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Dustin Pedroia on the picture of him and Bobby Valentine sleeping

Aug 30, 2012|

Mut and Merloni react to Dustin Pedroia's clarification on the picture of him with two thumbs up behind a sleeping Bobby Valentine.

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-- too much cooler and not a three point seven WEEI your calls at 617779085203888525. 0850 Red Sox and angels wrap up their three game set tonight Red Sox trying to salvage one. Just to rejoice sitting down rob Bradford yesterday recognizing that. I salvaged a little bit of news is PR. Right now -- -- Haiti was taken two days ago Tuesday don't -- and across all of those calls we took. About Pedroia is the next guy get a trade eagle and everything else you -- was building up in Pedroia. Sitting down rob Bradford talk about a couple things I give a lot of credit for doing so. I'm one of the things he's taken heat for is a picture we haven't seen it now full disclosure I looked the picture. Right you've heard about this picture from Jeff pass and Bobby Valentine asleep on that gas. And Pedroia next on two thumbs up thumb out. Hung out. You -- made -- -- transports tonight in this thing came out right I wanna just picture somebody get us this picture. Now one of the things that was asked by rob when that he sat down would Dustin Pedroia and and Dustin talked about that picture -- what morality in the Bobby now. Yeah we we learn Oakland. And it was close. Like Bobby passed -- asleep and take -- -- which grade everybody's we were all tired mentally that it was her grind it. David was certain David's right there and that's a picture given -- two thumbs up smiled to the picture -- -- house trying to keep the guys. We weren't we weren't they're playing very well. Trying to keep the loose atmosphere. That that was everybody is it's it's by got to enjoy life like it was funny I'm not trying to be disrespectful. Please. You know I had no idea that. First -- I don't know how. I -- some -- joking around somebody and told them -- is this was hilarious and this -- it was like a story it's -- manager I've. Nothing but respect for our manager. So I'm -- that's basically -- guys lose. Have fun playing the game right and that's it that's that's. Let's. I I didn't. -- here and we have different. They have a different manager different it's different. Environment -- IA. Was basically thinking now this this is fine you know we have involving both the relationship was pretty darn good many of the night I love -- struck out. And and where -- Way to explore for five. And we're like one out of five or six guys that. And so we scored a came. I -- that's they way to start it like it had in unlock it you know it's things like that -- that. It's it's normal as a team normally have a good relations to do things like that is we're around each other day we were in the fight together. And and then when times are tough. People would view that as. Lol can you believe he said this -- -- -- did this -- no no are all of our intentions are good we all want to win the game. Everybody wants to have fun doing it I had no. It's not to disrespect anybody it's not and never disrespect anybody. So that's that's basically. He never makes that connection between his comments earlier in the year against Bobby Valentine in the Kevin Youkilis thing. And that picture because when we take the context of it before he sat down talked rob. Look what you know always Dustin Pedroia buried -- manager publicly you know by the way to is funny picture album and look at our manager sleep on a desk in Oakland. And now another picture exists Pedroia would have you believe again like us like the is is. Explanation about the comments. Didn't recognize. What he was doing there but an -- case. Which -- -- know when you buried the guy couple months ago that people are gonna make that connection with the pro mocking your man. We talked about this when it happened and you know if -- done that with you know Eric Wedge you know Grady Little Jimmy Williams you know. Have been a joke you know after. Exactly what he was talking about right after you take their picture. Probably what those guys wake up I'm like shown in the picture detectives you know to a manager wreckage have that certain relationship with these guys that you like that you respect. And given. No what did transpire early in a year into -- that respect isn't there. I have heard there was chip has gotten better and get better at that point in Oakland where it was taken that -- it's not like -- field just busted him a little bit. You know and until we -- along well it came off as. It didn't come off that to me came off as you know I real respect this guy. That's just what I felt about this team -- these players look at their managers think he's somewhat of a joke at times yeah and turning it into a joke. Now listen if he says he's got a great relationship with the guy. That it can be received the other way it just didn't come off that way given everything that happened throughout the year be done with Francona again we left off -- out of no big deal -- against Francona yeah Francona sleep probably than exact same thing. Meted differences you knew that relationship that he had with Tito. Right so no big deal -- The relationship with PD invalid tends to restore wheelbase and track record breaker does -- need help sending pictures to people. Do believe -- And a big church might be often tell my gala Francona that worked out well. In the case of ballot tide doesn't and it's got to be an acknowledgment that -- public perception carries a lot of weight when you're -- majority not a rookie not that fun loving guy laser show. People now what can you be a leader and step you say the stuff you do. Is going to be taken a certain way can general -- to get back to your phone calls I can't. Yeah I don't Kenny are you -- can -- take -- look at a question for you said the U. Bit of follow Johnny Pesky. Patently outright. Yeah there's a Thursday and Friday at the email. Okay and did you know it did you Billiton conclude that the that the if you could it be on Monday it had all details okay so I don't believe that they'll. That a majority of the of the play is. Have cell phone that they they have PDAs and everything else like that. He hit it in India opponent that a majority of them even if they were waiting to pick him -- he told that they would not have gotten some messages from some people. Let them know that this happened it didn't they would have been pork that we can probably be but he is that what happens if you good information they would've gotten it. What -- -- formation it was and a couple of emails that one was. Let them have a stake in that it wouldn't look by the -- was more like a Red Sox alumni that beam on the little to personally milk from -- -- to let me know. I can't believe that would only. The gadget they got that you can get to that on the job and you don't have gotten sudden you've built some somebody written ballot that is that he did it happen. Can't listen I can find out about that the Monday morning when I went back abort it and that's hard to believe it but said. That -- that would have remind -- But -- tell me that they didn't -- -- to me day would mean when it could all gadget. Yeah make no mistake about it I mean these players. OK these nice things to mediate these players dropped the ball OK we when someone passes away amended joint past. My first thought was my first thought was what is that although Obama well. We're going past my first I was when's the funeral. When's the -- when's it going to be is going to be hopefully Thursday before relievers are going to be like you know. While I'm away that's your first thought so not taken any of the blame away I'm just saying it's not you know -- could have been. Better communication that's all with this team that's all now I don't it. Agree with apple but but for 1 -- handling. Both excuses of coming out -- they didn't know about it on Monday morning -- that hard to believe. Yep adults said they yesterday Pedroia says that you know that he did not inform them it's hard to believe digging method. Some other people telling them about. And it watcher and Nick Punto was gonna get. Text from his body in Boston you know I mean. Pretty straight up guy will say in -- equity emails and didn't whatever for people texts. When the work comes out there on the road oh by the way general. But I think he is the eat the whole team in the whole team getting that message like what the team. -- get that message as a group until either Ortiz stood up at 3 AM the note that ball Pedroia and go to alluded to a 4:30 AM. I mean you're saying how would want to get tech lead the team would -- case there'd be a message up on abortion available on board for three days issue -- to ask yourself the question. Did the Red Sox really wait until last minute and look even that's not an excuse for me. Article is right to -- and communication -- about this teams' issues all year from the top down that would be. That would seem ridiculous. Is the word I would use them to find out that only given when other people found out about that that's also a -- when Arnold for sure. There were going on different storage a year and has been nothing concrete but. Mean if they didn't find out until about late -- sort ago that was the message what and they get this thing. Was set up. Next the code word college. 85850. Within the next ten minutes you'll be entered to win a four -- to -- Boston College take on Miami. But a football home opener on Saturday September 1 meet a Pro -- air. You should be their -- detects the war college to 85850. Right now 92 break much Lou keep it here.

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