Aug 31, 2012|

Today we are talkin all about muff with Dennis and Callahan.

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That's great kids instead of some camera news -- talk shows that Penn State play considering fumble Corey Perry mocked those -- -- tomorrow. Today we're talking -- at fifty here in the inbox. Today in the bookstores on Dennison talent and most doc goes bloggers across the problem yeah who doesn't -- favorite muffin. No it's not know about -- -- the better. Someone other got a lot of -- yeah like. Here a month would you say -- -- grant them a little bit of terrorism most active on today's most don't we discuss the greatest months ever about your favorite can't -- -- -- want to talk to you. Again I don't set a mosque from when you're now I know -- -- Love dog team -- -- is very remote does is we've got we've Dennis and Callahan. -- that was pretty amazing motto wasn't there is a.

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