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Thursday, September 6th Whiner Line

Sep 6, 2012|

Everybody wants to punch Ordway!

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My view is excusing views expressed and expressed -- my -- these -- -- -- -- received this car. We -- discretion music box to be totally Morris and now losing Laura your line. You do get the impression. That. Maybe you've kind of checked out if you checked out of us. An embarrassing things say you know civic which you written amount -- -- itself. Like Dick Dell and now some little embarrassing to you what why would somebody then how did someone didn't realize yeah. Can we TI lorry near lie and I dissident -- -- -- because you're late. At a ball game last week. That there certainly are. Because whoever wrote that you know what happened you know who that might so let's go deeper and I need to -- obesity. And I got good -- on the road and it is quite late. Dial 6177793525. Of our great great or greater January and Bobby I'm I'm reading the formation. We're not late -- Luckily we call. -- -- You're delayed in traffic coming from the difference is going to work. Curtis Cup bid Oakland coliseum. And then there's a -- again you -- boy you know why airlines you wouldn't think that one reason. Being competent. People would say we're a good question okay why is it's 4 -- you don't support cart community so they -- them for being gay. Joseph Manning gets better every day at work hard. Just for the record now -- that road directly by ignoring. That really doesn't disagree are. In this piece that was next to Florida with the global road -- really. That's really interesting didn't -- -- human or get out there telling you yeah we're really gonna do Doral this club out. Literally nowhere for a couple of hours I'll show up at 330 -- -- everyday yeah. The only game yeah. Wind. -- hood businesses around the end of resentment and -- Etc. it nick apart is now wearing a tough to read their press conference. -- should grandma and that he's -- part of it and that thing and I think it might take even last night joke is big does the the pregame interview last night with which will probably not just there just isn't it. Bob Bobby -- this subject -- a lot of places to date covers Sports Illustrated did reaction on talk shows you visited today in that. There's a lot of Bobby Valentine talked her house. Well we wanna gain yesterday -- that's what's important in I don't know that -- article in Sports Illustrated who's now my Valentine inning it's about Boston Red Sox Indians. You know. As voters Tokyo's concern. Please don't question my integrity you -- a talk show or. Anybody else. That or don't question my time would -- him those are two places I'll throw line in the sand. Everyday of the week. And you'll immediately in Ankara -- there. Malaysia was doing everything -- -- huge joke about that candor. If I. -- and the opposite of a it's not you don't that's the thing is a hard time with the family. Time with the family we -- question time and time and time at work are different if you're expected to be at work if you let that he led everyone to believe. Going to be at work at 215 every day. And then the next day you get here two hours later you hit that you are okay you're late and you can't say well I was picking up my stomach can't. Can't do that -- say well you we can't question my temperature no question you talked apparently questioning why you weren't at your job. You can check isn't much accepted you know like a stupid airport domed stadium. Traffic you know everybody's been sympathetic to -- If you didn't joke it's the size of the he's got -- you know I had a great day for obvious not an. That's why it's -- arsonist Martellus variety that. And the opera -- point this month and a -- my -- my chance. There's a -- -- its power and I agency today. WEEI -- available to drive on Iran -- Blackberry device brought you bought he AT&T. AT&T forgy LTE speeds up to assess it. Them three GAT. And T rethink possible it was rather robot it was it was it was -- -- contestants -- any sense to get them. Allow me to translate. -- statement on the we are about to go. If you are -- and you look at this. -- -- -- -- I didn't and this program. Elected officials say with -- million that he. Because there's an art if you did I will be really generalize and say it was when it was. But I didn't hear about Israel. -- -- -- capability at all it and it that'll lead that that was theatrically. -- -- I'd feel bad for the future of this country but he couldn't locate a flat for a whole -- out last night good guy. -- now and tell us -- -- play that lines because this is the guy who's calling all year and yesterday Goldenson. To recruit Richardson's consume little. Bolton to voters are sure inspected it while you change to record them. Probably there is a statement. But we'll get through it is that Belichick -- ago. Differently here and yes. Jerry Jones on the lob wedge and it collapses -- -- and spend. -- You. Missed these wiping wiping his glasses and I don't know wiping -- let -- policy areas while it is very muted his glasses up to his monologue it's on clean them that make these jobs as I'll ever payroll. Afterwards I got a girl I don't like junior it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But don't and colleagues from my. Comedy written and that there is more of it. Trying rainbow coalition. Came back. Balance. This -- -- more into it and -- I don't that they create order out of pat. It's. There have been hit it well obviously played in a big show me what that there would be -- point play by play at a Monday Night Football. It's. What did -- did. Just pick -- the FDA is being called smoke warning people that paid her birth control pills and I -- -- cabinet in my. Haven't handled terror and terror travel backed up I'm up. -- -- And -- -- actually got the single word but it. They -- judge -- show the highlight of the Jerry Jones pass on the -- here so I don't I don't and so to me and that is a November release that it is little strange annuities afloat was named -- and bank. Probably didn't even use a condom. That's nasty -- Bill Belichick was talking about his time with the browns being invaluable. Fortunate to have outstanding players coaches front office staff at its challenges that and a four years we had a winning team process is very rewarding. Didn't complete their task because of the ultimate franchise relocation that's in a statement. Very disappointing and here's a here's a final part at all I am very grateful to mr. Modell for. For providing me my first opportunity to be in the NFL coach. I learn many things to our personal interactions and have applied many of those lessons in my later years as a head coach. My deepest condolences. Are with the most -- him -- -- One of them was make sure I get some language in the contract and fresh picks up the moves out of our. I can quickly and I didn't I read I couldn't get. I wouldn't media -- Read I read -- and what god. -- -- -- -- How to act -- and then hit -- etiquette type. I'm not. And I'd. -- And it's just. -- went is that you know better what may have you know. That would have a look at his addiction and -- all adds -- to a lot of good day yesterday but heck. I. The minute of -- just. -- -- -- -- The fact that he's there and that he's out of microphone is seeing this thing you can screw ups that popular right now thirty promised to bring business now CNN and a whole lot. Let me ask you that you and I have had this argument that you think it's all a -- I mean I used -- until I can't take Martin Luther King now. -- and a proud of -- great Americans. -- Think. Hey. Martin Luther King before the Democratic National Convention and called Martin are not -- hippies moved on it can't be gone intentional. What it does and Michael Owens -- Queen Latifah did you couple little -- -- watched a girl Gwen Stefani cyclones went on no doubt -- there was just one time one time it has picked up this day is like a dollar something the -- -- -- happened. They changed -- name John -- some doubt. -- include our great American game. My -- both candidates. It's stupid. -- -- that Roland don't cut its price. -- big Carlos is about the party. It happened yesterday. I hope and then get back it would certainly come back and it's. You have a couple weeks. -- -- -- It's quite a bit that you buy back. Compliments -- -- can call any fifteen more minutes anything call the sixty more seconds of that by the way that was your probably your final party. Don't think -- resign next Wednesday UBE schedules but Leon you think -- -- our societies that won't be. He will be fun I'm telling you be -- Rhine. More than anything at all wouldn't want them. -- -- -- patient. This angle has absolutely ripped through -- bogeyed the popularity. -- your wish -- I want -- -- complete body. -- know how good it is. Involved. Who have you'll see what crazy. At all why. -- more ought to put your career victory. Over the -- to speed on that -- that they have -- -- -- that we have yet. Grab my -- -- -- you then pass on short notice. Way you'd be concerned if it. And after -- -- studio gave them -- studio and actually be meeting next Wednesday and Michael and I will be at Fenway Park group obviously why wouldn't always wanted to at least from over the table that you like Buckley did with -- -- No actually it we -- Justin Bobby he's been great off the year with a -- at least. This is what you're noted yet -- what this all yearlong -- -- -- the odds are sorry you wanna Wear -- -- the interview. You -- that we're not on television to -- got to be an ailment can be running a little bicycle. But for the country made it probably -- -- -- Don't know what we do. -- there today. I bought me -- party gave. I -- I think in this spot. -- -- -- -- -- -- It's quote quote should probably be -- Clinton right -- -- -- But oh well I don't know what developed big trouble there and blow pills for years. I think you'll like these -- -- would -- -- them is. And that -- kind of agree with obvious -- this. Yeah I don't have a big item. And that message. As ever happening on terrain. Plus the mafia. As an avenue -- -- I've I've had guys commitment and a person knows a lot of times. I'm back now become all the bad not good about what what was the problem well you know -- -- -- I don't know what they'll have bought this little. Rod that it okay and then. -- -- -- -- -- Don't. Know debate but is -- out of our ticket and then. I. Don't participate and -- a message. I've got an idea what poll question what went up by the puppet state year old girl of my granddaughter is -- -- improve. What did -- let me. And the message. I'll kick your ass I got no problem doing it. He didn't. They -- -- propagate that it brought again cannot yeah about all of -- -- get them fired back a bit about it. Hannity and aren't you paying are you paying attention that the one should just come back with Aziz told you how many times I don't you -- are you paying attention should have to impressionists are -- -- you know what you want to read the newspapers and -- -- you. Buddy and anybody -- -- who do and or -- jerks and I'm. And made that. Yeah literary lion Bobby about it -- felt good stop and because they wouldn't want to pick that I ask that have been but it. I think back. Acting. Well like I'm cut got -- my. -- back -- and at the end. And if -- mess up there with the depth and this. I'm trying to -- don't cool down lap without. Creepy little -- And the politics uprooted people we you know what got back cabinet. Yeah. And a half men. As they call -- You know that that -- -- that -- it could you -- anything like. At a slightly. We had happened at about this -- And I hit it big -- -- -- 100. And I put. And out of office Eddie not to be confused with -- Ray Lewis this. Is hot. -- -- -- -- Vigilance of the little -- There. And oh. -- what was pull its way. The mistakes. But an -- boxing ring. And so when we lose this earlier in. It's gone -- Stomach children's church tour. This change. And men in black. -- -- I can't carry. The flag on the body. Obviously more Red Sox should be good. Outcome and we like to play only by writing bad. You know it's. -- -- I hope it can happen later and about. How tall order to liquid -- -- K. That's great blog about Bobby. After a very good paying him tonight isn't -- on. Very cool like -- one of the big -- WB on the bag what you're -- bill would want to get that kind of treatment from Bobby Valentine. Voted for the bill before the -- -- small book. Says it happened back then -- but it. Why did you feel that. You know -- -- you aren't. He I statement that it certainly. It. Could happen any benefits manager Bobby you don't want Bill Clinton publicly. -- back -- think. It. Can't happen. I -- that's okay thank you write the book the hundred games and my whole live thing. You know check -- -- you know on impaired and how they but if you think about it. Point with portable dual boot boot income. All open. Outplayed and went back and let it go ahead -- lost the -- -- that really does it feel. We'll have more on really what -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Powered by AT&T AT&T forgy LTE was speeds of ten times faster. Three GAT and T rethink -- that's.

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