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Brian Waters is not a Patriot, where does that leave the Offensive Line in 2012?

Sep 4, 2012|

We talk some o-line with our third man in Steve Deossie. Now that Brian Waters doesn't appear to be reporting to the team this year, where does that leave the O-Line for 2012? We discuss.

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Oh yeah it is not on the roster. He's either an active player or is non active player it's not an active player. It's not on the roster. Obama who's getting the short -- organist Brian -- discretion fault it is not on the roster -- in my shorts. And. Illinois governor roster -- -- -- wherever. You anticipate about this number I -- his number. Was is number elections number last year I -- will will. Give that up without even blinking an all pro all pro offered the Lima comes in terms of what are your -- whenever. -- of this too much there. And not think that he's he's that he's not coming back I mean this too much there. And we last year he proved. That he can back in the first week and -- just on number you did -- and it with with with Deion Branch is another one. That would be -- taken wait until after this week bring him back in and I have to guarantee is. If that makes sense actually you if you think that nobody's going to pick up Deion Branch. Why when you bring them back or why we just leave him wherever he is as that insurance policy because if you bring them back after game one. The money's not guarantee rights on the roster in game one among his guarantee it we've got we've got a technical term for what -- talking about here is on the roster and we color control. It's a strong outlook while not to that extent I don't think Diaz got to command and -- -- fifteenth. Who's who's going to be been thrown. Who's going to be the control of this year maybe it's going to be controlled by natural. So much of that when you look at the way they construct rosters right now you can sync with what the patriots it so much of it is based on money. On the value of these -- And on the limitations that you have based on as we just told you would Deion Branch guaranteed and I guarantee contracts. Was that way years ago so I think people were baffled a little bit. By some of the moves they made. And they took some younger players held on to them because they're cheap right now. Cheaper and some of these guys might might get picked up if they got cut down -- Having people might look at him and say okay he's a system guy and he works well with with Brady and he knows that offense absolutely what was he doing in Seattle -- -- much. You know what I think this. Some of the roster moves you guys -- a report with. No more defensive linemen and linebackers but the way the game is going right now don't necessarily need to load among linebackers. But you know that until the roster. The way the rosters this is constructed trilogy -- with Belichick's thinking there but enough to argue about it think. Affecting monotony got great solace and it really really does trust John McCain yeah. Because that's that was Josh is guy has to be dealt with his guy last year they got him in the fourth round -- are very excited. About giving him in the fourth round they were in it if I'm not mistaken they were trying to. I think they were -- they were trying to move up a bit. Analysts -- -- was last year with Kansas City -- -- -- plug plug goes in the industry -- from last year to timeless happening but they were trying to. They really were targeting two -- put a book together and I don't. Check it out paperback paper back available war wrong. Rhetoric Kindle -- told it pull of patriot reign in the thank you thank you. But they were trying to move up to get this guys so they're very high on him Josh is high on them and I'm sure he went to Billiton and we need a receiver. You know this guy miss some time last year and -- Louis because of interest -- played in the united game six game exchange. -- 127 -- that's -- Florida -- would you -- -- -- for -- But three fumbles fumbles and that's blood. It by the bill and and Joseph Austin where you have that -- So that he's that this is not a short stay count again I'll just sit this and I'm so yeah. Unless he totally just doesn't get the system we've seen that before receivers he's got -- had -- -- morally right notre replete with him in judgment in office. -- of of an idea anyway of what I don't you know I don't. I'm not gonna say the coordinators that bill has now on their way to being Charlie Weis and Romeo -- now in their prime. But really has tremendous respect for both of the guys he has now at coordinators loves aperture certain trust him. And he has a ton of respect for Josh McDaniels obviously. I think when this defense -- -- -- going to be pretty good defense is here bill's gonna get a lot of credit for the defense but the credit really should go to. A book with a credit should go to Patricia because it's not gonna be bill. Secretly running the defense right Patricia is this there a guy with the title no he's going to be make -- and some decisions and he's pretty good. You know that nothing done in their on their coaching staff is done. Individually everything's done as a group everything's a collaborative effort everything's run by two bit. They're almost like a bunch of intellectuals so they're bouncing ideas off each others have talked about this that and the other thing in. And that the biggest thing that Patricia and the defense has to improve. Is third down Leo and and giving up first -- -- worst in the league in terms of most first up first downs given -- put. So housing mostly third and long raised the third one it was all right are there alternate for the moralizing -- that is -- seven I got it up there -- fifth the fifth or sixth in third downs giving up with a 620. Worst. There were first in two terms of total first downs given -- of the worst week. Somehow they managed to be right in the middle of the pack in scoring defense. So that. I look at scoring a lot. You can be viewed you can imagine that they cut down to maybe being in the middle of the pack of the first that that put the scoring. -- -- -- -- -- -- I forced turnovers too which is very simulate it seats that Super Bowl -- point eight they did that effectively. It was another team that gave up an awful lot of yardage but they forced turnovers. And when you get the ball back and give it to an offense manned by Tom Brady usually gonna be pretty successful with that -- Council. Drew Brees was down there that we would would do to turn over to cancer and the points. Just take some time that's called Denver last year after the Broncos as a matter at all and yet they made the playoffs. Absolutely amazed at the quarterback that glimpse that is better than -- -- -- and -- -- and all the I don't know how I would note issue. I want Gator fan ever met -- -- W Atlanta actually say hey ray was things just a winner thank god I thank god I held you back from putting -- -- book. Yeah that's left or in the book. When people. I haven't really I think in the next two years to be her best quarterbacks only. While our real too bad strategy isn't bad situation we gotta be in a situation this year were. The AFC east is going to be just know -- as you look at all of the predictions that have come out I haven't seen a single person. Who was even predicted close to the patriots not finishing first by like four games. You can't look at -- of of of in buffalo. Having pretty good personnel. Better defense good defense this year right and -- -- at him if I -- their in their -- let's let's say it was a couple players there's this group yup absolutely right there they're kind of walking on the tight rope they're big enough players took to win ten games nine games maybe. But. The once into the have two questions you know we started losing guys and and they just couldn't compete cornerback quarterback itself I'll give credit now most you know the Steelers would ever do this advertisement with the patriots would do it. But buffalo probably means you get credit for going to get Mario Williams now paying them up fifteen million dollars guaranteed mean it's it's outrageous when you think about. Consistent championship contenders they don't do things like that. But buffalo after whatever message when a message you send it. We're we're serious about getting back to winning the game that's different that's got to principal at a re all man he's got to -- that's Redskins football right now when -- -- some make a move like -- -- when you -- -- that Mario -- -- -- -- of -- -- awful fans looked a little closer and realized that. Even when he went down last year. The defense didn't suffer they have some guys that stepped up casual thought one we have linebackers are member's name. They stepped up and and still won't put pressure on the quarterback so. You know that if from a skeptical -- -- well maybe he was part of that system it was over aggressive defense who knows but. He's still you'd appreciate your team especially buffalo. Buffalo never -- anybody but paid directly -- the -- quarterback and it looks as did the guys they've they've been mistakes Rob Johnson. -- guests Fitzpatrick to find out the mistaken not but you just be glad to see team like buffalo actually step up and try to compete. -- six point 77790858885250850. Both Red Sox. And patriots on the docket we go to the phone calls next.

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