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Bobby Valentine with Joe Castiglione before the last game in Oakland

Sep 2, 2012|

Joe talked to the manager about the dugout discussion, and about Ivan DeJesus Jr.'s Sox debut.

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I leave any further repercussions. In the dispute between afraid to save us in this the Pedroia that happened between innings last night. Show that certain kind of miss miss reporting based on people who think that there's a dispute. If anybody's -- -- -- team two years. And has -- Alfredo is overly emotional and anybody would search team ballistic fears and doesn't know. Seven doesn't know that dead dozens the most professional on the field and they're missing the boat. You know others to the and defense of alignment discussion it was an argument someone thinks -- that they read an argument they weren't arguing urges. Figuring out when does the will position himself properly for the hitters and those -- ago Prado. And when he gets assigned from the catcher he'll move and be in the right place and then that was the end of that. The pick off throws to second base BP was -- -- the bag how is that called -- who was responsible for calling. Let's not go. You know let's there's if PDs breaking to the base then he's putting the player that we have timing plays. And and his -- a ritual just turning to keep the guy close wouldn't. Afraid it was turning to keep the guy close he just decided through the bull knowing piece kitchen. That would and that wasn't what they were talking about I don't believe that wasn't what they're talking about when a game and again the and course there was the pop two in that was being overly aggressive ideas and Fraser's partner. Yeah yeah -- catch the ball all seen it so he wasn't going to catch him. I -- last night did do brown had this sort of a strange idea that he had that happen doesn't strike outs. But still struggle with that pitch count and didn't last too long. Well I had a two strikes -- most of their hitters they did a a good job of follow on balls off you know these aren't the the -- on base percentage guys or any of that nonsense. Type hitters stages where I thought lucky if falling off of a lot of pitches and lot of pretty good pitches. You know that we're made there in consequently after three innings of the 76 stitches and you know young arm can't go back out there -- before it looks likely. As service came in and it's there's three innings and kind of savior of open. How are ritualized and liquor he threw the ball pretty well in his return. Yeah you know period -- we get on the mound and you know get a strike out and get in and out of the inning -- a clean inning only. The one base runners a step in the right direction opportunity he says a really good pitcher. While today the days or so I'd have -- Anderson this guy threw 97 it was very tough against the Red Sox. Before he had Tommy John surgery just talk that he's pitched well -- what are your scouting report show a lot of. Well he's been hitting his spots and then -- not necessarily overpowering people but he's good pitcher and you know our lineups got to get some of those all bulls on good pitches to get the pitch down the middle where we could hit it in the gap and you know maybe get out to -- lead where we did relax one game and and have some fun and you have a roster addition today. Right. You've done the cases junior will be coming. You know we're a little thin. To say the least in. In -- -- give these guys a little protection. We we've got another guy and the roster and you know is that I'm sure from the Dodgers days. It's been affected his dad took my position on the roster and I get traded at coda. Yeah he went to the angels I went to the angels and he came up from outlook are definitely. I via our manager's question as to do it Daisuke Matsuzaka. What did you see in his last start that made him so effective in did he remind you the picture used to see in Japan. Well it it really remind me much of the pictures and Japan but last outing he did throw a few ward. Pitches you know he had his cutter -- and his changeup and his breaking below. -- couple manifest blow in. I think that's the way has the pitches if he pitches with. More than those two pitches you know fastball in and cutter type Slater I think he can be effective against any line. Cody -- ran the offense last night's okay. Well he's not at the ballpark yet and is holding up but. You know the text message says he's okay haven't put my eyes on him yet he's a gamer -- countries -- ago. Our I -- like today about -- OK Joseph thank you. Our question -- -- manager brought you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealer is visit your local their way to see the all -- 2013. Lineup of vehicles including the all new full size. GL class is UV find your dealer and schedule a test drive it MD USA dot com today John.

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