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Minor Details Ep. 34: Allen Webster's path from non-prospect SS to elite RHP prospect

Sep 2, 2012|

In 2008, the Dodgers drafted shortstop Allen Webster in the 18th round and signed him for just $20,000 with a plan to move him to the mound. In the four subsequent years, Webster has developed into a pitcher with top-of-the-rotation potential who became a key chip in the Dodgers-Red Sox blockbuster. Chuck Crim, Webster's pitching coach for most of those four years in the Dodgers system, discusses the right-hander's development path and future potential.

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The Red Sox farm system is now a drastically different place than it was. As recently as ten days ago. That's because the blockbuster trade that was achieved with the Dodgers. Not only transform the Major League roster. But also -- huge implications for the Red Sox farm system. Red Sox acquired two right handed pitchers with huge ceilings in right handers. Alan Webster in ruby Doris Jessica and outfielder with big time power named Jerry sands as well as infielder Yvonne dejesus junior. Let's -- Della Rosa are especially significant they immediately become two of the top young talents. In the Red Sox system with a chance to impact the team in 2013 and pretty dramatic fashion. This -- Barbara talk to chuck -- Webster's pitching coach this year and in fact for at least part of each of his four professional seasons with the Dodgers. Let's start an extremely interesting prospect he threw fewer than ten innings while he was in high school. But a Dodgers scout some throw one of those innings. Thought that he got a really nice arm action easy delivery and said let's trapped him inside him said the Dodgers grabbed him in the eighteenth round. In signed him for the bargain rate of 20000 dollars and he's provided. Incredible return on that value when you think about the fact that he was a central figured helping the Dodgers acquire Adrian Gonzales. It's a blossomed into a potential Frontline starter. But the fact that he is still relatively -- to pitching means that he's followed an interesting development path it's kind of worth exploring several in order to do so. Here's chuck crime. We're joined by chuck for him pitching coach it doubly Chattanooga who is who has who has spent several years working with Alan Webster and in fact. Who has worked with on Webster essentially since he became a picture since he became a pitcher chuck thanks very much for joining appreciate it. -- Let's start with this you really have seen more of Alan Webster is a pitcher I want to say. Then just about anyone in the world may include probably his own family and that. Can you kind of talked about when you first started working with Allen and where he was in his development path is a pitcher at that point. Just well. All of my homework did you leave all that great bloody. The call will be good balance. Beltway every. Yeah actually reported we drafted him investors -- saw -- little better. We have hundreds. -- -- pitched one time and so we had and wanted addressed in the picture. My first years in in rookie ball I was -- what we were sent to me. And he had achieved through the best four game. -- is probably around oh up. It record as a way to do you think if you still down and extended school -- experience. There -- currently using your deputy and any action to invest all of it didn't hear it first if -- true. Yeah you. Went period but he struck out. Well. He didn't eighties opened ditches which wasn't really not normal. You know we have a limit on the guys -- all you know it's always we're always thought that you. And we had guys their religion you know early data before it Betty you -- down level that these -- and here you went out there were shut out. You know seven shutout inning when struck out showed tremendous. What he's got a tremendous all. Strategic -- Tremendous movement. Quote I actually. And he got up plus plus changeup. Debt used to actually edit in the Batman initiative in what -- -- closely. I don't know how it got sore arms -- You know Terry paying work -- -- -- good idea all of our fastball. He could think of all the not followed -- Which is -- all -- -- and he just seemed to -- fuel was buried changeup which is the total real pitched. Is taken old witness there's some guys if you'll break and although some guys that -- -- you'll -- what you're really as you'll change. There has become number one now etched. He's doing I don't care if you knew you were on it you struck out what that. So. The development part of it. He has been just trying to control movement it expects -- got such great movement on its asphalt. For young here. Com to learn how word story -- ended The Chieftains known accused in the place well. This year has ordered he wrote. So we've been working in you know we -- from story. -- This from the Midwest League on the globally last year and -- destroyed you actually control the movement. Well back very doubtful it has been of this movement that is totally natural. And -- we're not trying to manipulate pictures you're trying to manipulate try to force sicker. Come ball and that the natural world. But it still -- are. -- just -- accusing him OG employer also. It actually. Make more usable. Good work. But you have all their readers are hard workers work or -- mechanics. He's been dating every instructional that we. Well heeled shoppers are pitching director's work very -- -- And just -- relatives. Right on -- or in development race still is your. Still maturing with his body. And -- -- and ol' country boy from. North Carolina. And you were trying to look at the country are trying to culture we're a little bit. Where is it races -- Or bird -- got a tremendous. Physical ability. Was there any point at which you could see that he was you know maybe was behind development curve simply because. In high school he pitched I think it was seven innings that. Before he was drafted. Yeah yeah that's what happens. Really -- -- we have room -- doubt and developers. And he just projected. Trying to get physical ability that you can't speech and trying to do something with -- 1000 -- -- dark sometimes it doesn't. You know what -- Oak Ridge you know rock of that or. Oh the war to. Lot of guys don't like you're actually. Be converted. But yet but want. Really never. Our blog who's gonna deter you know who lost so surprised so we have -- black mold them on our way. You know. The credit a lot of credit has to go in order to be able to listen bill happy aptitude. And -- -- located in the paper that we tried Tuesday that development part of it you'd which is what you would be yes. They're still. And that's why -- just -- keep getting better. -- really -- very. Just. Controller controlling trust O -- out about it. So just so I'm clear you have literally minute you from literally been just pitching coach and and in at least part of each of the last four seasons is that correct. So first it Ogden and then in and then in in the Midwest League is you were just alluding to and then last year after has promotion to double in the middle of the year. And then this here again for pretty much all of the season in double it. You out there all year yeah you go in Chile to Australia. -- Are you able to identify a year by year what kind of the chief development milestone has been the you've seen in him. -- a lot has just been maturity of the game watching audio that your. On what what you become a man not -- apparently very you know are part of it because these interest at all August -- through personal relationship. And and see them develop in to a 22 year old into a man -- bodies start realized it straight. Start to fill out. You -- the law these cola and just the maturity in the game but he that miracle maturity of it. All -- -- different mind. Europe and trade that we do do it and experience. You were really why don't cracked or every every -- The fastball with sync sounds like he came naturally and it sounds like he he had the changeup back ten in rookie ball when he struck out that the twelve guys -- seven inning outing is that correct. Yeah but yet he's out there changeup got real world but really where. Rocket -- caused a lot of changes and extended and you start using it and brought it and used. Good thing is that -- the most well water. Well her ball and he's got older you as -- talk to Randy -- begun yet so many weapons. You need any kind of messes himself well and it is going to be you know. You almost don't want you it is beyond what they're broke and have all weapons you know. And other all -- strategy. That's pretty fascinating. Sorry please get please continue. It's really just a matter -- its ability with the ball. And as suited. And you know he's really -- Could be created that they're cute they're later. It it must be such an interesting. Group of pitches insofar as you know if you're if you're greeting out the curve ball in the in decider as. As -- -- plus plus plus pitches as well as the change of being a swing and miss. Plus plus offering it and you have this fastball with. You know with the sinking action I mean. You can't ask her a lot more than multiple swing and miss options. As well as as well as they're they're kind of you know Turbo you know high velocity high octane sinker that can get a ton of ground balls. That's why do you work perfect perfect in life. You get lost ground balls. True -- any repair -- and you know you were brought in at around here is bigger around there somewhere do we -- one over. Yes. I don't there was an April. And I essay that he went the last that he went the last you know 33. Or three and a half months lawyers with you without giving up a single home run. Yep yep now you know it looked at numbers this year -- and social well Russert during. But the gym members trying to -- You do is such that contract. They all then with testing period. Devote a lot of the -- -- fault that we could not the and it ended. -- You know really not Schoenberg numbers in the beginning. And then things torture around us restore order form going. Started out. The game -- -- product from little bit many Brokaw and and you Logan you -- it doesn't really ought to -- in sort waiting ball game. Well a lot of ball -- -- the law. There's a lot and -- you go through this whole process -- You were -- wanna see some species is that some adversity. As -- -- analyst. And you know what he handled very well granted it's frustrating moment in the end of pitching coach on the order to deal with it. And still trying to keep them on track. Well. What that fateful moment and then you learn from and grow from it then he got in. We experiment all. All four weeks say anyone out there and and pitched very laudable page is -- Jim change scenery. And while we're still working on Saturday meaning what -- second story culture as all of your right here. I was actually going to ask about that because it did seem as if as if those kind of seven -- ERA that you were alluding to occurred while he was. In the rotation for that first maybe you know 56 weeks of the season and then that -- and in the time in the bullpen. Did seem to be kind of the launching point for where all of a sudden. You know over the restoration of his time with you I think that I think that he hadn't ERA that was like 2.0 one I wanna say something like that were starting from about may fifteenth on. With that bullpen move. How does she take that bullpen move and you know was he. You know our guys work with motivation in different ways you know did he did he used that is you know. Was he frustrated at that point did he did he just can't do it kind of just redouble his determination. To turn around his season. Was the you know we did you initially kind of have to you know have a number of conversations just say hey this is you know this is this is a short term thing. With the longer term in mind how how did that process work. You know. All of the above. And there's so much. Yep -- there's a lot of frustration didn't know why those starters never been so all. Frustrating -- being sick Elvis starting role. You know is concerned -- starter we all -- On offense demotion. There's a lot of explaining speed I didn't try to don't call institute. Actually didn't reasons why. -- neutral -- you know give it suits and undergo some mechanical stuff within. But it is distrust slowed them down or do during -- news store. And and most current shift away occurrences or -- call in. Communist so much involved in that right there that you have what it was very frustrated about it actually went out pitched. Which is very good will be reduced salting. -- mayor you know what right probable and maybe. But he ages dominate go all there. Just -- all news or law that we you know we were loyal culprits in the spirit of our middle approach. -- -- people players although like. You know. They seem to have a lot better. Granite -- Andrew -- -- that strategy here in this game of dramatic visual -- so. On this you know no energy period. Or what is an orchestra and yourself best chip so long we decent cooperative. While he can Alter its aggressive than not. Looks so much negativity in the hitters -- -- Because you had a lot -- frustration earlier in the year. A lot that happened in there and that we're frustrated because we just couldn't what was going on. And just. That climate here is trying to turn things around in the -- Syrians would cause you know pretty much. Take your rotation let him develop all a little bit storm over yet. And that's that's kind of what it is. We're talking to chuck -- pitching coach a double a Chattanooga about Alan Webster newly acquired. Red Sox pitching prospect. So what did you was it really just a matter of confidence. That you saw before and after that or did you see different mechanics in those you know before and after the bullpen stint did you see. Different stuff in the before and after. Yeah you know actually. It's probable. You -- opponents out all little bit more so below one army used when he can develop full reviews pretty much sitting in 9698. -- sort slaughter anymore friends 078990. Mile an. Plus the European jitters -- we take -- role. Who refused you'll all big. You know its product of that moment. When you enter game and you're talking to one hitter. Or short amount. So -- Open all the gears and that sort of aren't so it has showed that. You -- You can't be stopped all oil oil pan. But also -- -- instant that it also taught him it you can do -- state. As a starter. To go Alter. So all appears in it. Wonder. That's the approaches Betty that it went to such an army you know story. It didn't change. You mentioned at the the first professional start that you saw from him in rookie ball when it when he had the seven shutout innings to a punch outs. Was that start in rookie ball the most dominant one that you've ever seen from him or have you seen more from him has there been another outing. It just kind of opened your rises to where this -- ceiling might be. Just symbolic start from from what we're used cluster to shut up. Saw him strike out for you guys in the game and it would not -- Four way. Where. -- struck out fourteen god is pretty much all Christians -- -- -- for some changes yesterday. And know that that was the -- county currently. Pretty good hitting club perspectives -- look at him and in past nightclub. At Egypt's war guys out I'm not seeing him have his moment every year they're adding. They're were you actually just dominated which usually will be -- strike zone fastball do. -- You spent eight years in the major leagues you've seen a lot of pitchers you've seen a lot of pitchers in the number of levels over the course. Your coaching career and your playing career. In stuff or delivery or both does he remind you of anyone. On the top -- in your -- -- all -- you know all what you would better secondary and voters. People -- -- glow. Just don't imagine dark low with. Sharper in order. Actually. -- earlier secondary. That it is a Decision Day. Granted her control that city and started and ended where it wanted to say that this year's experience with that -- goods. But. Yeah others not to baker look at our speaker. Pretty pretty awkward and compared to do you know because normally. I told rose papers. And that have to vote for -- all that are. So it. -- really got them some relief from Gertrude is probably be lower. But with better secondary than it. You know. Or gospel. Did Doug did you ever introduce Webby to Derrick while Derek was in the Dodgers system and and while I don't know so. -- -- whatever whoever went down there met an update so. What Detroit rookie ball times somewhere around that that it is. While much or wherever it. Talking the talk well those -- the pages but there which children are great idea. But it is probably -- handlers careers that we we probably you know really what pat and -- develop you know. -- crimp pitching coach with doubly Chattanooga lookout government when no one final question for you about Alan Webster. Given that he's only in his fourth full year as a pitcher. Where is he and his development process ends what kind of you know what what's that what's the kind of upside. You know where -- how much room for growth does he still have by virtue of the fact that he just hasn't been doing this for that long. -- -- What is still actually grows or maturity. More big league mind that he's doing yard or your old credit those -- off the charts. Is just is still a big way right now. There's been an army has opened globally. Global is the matter wording the pitch ability -- -- You're the past all man or. And -- -- Very close. Wouldn't surprise -- -- big mixture. And and get people. Yeah you never know you never -- projections very. But would actually see you know will be pitching in the big leagues next year. The assumption of side so market -- ever being commander what is which you well. But it just takes on something that they had to -- imprisoned in a lot of as a result not yours that we want bigger -- -- -- for Oilers. Evidence of the Egyptian for a long. It's well it won't art school. Yeah or straight majors there's an art school and pistol -- in just a little -- all the -- while he's. There is crap being accurate. And you had to be accurate technical levels. And it takes on new. All accuracy. As you're moving. And it is technique but it. Whether or what was up -- over this year. You don't -- -- -- particular measures. You know trying to convert her show commercial in there. -- -- you know. Mind you its ability -- -- -- it's certainly. And gratitude. Call and audio more -- so. Resulted that are so they're legal way of matter. You know really -- the result will put them out there. Well it sounds like he's not too far away I am sure that it's a bit bittersweet for Oakville. Did that you did it might in another organization. That he breached the big -- stood. The same time you've been such as significant part you've been there for so many steps of the process with him that. I'm that I trusted. That I trust that it's going to be an exciting moment for you when when you do see him breaking through. Oh. You know one -- was basically -- losses and just you you'll have a great career. In. You know you're you're endorsing these -- go up to peddle it is. And you. From -- -- pitching basically. And it's exciting news. Well there real surgery and I I don't feeling was no -- believing that it. And where they went back really. Roland -- and slot doctor's surgery saw you would be to try to do so. You know. They're good kids. You know wishing the best I wish that well there -- -- locked up in order. Chuck thank you so much this has been really helpful in giving a real sense of where where -- -- come from. And in the kind of shape that his career track is taken some things here again. -- -- -- -- -- -- --

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