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Is there any silver lining in this Red Sox season

Sep 3, 2012|

Ryder and Lenny are talking about the Red Sox ongoing struggles as they lose yet another game, even though they got a decent outing from Clay Buchholz.

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Yet another new open that up -- gust and put to get I overweight and I heard it yeah need to know as well when you are irrelevant yes. That'll get final approval on these things out or like yours like as they say my name that's fine an intro to show so like you're about. John Ryder -- In for well this is it was Labor Day so even those who weekdays candlelight weekend show isn't it. Centers like labor days I was in extended we can and that's for sure and hopefully ever Owens enjoyed their Labor Day weekend John Ryder Lenny meg Leo happy to be -- A panel had a course can check out -- of the metro west daily news during the baseball journal and also via Boston Globe will begin in this Red Sox debacle. As Helen one of our previous callers we always enjoy hearing from her. Always spirited phone calls and and she mentioned the madness and it's good ward yeah with a stamp. After yet another laws that are how much people are even paying attention I think more people at a call recently where. Someone's enjoyed this season so much -- because of all this the lunacy surrounding this team -- that's it yeah see salaries -- -- like -- that that there's -- what is -- but the train -- factory just something every day witnessed the -- We'll see over this final 26 if there's any. And he more madness or bedlam or anything else -- this fact finding tour that China and -- -- -- Meeting would Bobby Valentine this morning every day there's something is apparently every single. There has been but you know I I'd I just don't think that -- that was such a big deal I mean it was -- August that the three would be known to be together for breakfast and that it turned -- him in net. John and it was going to be this show. You know there is blasphemy wanted more room was flying out of that you know on the I'm sure they're gonna -- -- tightlipped and yeah -- but I mean they've -- they went public. You know and in a restaurant in naturally you know. People gonna say well what was that all about. -- ideas I'm sure they talked baseball and I want to know how amount time you know failed to about. How we are going for holding up I think that probably would have been the the gist of the conversation I don't use this to my. -- I'm sure that was part of -- do you wanna continue on with the season yeah yeah. -- that's that was probably part of needed -- and what role do you see yourself with a -- whatever he said in return that doesn't mean that you know that's gonna. Guarantee anything even though back in early August to get the vote of confidence from. John Henry is in the rest of the group there but. That really does mean anything because in that vote of confidence they wouldn't say one way or another whether you would that be back next season Tom Warner that article Peter gave Peter Abraham. The other day in the globe. And understandably so would really address next season he had him and I don't think I wonder what ideas they have for the next manager of this team who's available out -- and who they will have. Going forward. Might be a name that we're not even too familiar with might be a name that we're very familiar with. You know that this will all be brought up -- over the course of the rest of this season and of course the -- season as well -- well I think can be a name familiar to us I mean it's going to be a baseball guy this man is somewhere -- number one right. Yes well and it has to be either no question about dad or whether it's a guy. AAA somewhere or whether it's a guy with a Major League manager early experience. Right but given the triple -- guys to -- well certainly you know. Those they've got one out here are ready and -- got. And I I do think they think highly of them even though you know -- around last year I don't think that's any reason to you know he wasn't the manager last year -- -- first commandment. These first and command again this year and. Well that's a bench coach but not by Bobby Valentine's approval and that -- -- say -- areas that -- doesn't match and now I am I might I. Wonder if they just go completely new year. Larry you know it. And I wouldn't be surprised at that whatsoever no stench of anything left over from the past couple of seasons Houston Oakland where customer first and third base coach. Gone gone. -- they're they're Bobby Valentine's guys your oyster core yeah I think they've done pretty good job. Evidently -- their guy yeah well they did it as -- they they clean out sweep then it will be that it will be I wouldn't be. Want to be in NAND -- and I think they hire the manager this time around first before they -- the pitching coach or do anything absolute Wallace got a route they did this is the course took what they land from that Joseph yeah a lawyer would also -- guys know and I'm sure they won't wait until December had to name a manager -- which took forever last season. Effect Dallas one of the first five staunchest wait a minute what's this -- stepped gonna be like whose pick them Valentine once these guys and now kind of watch and thinking. Well I'm gonna probably be able to pick my coaches is not able to do that and the -- and Lucchino had other ideas. He had that -- first mess right there I mean how much control as downtime gonna have good manages to always you know NBA coaches same thing John you know they want their own guys college coaches. So that was first first problem and that. Yeah when I was the first problem the list of problems is waiting so long to decide this and also the disagreement where they insurance and wanna deal swim. And Larry Lucchino wanted Bobby Valentine and a when no one that out let's get to the calls here's Cameron in a car a camera. Hey guys -- color appreciate your -- and all thanks for chicken and appreciated. That's who we're talking about who could possibly replace body out back. Here if they aren't serious about ending the contract and forget about the 2.5 million dollar and and you have a young team you're essentially in -- have. -- -- -- Regardless simply pick up the -- -- -- and one got to come to mind pat and managerial replacements. Would be. Either pocket manager. Or at the Portland manager. I don't think so. Out of the sorority Baylor. Was manager of Portland as it is it who's their manager write -- and analyze -- William meet Cuba. And that's a big jump. -- Baylor was the Portland manager when I moved up to -- it. That's a big -- -- So you would say no even though you're gonna -- -- the players who've worked with. Well who knows what the -- I think it's going to be a mix I you know what he wants I think what ventured to once bill. Is have a mix here of youth and and veterans you've got to see -- amid Pedroia is still going to be part of this team Lester Buchholz will report of this team. They'll probably re signed Cody Ross they'll still be some veterans on this team is not going to be complete youth movement. And we'll probably make that they trade him or a couple of -- -- I definitely think you can make -- at least if you view you gotta get you get a yet decide on the shot stop and I don't know four they oasis this island. Beat that guy exciting this season next year or not -- It's a showdown after a little bit more in -- drop your -- to win that job and that you know or or down the stretch here. Yeah now this is the chance -- looks like he's pressed into the army. Yes he got hit early on to something like -- with geophysics -- soundly so for sixteen yes nicely and he and he's never been no on eight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The big question would bowl guards is. Whether what position is -- because. He's a big kid in their thinking that easy either going to be potentially. A third baseman or an outfielder and whether there's been some talk cloudy but not for right now about moving. Middle Brooks to first in the future and having Bogart says the third baseman out and that that may be I mean neither really thinking young. But they also have to get another guy for the rotation starting pitcher wrote no question on it well and where oh where they gonna look for that particular look at that and that is the trade. And the guy has a pretty I have to contract -- they can handle it now. If they. My question you got your. Who wonder about the place kicker here to opt out if he done enough to earn a spot on the Major League roster next season. I think they don't carry over to spring train and that he left there re doing is whatever good he stand here. You know lately is shown little holes in his swing. Yeah REI greats that I still think he drives the ball well enough a lot of hits it's can't walk can't and I downs via the watch out he's got rich -- guys got a real little more patient to. You know it's analog and feel this because it's speed at which has a great thing you know any any combined little. But no I don't think you he's guarantee that the answer your question I think and you'll be there in spring travel less Eagles in the winter and -- trade someone has seen what he's done and say you are -- Two you know 456. Players are a deal. -- expected that could happen a case for the first time call camera. And I don't prompt the Syria -- go to me. Like you said either he's part of a DO cores and extra infielder I don't think that he's going to be the starting shortstop next season he was talking about just making the team yeah I know and that's what I'm talking about -- I think debt. Defense can play multiple positions also would that speed can handle bill and if he is a strong finish. -- us and it's really tough to forecast. This team and and many different positions money because. Of what does not seasonal what's gonna happen this offseason the years past you could pencil and almost every position. Going forward. Catcher is an unknown for next year. Saltalamacchia a born -- either one of those guys and one of them will be back but one of whom could be part of a deal somewhere I think one will first base James -- won't be regular first baseman they might even put -- -- at first base Moody's freeagent they're gonna look. From more punch here at first base. We know second basis solidified shortstop is always a question mark third base is solid wood middle Brooks. The outfield right now -- eleven Ellsbury in center field as he's part of some sort of deal. And -- Cody -- will be bet there will be back in right field who's going to be the left fielder honesty more. You know one of those quarter outfield positions and that can be a platoon situation. -- -- gonna look at the starting -- what's the bullpen gonna look like next season that that's another. A question mark so and his is that it's going to be an. Yeah or is he going to be store -- -- I don't I ninety sevenths is back he may not even being out of it and I of these here by the way how about how many innings he's pitched up and I was just and -- -- Incident over the weekend Maddon called Vegas Savvis Pedroia again yet to added that look bad and how -- Bobby Valentine a little path they're on a Savvis and he stared him down. And he can issue wished him away get out of here I'm sick he would you know that type. Like inaudible bid about dad's comments after the game yeah you know and and I asked immunities as trite moments with a -- of the big items wishes it was -- is not a new -- -- Francona had the same problems at the print options right. But it wasn't how we -- it wasn't nearly all -- behind a question is valid for a primetime TV unit. -- -- you know the biggest about the ticket items -- Which is most important which has to be done for -- the Ellsbury situations time and not sign or trade or the manager. -- -- some -- us an idea now lining it's a player I think we got to find out about Ellsbury. Melinda and make a move on Ellsbury right after the season knowing all that but I mean you think they might trade of this whenever. That there's a possibility that I'm saying so I mean it -- that would be a big trade in itself -- in its him and in that you know for an average guy. Who would he bring and he may be the date for starting pitcher. Not sure he would -- and trinity -- hearted nature culture and to me that's more important com. You know about him I'm most people think down time's gone so. But what about a year you know once great senate failed so. While his stock is lower right now it has to be a team that thinks that they can resigning him projects and -- term. And that that's what's -- the port -- Ellsbury. Which is somewhat difficult is the you know. What who we -- what easy you know is he the guy that was an MVP he rod or opera is either guy that. You know as a visit to eighty something here Airways you know they could hit you know between twelve and fifteen. Home runs and -- and you know a decent OPS it. Although those injuries and has been nagging but you could question his recovery time and coming back so. The trying to define what exactly Ellsbury is that's the other part of this wolf yeah well maybe the had it -- so they've got to get a team that. And I take it. Or at least think they can re sign him and thinks of him as a franchise player. So this you know that it's really tough to define what exactly Jacoby Ellsbury has has been a house of fires since he came by came back from that shoulder -- -- -- Anyway any team would be teased by the fact that he's the franchise player just not that's got bourses were right out yeah well that's very who's gonna leave him. But we the point -- we know how good he can be. And in between. Before and after last season there's been injuries. This been a lack of policies he's come back and you know it's no longer small -- since he's been backer John you know it's it's increasing him he's gonna be in the lineup most of the way here playing with the young kids. Just to see feet nine races value. -- -- -- play tag end and then the Red Sox can act accordingly he's a good deal. And little slight wrist injuries what they've been saying lately yeah. Peja are now here we go again here -- And evidence that to define what exactly he has that's that's another question mark for the steam and go for they do I. They do have a little by the time merely because they still have next season to try to determine that at least the first half of next season -- To determine that or whether to deal on the what's tough now is with a new CBS in terms of draft picks and and length of time a player has to spend with a team -- you don't get that draft pick in return when he it's free agency in sends elsewhere that changes the way it looked and it really adds.

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