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Curt Schilling: Bobby isn’t reason this team stinks

Sep 6, 2012|

ESPN Baseball Tonight Analyst and former Red Sox Pitcher Curt Schilling joined D&C to discuss his reaction to Bobby V’s interview with the Big Show and why he never thought Bobby V would never fit in Boston. Curt talks about Bobby V’s reaction to the line of questions, what he would have done if he was asked similar questions, and what type of characteristics the Sox need to find for the right manager. He chimes in with if Jason Varitek would be a good manager, how the Sox fix their problems, and if he believes he’ll be working again with Bobby V on TV.

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Joining us on the AT&T outline AT&T forgy LT he Curt Schilling to morning -- Did you know so soon and so accurately called Rory. -- I don't. Go. In and you know in the in the beautiful thing about that was that so few people mostly certain. Made well before that the yeah -- last -- it was -- that's stupid self imparted that to meet people -- Republican debate I told you so -- a lot -- kind of thing. There I just didn't believe. That mix will work out to people in new could be playing here of this ownership of the media. It of the body felt I worked with butch I just didn't you know and you know I think I might have been -- with you guys but I came back after his initial post facility or when I was impressed. And in my opinion the he'd -- record shop and then. You know it just comment. Well support immunity is it the thing about that is it is you know. He is not the reason these guys think that they've they're player they've been they've had injuries. The players who played very poorly. -- you can name a lot of things. There hasn't been one situation. In which he's been involved and with a player or the media in my opinion. That. He has made a hundred times harder on himself and his right and that's me assists partly because. -- what I think you're you're one step short of both of -- -- straitjacket nerves. Now. Ratchet -- sounds like. Say if if ownership that supported him from the beginning. Had he been allowed to be out of all of a tough guy manager as we thought he was coming in here if you were allowed to hire his own coaches if he didn't do the Youkilis stupid statement if Pedroia didn't come off the -- and said. We'll do things that way could this have worked. No huddled no doubt there are judged again I just don't think. That this was the right. If he wants I don't think it was the right guy to this team in this that this -- and do in this city. You you were -- talk and guys and he told us and they were rolling their eyes obviously you know you can't see them rolled her eyes when you talk among the phone what they say and current quality. Well in the -- started the day he was -- That's when I mean that that would be immediate you know what so darker color than red that was the red red flag and was -- There was a lot of that it. A lot of these guys just they didn't really know them. And he had had very little interest and in getting to know them they've they've got a chance of the players. And I think there was because you have a lot of players. With Tim -- Making sure of that and that once again that there was. But some of those guys -- your friends and you liked him and respect them. You respect Matt what they did to to Valentine. The mound now but I played for get there I. You know I -- were some guys that I -- I've never played personally I didn't respect. And and that was the field knew that he had very little respect and it it was just him and the -- against the I don't got. A blow it. I thought he was. Smarter than that. You know that yesterday being you just before probably shining example of how he. It and I think it's part of losing teams that are open to be he could've done a lot of things that you could have got those same conversations. Yesterday with a couple guys you can rest -- those questions. If you might -- that there's an American again it would have been upset about the first. Checking out via. But given the things he said. I'm not so sure that the holy. I don't look field questions read it and it's been bizarre to watch it. You're right I mean when you say things like who cares. About a pitcher or what difference does it make about who sit in third. I don't know of checking out is that the proper expression of the -- Malone mailing -- in our. Let's -- -- unbelievably offensive. You know because. -- Eyewitness. Said that the war and I would have. What if your manager said who cares when -- I -- But apparently he. He thinks. That he was joking when he does -- but if you look at the way he talks about he's like aren't the only one that gets me. You think I met who cares -- -- -- -- seems to me like he thinks that. No one can not know when there's there's there's I don't know if it's confusing because. Protocol that's where you want out there will be well. They've been yep and -- a -- I could just do just that was really our work. Kurt last December early on the third or fourth I think was -- what would the composite characteristics. For the manager should have been if not Bobby Valentine can you know those guys in the team -- change and you know a little bit since. Then. But who and characteristic wise what would you be looking for the Red Sox into the -- the right guy in that spot. Very. Quiet. Deeply respected. People -- And look to Malo hale. Feels Wayne. There's -- you guys see -- you can come up with. The opposite they -- guys correct yeah exactly right into yes there was so much. They get done here. That the in this specific we will look to the way to end of last year and the way things. Ended with Tito that you've had did the beat I think the only thing that I game. Felt like I knew -- -- sort of factual that every player of equality had to respect the next guy and -- -- -- hand it -- as frustrating as a group those billions of people you know. You dictate what envoy dollar a year doesn't matter few sort here perhaps played -- game. -- doesn't work that way -- how it works and these guys. You know -- because they didn't try less hard they -- intensely played bad. It it's just. -- speed just makes it harder to do it in in every bit and I think cutesy life. But given -- -- -- would you trade would you give up somebody something for John Farrell. But now that you know why because there's -- there and I think he is by far. As good as anybody on the planet at just about anything he's blossomed this guy is in. I'm not sure they exploited if you don't know and -- just can't understand on believe we call for the guys but you know what. -- on where they are now every player is precious -- valuable. In it and number one number two I can't imagine them if they did let him go figure it would be just astronomically high parts. More like a prospect absolutely it can't imagine it would be a prospect. A lest they won the -- different in the progress they've been devastated by injuries this year and there's been some. If you look at what happened before Batista went down and visit him for some of the things that happened -- -- the bad situation. In the and I. Feel like they're going to be able to be shocked next year if they are next years Orioles. And I don't think I would be. A circle back to how hard this team tried how much they put their nose to the grindstone to try to get it done given the embarrassment. Of last September how did this team not show up. You know breathing fire and and doing everything they could end and turning over every stone to win every single game they play in spite of -- debated necessarily like perspective. You know what I don't know that they give it. -- here's a challenge when he's sleeping like that is. Is that what do you look for you or you look or prevent the sprint onto the field you know NFL style. And and then run into people and -- Just because you want to win any wanna play harder. But that doesn't equal waiting in baseball if you don't -- which state haven't. You will not win. They've they have not gotten any -- you look at the two guys. That you if you if you had to pick. The poster guys why this team struggled you have to pick your target -- and and got ready -- from the outset they have been terrible. Vocal would tell you that it it's just. It's not about trying harder or put -- -- I think. Where you're probably -- to mostly figures is probably Josh Beckett in your mind I would suspect -- -- in the best shape of his life that's one jerk yes it and in all the things big goal with stuff like that that bit. That doesn't mean he wasn't in the hippies to be in the win eight games. But just because you wanted doesn't it did did you think he. In the NFL you can see the almost sort of towards the worth -- just -- itself. And did something but it -- gonna get beat it wouldn't be denied. You can have big guys on the field but feel that way of the pitcher -- for striker doesn't matter. What what's surprised you most amount. What that would it would belted said to order when -- yesterday and part two of that question. What -- a manager's supposed to be there when a manager shows up late shows up at 415. And you lose 222. Is there any connection between that game that outcome and that I'm the manager got there. So. I was it. Actually start the ball by either side of the the of the first four he'd be be given up part. Might as I don't think it was -- don't figure to of course you have to big league -- to -- being given what's happened it wasn't outline. I can't believe that he allowed the second part to be historic. Yeah. I've played with their hitters who slept in the ball park. I played a fair bit that the -- to speak up apart was noon for a 7 o'clock game. So what you're late. It's not a big deal I didn't expect question what I thought that was almost pointless in the sense that you know what. I meant -- I I would depict aren't quite able to myself once this year and I went through. 220 -- it -- airport you know I get caught up part of constructive to manipulate that you know I had everything under controls -- -- contacting and communication. Explosive. That he'd turn that into. I don't give it that was at those things work that's a situation that could have been big -- could have been over. It's like to attack the Stanley -- when. He made it until a hundred times bigger deal than -- should have been. And that again that's the stuff that confuses me because. That that keeps everything go. Every day on BM and economic plan become a big was the bad guy after the after the first question yeah it's in the and by the end of the interview there was just. And and twenty to two -- and one and eight on the road trip and 23 games we at one run or no runs. This isn't just the team underperforming. Is it is there more. The they're they're doubted that they're not underperforming or just bad right now I'm in. We're very warm up but again I dictates that this story continues Davis. When you. Force your players. To talk about things that have nothing to do with winning or losing a baseball game that gets tiring. First regular season that's higher. With two weeks left of the season if if it's been an event here every single day. There's -- they around if you think about what you read. And you you know carry. Back in the clubhouse you understand. You read about prop 20% of what these guys talk about the players. Can you imagine the conversations are going on off the wreck. It. And -- just begun I mean this they get a month ago would note nothing world and there. Is that happening kids three kids he'd call the player out spring training. Would have it would it would be better if he were to go now the team I can't believe he's still here early on ballpark like -- got walked away. Well there's money involved ultimately do it I promise you. And I've said this -- -- you're right on the baseball played so we're we're all talking about -- I don't care what he's making right now. Is that is that not they're clear that you almost -- we're human beings in the world yes an anecdote. Before I again I voted for him -- action -- is gonna work again in my opinion. At the end Eric about firm but it's the same time feeling bad for him I can't fathom the fact that he. Why he's made this as hard as he made -- themselves as players. Did you think when you -- play with -- on the Varitek would be a good manager. Someday and do you think he would make sense here. Yes the boat. And. It is no. In a lot of ways he's a Wallach picture. He beat -- not a talkative guy and that was why would Robert got tired I I it might be. Same way that's -- ball -- guys -- -- there and -- him in the future in the -- Is it panic you know it's via via part Schilling there's been you know they don't happen don't talk -- And indeed -- and I didn't know how that would play out in the clubhouse it was clearly it's it's an enormous part of you -- in the with a reply with -- White Sox players -- They were supposed to. And and I guarantee you the same thing Boris elusive kids. It's. Back in it in the Bay -- I think that's part of this you guys earlier -- -- or possibly work done. We're done needing the fiery red out exit those Casey Stengel knows the game better than everybody else that's the featured on. You have to have demand -- may have a loser 25 players. Mean it's just people better than anybody else you're coaching staff handles the x.s and nose and all those things. Don't need -- Smart baseball could help so that's nice and and and if you haven't that's great. This is about. Managing human beings period. This is our -- in that. In that group as well. I don't know Brad will let -- know if you know. Majority. Of Girardi is not. Like those guys. She joked talked Jordan couldn't -- the show up on the field. And in the I didn't think that we needed which it would -- that I -- -- a lot of players that -- get some respect. I don't open -- you know he's just he was allowed needed things to work disrespect -- as a player. They like attributed to play for -- -- and that's. -- business people. -- beyond the obvious picks here and that is hiring the right manager sometime in the -- offseason. How else does do they go about fixing this this huge problem is it. But to get back to the what they were doing when Theo got here. -- you become a player development machine but you know that's the thing that you have to be. Been nightmare was always that the Yankees would figure that out -- Kareem because they can bite anybody. They can buy anybody they could put anybody in in in two of the pinstripes they wanna. But you never that they always did at the cost of the player development system. Now you know base it -- expected big big game. And the Red Sox changed and baseball had to be terrified of -- guys as Smart as Billy Beane. With ten times more money and that's the that's going to be if you're on the -- now -- more of -- If they you know they they bought their way too content to sort of -- 2344. Years. If they figure out of player development thing what are objective well. There's magic isn't I don't think people were probably -- like that. That's going to be you're gonna have the Dodgers with no contenders in the in the and a lot -- In your estimation is the re embracing and read. Contacting Bill James to play a larger role in this scheme a good thing or bad thing. Well you know I don't know how -- -- I don't care as long as bench Harrington is allowed to do -- you hired him to do and it's a baseball people. Are allowed to do to baseball. Then then this works. If it doesn't I don't think it works next year I think it maybe it's alchemy worked in two years although you know with them being able to spend. Who knows what he's not gonna buy your way back into this but it will help with the right on right. So you look forward to Bobby V joining you on the set of baseball tonight again. I've I've thought about a monopoly is sure how that would play out. Of and -- bit and I saw him. A couple weeks back in and what it's about a foot Bobby -- the district is eccentric. In the end you know as a player -- when he was with the Mets I don't like him. I had bad. Not all players fit. But I didn't albeit I got to a western music is a nice guy and let you know that was the challenge of everything hampered early here -- the rookie get so much as. Gave my professional. That doesn't work. Well you know we're a -- my -- finished -- These and is about to. You know but that's you know that it -- -- John -- of the -- -- merit world if that's so cute couple. You know Bob Melvin. They go belt and is is is a guy that is. Do you Q you've got to have guys that our communication is enormously. Enormously important now. Jack about a baseball tonight are pal Curt Schilling curt thank the talk all I'm talking baseball with him thank Curt Schilling but Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE.

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