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Bobby Valentine talks breakfast and the current road trip

Sep 3, 2012|

Red Sox Manager Bobby Valentine sat down with Dave O'Brien on today's manager's show

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Okay John thank you very much the road trip continues for the Boston Red Sox three here against the Seattle Mariners. And Bobby I gotta ask you about this because several people kind of did that in the great big presser before you and I set down. Somebody asked you about a breakfast with John Henry this morning in Seattle gets it down. I'm so glad everyone so concerned about me eating breakfast then you know whether what I do under today it's. It's great that that happened yet so I was on the West Coast on his way back to Boston he has come in here for the game and yes we did have breakfast and no we didn't wanna stay until afterwards and have dinner so. So that that was it and if you -- low so what you had for breakfast denotes a big meal for you and I hand over -- steel mail it to great low. -- -- show up we get to go to Villanova noon live martz here in town -- forget the name and I've been noted before though it's Kennedy. Obviously a brutal series there in Oakland in the final tally was a 28 run differential which I believe is the worst for the Red Sox. In a three game series in the history. Of of the club. When that's over and you digested. What are your thoughts coming into the Seattle series. Who -- -- over when Newhan starting today please on the mound in. You're gonna hope to have a lead before. Before long and then however. Our at bats feel more relaxed it's not fun playing when you're behind and and that's something that they think -- Gonna try to put a stop to. That has been a season long problem I believe the first inning ERA the Red Sox a six point. 78. No one needs to tell you -- playing from behind has been a season long issue. What do you put your finger on it now as we're in this September and you say oh that's the reason why that's consistently happened. How come that's happened for the fan at home was says you know I'm tired just like Bobby is being down to a three to nothing. -- obviously if I had an answer for that they hear it you know if you find the couldn't cure for cancer you make sure that no -- -- gets and again and we'll try to figure out we've got a few more games here in the month of play and if we do will make sure it's not situation going into next season. Sticking with that for just the moment is it a question of preparedness in the bullpen. We're not being prepared coming into that first inning of playing giving up those runs consistently. Is it that an embarrassing concept to think that professional. Baseball players who are paid to pitch once every six days or five days. Aren't prepared properly -- I don't think that's the case -- think. When. You know Gary tuck and earlier Bob McClure stood there watching guys warm up and now. -- -- and Randy Neiman watching guys warm up they say they have great bullpen sessions. They looked terrific you know matches -- -- him a terrific in his bullpen session. But I usually ask them become NCL all pitches are working and you know the name of the hitters are absolutely that we go over -- for the game without a doubt. -- and as a catcher notes going on yes they do so I guess that's what preparation -- You know I moment terrorist but he is someone even you know using that word but I guess it's something that has to -- Colorado and I think it's bogus. I think I think it is because when you're looking I mean it's that the question of preparedness is one that I think anyone would naturally raised. When the ERA is so a lot of whacked the interest evening is in the second inning. The Red Sox have one of the best the are raised in the -- so it flips through the at least it does enough that it reflects on the numbers. I guess to become more prepared for the second inning and -- for the first. I I don't know and I guess it's a mystery for everybody is that because you don't have an answer for it. Randy doesn't have an answer for Bob McCord and have an answer for neither is Gary tuck. Exactly and you know like I say -- seven pops -- mind and and it comes other than me you know these. As they say those blanket words hey I know like as they were prepared or that. Whatever that one word is that's an easy answer for difficult questions. Once we get the biblical answer. Will solve. Well -- time for our Mercedes-Benz question of the day Carpenter is here today know as we speak given an opportunity to sit down with -- -- but. How do you anticipate using this young man for the rest of the season. You know and -- really stand he's here to dated. And provide a submitted an inning if needed you know and once we get through this needs situation later you know we were trying to keep arms healthy and pitch guys. When we need to pitch him and we -- -- tomorrow we wanna pitch him. He'll pitch one innings hopefully against some right handers hit -- handers to start. Didn't lose to them show what he can do reports on -- it. -- thanks to Bobby Valentine lets toss it back to John rash.

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