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Bobby Valentine: Job has been miserable, but part of my life's journey

Sep 5, 2012|

A fiery Bobby Valentine joined Glenn Ordway and Michael Holley and fired back about rumors of him being late to the ballpark, the perception that he's given up on the year, and more on the 2012 Red Sox debacle.

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When this bull -- got. Yeah. Just. Don't mean to. I -- -- the big -- one or why Michael -- it's time for our weekly get together. -- the Red Sox Bobby -- has brought to you by our bill insurance you're you're powerful and this this. Here for new englanders here for good and by Verizon idols. On network ahead Bobby how we don't this week. Leg out of editor -- you know in my life and I -- Secret got the right -- Michael can't -- -- on Wednesday night -- read through relate DP combination night TV seeing. ABC. -- today you know it will last night it and there will be different Kerry look at stake -- -- -- and they weren't silent then like it around this beautiful part of our country. All morning in. Now that I will play certitude itself to us here this -- big choked it so let's go get it done. Sounds like a good day let's get an utter surprise and probably you probably surprised glad it's here that's -- -- the confusion. You know it's not an -- little each summer vacations I understand that and has the typical. Thank you thank you thank you hobbies battle tomorrow blatantly review the -- Sports Illustrated if you see it today. Now in front cover. -- you are on the front cover sports say well I'm not I'm not sure. -- It does increase UQ rating but the whole piece is. How to out of the Red Sox lose their way. And they have you with your hands up to your face like trying to cover -- I'm like you know like so that they had tiger present the last week saying that he didn't something stupid and I -- -- a -- -- because they know that ditch it's gonna sit you know. -- -- -- The other -- UT it's really quite players see that he's smiling it gets people on a -- kitchen to explain why he knows I'm sure you're gonna get paid for the. Those slow and so I'm sure they do their job. So what they say to you when you said that thrown. States so they have to make quality you know and I understand that totally and today it's men and you know -- put it away don't worry about it definitely -- -- so. Sure that play and you know there was good article coming out I do this no. The actual date. Ever heard that so that. Now you said it's good for the -- ready to get it on the table and meet people back here are talking an awful lot about you. Com I understand they make a huge deal they changed the personnel of your team dramatically team it's far more challenge now. To score runs but you do get the impression. That maybe you've kind of checked out if you checked out of this. But in comparison in the city you know I think -- a cure rate and amount. That. Like I checked out. But -- -- embarrassing -- to what I want somebody then there -- a -- -- and let -- come extra person literary. I'm either watching me go by the group collectively -- -- good young players bring enumerate relief pitchers to. You know -- in putting it and run and it's necessary. That the it's after the game in the food group like. How did someone. And in real life. So yeah. Let me let me try to expound on -- until I do it's I like that are just -- -- expound on. Because you were late at a ball game last week you -- -- bats third and then when people are asking you -- -- you don't seem to have an answer. And certainly -- Because whoever wrote that know what happened. You know who that might put some of the -- and -- the lovely season got the imam who wrote and that will late. And that is what it is important that school where a man. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The city is an absolute disgrace to there and integrity ever. Do you feel that you're showing up the ballpark every day putting your best effort. Into what you're doing -- do you believe your players are providing the best effort every day. I just told you -- which. And should apologize and they are saying -- late. Bobby I'm I'm reading the affirmation I -- apologize for something that people have already reported when you're not -- Who are doing when you call. They Richard -- -- late -- at -- -- and that it's going to quarter activists and at Oakland. I would sing them and that they're happy and do not wait you know. What what -- What when that was when you do what you did Bobby when you you called in the lineup can you explain the situation. Was it did you get indication and everything was OK everybody understood and and why do you -- Everyone who Antigua. I -- you said you caught in the line about at all to your coaches. But what -- how how how did it make the paper in the first place and were you surprised. I walked to the club out swiftly and the Pratt was already in the north and wannabes. Incompetent. People we say we're at it. The question. You like it or corporate annual port clocked -- in -- so late present scripting gate to having it here every day at work -- Or their record well. That. When I didn't look right deck when -- went directly and. Why is it that you just marketable or your leader who was eager to Slorc. Kennedy to my. -- explained to the plate it was too late into the side and that I was late Whitney is particularly important. And his awkward it didn't go away let -- know what Peter. -- Bobbie let me ask you this question the ownership has come out and said that you're going to be here through the rest of the season when asked about next season. They -- pretty much not answered that question does that concern you. Should concern you. -- blow it it. It wouldn't concern it would concern me if it were to my job I would want a little. I want some assurances or -- I would wanted to direct I don't. Into who I -- this just what I -- are concerned with who -- here. You wanna come back you're next year. Gonna do whatever I can you do wake up every morning and do the best that I can do it whatever it is that I choose to do. Do you choose to manage the Red Sox in 2013. The court that put him at Purdue and wondering. I know you said in New York. A few weeks ago when someone asked you if you if your. You know you're doing a good job and he said I'm not don't go to. That route that I -- late February. It really does -- BR. It was written numerous places and we can look it up people like I as I said we are and then let's look let's look it up it was written numerous places well. But now I was I was asking about New York a few weeks or couple weeks ago when someone asked you about the job you're doing and I'm not -- a good job because. I was I was brought here to bring in some Britain win some games but I know obviously the situation has changed with the trade. Bob. Excuse me John Henry said in this report by convert your -- quote I think Bobby has done a hell of a job. Given what he has faced. And he went on and he gave. An explanation about you being a lightning rod you never avoid confrontation. You aren't old school manager with new school when with new school approaches and on and on. Now that you know what you know. About the team do you feel like you've done a good job as John Henry said given what you effects. And I will come to work everyday and give him the best like the -- beleaguered. And it they're opening order somebody else could have done it suited them better than walk a lot to them and nobody knows I give my best. Every single. Going into the situation pitching has not been there for you all yearlong all you have to do is look at games look at the statistics during the course of the season. Steve has been on the bottom of the American League in pitching and a manager can a team win. Without having pitching Bobby is there anything you could have done to turn this around if you don't have pitching. This particular effort and not just about one the game not to let managers not about the it's how the team come together played together in the this year we're. Where many different reasons. And I might -- -- Come together way pitcher that. So what's your approach now down the stretch and you had a a game when he gave -- when he runs. He had. Seven game losing streak out there on the coast. How how do you approach it the rest of the season mean obviously the playoffs are not in the future. How do you keep this thing together and move forward fought off the -- what do you do. Those low. -- victory though that trying to get things accomplished and -- it go checklist then. You know being or younger again. The big home run last night a blatant checklists and making sure that he wasn't giving up on themselves. Some might think summer giving. Two. Make sure that the that the public could understand it -- is being totally appreciated. Even though. Idea that. And bring this group to where they want it to go to make sure that the arm Earl hey. At the end of the season that they can come back and you couldn't possibly be next year. To do all the things that you do. Whether you're in a championship and racers here in the situation that weren't. They try to build to make things better tomorrow than -- I would look it up and we don't search here to find out who wrote that you relate there were numerous people who wrote it. In this piece it was nick a -- who of the global road. That's really her music. About human to get out there. Is getting back to -- to make it I mean here. He wasn't along the door and open its cheap journalism at the technical. Matter and while -- -- sport illustrated article -- an article in a candidate that we gonna do out about literally everywhere for a couple of hours. I'm sure the 330 or every day. I mean -- played everyday. John McCadam Comcast sports net I'm going to the list here. As would -- and searched all the guys that are right. There that are gonna get -- let me get back to the perception of the perception Becky. -- from people. Here anyway fan base here. Is that one of two things are happening that you either checked out or you want to get fired a -- just give you an example of a perception again. After you after you lost six games in a row team lost six games and -- Sunday evening you were asked about it in your answer was what difference does it -- Well what did you mean by what is there. Know exactly what Britain and make how I feel we're. Well -- are thinking you know you at all. What Clinton did make so I feel personally that well -- that too he put paper you know money yet the question. Okay. Now that good people that means that I don't -- it. Now let me that I care about how the players deal. And then after the game the way around a lot of lockers not every locker. It is nice to feel like they come back and we didn't stay in that effort is being appreciated. And that they do and try to do it too much and don't try to be too much and when you do it the they create Pratt and another of the greatest mood and administered at. You sure Lou usually getting -- only take so put up even and it. Republican. Look at that what -- -- Kelly. -- John Henry. That he was going on -- -- -- -- pretty good it's pretty good I don't like Michael doesn't do that Gloria elite skill and killing a yeah. How -- -- judge John Henry said he was on a fact finding mission. On his way to Seattle went to Seattle he met with view against you guys had breakfast. You still like that was a productive meeting that you have with John Henry in. -- Very -- support. What was disappointing. -- The breakfast -- morning what -- -- -- real cold and you don't sugar cereal you know in a well -- Seattle not amber and trigger. -- -- -- Trying to go organic treatment. As practiced -- -- Ever try to keep it simple pretty good and I electronic they're trying to keep the sugar out of it in a distraught and organic. Going about it but did you feel like the exchange of ideas and exchange of reformation. Was helpful to review helpful to him. Think it's -- the continuation. Of you know what China -- should have done all year that they they want to make sure that they know that I mean. That I know that they're in it that they divot there aren't that they're trying to do everything that they can to. You know ready to ship to be part of the solution not part of the problem yeah -- took it could be that. Let me ask you baseball specific question since. Obviously you're I get it we're talking about feelings and that's not necessarily the best approach. A -- based the other day four days pitches for days under 43 pitchers seizure closer. Was there a specific reason you pitched him that much. Consistently. Good you know economic closer at the time to time. -- are in -- that that Billy has been that we've been trying to stretch. Alfredo. The that we could Linkedin. Ben and I talked about it are -- chances let tuning him out to get more pitches -- and possibly. We starter in Utah and that. Rotation being -- thirty. Group is running a little. Is that a good baseball. -- -- pitching him. What would be a hundred pitches in the game and you do it over. That -- span. Logical -- What what did you think of that waited so right there. Well that's why am asking the question right now because I don't like -- did pretty well I don't think. Hold on I don't think you want us to have the answer that. But no doubt it doesn't work that way you want -- public yet where you're right you're good that we should know the answer before him every -- don't. It probably right thing. That it contrary to that. I can't speak for them I can only say that we know the answer that's why I asked it because it seemed a little bit on it and now you're saying you're stretching about. Obviously he's gonna start correct. But I -- say that I think it did say that quite cute I'm impressed that we're trying to stretch him -- I'd rather hear it directly from the -- -- is that the -- this is the part you like there are you ready for us. Time now for Mohegan son's dinner with the big show today's question for Bobby Valentine comes from. Let me Hanson Lynn is from north stoning to in Connecticut. And she wants to know given all the injuries. The win loss record in all the drama that has happened around the team this year do you regret returning to managing at all. And good -- and whether this really limited like the figure all those questions out there but all I'm. Well I don't he could regret returning now launched. Like their maturity. Date you have than it's -- and I think that. You know misery it. It's something that people. You know runaway truck I think you learn from -- he'll learn from Rome challenges and learn from failure as well regular except. You know this. What I chose to do Ian. I think it's been downloadable. But I think it's also been part of -- like -- It's interesting -- what what -- it you. If you had to say something that you learned something that you've gotten out of this experience you called a miserable something something positive out of this miserable experience. And Tony twelve what does it. -- that I cited obviously it. In the month of September here that. Passing thing goes badly is they've. They've gone spill has so many friend to reach out to me every day it. They had a friend -- who's been seen publicly at me edit them being taking -- -- photographs. I know brought in the end you're on the -- and you know he's not running away from the French ship -- we established years and they -- so many people like bet that it's really reassuring -- like the good thing. Did you get a fair shake here do you believe do you believe it if you do all over again. Would you have done less compromising would you have done it more the way you wanted to do it or did you do with the way you wanted to do. I think that I try to be myself they try to adapt to a shoot them in a unity culture that -- and foreign to me in. As a senate and that he -- yen. I never saw where. You know right from the beginning. Because I didn't know everything -- is the only Richmond in the beginning and they -- Understand. All of the intricacies of a situation. But when you have to listen to a lot of different voices. Should make it more difficult to do it the way you wouldn't vision. I'm not sure we did that come from that then you try to take all the information. To give it whether you're planning to game plan you have to get the scouts that -- -- in the player degrade in the medical and they are -- -- players that you mentioned. And then get a game plan together and you have the whole. Scene and planned to go to China we're situated taking in all the information and unfortunately. When you do it on why it's argued that this sector. We're the good information country. That's it that's it that's an interesting answer it makes sense to me I'm wondering if if just looking at -- from your perspective. I don't know if you had this luxury if you had the luxury of maybe a couple more weeks before taking the job of figuring figuring out. Where the bodies are buried so to speak what the strengths of the organization are with the weaknesses of the organization are. Before deciding to take the job because I'll I'll I'll just guessing some of that stuff. Was sprung on you and there were some surprises that maybe you didn't think were there. Is that fair to say. Well. You know -- commitment that it. In a blank told the thing you that is the situation in -- -- situation. Them. I -- -- that go along later probably could have been. A lot more retail. You know put -- letters which -- a I got out the other side of OK even though they may have been wounded here and there. -- we will do this all over again next Wednesday look forward to it. I can't see beyond that we don't say anything about my Mike Stanley and things that are are most important Hillary get a. Yeah I don't think we were attending to say anything about your -- when we were just. Trying to ask you a question get your. Take on stuff that have been on her arm -- And it's you know again I should I guess I should read the paper at least as someone. You know read it and say hey you know can you believe it. It was reported to like it at least correct if he were when they come around. Which at that -- you actually it's very -- bit -- -- and say I am beer. -- disappointed. He and personally. -- Someone would actually report. At that was debate coming -- At 42 years that. To do something that perhaps the Little League. Proper in saint in waiting for late on late plane to get there are no we play nine -- -- made it from every it though Oakland in his own. I wanted to be there when I don't quit playing at what I promised them -- to get better. Same -- another manager of -- and being there every day. Just about -- crews -- work. On that man to man. What he said all that breeder thought one Embry. And that has our report that they are getting to work late I think it's. It it's just you were a. IPod look forward to next Wednesday we'll talk to them. So you -- about a Bobby Valentine. Interesting stuff there yes. He said. Here. -- On the -- before. It's. That they'll have -- what it's really to. Of Bobby Valentine and I don't know about people were among Bobby Valentine -- now. After that response that you've ever been physically or. A -- -- your reaction coming -- -- -- you -- -- -- -- simply asked the question Michael's 27779088. 8885250850. We go to your phone next.

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