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Bobby V vs Mikey in a crazy fight, who ya got

Sep 5, 2012|

Mikey reacts to the comments made by Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine to the Big Show about his committment to the team and organization.

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What a day -- went and did absolutely. The needs some volume their but it. Went with the district would update for radio. That the the bucket Valentine's. Incredible just grates. Just grates. Now I've been ports in the face a lot of times never -- manager I think the closest that McCain. To getting punched in the face by a quote permit I it was it was ever -- Is working aboard isn't. He's pitching Yankee Stadium. And during the and he was Roland he's going to mow down the Yankees like the third or fourth cities set it all down you know. All of a sudden Bobby Valentine is up to the mom during the game. It tells the umpires are you know it's the gold chains. Are -- out of that oil is wearing are distracting by hitters and the umpires made him take the chains off. Right pit stop which is there would take off the chains and and Internet. So then suddenly or -- that's given up that we maybe ran out Coke. I don't know what he's been out there on the mound that's gonna miss my -- -- So after the game you know cover the game for channel three right article in the locker replacing Bobby or you. And and about a -- Billy Billy that's probably -- one Pacheco Bobby. In those days -- -- sat down in the locker room and it pretty crowded around you know so world is like 1010 reporters cameras. I city you kind of -- or opinions change there in the third. I currently at work place it at that on TV as well it's action and I don't try to be funny yet. He looked at me the phase in his -- stuck out he starts screaming and it's about three feet from. He says we want this when our backs and he's like in my face with it you know. He starts wolf anatomy. So I said the camera I said -- let's get you know what are your -- the way you Youkilis with a and one BB perjury if you know that you'll buy it today and that is behind this. So it is just immediate reaction he had had never met the guy before so these are sure that is I -- -- apps mean spirited. But I mean that was kind of in the -- of the -- and what the this was that recently was probably -- parents was Billy Martin just evidence that we but stop the marshmallow salesman at a Texas thanks. Our papers at Wichita -- we punched out quietly -- And -- lawyer with the in the in the in the locker room so I mean -- -- -- really really protect himself against that very situation. But you know he's notorious for parts people a year ago and he's going to be right there it could be moderated -- -- -- -- Bobby V and I told. -- yesterday. That I thought Bobby V was going to be done within ten days. Could be and now the fourth so he's got to the fourteenth in my view. It's for whatever reason and again I'm gonna say this loud and clear a lot of the failures of the Red Sox -- the -- the resources you don't have anything whatsoever. To do with Bobby Valentine is -- managerial. Technique or lack thereof it really had to do with the team the players and then just it was a unseen since September last year but yet he -- maybe added to it. Yeah I mean I would say the number one reason but. Now added to a movement. By the way Billy Martin what was it gets an 85 round -- you know it was after that that it was definitely yet that was probably his second and third trip through and it. I'd probably say it was 86 or seven pleased. At the latest that happened this season that way. What that would that would. -- -- RA Dickey I've got to against what team that. He was wearing bracelet and they told the tape out there yet yet and some breaks of birds fallen soldier and well yes. Yes -- right but that would've been interesting if if if Clinton if the UT was on the East Coast -- and in the studio right it would have been very Tebow was great radio today absolutely and certainly you know I think all the questions asked by Michael it went as usual were pretty on the -- -- They don't mess around they go they go to the heart of things they don't -- asked the hard questions in the and Bobby VPs it's a you know paid gig for him to respond to -- weekly basis of the flagship station the Red Sox. And so be it but he he got more pissed about who who said it was late -- want to know who yet ordered that. And it does that really matter is the question with a question. It was very very vote today as the Red Sox lost nearly one last night though -- -- -- and avoid hearing one really go straight there we go you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- still mathematically possible. But no I don't anyways here performance they wrap it up in Seattle they do. And they head back at what would elevate -- -- to borrow up to all the other stuff. Now they're back home on Friday. Against Iran alright okay see this as outlined it on enough West Coast trip for them believe -- republic that -- -- decided not good for the Yankees next week. By the way that might be today still utilized at last that'll stick with -- that last season but if they're gonna fire they might do it. Before that that does every series against the Yankees in New York yeah alike gets it right yeah. So that's what's going on Red Sox twice and it's not a whole lot we know what it is where everybody's -- prepared my my point settlements before we movement but I'll. Is that. I think the Red Sox don't have any team. That's just my opinion of course I'm no expert. But by keeping -- around with -- all the stuff swirling around government. You know the perception of him he needed here anymore that he's written off only ask that of that that question to -- Ochoa. In August -- -- -- posted -- but. And having it there's really no denying that the circumstances and laid out problem. Don't look promising it I guess we'll see in the next few days it's dormant. Our take your phone calls tonight and have a regular planet -- show -- an irregular spot in the very very tremendous but for fun. We are at Dave and buster's in Braintree. About one. Each passed South Shore plaza you know Dave buses it is just -- -- -- six. Come on down -- wide because our our WPI water boys and girls here were given -- -- -- stuff and including. By the way a whole bunch of credit quality they're called power cards. And Dave and -- -- ways you can play only. Many many different games they have here and of course we all know that tonight is the beginning of the National Football League season official. With artificial -- nonetheless it's the Dallas Cowboys at the New York Giants will be many many of you watching at home. We suggest that -- here watch it had a few Beers and a lot of us. Have some food place of games as -- -- -- of the Hugo war curls toward the hole. Are giving away free -- To anybody that comes by their table which is right over to my left your argument lately so I am too as you walk into old Hollywood. I mean I like good guys you know a lot different to -- and handshakes yes right I don't make it you know Tucker make -- comes. But with the girls that are down. I'd say hello and and and -- some of the stuff we're giving away here at night watch the football game entering the atmosphere at the one and only -- there are several that that. David buses the only wanna bring treated right race right. We've already got a late -- sliders chicken wings little mini pizzas. And where Margaret -- or ready to go writer me -- down here at David -- we love to see you now. We're gonna get it to look at a football activity tonight. And I think it's fitting in just that we do so. As the season's about to -- We've talked to you about the prospects warrior your favorite team whatever team that might be -- -- -- you know we really don't mind. What -- of other teams -- we don't we don't ridicule them. Unless of course -- jets or giants is that you don't -- -- gonna save our jets giants yankees you've got quite a list I'm gonna leave the Dallas Cowboys out of this normally at their their source of birth and -- for being. Just in general but I've but it actually predicted that the Dallas Cowboys going to be the final four this year while. I really believe -- over the you know these folks that are -- that it's a Green Bay Packers. That's the fashionable that's the trendy Packers -- yet Green Bay Packers were extremely fashionable last year to right to the period they could get it done. But here's what I got for. I have the Detroit -- It's. Like it go out of bullets at the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots here. Yes I raised up and get that gives me that look of total bewilderment at love to see at the hapless lines so but he. Years of despair there at Detroit the Detroit Lions. Again that's my pick of the that only you'll really look like an those items -- I got a boxes and it that's where Calvin Johnson while you. I'd give it a dollar right now it -- -- -- look at mobile and -- -- at all. It -- their best -- play. Monica talked about it that you just embarrassed he's not done well -- it at -- look -- -- you -- fifties in there and you give me a lot while I've been little. I'll argue that is a tip to the wages. Here it the one and only the best treatment and busters don't break my balls on this -- that -- it's -- it's really you know there were released several. There with a Don caballero Gutierrez has the NFC and the and -- he's got to play you know he has he's not he's just not be. Septic. At the case -- -- baby and act he's gonna find themselves that they -- they began eight if he can't control his temper. Well Detroit still edgy if they're a little more discipline this season public agencies and I can say soup with his first name I have a hard time on the I had skipped it's like that new -- the patriots got the what's thought boy that's gonna wanna marijuana. So like -- so like that brutal six or seven sevenths and advisory 5888525. Generate fifty we'd like to know. From -- you folks. If you feel like I do that Bobby -- is on this world recession again you know I threw it away after almost. From the guy. Why Susie well he's under a lot of pressure that is out of his own making. None of the things that were supposed to happen with this team happen this year -- get a big season at a Beijing Gonzales to get the triumphant return of Carl Crawford it to -- perpetuity. It'd get a twenty point game which season from Josh Beckett or Jon Lester for that matter your closer got hurt. You're your your DH down the stretch when it really and it's still had a chance to make a playoff run. You DAQ investigator he got take makes for fervently for the rest deceased via Americans isn't quite a Red Sox use remote they are. But Bobby Valentine more than anybody knows what they are and a lot of this negativity is based on all of most of it is based on the losing record of the team. And it's not really his fault. Well. You know you one thing the front office into many favors by. -- telling the players that he was going to be the manager telling some of the players you what's good manager that it has some of the players are all things started yes yes and then the now iron so late that that he can still log we touched on that last night as well but. Again there was some oddities disease you know that she's in okay once the Red Sox have made the announcement he's the manager recites -- I was returning it's time to play. Well that means it's time to play well. A couple of the bazaar behavior. Around around patriots day. -- wherever you want to believe but. Kevin Youkilis he comes out of touch but Kevin Youkilis yes then he says that need to -- and had a discussion with revenue was in Oakland says it never happened right but you look at it were against -- Right I mean over you know low. What you whether or not he did what his idea of a conversation was and by the way Youkilis as a special case. Because a lot of people believe. To this very day. That you had something to do with a lot of activity. At the end of last season yes and so it may be used for so I don't know running anyway with the entire franchise -- was and maybe should read it to that. And maybe Bobby Valentine get the word out that what have you when he you're right he did say something. That was -- it definitely out of character for any Red Sox managers everywhere used to Tito -- that a number -- that you could go to the list of things that one stands out but there's been a number of different issues this season and no word is that partly at the players talk to -- to sit and as manager's office all that well that may be the case do now how much that is based on their preconceived notion of what some of them Somerville and what here's what he's about or. A lack of cooperation collectively you know he told them you need some kind that happen. You know under the radar and there was no specific. You know reference to a but it was there you know -- we don't know. But I again I still feel a little bit for Bobby got him because he was confident here. Positive and trying to do good things in the right thing. And it would open all covered up by ovals other's needs and they look a Red Sox knew what they irrigate here this is -- me me me guy Bobby Valentine it it yet he wants to win. But I think there's some aspects of them now in my opinion -- phony. Yeah well maybe the -- that's a strong word but he's alive my feeling not you like it a lot of different -- -- but then again you know -- -- you -- -- the -- -- orders not so so scrutinized as it is here and it. Maybe that's -- felt that from the start when. -- total number gets excellent service of -- have an injury potential free 8885250850. Room live down here Dave and buster's and debt. Of course they we we do have to wait a few days for the actual beginning of the patriots football season. But tonight will be good a good time for people to just get it to the rule -- of the football season and I -- the the the latest Linus on tonight's game at the giants minus three and half. Virtually that's just a fun but let's just of course. -- virtually all of that is home field advantage so. Somebody out there and beat them money is going to -- that's -- the house side of Kingston to the degree that people consider them virtual equals. Going into this game you know what was its -- abject failure last year won won the Super Bowl I know they're going Giants Stadium in the line is only. Three and a half for the Super Bowl champions. Who clearly were -- India and the last season. And I I'm just big and I think the cowboys it's it's now or never. Not a believer Tony Romo. I sit -- it's it it's really for him he's got a lot to prove yet he's got the weapons in -- questions there are there other offensive line it. The even -- witness whether -- played united some other guys but. I think this is there you -- -- -- get a little bit older that Dallas Cowboys team -- they couldn't do it they really have to to you know -- let's sit -- for -- Bobby V units from our good friend -- who's in Hartford. Tenure on the planet Mikey show. I want you you -- and -- -- -- want you forgot -- would not eat eat eat you can say. What she didn't get his starting center fielder but what I think it's forty -- bid. Well that's another really made yeah I had a bright start and as it was at all piles up you know it's not just that he lost will middle Brooks. They tried to Youkilis middle Brooks is your strongest right handed hitter right now team at that point in time. And it you know it is a list of one tablet or other out of things that he could point to as to why they went. Or you know another thing. I -- what we'll hear how you. Would certainly. Be more players. The idea of four point 30. Yeah it. And they put it wage levels all you have to insurers are ruined what we're at first it. But this idiot out of the -- I don't know why. Right now I don't what you know what I'm not as I look at it as it did it disregard the fact that. The perception -- the reality that this team it's spring training and thereafter. Was up a bunch of spoiled entitled to an overpaid babies now it's it might be part of the fact that Valentine is so we're far removed from. The current rich Major League spoiled players I mean it's been noted that ten years right yes he would -- manage you managed in the major leagues. Added Japan's certainly am I'm convinced the players are part that is high paid and not a sport opened not -- say it differently -- -- -- so. You know. For day to explain to waste of a Bobby Valentine's out of touch. Feel for that I -- completely relate to that. We're -- to go out. We went out late managed to get it out but yeah it's secret while black spot on third of the way or not. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- How would you solve all the sweet spot or record -- but we're. All right -- wouldn't trade. But you know what candidates say they'll be there's only so what strength to a comment like that was the players know they're locked into a five year Johnson. And it's going to be for a fifteen billion dollars a year and it and that there's nothing the old ownership can even do about it the ownership while talking reiterate what they want to. But it took a -- trade apple without way. Nobody in the world believe you could get rid of all that crappy contract stuff there's so -- communication breakdowns like commit its its incredible. You have -- black backing Bobby Valentine but then after the players complain they -- the players. Just. -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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