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What's the upside of keeping Bobby V around for the rest of the season?

Sep 6, 2012|

D&C begin the day reacting to Bobby V's contentious interview with The Big Show. The boys discuss if this is the final straw for Bobby V, should people now feel bad for him, what's gone wrong since he was hired, and why hasn't he been able to handle the media.

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Right about enough I've had enough with you Jerry. You're gonna punch me in the model if you checked out to punch in the mouth why -- you late again today. A miserable year late what is the matter -- -- like you know what time -- Segal shows up. Like five. You punch you in the mouth you know he could have. Easily. Explained away the late thing. In his civil way that lets them -- At this time so I couldn't hold of them you'd say. -- understand that happens to all bluster and I was there three hours and habits and won't in the lineup. I liked the ideas that I selected -- extra two hours sitting in my underwear debt and you know how that works -- that's what they do that in a lot of sit around. You know a lot of scratch themselves. Alignment as the -- -- also I was up late thing was overblown. Mean three hours before game right and and and -- all in the lineup anyway and but the problem is one needed to. The problem is they've followed up and is -- on the loss. So the connection is obviously inevitably made in and to -- the question is and get you chicken -- You guys players -- you don't you know lose 22 to your Major League team even if you get some Tripoli again line. If you really time if you really had some. White left the -- you don't lose 22 Howell then Bobby. The team picked a -- and lose 22 against like one runs in the five previous where you want and -- against. -- nothing but AAA lineup right right yeah exactly happening and so it's not just maybe all of these sensitive but off the field stuff. But the on field stuff and the stuff we've joked about we've talked about all you're not no one whether pitches righty lefty and say who -- Hendrix who cares whose picture and not knowing what but it appears that episode the third I don't know why did I mean there are a number of things that are job related. Not to show -- late that it leads you to believe I -- -- checked checked in whenever is the proper term. But over his head. Clearly the game has passed them -- clearly not to whip it. Mentally emotionally she used that line he used a new course. I'll just don't think Bobby is emotionally invested engaged yet emotionally. It -- -- -- physically Durham as physically or emotionally that that's the case physically showing up late but more mentally emotionally this -- the pitches idea left the why some guys third. Clinton in my favor for the first time in a long time people were. I'm standing up for him. That people -- an area he's trying and what do you expect themselves are powerless he's gone to that side -- yeah oh yeah he has -- on that side down that road some questions. Was that mushroom cloud yesterday -- -- -- mushroom cloud its. -- depends what tree. I biggest -- unless the farm analyst today weakened in the announcement that he's moved on. You know they should and given the same as his seat on the -- -- on lobby. Make up your flight and grow the club the -- to spend some time with the sun. And that is no defense that he laughed laughed as there -- issues that question we can play well. It's wanting to get -- that's makes me think he's Seneca. East crack to -- -- which is she's played the answer the -- Jamal plot and in the allotments. -- -- say you know exhibit which you rate in the -- It sounds like wow is that a lot now I know some people in the room. We. Joke. Can't punch from them all of these 3000 miles away obviously literal but. -- It's the image is Jack Nicholson breaking the door in the shining saying here's -- that's. -- Is that a real you know that's that's a nervous laugh that's like what happens when you read it really -- with a -- I've done before. -- never even seen really an audience of don't want this -- I've -- I've seen you. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Those people Jay -- -- -- -- -- Well I mean fifteen out and cowardice of the yeah I I feel that if you have a little. Fetal position that. Position under the desk you -- I was caught the assault that yeah and maybe bound in studio. -- -- -- -- -- Threaten them. That. You know the problem is you know it would be real here offseason and he was the smartest and the smartest guy in the room Smart -- -- the media still -- anybody that's a good point it's a good -- is still to waste or not to email and that is not very Smart move you know and you know oh. You can hear from everyone you know use around and you can't please. Well. I'm trying to put myself in his shoes and I'm trying to put myself in this the -- kind of position he has found himself in since L pitchers and catchers reported I suppose. And in trying to do that I put myself in a position where. You and I've got -- help deceased and recalled how angry we got a certain things when people showed up on our doorsteps and and things like that this people been showing up on his doorstep. Not literally but figuratively every -- since spring training. And it's gone horribly wrong he has never been able to pull the cartels been so again where he is near the Iraqi point. But did you ever snapped. I didn't see it maybe it did back. -- it is the difference he knows this is on the radio. If he's -- -- in an elevator or way you know and and he snaps and threatens them that's one thing. He's on the radio people are listening he knows how this is gonna sound decision a guy. Fight for his team you know you know coaches says about my guys were not given up. This is a guy. Who. Who can't couldn't control himself is cook knew knew this wouldn't sound good news this is not the way to go not the -- trying to send and did anyway he lost his self control. Yet. When you consider how many times he maintains his self control when he didn't wanna do the interviews with Jim dale after via after the game needed when a standard have -- asking questions. He went through it he he did the obligatory things that he required to do contractually and as the manager of the Boston Red Sox. I think for the most part. Even though at the end -- -- the zombie would be enticed in and they're doing the interviews. Heat heat heat heat heat took all the slings and arrows for a long period of time in real -- and dealt with him and slings and I'm just talk about GO out of the thoughts on the margin earth well not yet dealt with particular but the overall sleep -- that you're getting as the the best -- Of the heart trouble a low so as to average your rights Boston Red Sox baseball salaries set point as I would have snapped a lot sooner than he -- That's you but. One of the reasons he was brought he just -- -- he can handle the media he's really Smart yeah. And I about with the added that he knows baseball so -- struck a little -- no history. Brilliant baseball is a disaster. Iglesias but oh victory the hiring a -- disaster there's no reason. They shouldn't. -- enough there right to it -- there's. So you column in place they were making a change. Why not was not a formidable offense and right -- Rosen but you just senate and uses that much from club or is it common. What is the upside to keeping -- formal weeks our entertainment. OK -- -- John Henry. Thanks for thinking of I think a lot of us -- it looked out of Paris and that -- read John Henry's email the number -- she hasn't talked to lobby has -- element job. Given Woody's based. He always little light is never avoided confrontation players use to go public only player's manager. Bobby just isn't that he's more of an old school manager. With plays well being in new school manages his approach to tactics. That the part you don't know whether guys write -- lefties in school yesterday and that these. Brilliant. Not someone who's going to be like player one pop you grow popularity is over rated. He's had a tough -- this year. He's brilliant and he's done a hell of a job says the principal owner. I guess they senator John or extend them. Can't believe you three years like a week ago you were saying in the might be back next year and we were discussing it like a real possibility. The Dodgers did take 262. Million dollars today. Honestly answered the question why keep around. If you don't want the players to that and that's one. What players. You don't want the while I guess a lot of that has gone but. You don't want Pedro Syria about an hour are -- -- I think ownership and management now is empowered to release him and do it and not have people's all the players won because bodies. Many implosion yesterday allows them to say allow people to perceive. That's the reason he's gone he's on the brink he's on the edge she's a little bit unstable time for years ago. I would say prior to yesterday. If you let him go if you -- him that people would say wow the play used. In part the manager and -- players retired from Pedroia and Youkilis is -- doesn't. Are -- we're up past that I think that excuse that that that. Rationalizations. No longer is appropriate and so I think ownership books that says -- he's he's on the edge -- really crazy. It's time but I don't think he finishes the season. I think you probably right if if if if yes it was a pre mushroom cloud. And and the Red Sox ownership thinks it's -- mushroom cloud. But I think there is no upside the ups they were about to embolden our profits went through -- -- -- and then I'll have another term next year. Public is that you say he's he's done well Morgan in if you look at it when you consider him and then you know -- in the offseason. When things require you apps you would love Bogart. Obama when he pre game winning streak that we should love vogue article 58. Would -- You know you only get to his injured right you've saved face a little bit. The post got a better chance to win fifteen of them is 23 that told the its number. Is it. It's nutrients 75 that would be 24 games a case was more likely to go fifteen and and nine. I'd say probably over. Its toll. Your chances of winning if you wanna win. On the field and I'm pretty sure did not. Plan again lottery draft on and now now now not opening gonna show Matt Barkley with the public about Matt Barkley of the food and Melbourne wasn't as some intrigue if there were meant. Planet. Anyway. So on the field logo would be better off the field. It's not even a master -- thinking of us you know he's honest he's always economists -- and its -- detaining. We wanna stay in the news wanna maintain. Our place in the as a lot of spears famously said before his arrest as long as they spell your name right in the papers. It's a -- to get some publicity while it's yeah -- in the -- Yeah I'm not sure that was pre arrest though I'm not sure if convicted had a file blog -- I'm not sure if that's what are they spelled it right yet of the matter is the best. This is at its mix -- all okay -- -- I'm pretty sure they usually spells and -- name right -- always get -- always -- the Jerry G Jerry. But tell me why and would anyone when. And I'll pick apart as upset now after Obama is an economist and I think I think not I would welcome yeah -- welcome it. -- could come out from. Ask and it's okay our. Administrators and welcoming them shirts and headaches and the PR -- you can mean this is the worst night right -- might be less interesting. Final four weeks but you'd have one big problem if it and -- Ownership what do you want to stop in equities are 24 games matter yes 637 for. The next 24 games what do you want to stop what you want the losing to stop. You want the the constant concentration. A discussion about Bobby Valentine's mental capacity your mental state. You what the B. This ridicule you want to ridicule of your team to us are. Does he want to right exactly there's no upside. The Bobby staying in order to win more. You know -- more in -- learn more about what you gonna do next year you know what you gonna do you know you move and on. Do you think he's bringing out the bat we we stay here this all the time he's better with young guys he's got -- with journeyman who what he did with many ugly Yani and now -- -- pay 2000 it would that's. We're past that to -- yeah that's so twelve years I guess she won his masterful handle on the media unity you know wanna lose that they'll probably isn't great with the media -- we heard. Well I would say this all being beat the only thread that is keeping Bobby Valentine employed by the Boston Red Sox is the fact that both the president. CEO and the owner that will be looking in on Henry said unequivocally and with -- resolve. You staying at the end of the year. They would have to go back on their work and an -- that I kept. I know that's a thin thread I'm just telling you that's the only thing that is keeping its like when your kid in your tooth hanging out double click here. That tank let's look back and forth available about the that's what Bobby Valentine is right now and he -- threat the only thread connecting the gum is the fact that -- and gain votes dead. He stay at the end. What is the electorate visual. What if he walked Arctic. Aaron Cook out last night in what inning of a -- -- Kimberly -- watched helplessly just over what happened cook did his job sixty would have he approached them while I -- Andrew Miller came out of two thirds of inning -- -- -- -- when they come out. In his underwear was on the outside of -- What would have. What would happen. Would they still say we sent unequivocally. He was gonna stick around that with wrote -- resolution resolved -- -- all they say we reserve the right to change their mind. He's lost that we're moving on yeah so that that comes with -- asterisk when you say. Night in house right here X he says unequivocally news that needs it yes. Can change if the man we're talking about completely. Loses in. -- I think he's on the edge is definitely on the birdies on the academic at. Is there at which you written amount. He doesn't sound like he's in control the situation and that's the most important part of did you -- now. That's why they're looking at John Farrell we can get to that this is interest compensation agent movement on -- yeah picks -- first of 3000 offseason golf and they question. Mean if that's who you want to get. 'cause it's important but sure there aren't other guys. You should talk to but if you're into that or if that's the guy you want and there will talk and Uga regardless of Bruges in do. I know. Yankees whose singular and desirable is there a game behind the -- -- right in last place. To take their time with this one. It took the time question I think they're gonna really -- I agree I mean why would you. One and jump and run into amongst their it's meet with Henry. She just adores there yet careful as rebound romances Jerry wonder what you got a separation of -- or want to separate file for divorce you wanna jump in any real quick and and we know. We're -- more stands as they still have that federal cam. Madness and yet you know that put it away put it away in the closet and -- -- take about Pakistan nests and loves John Ferrell. Well he got more face time than the Francona did and that it was like three months later we found that with a new pitching coach Kurt you know -- -- never got a big. Never got a camera 61777. I'm 0850 toll free number 88852508592. Time -- -- lines are. Halfway open -- became an anti Israel wants somebody tell me why Bobby should be should stay. The next four months four months or weeks of the best reasons were running edification is that it's good for us -- come out of a hard. I know John -- -- economy after the deal -- the economy so reinvent the we're gonna play a little bit of the big show yesterday in a play bodies pre game out in Seattle and the talked -- ninety seconds away.

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