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Out of Bounds: Phelps in Sin City and the ladies of the AFC East

Sep 6, 2012|

Note: This podcast contains strong, profane language. On this episode of the Out of Bounds podcast, Isaiah Moskowitz and Ryan Hadfield discuss Michael Phelps' latest trip to Las Vegas, Troy Aikman's new girlfriend, and rank the wives and girlfriends of the AFC East.

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He's -- for home. I don't know if it's with Isaiah and running in the everything -- things -- you know. W yeah they've done gone. All right thanks for checking out the out of bounds podcast here on WPI dot com my name's Isiah. Sit in the WEEI studios with not Ryan had field are blogging slots. You thought you put up some interesting things on the on the blog over the past seven days. But you wanna share something -- listeners to start to show I think. I think it's completely necessary OK I got -- on rescinding this -- releasing a new environment this news studio they put us in a new studio right and got ex communicated am looking at the back here at home. Whatever it's still very just respected if anybody's ever watch any any radio shows like Dennis and Callahan on the moisture they're looking at each other yes eye contact is not an option here I -- I'm not looking ideal you're looking at the computer or which has all the information the very important during volatile and that since how's my hat so I'm not sure I'll ask. And that's not helping her house my. -- not -- is that how do you expect again -- you want respect when all you do is post fell far website strip I don't deserve. Locked up but today so. You know since you have all the information and it's in the quarter. You sit in the field. Yeah I don't think out of -- Ryan likes our new studio now I think -- its effort will get -- studio back will be fine from. Michael Phelps. Retired from swimming. And does what what is life. Yeah it is and but it's lords in Las Vegas it's lawyers which are slopes indoors look at if you go to out of bounds not WEEI dot com but -- opposed the Ryan put up. This -- retires. From swimming Levy a -- a line here. What does it say Michael Phelps retires before the age of thirty because he's like. Really good it's when you -- this goes all that but what is this man like. I kind of don't you feel like. That your parents and I think my parents and -- little more time down the line I was just an action hero I just what what happened. I was -- ridiculous -- the stories like oh so and so dikes and ultimately who doesn't notice and there are some people that don't know I guess not but anyway and this idyllic. I knew the riot shields financial benefits that would have maybe went into these these pictures that you post -- -- there's a couple of pictures in a few easy looks like he might be wrong commission that. We just didn't allegedly it's it's it's throwing out his eyes are -- out of his head he's a DJ here in line with the big birthday cake it's very funny and turning you hear a little bit -- -- That we're talking photos you can do it justice at the good balance at -- -- -- audio market unplugging -- it missed two very shameless -- -- them losing respect myself as we go. I as you're staring at the back of my head as words are coming at him and now it's worse -- given way. You know and it's -- bring -- -- Phelps is 247 did -- -- written a few things that he says he wants to do you post retirement one. What is -- that swim with like sharks in the Caribbean this body is they're just go to McCain is life expectancy is kind of like. Drop my insurance and life insurance company loved him right on and then there's another thing like. It recently came out that Phelps and plays -- -- when he 5000 dollar. Weekly poker while -- -- right right it's now looks like it's -- walker. Allen Iverson and rightly. -- demos a little bit shocking but belts we're still out there like note by 35 would be broke. And like AT&T reported something that this weekend Labor Day weekend. He won 800000 dollar poker game -- -- -- -- may be united -- and so we've been on teams missed reports which shockingly Loretta put their and so what they're gonna editors and an outfield help me is that the big poker stars player yet so but think about this if you if you're 27 how the employees. Case a year 2627. Years older Michael Phelps you've got all these in yet the most it you know metals of anybody in the world and in the Olympics. And you retire what are you gonna do a look at gonna cinema sharks are gonna hang out with -- all these these hot -- -- -- -- sensors Bruce Bruce Jenner. You know eight acre rationally in its and that -- right I mean maybe I TVs is is -- you know I would indeed are accurate. They've -- Michael tell judge Michael saw the pockets and get into things DJ and yeah but like another thing with the whole rotten thing I thought thinking about this with my friends this weekend -- -- -- this year earlier so. -- -- -- If -- -- I've been in your money and maybe it'll blocker works this is locally celebrity. Why wouldn't she just kind of like treat the service where you charged like 500 bucks that it look at the and the beats a thousand dollars the club may be gets bigger and bigger depending on what's your. So I say yeah well I would pay 500 bucks if I wanted to do what you thought you intend buddies they've hit the shore you can you can work -- -- -- -- -- carrying -- -- either way -- and -- is gonna get the run -- attention. You must out of Miami and Dennis -- you don't -- you're gonna -- that you're -- I'm glad that I'd like you can hang with Dennis rod -- -- 500 are. Don't go to the beach for the 2000 -- have throughout the world with the word yeah I think that's I imagine the people -- -- -- that site. -- a Google. -- -- one that would do it check out these Michael Phelps pictures and trying to figure what he's doing I think he's just getting shot faced with all go through the guy it is man picture went back his loving life I dragon with Phelps and all this alliance -- Hey you paid yo 15100 for the -- -- that's what I. Things because he's the guy I think -- is gonna be a little bit more than 15100 hang out this way out of a couple of years there's another great story Brian that Ryan has up on now out of bounds dot WEEI dot com. Apparently Troy Aikman's. Drunk ex wife ended up in some parking lot. Run it -- do you know it's 43 has it's two different men including it and shot innocent people Monday's. I wrote this day tickle me personally not ready to let that -- get out of my -- you know that's me every -- right thing that's most people accuse the Monday's some people's take -- days maybe be reaching out -- now -- man. She goes hangs out -- school parking lot. -- willow at 930 EN I high school part guys this is test is not allegedly -- a high school parking lot rail schools outs if you find wheat from some can't. -- -- -- -- She was down with they. With hills that deal of anxiety and seizures actually so I'm preacher with a mix those with trying to kill myself. I know with go and I think way back to her but her mug shot just 430 god you know after looking Hampshire she's seen better days and I thought into my girlfriends and usually that's what's called practice. I practiced -- fact pictures now of course let's go to the new let's go to the second -- this -- got I had this is -- Ryan operates there's a story about Troy -- ex wife right she's down in the dumps him what do you like so that the readers were. You know inquisitive about. This new girl that -- -- ago Klein who is a former cowboys cheerleader. You know what mid twenties that's I noted that you don't post any pictures of the acts like he disposed one to another 34567. -- to smooth operating gallery post golf mansion while out anyway have a client who's a former cowboys cheerleader turned aspiring actress sent. There credit easily move tightening in the credit place there's the and that's -- -- there is a little scene in the movie. That's my boy -- -- I am going to I problem is and call I -- under Detroit yeah the biggest trading -- -- right and she was not listed as -- -- this must be really tough for any actor are -- that it did not play for area it's an athlete right this is she is listed in the Young and the Restless native -- theory. Let my god cats is they -- -- -- never really true. The dedicated and -- have a little more talent in the direction now we get a you know that's the tough break in the number your regularly dividend games have you wanna see this story which the -- -- -- briefly -- headline read the headline of regular Troy. Is new fling Abigail Klein. One out of bounds Wednesday rank position on -- -- won the day and so on Thursday all the pictures -- -- I like this one right -- of the fishing -- -- -- but -- -- -- -- on -- because they -- -- to Google and but the -- and I went to the Internet and found some really hot Texas writes that let's talk a little bit more about other outlets wasn't offered -- yes definitely because there's another post up on out of bounds dot WEEI dot com Ryan wrote about that there's a story that town Sanchez. Mark Sanchez -- dirty Sanchez the quarterback is the quarterback maybe not because -- Sox. On he's apparently been linked with Eva Longoria. So what Ryan's done is number one he's written about a but then you've taken it upon yourself to do. All wives and girlfriends power rankings power rankings in talking about these talk about these three women well. Really quick you know attention for this because. Sanchez is like 25 years 25 and he's dating -- -- leave this 3738. And -- -- clients such fine they have achieved at the French stench of Phnom. Tony Parker expert spurs guard that she's married to news though you -- French stature and sent it. At this time. I anyway but he's a consult these assault that guy I've seen pictures and the girls some pressure I really want that you know. Are you saying like I say OK -- I was always know where -- obviously I'm I'm hooked on the floor you throw her out of debt free cookies. Will now here's the thing. Sanchez been linked to Q I did not like -- -- modern day Marilyn Munro York in the past. And Meadow Soprano is thicker genuine Singler right -- she played a soprano and the surprise obviously. So. The -- -- -- at the whole goers think I got to absolutely I have no beef with the -- I have. How to spend zero what she did for mean Desperate Housewives. It's really -- formative years that was big for me is. And boy these are -- -- here there's a -- towel rack and moving on so anyway. That that power rankings we have -- you know who's that probably 41 -- Ryan cannon -- the quarterback for the for the dolphins and it. Just like showed nearly -- guys for. Your numbers that top ten draft pick and normally be like. You would be -- settling behind your top ten draft pick -- -- settled on -- exactly what city -- hands and -- -- -- that's your steps into the rule I think it's pretty amazing experience we've got the pictures out of of her up there we have the picture. His -- outages now and Longoria -- rank -- -- future and it is really controversial take this kind of like -- the Red Sox rookie Bobby. Probably not -- buying up. And kind of put them out of the election towards blondes it's it's upon all of the dolphins and go the dolphins -- no idea -- five cell Gisele. Is coming off a second pregnancy can she bounced that pitch bounced. Does -- stomach and it bounced back you know policies of the -- -- get your thought she was hot. Think she is she's married to god Tom Brady how dare you I want to ask the question. To sells comic at the symbol kind of killing yet race and all the other -- consumers you can drop the ball so to speak would you kill them she said look my husband can't throw and catch the ball the right time. -- for me that's like a lot of people she should. She says the it's easy Tom Brady's wife. It's -- seven innings. You know ran the score up on that -- bills in the hunt but it's a lot RB -- -- when you know she hits the fan you know that the best Super Bowl and yeah -- It's gonna be asked these questions Jesus 66 for a -- like I'd like that -- that she's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah she's do you. It is exciting and. Do you escrow through these pictures -- -- -- get your chance to make -- better pack you've got this check. Ten in all of say it's the colors all on you got Ryan -- life right take. It's that are these all these pictures out of bounds dot WEEI dot com number two matches now yeah take a look Bryant Republican and number three. The new York and all -- old Eva Longoria. And it's a comic to come on rank -- 12 threat but it will go well I'll go you know it. I am pulling you away from your first choice are -- what good is -- better answer I'm still putting him in hell above. Allegory like OK I like that and give me that you know but she wins she probably wins as Al -- It's and then of course in how to losses. And do much Google on this a streak of light by. The Harvard. The heart record that Ryan Fitzpatrick of the bills the lowly bills tonight. When there -- these shaved the beard loser right -- him and his beard. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes yes and that's the blonde that's just the -- that is just that is device that's a problem with me I would put a device for. -- -- -- It's a graphs opinions is there I have brought us this is I can't divides through my attorney is asked me not to talk about the -- you know. But I would definitely -- just now Canon help and then Eva Longoria and I'm not throwing any of them out of entry crackers. -- -- -- -- did have a majority of average I always because that that loser that plays for the race I have been one or -- that there really quick job. What what is eating the crackers means it's some chick comes in of their would you and she's she's getting crumbs everywhere in -- -- out of debt. I'll catch I seriously so yeah Obama Parker. Edwards good history as the everybody's got -- as -- everybody's got it you guys go check out all the stuff that Ryan now blogs about every single day's -- new cool stuff anything from sports to pop culture it's really good stuff go check it out shared on FaceBook. And -- on your Twitter account. Really easy out of bounds dot WPI dot com we'll catch up with the guys next time.

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