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Michael Fabiano, NFL Network, on fantasy football

Aug 31, 2012|

Michael Fabiano joins the show to give some last minute advice on who to select in your fantasy football draft.

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Fourth and final out here but loaning -- care thriller from Mike and Nancy here in a Friday you ready finally but it weakened. It gets you gonna get you ready for your fantasy football draft some of you obviously probably already had the mother's a sit there wondering. What you gonna do what you gotta pick who's the top pick who's the top five where do I wait for this guy that guy. Well whatever and a guy right now for the NFL network Michael Fabiani could follow him at at Michael underscore Fabiano. Excuse me it's stuck in my in my throat here so with that this bring up Michael Michael a lot of people -- their sweat and a big big weekend in fancy dress. Yeah I've actually had four drafts already this week and have got a couple more coming up in the next three days so. It's a lot of fun and it's one of the best times in the NFL in in fantasy football. Are a lot of people wondered especially early on Jeff give me your top five winners up boy Tom Brady threw it. Tom Brady is right up there -- Foster is number one ahead of air Rogers at -- that's in a league where you get four points for passing touchdowns which is standard. Financial black Tom Ray Rice is three LeSean McCoy is four. And your boy Tom Brady comes in at number five. Now one of the things you pointed out in your article talking about don't look for consistency from some wide receivers to me. Aborted gonna draft that's one thing I learned there's plenty of wide receivers out there is that a fair assessment. There is unfortunately that position is not consistent overall -- which -- talked about in that column. If you look at the last three years we haven't seen any wide receiver go back to back top five based on fantasy point which is amazing. I'm not saying Calvin Johnson won't be in the top five this year unless of course he's curse by the -- game but. This is this is a position where there's going to be some -- to be had. In the middle rounds you see guys like bring in Lloyd in New England obviously I love him especially with Josh McCain is they're calling the plays and -- during the football. Eric Decker in Denver started seeing his value rise the same goes with -- Antonio Brown in Pittsburgh. Miles Austin Jeremy -- Torrey -- all guys you can get in the middle rounds and have some potential value there. You know some leagues obviously have the tide and dedicated position others you can use a wide receiver and move around -- but if you got a league where you gotta take it tide and and obviously Rob Gronkowski to me is the guy who stands above and beyond the -- -- -- -- -- -- Hernandez on the same team how concerning me if you've got one or the other is that gonna divide up that it receptions in the ER. -- sheet with Gradkowski and he was so good last year the best season ever in fantasy football. So you have to expect declined eighteen total touchdowns that is likely not gonna happen again. And we've heard reports out of Boston that -- Hernandez has been one of Tom Brady's favorite targets in training camp so. I think Gradkowski I have a ranked number one but it's basically one and one they -- Jimmy Graham and -- and is ranked third. And I can't remember being in this business for thirteen years ever having to tight ends for the same team. Beat a ranked in the top three but that's the patriots are they've changed things in terms of pass attack. They go with their tight end to these guys are both extremely valuable again that the current house is a better option. But I don't know if you agree with me I wouldn't be shocked if -- -- statistically closes between the two of them -- -- We take those guys late first early second. Gronkowski is more of a second round pick I'm a traditionalist I don't look like it take any tight end in the second round but Gradkowski will come off the board the second then you'll see grandma off the board. I think -- it is is more of a fifth or sixth round pick if you're -- a ten or twelve team league you'll fall somewhere in the middle rounds writer on the same timely to relocate to be drafted. I got to ask you as an expert here and I've been doing these things -- I'm the commissioner of -- again and I've been doing it back before we get among computers we use to scratch amount on. I did the same thing I checked the USA today -- -- -- -- that's exactly outcry. And so we've got to strangely but I won't get that my question is the view when you get a kickers and the balances and I always -- -- the -- Is the studio or do you go earlier than. No -- never if if you draft to kicker before the last round you have something wrong with you and I tell people that all the time and I still see him. David Akers was so great clash are drafting him in the tenth round why kickers are for the most part a dime a dozen and you've got a lot of good ones out there. And nine times out of ten a kicker who's on the waiver wire will end up being a good starter in fantasy that season so. I totally weighed on that I just the defense either in the next the last round of the third the last round I was a draft yesterday. I had taken the jets. In the third in the third to last round that's his body as high as I'm going with a defense and that was only because there wasn't any offensive skill position players. That they're really liked so much to make my fifth running back my fifth wide receiver my second -- and whatever the case may be. So I went out and grab that the French which in this case was the jets and that's probably the only guy who just haven't been to -- finally -- up -- up maybe Shonn -- but that's about it. So that's what you do you wanna fill out your prophet of skill position starters obviously first. Get your backups at those quarterback running back wide receiver position he may be a second tight -- repeated draft an elite guy. And then you wait you draft a kicker and a defense late and you know what a lot of times kickers and defense is can be interchangeable off the waiver wire. I can play the match ups with defense is all year long did that if you -- last season so. Sit back and wait Alicia scoring system is really heavily favoring defense is wait until the last three were. It's Michael we have a lot of our listeners of one ask your questions so we're gonna start off with -- and quarks and he's got -- -- a lot of people. A curious on Brian your own Michael Fabiano. Hey guys are you doing that. -- my question about Maurice Jones-Drew you know with his holdout and everything if he's playing is obviously a top five front and back but. With the whole battle we have the right spot to take him in the draft. There's going to be a spot somewhere in the end of the second round begin their third round where he's going to be on the board you're gonna -- -- you know what. I'm gonna take a risk or not gonna take a risk and I've been seeing and JD. Drafted in that area late second early third round but you must get Rashad Jennings is a handcuffed and we talk about -- -- out of office -- left constantly. It's more important than ever this year without -- running back injuries. Back to committees all that kind of thing so. Get Jennings somewhere in the later rounds you could probably get him in around eight -- nine around ten. Mike Malarkey dirty named him basically the starter in week one we don't know when George was gonna be back I think. He's going to be back sooner than later he's not gonna miss the entire season obviously that would be foolish on his part but. There's a risk involved and just keep this in mind he's not gonna rush for 16100 yards against he's probably not get finished in the top five and there's a point tomorrow running backs. In consecutive seasons because obviously. He's not even ready for games yet he may not even back of the team in time to play in week one or week two so you want to draft him as more of a lower and one or higher into. -- -- those types of running backs and question marks went what do you have on guys like where guys like Ryan Mathews and as a Trent Richardson who are questionable for week one. Guys there are three running backs right now affinity for body you can basically being on Foster rice in the quit after that isn't actually a crapshoot. Every every guy seems to have something. Wrong within injury wise back to a committee question marks I loved Ryan Mathews and you know I would still drive right Matthew somewhere in the third or fourth round. Hopefully he's back by week three at the very latest he's in great position to succeed it's all about their ability with him and I'll tell you right now if he gets hurt again during the regular season I am off the bandwagon I'm jumping off and I never jumping back on. But for a guy like Adrian Peterson who's been. Fantasy stud for the last 56 years as a personal career basically. We haven't even seen him in the pre season hasn't even taken a hit. Leslie Frazier says he's going to be game time decision for week one so you can't draft and -- one of the first couple around just because of his name guy you have to wait until round three around four. Air on the side of caution draft Toby Gerhart as a handcuffed. And the list of running backs were coming off of injuries is unbelievable you mentioned Richardson. I see him as late third early fourth in the twelve team league maybe he falls and a late fourth at ten team league. Other guys that that are coming off of injuries DeMarco Murray who I absolutely loved this year but he's been a little bit injury prone. Darren McFadden if this guy plays fourteen -- to be in the top by infinity points are running backs all year long without any question but he can never stay healthy so. There's going to be a lot of question marks at running back and it's just a matter of where you wanna take the risk on these players. I backed quarterbacks you've got Rogers then Brady anybody else sort of -- those two in any leak top group QBs Dexter breeze and just ignores -- and because I. I think Stafford -- new leader -- up there are so if Rodgers is one Brady's 1 -- breezes one piece that I think Stafford in a new they are basically you know to weigh in QB and they're they're very good thing that they don't have. Is a -- Stafford was great laster knew it was great last year but Brady. Three urgent Brees and Rodgers have done it multiple seasons in a row so. Those guys are gonna come off the board I would guarantee in the top eight picks Stafford -- more late first round early second -- Alex Stafford a little bit more than new in. Or because came at fourteen rushing touchdowns last year. And if you remember back in history the National Football League quarterback to rush for double digit touchdowns. Typically don't do it the following year than -- close and Steve Grogan is one of those examples because I think he had one touchdown a year after rushed for twelve or thirteen. Back in the day so patriots fans are well familiar with Grogan but. I think team's touchdowns drop a little bit in terms of rushing maybe he falls to seven or eight his passing touchdowns should rise into the mid twenties high twenties. But again I think it's Brees Brady Rodgers those of the three. A -- quarterbacks in the early part of FaceBook Rick Campbell wants to know which rookie quarterback you'd think we'd have the most impact. Both of -- are fantastic I like Robert Griffin the third only because of his intangibles he can run with the football -- can do that too. But Griffin is sort of at a higher level he's a guy who. I compare mortem Michael Vick that I -- to a Cam Newton but he can run the ball. And if you remember last year Tim Tebow who had a 46% completion rating he was terribly couldn't throw the football. But this guy was very good fantasy because of what he gave you. With his legs he would rush for 5060 yards and a touch on every game so even if Robert Griffin the third has an okay game if he throws for 225 yards and a touchdown and a pick. What he can give you 405060 yards on the ground a potentially that touchdown. That's why I like him a little bit more than -- this year I think they're both very solid number two fantasy quarterbacks if you're in a dynasty league I like look better but this year coming up I'm going with RG three. Let's go back to default is go to rob in Swansea Robbie author Michael Fabiano. I am I'm calling about Reggie when he because he's been pretty good over the years for an outline a year without any -- new quarterback. He's like a good sleeper -- fingers well you saw. I think I think Wayne's value obviously rises you know Curtis -- is not during the football anymore which is an an obvious advantage for him. And you've got injured buccaneer who everyone says it is you know the second coming of John Elway he's going to be. The best quarterback to come out of college in years and years and years. So that's gonna help queen's guide to I think he's gonna go back to that elite level where he was -- Peyton Manning probably not I mean he's he's on the wrong side of thirty. Doesn't have a lot and that offense to compliment him enter in terms of defense is. Focusing on other players guys like Austin Collie Donnie Avery you're gonna have to step up in those two tight ends April briefly you're doing now and a I think Wayne is 83 and fantasy has a wide receiver if you get him and it as a three. I think you'd be very happy he can give you a thousand yards somewhere between six and seven touchdowns rate somewhere right in that area. But I don't expect him to become elite again like he was during the Peyton Manning there. I suspected of falsely adjusted in Worcester year old Michael Fabiano -- NFL network just go ahead. I -- they don't good how are you. Good good about a couple of quick questions I got 96 and I must draft and I was think he knew the staff or -- -- and -- at quarterback league or your opinion. I think Teddy quarterback that I go Stafford actually had the same exact situation yesterday where I had the ninth overall pick and I took Stafford as well. Again tempering expectations I don't know that he's gonna throw four or 5000 yards again -- -- 41 touchdowns in but he'll still be solid look at it this week he's got the best wide receiver in the league. And Titus Young is an up and coming guy they're running back situation is sort of a -- job at best on the PP Kevin Smith is there. But he's injury prone Mike Kelly sure is gonna be suspended for the first couple games. And you'd think that that Atlanta going to be a lot of shutouts this season I believe that -- -- the rams in week one -- efforts in light that team up. So if it's a quarterback can really -- its exports are passing touchdowns. I think that you go Stafford. Yet you've had a ninth pick which is very remote vessel on the comeback -- -- -- draft. What do you think Julio Jones Iraqi white. I like Julio Jones and I tell you something this kid. Has looked green pre season if you look at his numbers last year he didn't miss those three games he's over a thousand yards receiving he probably scores double digit touchdowns. And analysts writer writes fantastic and it did it's a little bit closer to PP our league. But I think. I go for the gusto -- put on a feisty guy that I really liked I think you break out which is Julio Jones this season at the wide receiver position. I go after -- he was actually drafted fourteenth. Yesterday and that and that leak which was between NFL fans who live and they'll AMR our morning show on -- national network so. I think you could potentially get Julio Jones there as long as someone else in Korea is an absolutely enamored with -- but I like Julio better this year I think he's more of the explosive wide receiver guy who's gonna put up more fantasy points in the -- Artist Michael Fabiano NFL network. From NFL fantasy live starts this Monday at 2 PM and in a phone network and it's always online nfl.com slash fantasy live you can also -- -- B of free league. An nfl.com slash fantasy Michael we're really appreciate the time of the purported talk -- -- every single way our guys take care I appreciate it. Big news coming out of -- probe by the way we have an answer of who the backup quarterback is for Tom Brady not be surprised -- within the next.

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