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Sep 6, 2012|

Mikey gets some NFL opening week picks from his buddy Adam Meyer.

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OK we get tons of calls waiting for the -- the talk about the Bobby Valentine situation and others Morgan erected a couple minutes but I think it's important. We talked to -- -- atom is not common because I have I've checked -- with a lot of notes how -- -- -- genius I am in Dallas last night. -- c'mon you gotta you -- from my from when you called it last week I don't comment you just -- your voice to this and I'm glad you got me on because I was running a Little League with freedom -- the airport so glad I mean at halftime for the second half that of what we should know at an airport. You know -- the truth is you know what's amazing to me is that. He literally was part of the media not too long go to questions the -- and an -- -- act like that the media when he soon to be lucky to be again part of the media after he gets fired so you know. We all that being said yet Dallas was a great play for everybody who called in and got it in and I and I know you know we we -- -- in the midst of all the Bobby Valentine talked. But this is a great opportunity for everyone especially going into the weekend. With the NFL so if -- hear me for the first time it's a great opportunity people signed up last. Week they know you know featured obviously all over the country. We don't play real money sports dot com is your website read real money sports that'd just like it sounds dot com -- asked about a couple games. Absolutely about the bills jets because you know we hope we need to jets. You we do it and you know there's we talk about line value we teach people all over. That that this is not gambling gambling 5050 -- to win percentage is nearly you know was between 65 and 70% every year that literally makes people life changing money you know. And the like -- at a minus six in this game it's all the way down to three because the jets looks so inept during the pre season. But I got to tell you that the jets win this game you know beat the bills have worse problems they have no offensive line. Fred Jackson the good solid all purpose back but other than that nothing offensively jets win they win by ten they -- wanted to know on for. Lot of -- -- -- that's a -- and they are to minus three. Yeah it's it's a minus it's a minus three and you know I I know the reason you -- -- to have me on so of course we're doing that. That big thing like we did last year the you know the 85 game program that starts you know really it started last week. Everybody could still get you know on board with a big plate tonight Cincinnati native who was in that game tonight. We would skip the segment to this week on not enough you know tomorrow but everybody has to call to get the selection for tonight Cincinnati Pitt. Yes they get on board to get that if there in their tonight. Utley asked another question by the way the number they called -- to get involved real money sports dot com is the website 803555883. Now Adam. The real the real reason we've -- -- -- -- real game when asked about of course is knowing the Patriot Act Tennessee. Now. Lifetime fright is surprised to find attractive I five and have a 160 and again you know did. Not just from myself you know we have Foreman FL players who now work for me and and our stat people are tremendous our computer software but if you look at the titans they're going to start the second youngest defense in the NFL this year. And they ranked fourth youngest a year ago. And I didn't inexperience shows particularly when stopping the run and you know watching the film the titans defense had trouble stopping interior Russia's last year they ranked the worst unit in the league on runs up the middle so. There's going to be some opportunities this weekend. You know. Listen Belichick is worried about that offensive line usually in years past in in the pre season it didn't matter dating show anything. That wasn't the plan you know this pre season he is concerned. Without offensive line so. They got to we know they got to protect Brady -- the locker inaccuracy he's not an NFL quarterback eventually that's gonna show. Patriots get the job done they win by fourteen. And and again it's not just the football here if you remember last year we came on around this time. We finished -- the playoffs into the World Series to winning fourteen straight so we also do the baseball and tremendous information right now when you find out who they're gonna call up right before game. And start in inlets and the veterans resting give people the opportunity. So again it's it's 85 games right now we're one and go after Dallas last night. And we we'd talk to players as you know people bet a million dollars a game for people who start you know smaller their pro. Like you thought you would put 500000 dollars in the majors winning the Super Bowl and I radio small potatoes guy. Yeah well well I I know I know you guys are so busy with with the with the down -- issue and I appreciate you want me to stop in. You know but again. Yeah I know you're gonna give up the phone number but I can't remember. It's been a long time since we talked like this about the information on the since he -- game the lines moving a lot the information it's for a reason I've got it. So again I you'll give up the phone number everybody will call will get everyone signed up tonight and are looking forward to. And Adam thanks a lot. OK take a -- Adam wins. It is it is real money sports comes -- -- 8035553.

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