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Chris Price previews week 1 of the NFL season

Sep 3, 2012|

Ryder and Lenny talk with Chris about the Patriots cutting players like Deion Branch and Brian Hoyer and what to expect in the first few weeks of the football season.

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That's right judge John Ryder alongside Lenny meg hill and happy to be joined right now by Chris price always a good read on WEEI dot com he's on Twitter at -- price and a felt. Always does a terrific job break down the patriots in the NFL -- gone Chris. It good Chris happy Labor Day and and -- -- did since the moves are made a lot of people talking about cuts on his steam in and some saying well surprises. In these cuts but I guess -- -- -- to Bill Belichick we should -- nothing is as surprised but. The to a notables really Deion Branch. And also Brian Hoyer. Being -- go now do you think there's potential for bridge to be back after week -- -- what do you think about the situation at backup quarterback now. Yeah you know first would branch. Unity unity to be a locker room -- but I don't think it's a coincidence they -- so that the police stock market -- -- the personal effects to the Gillette Stadium I think that's a coincidence. I think you have a little bit more on cap flexibility. If you look at a guy and bring him back after we won so I wouldn't be surprised there -- been hearing and seeing things that -- the bureau and it's coming back. It's just it's not a matter it's but win. In so I would look for it to be a part of this team going forward electric it's gonna happen after -- one -- you know it would be surprised if that sooner rather than later relatively I think. That was the bigger story locally and nationally the big story the bigger surprise that it would order. I think warriors we will regarded around the league I think he's got away and so where. Our view is an interesting dynamic between him and right now because -- adding that the coaching staff improved over the course of the several of the course training here in the preceding. So much so bit Maryland took almost twice as many steps you increase speed and Aaron spray and ordered -- -- whether or not that was a reflection of she you know they kind of knew what people -- -- with the order. Or -- or to get an extensive look at mallet in like what they saw the end of gore would mallet in a big. It is needed not completely in that but I don't think this week into lifted their orders signed a one point nine million dollar deal offseason. And I think that's a little bit too rich for a quarterback so. That are paying him to cut -- so you're going to work our financial flexibility it in both those cigarettes but I don't think that's the deal -- gullible those deals. But I think both of those -- It may have had something to do with the. What do you think they liked about mallet and and obviously I think you're right tell you -- that's almost two million an event that little high price for Geithner gets on the field what. It's -- risk their stock quote unquote with mallet. About what -- What on the fielded the show that's you know because they didn't CNET have -- -- -- it wasn't a box full pre season farm by any means. No I had no idea I really first of all we -- talking about between those guys. I think we're proved himself to trigger you pretty big team manager I think the ceiling at higher with Mel I will say that's what I've seen them. All the the course is it time your New England this terrific arm strength to know how that translates into doing well there is another matter. But I think. Ryan -- All things being equal had a chance to be a better quarterback -- -- corners -- this state and then again you know did Belichick talked in in the past about how guys. Are improving you have to figure out when guys. -- kind of hit their peak and I think he believed reporter while being again a pretty good. He's going to be just that and again that it's no blustery not a knock against him in this quarterback hunger relief. I think he's gonna find a job somewhere that it is gonna have a pretty good career and if so whether to back up where you know it's taken some sort of somewhere but I think ultimately the patriots believe. It's the ceiling is greater with Ryan mallet I think there's more to change too important to improve at this stage of his career. Do you think they gotta look I know they have been look looking at some other quarterbacks. Potentially. On this roster -- steamer may be on the practice squad as an actor Crist. Yet you know I mean -- -- there always irritated -- good either due diligence when players become available. And I think that enters into what you're talking about a guy like Mike -- who has some. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I think the quarterbacks that they have other roster in the locker room right now we're going to be the quarterback they go into the regular season with. You know this is a team that more often than not over the last few years has formed two quarterbacks whether you're almost the term really the last years. Other than one ballot should last year it's been bringing you order I think they're confident enough -- what they have been valid if something happens to -- To include tweet yup it's accordingly in -- local full. Well you. What do you think about it though life. Yeah I guess the concern for patriots may as well you know if Tom Brady goes down and is out for the season no matter whether it was square mallet you'd be concerned. But. But it is safe Brady's out for you know 00. One gamer two game stretch. Is that the right decision and it could Ryan mallet handle it. I talked to a scout -- put rotor coaster today for the web site that is going to be back in to see it smell it does have to play for an extended period relative to an extended period. You know 23 -- signal going forward. How the -- emerge is deficiencies -- how you fit into the profits because the offense is predicated on efficiency in the short intermediate out -- that -- -- does it -- the Brady does such a good job with what little it's really not that quarterback relative with regard quarterback. Who could really stretch the field. In how they marry those two I think would determine how well the putrid offense specifically the -- you would be going forward I would have to think that they were also rely on the running game a little bit more than -- -- year old would -- would have to be a collective as opposed to you know more often -- -- and little previously able to kind of lift up -- up and he'll put you -- and I was backing and directors and -- -- -- I think it would have to be more the team effort what we -- 2008 you know I wouldn't be shocked if you beat -- seem kind of outcome but he did you have to wonder. Long term -- -- would. Take extend itself would seek meaningful steps what that would mean for the up and how much things would change again. -- strength it is really is his arm strength is terrific arm strength you -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Brady would struggle to -- but it does -- that he doesn't have the same -- and that's short intermediate stuff as pretty does so it's been interesting to see where the options would need to -- some sort of a little it -- -- -- -- successful -- Hey Chris I'm gonna put on my Chris Berman has for a second and what is up -- Brian bridge over troubled water is what's going on there. Well you know I looked at the opinion that the it was a gentlemen's agreement -- he was gonna show up like he did last year are. You know the the book first week of the regular season and just be able to separate in there and keep this -- then in. In -- -- -- usual Pro Bowl level for the guy shook up Lester out there from before -- believe the dual but it was a -- fault remember correctly that would be -- Down in Miami in Heatley I think eating -- percent of the only one other person on offense -- Morse council report the entire season Brian Waters -- corroborated so you can do. Eighteen and that was -- big thing right now I think a couple of things that would make it believed it did I don't think he's commercial. You know I I think right now he has to make decisions it's really -- -- at least from what I can understand you know if you want to play and I don't think you can go much past. Wednesday. Opening week. You know I think it will -- -- that there -- weren't they would look into the locker room. I think he could play but I think going forward I don't know what sort of -- Soviet -- -- -- -- and the warring. You know short term again in this regard couldn't you know you shortly after that he -- current crop into the office supplies. And be successful. That they were going to do each implementing. The program and I think you're really into thinking we -- today was effective his membership before. Yes before the Bruschi war. The numbers he wore last year which in -- blessing. That was given the rookie linebacker doctor -- so they're no read into that what you will. But I don't think there's it did there's processing of the coincidence Arafat for. It isn't gonna take more money for him to be back or is it just that he's comfortable at home in Texas and. I I think I think it's in the city knocked out I talked to several plastered with the very Smart guy at this the guy who didn't hear the bodies -- the guys think here the money. I honestly don't think it's money with him I think he has decided that point. You know what you wanna go back in put my party through the grinder or trivial for a seat you know he showed up again this guy to. Didn't participate in Q ball let's hear sort of the first week -- he's ready -- -- having completed Pro Bowl level so afraid of anyone out there to do what it's him I just think you have to make your decision -- -- -- -- guys at the end of their career and got some retired. You know it's one of those things where they just say you're -- you're able in -- -- bright award at this point that's about it he wants to play. Are they going what it looks like six linebackers. And my right and that. Yeah you know it I think the biggest surprise when you're talking about -- was indeed -- cut last we eager a couple of days ago actually. But it's the the -- work together book says that the cut a couple of days to go Bobby Carpenter -- well performed very low level nickel linebacker I think he did -- what we're in the past coverage and I think the guys that pick up their now. In the middle and not talk about that that the group of -- all but when you talk America expects cartel were specifically. Their strength is not so much the -- because the rug mill -- has improved over the course of summer against its aspects of the group as well but I think you're leaving yourself a little bit cute at that position. Now that being said we've seen -- in the past. Guys become part of the show rosters in the in given Belichick's relationship -- carpenter approached it and I wouldn't be surprised -- carpenter for those guys where if they get into that position. He comes back at some point during the season but yeah I thought it would interest in this -- at least on the surface than what we're. He had it really an extra defensive tackle. In May be left themselves I believe right now a little bit short at linebacker -- again. That's not to say you can't bring guys up off the practice squad if we're going to -- opinion who took some significant steps over the course -- significant. Role. Column in in you can go -- guys you can shop -- your roster yours there but what the benefits prosecuted a carpenter beat themselves vulnerable linebackers is it. Did they have enough experience a defense that Chris. Yeah do -- I think you look at their defense to the hole though you know you're not just talk about linebacker look when you're when you're talking about that front four are really like the look at their front -- the linebackers are going to be arguing it's like how available are going to be good nucleus there. -- in the count. Changes in media in the secondary. To the point where I don't think that they're gonna have problems with deficit at last year you know you have a group of of quarterbacks younger -- -- -- -- Are going to be better than they were last year and -- -- to the whole thing that defeated the whole. Are much better position to -- better team defense this year than they were last in the break -- we saw that came here. Not being able to -- report -- not doing enough coverage those kind of things I don't think they're going to be. As problematic as they are these coming people that's not to say they're not going to be problems that pop up I think some of the problems have been remedy you guys -- is people you know you're seeing is some over the course to pretty -- I think Chandler drove the reading about the ripple effect. Is -- at the tremendous here. I think it's fair real legitimate prepared and they're what you've been able to -- the court to pre season. And got acute computer although the record into the game changer and he's the kind of -- that the future to the looking for. All of that is true very -- I think we're talking about those two defense that are in the direction geological. They're going to be -- -- do consistent job after the quarterback can get you know you you talk about the linebackers they're going to be able to provide pressure well. But I think that this seat -- -- in that the quarterbacks. That coverage -- is going to be cut bill significantly. This year as opposed to Wear what -- I think that's critical that article that I give organs to total defense. They have they've decided on a long snapper I noticed some problems but where are they going with that. I click -- the question a lot of that is some. But the question is expected -- that the any of the guys that they brought in last year did very well he was critical bitchy -- out of the court to treat these and I've written this it's it's worth repeating. That he can continues to do. Stumble a little bit he. Yet but they've been if you walk over one if he does have a problem. All friendly taxes is out there -- cut a couple of weeks ago by the Denver Broncos sitting Belichick wouldn't hesitate to bring in the end. In the flight set in -- that they're familiar with a they're comfortable where. I don't know it to make them work because you talk -- -- tax incredible effort inside fighter five million dollar you would Denver a couple of years ago. Yeah I I think you're right I think period -- -- regularly can but -- double -- -- at least -- Merrill if there's a problem with one. Lenny -- says that question that Steve DeOssie well not my final question Chris is at least. In terms of defense in the opponents they're facing by the way just an aside what an odd. Scheduled to start off at Tennessean and home vs Arizona but. -- considering those two teams you've got a locker at quarterback as Skelton had a quarterback for Arizona they can't figure out. Their quarterback situations and an isn't Tennessee they're not expected to do much and AFC south so they've got. A couple of teams well at least in Tennessee that's not expected related do too much by the pundits this year. Yeah they'd be well positioned it to go off to a to a two will start and Gordon and -- -- -- -- living it could be great game like it's Sunday they gave us and we -- I think -- -- really going to be one of the better things defeat and but yet you don't really unilaterally you. You could not for -- set up. -- very -- because draw the talk about it seeking the record -- -- the wide -- -- -- that well you know one of their primary offensive weapons and then -- there's so McCain is just. Absolutely. I think at this point in and so you know in the dark look Richard did note that said that you know and start here I think you feel pretty good we're here because you look at their schedule and you know that you hate to -- that -- lots and lots. But you know when your matched up against the recipe C east. Into the NFC west. You like your chances that -- you'll see you steeper because you know you look at some of the opponents. You know I will definitely different system in doubt and of course you know you're you're you're you're gonna talk about the divisional play -- -- interest in playing the jets but. You know the rest of the lineup that is really not -- that imposing so I did I get the start the year you know I I would do that -- in the win loss well saying you have to look at it right now -- -- in my eyes anyway thirteen freaking which should be enough in -- if you right now. Mutual field advantage. Thirteen three sounds right. Yeah I I think that's about it I mean I know it sounds created thirteen or fourteen wins to meet Chris I don't think that's out of the question whatsoever. Yeah I mean if you don't obviously -- going to talk about health and everyone stays healthy and everyone does what they need to do and you're you're you're you look at the roster on paper and you set expectations for each player and position. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- they have particularly on the opposite side of the ball there's no we think looking back over thirteen -- fourteen games itself. All right great stuff Chris really appreciate I'm sure will be targeted play during the season. All right Chris price who by the way now NFL Sunday -- back here again this Sunday with a Dale Arnold -- with. And Matt Chatham in Kevin --

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