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Jerod Mayo breaks news: Tom Brady is still on the team

Aug 31, 2012|

We talk to Patriots LB Jerod Mayo and get his take on the suprising cuts the Patriots made this afternoon, as well as his take on the start of the Patriots regular season.

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Or 61777. Nigeria -- toll free 888525. Director to get back to your calls in just a few minutes but joining us right now. The AT&T forgy LT. Our hotline which speeds up to ten times faster than three GA TT read -- yourself is Richard linebacker drug -- A drug it's a -- -- Kirk -- and here on the picture on WEEI how are you sir I'm Gloria rate. How is how to practice today. Gloria you get knocked -- a much or as well so -- -- in my breast that lacks. -- tell us right tell us right now but the people Boston did you get cut today yesterday I may today regret until. It. -- how tough is this WB the runoff for years -- -- this particular day for you in the rest of the guys. Very you know you. You grow grow together as a sham -- ought to turn can also hot days. Know it's early in the gatherer and -- -- to -- where he noticed pretty we know that they've all come every year. And you know look at an -- We surprised that some of the names though Hoyer. Ranch some of these guys that we saw that there have been let go anything jump out you really were you surprised to see. If we haven't looked it you know in your business network rather you know move there -- every. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- defense you know and try to get a much more -- practice and in doing these ridiculous exhibition games to be honest with you as a -- how you feel about the defense this year so far. You know it you know come together announced that they do wonders but there are definitely hungry. At least not much here and -- -- pretty much simpler. I'll ask a question a bit broke a ridiculous pre season game actually is the -- of Cunningham the oven and a guy I thought last year was -- they kind of that jumped didn't do it. You saw the other night that he noticed you know improved play for him. During practice and what to expect from him this season. You don't know what I was there and you know come to work every day -- are. You know he knows the plays. He he strong that yet all the tools. Now he played well the other night out but because those technocrat. I wanted to put him in a position you know make plays. A sort that's on the scatter scatter report let's get better coach Belichick in me. Well we know we praise you almost every week we know what you're capable of public your thoughts on how you feel about the rookie Donta hightower how is how is -- shaping up. Your -- your opinions. I came -- and they are you know he's -- and you know I'm glad -- do not logged on and then sang rock and malware. A law school with papers you know Mike -- practiced on alarm buttons are as a no not and that. -- -- not a year or so got as but it just on the court much as much outlined over the years. And to have teachers and -- notice open at all and then I learned that much in the -- from you know coast but would not send it and make peace. A talent much you can apply to every day so it is somewhat or not. Today didn't play so players like -- Donte' and others are maybe someone who -- players -- team is know your reputation how much you love to play at all. Ago deduction Todd reported in and how much you look to play the game. Did they see that they are to be explained that to them that you really need to be that way to be successful this organization. Did you know you know it started got no -- votes you know he never leaves the field. And he's a great example Mark Harmon and -- and channel all rookies to be out if you have to have great attitude as far as coming network are. -- -- and great leaders -- this -- you know Brady and who they have plane then they have a lot of experience as down Albert. If your focus hardy started here BS are looking at Tennessee at all he had your thoughts on them. Oh definitely you know but at the same time we have a lot of work to do ourselves you know what some patriots. That's in either vendors came -- lock stock and a quarterback. Is some sort it would actually Logan's. -- ask you and all seriously honestly with these -- I mean it is frightening time frightening. Does that is that could -- that cannot be distraction you guys in and ms. distraction enough for their and a pre season games to twelve minutes to figure out a double a double. -- -- -- It's absurd -- but I'm more about I brought this up without Tom -- and org about the shenanigans that could go on and what players. You know can get away with maybe a lot more. Police the first week than they would have if the regular officials were there -- you by -- of that or is it something back there might be a distraction. I'll get your business actually -- we all mental toughness and I like and you know the rhetoric I would I would do totally you know no matter no matter the weather -- a matter of commercial break a matter. You know error on the field there's bang up job to do so how did you know and. So tell me that you sit around the locker room hanging out for the guys I'm gonna go over to you guys have got to you got back to you guys you can't you guys you guys never say each other oh my god these guys aren't disaster war and -- -- also. On the question I gave you a politically correct at our Bill Belichick. Prove there. Are going to go up against a pretty good -- bested by the best offenses in the league practice all the time. But this year police don't -- and a leading up but even today to anybody standout got an up -- not the bradys in in in the duration it will Breivik its abbreviated -- literally right by a permanent the bush. Torture what what's what's the toughest part of your job practices regarding. Some of these guys. I know I'm also well we have so many weapons and I'm here every year every year you know you have any effort as vice we. He -- tied in to work for it on the outside on the at one of the executive. -- -- -- I have great quarterback and they don't hear about quarterback Brett coming on -- there now we have gotten outside tickets are still so we have a lot of weapons. No it hopefully the ball back and hostages. Or C you know assuming -- on the team we're hearing that it melts a backup quarterback I guess my course should be everybody -- -- -- practice these did he knows he progression. From him here one year to. Pomp and I mean obviously more comfortable with the playbook more comfortable. Control in the -- -- -- -- you know his employer world of justice another Gallup well of course you got out of the second. The other the other little sensitive matters. Not at all it's our. -- how they're playing now could you wanna play battered Georgia. Who want to make a lot of ways you -- a player. Our Jerod -- wish you luck next -- get some -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah you don't care what one -- -- -- -- -- -- -- hard to believe that school. Exactly. I felt like I was I -- -- -- that a Kamal what woke with a. That's our drug take care thanks -- -- -- -- and we will talk to governor wrote that you are better at Mitchell linebacker Jerod -- Bring the -- I don't -- story can stores Tom Brady made the the team made the team they'd Welker she's made the team. The confirm that and you say some argue we don't want -- -- that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Call 88 get SP LI a visit SBO -- dot com. For your free quote. What it would break that wouldn't our quick break six point 77790. Warmer -- -- one they'll -- more calls. All right remorse and that's what 777 I -- 888. 5250858. And -- -- jumper Kirk -- and we're here until a six going for -- go and Michael Valiante sports rated and beyond.

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