me. What are April Serbia -- What admiral our user. We live and I remember Terry now where technology is -- voters are private life. -- -- -- Sorry can't vote. -- -- -- about it you do you were there it was your book or why whoever you don't you don't arrive at. The rule. The -- we -- mobile. And the rule or more are -- and -- the whole user ordered her you know what if your -- -- Now we are. Well I don't LA. Father -- Hitler -- are not at all. Your by the rules like oh well hopefully someone on client who grew up. And when he knows the rules are expected to do the best -- -- to follow matzo. A I wanna say. Good luck to you when you're going to be the sixteenth coach of the washing in ten capitals and we wish him best look at that not too much market obvious against the Bruins but also you're coming to Burlington. This weekend sign in a few autographs for -- hero Bruins fans. Yeah yeah. I'm gonna look I agree we'll and any sport well. -- it will come out at it and and remember the fact that they appeared well look at or. -- it's even get a lot of calls soul everybody's still remembers and can't wait to see you and you know we'll see you Saturday morning. Atlantic now I've policy that Adam thanks for taking time to talk to us and good luck again this season with a cap. You're at a policy hall of Famer fifty year old hall of Famer. Adam -- he's a good man is agreeing he sounds almost -- level headed Libya -- -- -- coaches you know he played a very level headed brand of an idea that he is always cool with a partner what do we know where to go at it. And had. I huge impact as he matches we we certainly will echo a lot of people's careers by making it easier for them to do what they do was score probably -- -- -- it right big smile and a there and a handful there Reynolds had this and over his decision but the desirable of this -- Shia. It's pretty good I like the two Arabic thank animals for joining us.

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