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Happy 1 Year Anniversary to the Red Sox!!

Aug 31, 2012|

D&C begin the show by reminiscing about the Sox 1 year ago today when they were 83-52 and how things have drastically changed since then. They search for the answers of how and why things have turned out so badly for the Sox, what was Francona's reaction to the Sox blockbuster trade, and if Bobby V will finish the year with the Sox.

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I know it's early maybe a little -- to thank. But as the significance. Of today. It lost on any -- you out there. Is significant -- decades. -- -- rise as. It is on labor 31 it's the last August its last this last summer -- Labor Day become -- is common in this that she'll in the care -- -- -- and believes on balls flying a marginal. And our own long ride hands. Him the apps that around and got him here. Happy anniversary. Yeah happy anniversary from Betsy Josh Beckett was lost last August 31 yeah. And they beat the Yankees yeah right out there like five times the beat the Yankees they beat the Yankees Bob Beckett just was apparent up. -- -- -- -- -- Jump up -- apple on game 13123. Finish in the ninth inning by Bloomberg for him yeah. I know that the possible. That's like that and back to. -- They struggled to spot right. And yet three channels yet yeah -- at the stale or other spots spank bank material -- -- Jason Derrick to attack it 82 run home run as they beat the Yankees. Is and violence. The Spanish but the -- he has won here go to day happy anniversary. The Red Sox were 83. And 52. I'm pretty sure that's 31 games. 500. Since that day starting September 1 last year until. Now. 69 in ninety. That is does that aren't sure that's when -- won games under 500 right in one year if you're. Holes that's disappointing after the the Mariners after the twins you'll pirate's gold buyers about the new -- that's very disappointing that's. Reevaluation time if you're the royals. If -- the Red Sox at end and we've justice certainly a thousand times tried to find an answer this. What was the key what was the turning point what. Went and all all part you know -- different theories and Josh Beckett when he fell out of the Cy Young race was very discouraged. Why why they -- -- why did they quit on Francona why did they did -- they get him fired. You know what you would never had a reasonable logical explanation -- -- -- her the opposite of a launching point -- we will call the 882 yet Titanic hitting -- moment and I think there's some great reporters on the but he certainly gotten big stories from month to -- in the beer and chicken ball -- learn. You know Gordon needs and -- pass and an enemy in this guy's. Hard work on the beat nobody's ever explained that nobody has ever. Answered that question of why did this thing all go why did it hit an iceberg why did -- think. I I don't know I would only be speculate let's make something and all right well I'll help you do that you think -- was a moment. Early in September the first week may be first ten days of September. With a Red Sox started the scuffle. And Terry Francona had had enough. And maybe went into the clubhouse during the seventh inning stretch. And read the riot act these fat bloated under performing pitchers and that's and they all said -- Butte area. We view the problem. Miss they didn't call simply use you know like I don't think Pedroia -- -- little -- you know -- -- school -- did know he makes perhaps he Lester and Beckett certainly did did battled all ball block cold feet if he was he was hurt. Any -- -- eat and drink it wasn't he was just. Who's who but I guess it didn't care of the individual and out that they should play -- when urban one shot one beer and buckle to take them out of that that. Speaks volumes. And maybe it's one guy Beckett who got disgusted and gave up and Lester followed in his footsteps. I think when the books written when Shaughnessy completes the book about Francona. -- not to be -- met many flattering things written about what you expected to amass enough you haven't heard them leak out I mean Francona stock at today talk to Michael -- yesterday and he's astounded by the Sox trade and surprised by the collapse here doesn't give any hint that it doesn't but I think. I'm just guessing Jerry that is going to be the number one target -- -- different I think he should be put you'd you'd never you know stone Jamaican accents I think he's a big fat lazy slug. But why give up why why pitch like Cy Young candidate for four months. And then just Cuba. Why well my guess I don't know why my my guess is he won that game a year ago today against the Yankees in fine fashion was in Cy Young consideration I assume some wants evidently -- litigate it in September and he's twelve and five at that point. They win one more game 11. Bull he and analysts are so maybe him he loses his next start maybe he loses his next start and now use you know. In -- Josh Beckett kind of mood. And Terry read the riot act in Leicester in they just checked out -- that's. At about baseball's not important to me and not. He was was honest about that baseball wasn't important to him anymore. And but that doesn't explain. Why auction had a baby like editor human -- has to it. What does -- say if indeed it was the unraveling of Josh Beckett in the locker room. What's that say about the character of the rest of the guys around him I mean necessarily just Jon Lester and just play buckled but others who kind of gave in and -- this thing just -- drain. What does this say about the character if you allow one malcontent in a club house to bring an entire five man roster. Much does well I. Mean I I I think Pakistan but Breuer and and school girl trying. Right -- -- everybody game but did Ellsbury just Ellsbury and you're right -- but he brought them down but it wasn't because they were saying -- screwed him hug chicken you know -- -- -- -- not -- anymore -- and -- -- -- -- -- -- just important. Those two guys. You know my -- the two most important. It if you lose them. You're troubled back was one and 2 September 548. In four starts. When he -- it's in 23 innings it's not bad guys use it -- It is for the case it is for a guy who's in Cy Young consideration was -- not. Twelve why -- -- I -- told that a communities yours right. And well. Again if you -- we. Pre September had to -- two and a half finished 229. And I don't know why -- So -- you know when the Cy Young girl and there's -- up so what happens every year somebody he's not a Cy Young caliber pitcher. He rarely was he was good. Every the year -- -- good period but -- -- accounts that's the side no winner no. Not even here in the Euro as laughable Josh -- threw on the side this year really. Who -- that -- well those lists we don't know others you know Lester it was often unpopular period lest you look at yesterday. It's got the tools. And he -- team and you know -- the closer and you thank and best team ever. He's the best pitcher on the best team ever he could win this it was a very popular pick the side -- and. Since 2004 though my point is to every year there would be lists in ESPN production Josh Beckett would always be somewhere on the list possible Cy Young winners. What does that idea that I mean that he's just hasn't inspired the ice. I don't prediction next year in the National League. Preview. Editions that -- of the year nobody. It will pick Josh Beckett that's been some pick Adrian Gonzales to win the MVP but nobody will take Beckett to win the -- Because it's not just as hard you know it's his gut and it's is arm in the nobody thinks he has. The site -- dozen or more baseball people don't don't have any faith in him anymore. Now as we continue be happy anniversary theme IE refer to Dan Shaughnessy is very very well written piece in the globe today. And he points out that on August 31 2011. A year ago. Also marked the first time Theo Epstein commented on rumors that he might be interested. In leaving the Red Sox to go to Chicago Cubs and -- a quote from that day they'll. Something like that I can't even contemplate it long enough to comment on it -- all Red Sox all the time. I'm really happy to be with the Red Sox I'm really happy to have the ability to come to work quick place like this. I know there a couple of articles which appeared. But I'm completely. Focused on the Red Sox of 2011. First and foremost and what potentially lies ahead for our club over global. Yeah what -- lies -- awful lot awful. General manager in Alaska obvious but he might be the smartest government I mean he just has great time him. Graded stakes. I mean he's like. The captain of the Titanic who didn't like little like getting stops before to Pittsburgh just a little -- he's got off the idea. You know up and Nova Scotia -- Nova Scotia and called -- last places. Took a dog named after. A little. -- Labrador Newfoundland who Newfoundland who grew up in Newfoundland and Newfoundland -- Yeah of god after Newfoundland usually stop the new facilities that do not like here I think again from little baker added there -- -- -- the Titanic at the -- -- Leo and everybody down Theo said yeah I think I'll have one cheap two for 69 united with the cubs. -- six. As almost is -- timing -- policies -- but. He's cutting Roger Clemens who's next to his next start it's amazing to -- is next that's with the scandal in September 7 but in his first sent -- Astros who was against the cubs accounts of the -- -- -- that the -- September -- that the September. At the -- really trying hard battles gets picked -- the -- gonna go you know he's got a goal in mind. It's five innings it's. Six hits its two runs in its seat yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Although he doesn't look like -- Upset her. He just looks like he he wishes that. The public support these has -- guys would let ago. You know he's these two and -- hostage case is holding a -- daily newspaper. He's blinking in Morse code bullies let me let me out here get me out of here. And -- sorrow and I'm I I know -- and I suspect. Within days within half with the September you gonna come here. You're right he cannot he cannot say he Moscow. I don't and and you know we can a ticket to in the level he can't finish the year. He's scary place there's no upside it's if I'm Henry Werner. Larry I -- not that he's. Taken hostage and themselves in the manager's office but that he's gonna just go off the reservation. Ads that hawk and like that like that announcer down and -- and the Texas about fifth base the fifth Covert operate when -- -- the the U haul low. Like some mystery and like a Danielle Steele has has he returned yet dogs dogs -- yes I pigment of cedars. Bring medical problems medical brain medical issues. That she will open de Bartolo get the environment that's what bomb around his head and down that road do you really think -- -- in his -- the way they do now. And they really fall -- Toronto and it becomes day. It rough on the side of the highway that's the only reason anyone watches or goes the games I mean you really think. In September of product Jackie Bradley which knocked it to them. -- Sandra Bullock -- rate in Portland. You that there's any chance to see those guys -- to salvage this masses. Okay so -- bring you really anyone have any interest in tuning in to see. Him James won't. -- -- -- And if they don't if it continues to go this way. You think. Bobby is gonna keep it between the lines -- -- to seek in the table other than putting him out of his misery what would firing Bobby Valentine to borrow accomplish. Just avoiding some sort of meltdown it is and and boarding -- kind of destructive. Atmosphere. In the when Bobby. And bodies look out for Bobby. If you don't blame them. He's got a month -- I wouldn't say he's approaching destructive right now I would say he's approaching those guys you know the night of the living Dead Man Walking across the -- -- -- -- staring straight ahead I'm not saying anything that's what Bobby looks in the post game. All right -- -- and a henchman. -- -- not answer thread that some guys that if weeks until kind of access for public order of yeah. I've missed work. Due to c'mon let's talk a little on. -- seconds. It's not that important it really is a botched robbery with his henchmen that's to a text a good job. I'm that bad guy -- my blog is gonna do that because Bobby is succumb include you know but he news. Yeah post game anyway yeah yeah Reagan is OK after -- line -- it's like and you know what you can't. You can't let them off the hook you know there. There's eleven out of its thirteen out the loss column in the walk out. Thirteen yeah here's wild guy is what's gonna happen there fifteen outlet division -- a roll and Oakland and hold off the red hot days and if they go 27 and three. That equals 89 wins and -- in what -- seven get it done boys you'll really elevate our -- play Bobby's post game catatonic interview. We will play -- henchmen and the botched robbery. We talked with Rob Ninkovich during the 9 o'clock hour this is after all a patriot Friday we'll give away. -- Red Sox tickets. And will just a little shocking things got bourses ever said something he called one of the players ninety seconds from now.

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