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The Bobby Valentine debate continues

Sep 6, 2012|

Mikey continues debating whether Bobby Valentine has given up on the Red Sox.

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All of our guys I. I -- let's talk baseball and football let's talk both wide god I already did go baby I'm ready to goes up. After last night's game it is effectively wasted. My appetite you seriously when you're right. You write on your prediction I'm wanna know you know there's very few guys on our WP EI dot com slash pics page. Women Dallas Cowboys on our staff was me. Big -- kitchen the producers of of the big Choi and Michael Hartley and that's -- and nobody else had that can manage it myself Errol said -- -- this fraudulent. -- -- they were actually you know I was such cuts at the end that cowboys offensive line would have some problems it did not -- and Tony Romo played well. Tony Romo did play better than you might expect although it was kind of -- -- penalties. Penalties and I felt like it was he'd temporary respite and not really. I thought they were five the news going to be much worse yeah I mean there's the early season jitters the affected Dallas likes to get penalized anyway as part of their thing yet there was only four penalties on the chance -- thirteen and Ellis -- union down is about Heidi when that well and he beat some big plays out through twelve for Romo those biggest -- a real answer for dizzy there for awhile. And -- now you know for the Dallas Cowboys so while the giants are already in -- hole. And they they were -- are great last year with 500 for one of 44 pressures and daddy don't NFC I think the toughest division and its depiction of what -- the giants who -- minutia but. The NFC east if you get the cowboys the giants to the Eagles outline there. -- all regret it ended and some many of those teams had something to prove so there's no question that wild cowboys and Eagles yes and it's to a four. -- Burnett -- We have also of course the continuation of our. A road trip from values over offseason from -- continues -- much of that flight -- I'm trying to figure out now what what is the if the Red Sox for 720 in September. And what's there to see what's the record revenue on when September. So far this year. Yeah walking -- and that while Jon Lester would at all at all and yet that's right thanks to Cody Ross. In the Hardaway and and Brian a -- way. So the Red Sox dollar 6375. So the overall record is seventy. And 95 the office. Since the beginning of last September's knows there's some were to be done yes they're raised as a start with probably. -- -- time to make a move you know manager and again we're counting down John the fourteenth as the deadline I set. Just using my blame my a common sense. That beyond that time and of course the Red Sox could lose you know between now and then 867 more games. But -- try to figure a way that they can't that they they actually keep Bobby Valentine in that position after all it's. Our guard down last couple days to recover Sports Illustrated here at that -- California. And of course is awful season. Jinx it's dirty bid -- it's long since Beijing right moment James would be to do it for them Billy -- out the rest of the games no jinx why -- reversal resources and yet but I you know this has just been so unbelievable. And of course restart of the world right away would you list of the players you caught it. For next year's says ballclub and let let's think about this. Vick could use a shortstop. Okay you say they have candidates every team always has candidates for for every position. Whether their minor leaguers are you know hangers on or whatever. But the Red Sox need -- fielder now right. But it another outfielder you could say they can use to outfielders who is going to be director I would just go with one just for fun and a left fielder a shortstop. Catcher maybe the -- -- figure that situation how big Derosa to third. Stress secondly -- first baseman. The unity day starting pitcher. Start a case of Wesley and they brought into who knows with the opens gonna look it's and that's always the case -- -- team -- to -- that's a great keep organized. Starting pitcher first base. -- shortstop and left field as the top priorities and you can you can live with a -- you have certainly -- a guy hit for power but I you know again their -- the American truck there's someone named. John Molina -- there's only one Molina left -- -- getting -- Yadier Molina from from Saint Louis got to be somebody out -- name Alina I don't care where he has got -- -- go through the minor league rosters gold to the Dominican or go somewhere where there's people -- Molina and find him. Because that's the winning -- having a bit -- New Orleans probably was already closed around 300 possible -- 350 isn't -- okay though. I know why that is an area that -- you weren't sure everybody doesn't matter if your -- is a big fat low remember what he when he hit for the cycle against the Red Sox that was the audit cycle probably ever had by a -- valuable because he never ever triples home that's -- yes so. But let's -- want our catch it Molina as -- short of that I want to. I would like to have Maria Molina the and the meteorologist for the Fox News Channel in the studio would be your email female and I'm I'm office so hard she's -- Our phone number here six or 77790. -- fifty will take your comments on the Bobby Valentine gate or the but it -- called it I mean yes there's just an unbelievable weird bizarre day. To be back to sure to be Bobby V this every day and yet yesterday. And have -- -- before Joseph has to sit and talk to with a pregame news out Bobby yeah. It was well a question needed at a encourage it either way it had quite a yet today. I love Sports Illustrated and you know -- -- a beautiful -- it is and I got to stick him in there with that situation. And he says don't you -- anybody question my integrity and the only jet. Joseph the nicest guy isn't a lot of nice guys they don't want -- they thought I don't they bicycle together what joke that's what everybody but you have to have to ask some of those questions on day and a day where Bobby -- threatens to punch of the bingo in the miles. Just to be funny -- from room Maria. I got a text already on the -- things in Napoli you'd don't sweaters for it I don't want looked into him a little bit and I had a down year. He's not he's in batting average very low I like committees have an impact guy and -- aren't afraid to swing the ball and changed the complexion of the game. But I'm not sure. Napoli you know and to bring and how much money you think you might command is the catcher you want behind home plate hitter. You can play first base he's an option -- score is -- an option. I can play -- Ted catcher sometimes the first -- of -- not not a great defender by the way. So but he too -- -- that runs fine in -- in the eighties plays half the games -- catcher or you know a third of the protestors to back up did to work. Saltalamacchia. And then plays first base DH number that the question remains ago and this is really what what were talked about here as far as the recession at the -- first baseman in the middle of the order. First baseman who's available. You know to them as of the beginning of of next season -- and I haven't checked the competent starting pitcher would help to have freeagent listed is there just -- free agency actually I I can. Rattle off -- there's not much out there Mike yeah that'll remotely anti sports team right. Well on the big danger Josh Hamilton's tag rank you with two big days. And a big -- -- rate hit a great season for kids -- says that he's been a little bit today questionable -- -- -- better for the angels this past couple of starts including his last one but now I -- we're gonna start his program with callers and and have -- all night -- we do that every every -- -- but you know we have Steve from Fall -- already on -- collect -- -- -- all of you out there listening you don't want Steve from Fall -- to be first on the program. Then you she was across 6177790. -- fifty or 808525 or did you weigh in what have you favorite to a subject as we're getting ready. Four -- the patriots over and the -- and you know the things onto these temporary -- res. People that are into this kind of thing take the under for the first couple weeks of the season. Because I don't think. I think I think penalties and and teams just not be rated to throw their full force of of office of power out there I think the islanders is going to be Tibet. So for the first couple weeks of the year. Yeah I'm not sure I mean look I think it's so dependent on the game in the teams as it always is also got a note here an actual. Mailed snail mail no John don't get many letters no we don't we realize don't -- just -- -- emails tons of text. From prison. No -- dollars from a person that's in prison no no I didn't know -- was for a person in prison. Well they usually -- was a right anymore now it's dated August 30 and it came from Attleboro Massachusetts. Mikey we absolutely love sleepy -- the song that we now finish the program which would have we have before show. Will you please please underlined play it all the way through now that of course is -- are closing theme. Stolen as all over at the -- -- went from bottom three amigos. Thank you so much -- am yes. Ready and act like there's. We love -- and when he to not Ryder fine that's fine you know why and his appointment as you are likable guy you know what it is what's your negativity. -- or my honesty as I would with the problems OC honesty and my realistic approach. The fifth. If negativity and by the way most things we get this over the top most people say we don't like they don't like me they'd like writers so I -- just bringing this up for that one reason -- sellers are listening that saw accurate and that's -- that's the way to be all you can like -- can hate me whatever. I text messages committed 85850. Somebody just text to how to get a W the guy teacher well how to why get a W -- -- teacher of would you go alcohol and help our promotions manager big bill. If seeking office and T shirts sports. Or let's go one step further let's go better than T shirts like collared golf shirts. Something like that. That we can give away and broke sharp in I patio you you who -- one of those share. Ready -- where I would. -- when you're not wearing your militants close to your Comcast gig that's right -- where I would so let's do that in America note written a memo. Let's get a memo gold patio to bill. They'll build -- -- promotions we need shirts we -- we want when most voted via. Sam. October fest -- -- are trying to elicit interest and demands -- requests. Let's see who's got a phone oh yes -- Fall River now. To let him go first. -- we know he's going to be negative we'll start Nagin will start positively first we'll start with. Doug in the cart -- your first and and people have larger Brodeur how I bet I'd be negative and wanna hear some -- yeah yeah yeah -- -- -- -- Stephen Fall River he's like you. God daughter your arrogance and not just you -- Alter. -- Odds are you are article are that you're without a dispute Libya NBA -- -- united boot on their side like it ought to do you have any dispute about. You add up our that are not organized yet -- created well did you. I'm not gonna waste time telling you it is conspiracy amongst these temporary guys who were just like really grab in fifteen minutes of fame and it. They pull these guys in I think they're doing the best they can't I'm not gonna question their integrity. Like you -- would Bobby Valentine. But no I'm gonna tell you that I don't really have a problem with a the only pro last real big problem John I have with the rest was it was the this super balls are surprised I don't know steady the infamous. Face -- I don't keep hammered away at those guys because they're relatively reputable plus they have the replay and -- the scoring plays big plays the use the replay. They throw the bean bags they have a system of checks and balances in the NFL. That -- calls these guys they have to be better in the NBA -- it was I Ramirez don't have the answer to anybody including David Stern. The -- -- -- remember that last season for -- a a big missed call you know muscles hockey league. Again who I believe it was chargers Broncos yeah. We've totally -- one yeah yeah people do that side of the game but what you hate to see dug it. Is a constant a pattern of blown calls in in in particular the -- favoring one team or one player or the other. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah and the European -- you got for you get on -- -- Makes all the other bad yeah. And pitches and I -- job street how to court. I'm Scott -- operate -- up big numbers. I appreciate the call and I agreed on a percent them very positive guy by nature. Unlike Stephen Allred let's just get Steve out of the way -- sometimes you can be positive let's find out -- positive on the reds this year the only I would. Odd at all I well not about it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But they all -- a simple yeah. -- app why it happened. At short. Club that I'll bet they love it. About it that way should there. You're more explaining why you're not wrong yeah right like he'd admit that I admit when I was wrong last -- -- -- -- Act now. I got -- right (%expletive). That bill. Well not right now I don't. Believe. That you probably agrees he's not the regular right. I thought that all that I thought that I like it I don't now in the nuts and. I get a shot up after the it odd. That. Yeah and Hillary I restated eating at affairs shop today and that's something we don't argue about because I really think most people say well what do you like him or not. Eating after -- not a -- fall but he added violent at this juncture it's very difficult to Sunday after all it's gone down today and yesterday and you know. It's it's -- season while -- -- -- -- the patriots day you coolest thing now. That that was the killer for him because he really lost whatever respect he was a Saturday night show Wright than I -- Forest Hills of an area.

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