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Brian Billick: AFC East doesn’t stack up as a difficult one

Aug 30, 2012|

NFL Analyst for Fox Sports and the NFL Network Brian Billick joined D&C to discuss how the NFL has handled its issues with their officials. Brian talks about when the NFL will settle their issues with the refs, what storyline he’s most looking forward to seeing with the start of the season, what it was like to participate in HBO’s Hard Knocks series, and if keeping the replacement refs will have a negative effect on player health?

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Welcome back our number two Dennis and Callahan I'm still waiting for my heart to heart rates slow down after watching the patriots 63 lost the giants. Joining us on the AT&T. Hotline. Brian Billick you know almost the fox sports analyst and an adult work you can also -- checked him out on Twitter at Coach -- morning Brian long time no talk how -- Good morning good football absolutely accurate LC besides work on the NFL network Brian Billick. Doing his offseason now. Well -- good thing it on the -- -- It's exciting to be around my grandson my wife had agreed to a traveling and -- different Chesapeake and that my boat -- last night has mapped to different crap like pretty. It sounds sounds like go a lot more relaxing when you're coaching I guess. -- this kind of missed the game there's time there's not just not that boat he. -- -- -- we have not heard a lot of wailing and whining from the American football fan about the replacement referees now we know what the coaches think about it we know what the players think about it. But there hasn't been this human cry across America. Will that change its replacement referees start screw things up when when the guns are or have real bulletin. Well I think what we have to keep that perspective it is yet we have the regular social. What we've spent protect them or reform -- we talking about. The officiating. Usually if something happened that that we need the extra official we need to be full -- the outcome these guys can't get it right. So yeah there's you can imagine what you've -- going to be with the replacement social columns next Wednesday. He would then next Sunday would you open -- they're no longer replacement officials they are NFL officials and there's going to be a price to pay to a degree. But I think you're gonna hear every single coach tell his players that we felt media media hate these the guys this -- were playing with. -- -- When -- think about it now are they gonna be -- them on on the sideline but it's like production be you know we -- you commit to production meeting and they warn doctors use. You over injuries excuse and then for the next hour talking about you and well what I can use the officials. Excuse and then they're gonna talk forever about how the officials screwed up so that the fact of life the good thing is will replace gay people. Right in you know what you're you're absolutely right Bryant even if to a real -- we'd be talking bad calls and it in a bad officiating or bad rules and now they just now will blame it on this this -- on the replacements but. I thought the NFL had the leverage because -- -- if only all the leverage in every negotiation -- thick list the view of the -- the real refs that though of being locked out. If they wait. Until the first weekend they know that there will be some screw -- by the replacements and it'll lead sports and it'll be a big big deal they might get. Of sixteen games they might fourteen room without any big controversies that they'll be at least two. Where there's some bad calls and some stammering guy and the microphone like there was last Clinton and in and and the giants -- patriots game. And that will be the big story so maybe they're real reps say let's wait and let these guys screw up for one or two weeks. There orders without -- that. The OK when that happens what they think the fans are storm park avenue and take over the league office and the man they settled now there's going to be. Criticism there's going to be complaints. But I think the the regular patrols are over estimating. That they're really don't have any leverage we're gonna play the game. They have guys there to orchestrate the games. Yes will be a problem but -- are still going to be caught in the Czech people are still going to be going to the game. It's not. I I don't miss the boat on. The sad thing about that it will get -- you know that maybe two weeks maybe a month maybe a month and a half but. It could if you can be settled that it can be settled now and the bigger concern I have is when they do come back but say they do -- more miraculously today or. Before the opening weekend. Or two weeks into. These guys normally spent entire offseason three or four times the doubt coming together to review the rules. Critiquing themselves they then have a training camp each have to go to a different training camp with true. They then have worked for -- didn't. That their rate ago these guys are coming cold you think you're replacement officials struggle which of the regular guys and yet we agree on Monday they come back and play that following Sunday. And orchestrate the game you watch have been mistakes were made that. Brent I've heard the real officials the regular officials say player safety is at stake if we're not handling these games how how's that. Or I'm not sure how. I don't see how that is the only if -- player safety in mind. When they do the game they normally do regardless of where and obviously the speed of the game. The fact of the matter is that many of the -- that bring about fine on plaque. That comes from review later in the week in the league behind the players so. Yet any kind of change that have to be concerned but I am not sure I'd buy into the fact that the players are at risk. Because these officials don't have that experience the other. -- or not someone's gonna get hurt exit FL game but couldn't -- NFL season would be. RG three and -- or Peyton Manning or something else that's on your -- your dynasty out works out. -- I cliche I could come back the obvious that the quarterback he is is going to be amazing to watch five rookie quarterbacks are gonna start obviously Peyton Manning. That next level quarterback I'd like Joseph Flacco a Matt Ryan. Eight Jay Cutler they gonna take a match off they can take that next step in to approach that'll -- status they gonna bring their teams. Up in that next level. Threaten the quarterback play on shall -- different -- the league level. All the way down to how these rookies compare it's going to be fascinating to watch. And what I hear him Brian we're still looking for a way somehow to. Get excited about the race and AFC east I think if the patriots in. Pulled the -- -- that there would -- clinched playoffs a lot of that beat the giants last night that there really isn't any competition in their division is there. Well yeah you'd never ever really wanna get -- that black Bill Belichick -- -- an -- Is gonna make you think the AFC east is the greatest divisions for football -- bad it. But the fact of the matter is is that. I don't know about buffalo they should be better. New York who knows the whole people -- how that's gonna play out it will be different. Early than it is late. And Miami -- their struggle the rookie quarterback on the on the on the very impede with the first time head coach so. Yeah the division does not stack up as -- particularly difficult one. The but you're not could get anybody to admit that what the Matra and I truly do believe it's what who's up first. -- you know Tennessee -- Tennessee could be too -- Tennessee is going to be the greatest thing since sliced bread we got to play our best against Tennessee that's a -- that can happen out. Is -- see Ryan. Whistling past the graveyard when he says I'm not worried about our offense even though we have sort of touched on -- three games. Bigger mistake he could make. It is. To over value or over. Critique what goes on -- pre season games and put too much value the second biggest mistake is to totally ignore what you saw. And and I have to be concerned but did you. I -- -- -- realize all the mechanics you're not prepared for the team because different groups and then you're rolling guys through. But their lack of productivity you'd like to see some sparks some. Someplace. Just think that that's -- sure what we -- wolf creek. He did die hard knocks correct. Are very one when you watch this and I look at Joseph Philbin on on camera and say this poor guy doesn't stand a chance to mean this is the worst way to let him. Get his feet wet as it first time head coach to do you think hard knocks you -- team. Whose feature on I'm knocks. Can win -- can overcome it or does it than his. We we went to the divisional. Playoffs and are not -- I don't think one has anything to do with the other. It has to do with what you purposes for having hard knocks as a team I agree with you Miami -- open to a future first you're not quite sure what they're. Purpose what Joseph does not seem like. This is something he really wanted never really feel comfortable with it nothing wrong with that. Lecture which is the idea. The -- have very specific reasons for why do hard knocks and I don't know that that Miami had the reason. You know one thing all coaches seem to have in common Brian is how they respond to injuries to their star players coach stand up there. They're generally stoic in the -- the obligatory well other guys are now gonna have to step up. But in your -- is get ripped out when when you lose eight you know -- star player or two in the pre season before the games even begin our. -- you but you gotta move law you just you can't you prepay your team for all your long what happens we lose their star player. It is Richard got -- -- -- the options to -- Are very would you know very limited. But you. You can't like it's okay next man up you really do have to have that mentality otherwise you can't going into the -- they were dead. We're screwed but but shut -- fees and as we lost Joseph blow. He's Brian -- analyst with fox sports and NFL network you can check them out on Twitter -- Coach -- Bryant could touch it up we will talk it down the road Margaret Brian a look at Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T. Hotline AT&T forgy LTE.

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