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Sep 5, 2012|

Buster joins Mut and Lou to discuss Bobby Valentine's precarious future with the Red Sox as well as the Yankees concerns this coming September.

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Football having shell on the opening night of the National Football League season Butler got a three point seven WEEI. Plenty of time for baseball on a -- buster Olney joins us on the eighteenth the hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to. Ten times faster than three -- it's AT&T rethink possible. Based on the stories that came out of the West Coast this weekend buster I'm curious are you surprised that. Bobby Valentine is still managing the Red Sox today. I wondered. For sure whether or not when John Henry flew out there are dead that would be the timing because that's typically does this signal that you get you know what and cheering in the GM goes out and -- -- the -- thinking OK you know they can do this person in the gonna move on. After you hear the stories. -- not coming and you know there are arriving at the park. Less than three hours before the game and and you know the use of that afraid it was said that over five days and certainly raised a lot of eyebrows around the sport. You know it's a world by -- was. I wondered if the -- they went out there that they're gonna fire but you know John Henry's been on record twice as saying that. They're gonna get through the end of the year -- and then let's face -- the other part of this equation is. Is -- there as we talked about you know -- direct such ownership Larry Lucchino would basically captive. Basically have to acknowledge a mistake in that if they were to fire during the course the year. And I think also that Dick dale so might be content to sit on the part of Bobby. They don't wanna make it look like you're blaming Bobby for what took place secure because they're a lot there's a lot of blame to go around. And in that regard I understand you know making that decision you don't wanna to try to turn somebody into a scapegoat. You go buster a lot of talk about what's now for this organization and you look at the players raise enough talk about the manager what's next but. As far as the players going and Jacoby Ellsbury to me is is such an unknown enemy gets up or about these franchise player he's number three hole hitter. But he had a one year he's come back this year is exactly lit it up and you know after last year I probably would've told you wasn't it to keep them. Right now I'm not so -- is how do you compare -- 320 with thirty years yet 300 hitter with eight or nine. How does this thing play out in your mind is there a market for Jacoby is a -- a deal now just let him walk. My -- and in all it is is to get to this point is that you're gonna see the Red -- run into the same type of hurdles that the Milwaukee Brewers did the year before Prince Fielder became a free agent. That pretty light Keiko will be represented by Scott courses these assumptions. That of any other team is going to be that. Jacoby gonna test the free agent market. And you know played through next year and that really would affect. Whatever offers -- the Red Sox get during the wintertime. If they were decide you know what. We think he's gonna walk we don't wanna pay that -- -- abortion telling -- the cost is going to be. And eight there were only an offer in no way beat prospect beat package for an A plus player. And that really is in keeping with the trend we've -- going on around the sport where more and more heat seeking making. More and more conservative off first four players is they knew their free agency and it's -- course is now also not going to be someone who is going to say okay if he traded to and I'm expecting that came out of a hat the giant. Then -- negotiating the contract with the giants he's got you know to -- people that followed the -- the most -- -- -- all of the debacle like he's gonna go to free agencies not gonna sign. With a keen to make any -- happened. So I'm guessing that at some point to read that you're probably gonna. -- talked to god he would paperwork at some deal get a price tag on him. It's going to be monumental. It's going to be astronomical Scott signaling that now. Then they'll go out there talked that it -- about a possible trade and I'd be surprised if anybody blows them away because the fact that he's going to be a free agent represented by Scott Maxwell. You when you look at this past trade deadline ray at the new compensation rules and is there a cop out there as far as Ellsbury goes right as far as that scene plays out in July this team is is still not a playoff team. That type of player -- you know the angels gave up for Greinke but still he's -- pitcher ready playoff pitcher. Look at that if they wait this thing on Jacoby gets back to form come trade deadline -- eighteen give up a pretty good package knowing he's probably gonna walk in the year. I think package might be strong I think that you. But you're right to compensation these huge huge deal when you talk about he can keep Jacoby Ellsbury in the next season. It is then you're not going to draft pick in return to penetrate form that that's a huge factor in this thing. You know it's -- -- idea that that means is gonna really dampened any enthusiasm from other teams and that's why -- -- get one. Really good prospect that you get that Jack Wheeler for Carlos Beltran deal that the Mets guy. Two years ago you're going to be doing tremendously. You know that. That's what I heard a lot from general managers after the trade deadline this year is that while there was not a lot of return for the veteran guys in middle of the season. But as I mentioned I think that you know the -- that that diet probably cast -- ready. In the same way it was for the brewers when they talked editing and that print before he became a free agent they went back until their -- their front office did. Look we can get sixty cents in the dollar return on this would you rather just keep them through the end of the year and played out and see what happens and that's what they chose to do. We're talking to buster only BS PN and added latest had a wrinkle to the rebuild here has John Henry buster talking about getting Bill James more involved. And what goes on here that he fell out of favor with the organization. The last couple years and I'm curious and on two fronts if you heard the same thing that. He fell out of organization. OS a lot of the hierarchy why that happened -- what is his. Oh what's his them all across baseball do guys like Bill James projections and our guys in baseball ready to embrace. What he's put together in this day and age. Well big picture is no question he's the godfather. You know oil all that. And the money ball. And everything that come out of it -- and all the you know the people that now are going into baseball after being inspired by what the book what they read money ball. At all just stems directly from Bill James -- I wish I could TV guide to better answers to. Okay he had a strong role in 2004 it would greatly reduced in 2010. That was -- my cents. But. It's clear that John Henry. You know wants to improve his voice your strength in his voice within the organization. And I do think that sort of unspoken part of all of this and we've heard this in a lot of different forms this summer. Is. Do you put in parentheses it's obvious faults could. I mean it seemed like everything that's said now by the Red Sox. You and higher -- did it all the assault and you know saying. The building fell out of favor in recent years an indication that they got away from their core values. Under Theo Epstein and now they're moving on so -- I kind of don't take it seriously to me it's a little bit like -- this point when you hear. That type of thing it's a little bit like listening to only one sided couple that getting divorced. You -- look at some of these some free agents right and I and I wondered the future of these big big deals that may be getting your fan base excited. When I see with the Dodgers right did a month ago where they are still with the Red Sox the Phillies. What the angels did in the offseason he with the Yankees are going through right now in what could be another collapse tube. I just wonder with a team to sit there saying you know is it really worth it to -- and spent all this kind of money can look at five. But the biggest payrolls and they might have made initial four. Absolutely agree -- I hear you and yet we always talk about how politics is one team and and we were sitting there in mid January. It is the beginning of this year thinking where the world particularly gonna play. And who in the world was gonna -- particular type of money that got horses asking for. He might have to think who -- fourteen million dollars could Victor Martinez -- -- and I think we're sitting here in the same situation -- Josh Hamilton where I mean I've had this conversation with many general managers with a single in the world would give Josh Hamilton. You know given all of his off field issues -- deal at 678. Years support 200 million dollars. They all it takes is one owner and is only seemingly one owner that has a different place. And then some of the other owners and the Marlins last word they drove the market and within less than a year they're dumping players left and right. And so I don't I don't know what's going to be this one or maybe Texas Rangers that they let Hamilton go. They beat the White Sox -- have some room to grow their payroll maybe the cut at some point. Because they you do get a sense that within a year to do that then they gonna become impatient but it always seemed like. They're you know 123 teams drive in the marketplace I wonder if that connect cute going to be the Red Sox. Because. As we talked about in recent weeks. You know it's it's nice to sit here and say well we've got to increase flexibility. And we'd like the team that we're gonna rebuild but don't win next year. -- -- the pressure on them going into 2014 is gonna wrap up in a big way and maybe and one of the type right guys and suddenly they become more attracted ownership. Buster it's interesting because it's as much as the negativity is that this Red Sox conversation we're having baseball the races are so good right now and -- might not be a better one and write their own division. Dozen of all of them but from the Yankees have a ten game lead in July. Habit to be zero. On August 5 year today is unbelievable I'm curious as to. That let Yankee organization that that group Joseph Girardi how they handle this how does the pressure get to the Yankees and can they get themselves out of this tailspin in practice than. I don't know they can be good -- local and there's no getting around that they look like. Alienate you guys to watch the nature shows we get the wounded -- and day as it enters the last phase of its life. And it didn't pick on -- that the line that's kind of the Yankees right now you know. Alexander hit it just came back from injury and -- GM said -- needed -- man that he local. And Derek Jeter who's been so terrific this year he's been slumping in recent days. The market shares in the Kamal the disabled -- they don't know what they're gonna get out of him Andy Pettitte coming back later this month. Because of the -- they don't know what they're gonna get out of that they've got a lot of money invested an older guys. The answers have to come from those guys and you just not sure right now if they're capable of that. And there's no question that they've been aware that they've been they've known for awhile that this -- this credit card bill. That was gonna come due at some point and now you wonder if it's going to be the end of this year I'll throw another name in there. Seeking -- that -- when he talked to evaluate players and they're looking at the radar gun in his pitch selection they're telling you. Something not right there and we know we went on the disabled list. Even in August. Whatever they tell you that because of inflammation tendinitis what they're not telling you it's. There's a reason for the information there's a reason for the tendinitis. And evaluated that they can there's something else than that that he's he's pitching through right now. -- -- know -- this story be -- the angels we're here in Boston given what they had done any of the trade deadline in the offseason but -- seven and a half games out of first. They get three and a half games -- wild card and I'm just wonder what what is the word out there is Mike Scioscia is he losing that team is just under performance is there more to. Well he's definitely done a much more pressure than we've seen in and at any time in in these ten years manager you know you. Certainly the post that organization after they won the World Series in 2002. When he got the contract has now grown to 201880s. He's long been viewed the most powerful manager. In this sport but let's face it you know a lot of that. The supporting players around him have been stripped down you know they fired the general manager. Toll free at last fall. They fired his close friend Mickey Hatcher they talked about firing Mike butcher their pitching coach. So you do wonder what all the you know in the change in general manager would -- -- -- Regarding Marino are known to be really unhappy with -- what's gone on in Boston internally you do wonder years. They only to -- out this year and if they would actually consider firing Mike I know. I've been asked that question by multiple general manager because they're sort of taking -- Of what the market Blake might look like it's their own teams are looking for manager. He's DNA we've talked about already big Red Sox fans might like that guy it's buster only of ESP NE joins us every single -- buster we appreciate it we'll talk you next week. Great bodily he's the best -- -- he's always spot do you buy Toyota of Nashua give them a try before you buy. Hit a home run your next new or pre owned car truck -- UB visit them right now at Toyota of Nashua. Dot com 6177790850. Told 38885250850. I want to mix and a little bit of baseball the football because they've brought up the story buster. About John Henry. And Bill James and an extended piece today in the Boston Herald that -- points what direction of the Red Sox are headed will do that with the football next.

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