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The 2 most accurate sports quotes ever

Aug 30, 2012|

The guys start off the show discussing how painful a sports night it was for Boston fans. They discuss the instant classic the Pats-Giants game was, what their favorite part of the broadcast was, why Bobby V kept Zach Stewart in, and continue to discuss the sox fleecing of the Dodgers.

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You are gonna tell you every once in awhile after you watched. A particular sporting event. Maybe it's the Celtics and the lakers perhaps is the Bruins and the come knocks you just know you have seen an instant classic. And such was the case last night with the giants and patriots. Just an instant classic could get enough you don't you watch. Later today the amazing thing is the patriots and giants played a 63. Its new loser. And it was not the worst game by a Boston team last night that's true that careless. It was much. More encouraging -- Then India in the patriots game I mean in the Red Sox game but it was I think they conspire I think the coaches players conspired. To support the fans I'm in the fans. Pay the freight right regardless so they said let's. Let's show the world just how bad this product isn't maybe next year. The commissioner will not make our -- good arm a loyal customers pay for his garbage. Good idea yeah now is that I think it's gaining momentum it is I think that concept is gaining momentum rolling and doing a -- insulting Bob Kraft she should be ashamed. That your that your league charges full price for these games for these practice -- practices now. The worst practices practices against the saints and that India and the bunny -- of watching that would be more interesting watching -- I embarrassed -- owner or an executive coach Belichick will be embarrassed that they charge full price for this that they. Treat this like the real game. I grew do you mean it would be nice gesture and that's not in Roger Goodell DNA. And nice gesture and as an excuse they were gonna stop policing. Our best customers these are your best customers he's the backbone the loyal customers the the the season ticket holders. And you rip them. Off when you identify as the most interesting thing you saw on the telecast last night. As wide receiver Tom Brady beating defensive back road gronkowski has the best thing you saw right that tells you which -- gonna see I wish I would -- a good question let's start with that was -- most. Was your favorite part of the broadcast pictures broadcast. Mine is a tie it's a tie between the shot of the moon to show a couple of times it was nice clear it was it was kind of cool. Him now mean -- that talk about you know Tennessee Texas on the moon and that kind of thing and have some laughs. I don't that Randy cross and other creature capable of that but. It would be that or could be that great feature channel four book trader of -- -- NGOs and we didn't now. You just did. Almost -- an analyst thanks Dave Byrd says lot of exciting things happen around the stadium they -- the -- all the sale offers those missed a scripture and it was all possible he took the tape. Oh yeah and go through we could play parts of they do another show Marshall. You know that would on the in the aisles and -- -- -- requires Darius. Yet another coffee the coffee Trader Joe's excellent I think it was special two pounds always someone -- Brooke goodness that you know it was real. Kelly and that is a quality football coverage. Look at that cool stores at patriot place it is -- always have to pass to deal with grace Brady beating cal skew for sketches like yeah I also found interest in the animated conversation the Brady was having with Vince. -- to like to listen in on that did you see that I and one held -- put -- pads on it could you just heard just a written on the luster of regret this guy Al I think I read his lips and he. You see the latest sale that Trader Joe's a a if I didn't see president reaches the burden introduced in light of Google like five guys and maybe the movie -- it was just affect the Mayo shops there. It always with -- yet it was a big audible it means there are limits to the Schilling and it's bad enough that Randy cross and -- -- -- patriots jerseys. Golf shirts. Hate it it's -- you have like old time jerseys and Andrea tip that in my game I want Medicare and no they should do we're patriot helmets would that be cool qualities others that Russia show up they go to the -- patriots helmets on. And I know they on the rights of the hills patriots productions -- to its production but yes and no Randy cross in concrete camping eighteen. When I was an outback arcing make them do that. Would you make Troy Aikman -- you make Chris Collins worth do that. Wear the shirt -- probably and shield that -- -- painted -- happened because Aikman isn't working for the patriots. A part of that brought craft production that all right yes -- -- yes -- and your points -- -- when -- as bad as that applause last night it wasn't the -- Boston ever we saw. Which leads me to. Revealing to you. But to most accurate sports quotes I have ever heard in my life and I'm not being facetious I'm -- sarcastic without question these are the two most accurate sports quotes ever. Bobby Valentine talking about last night's starters extort says he likes to pitch to contact. At. After the game -- -- said I'm not trying to full anybody out there have you ever heard two more spots to contact. If you missed it and and who didn't. Sox laws didn't lost last night 27 to one if you. Zach Stewart. Gave up. Seventeen earned runs seventeen our rights and 31 hits and an inning and third. But. Bobby militants at the me try and they -- You know what can you you come around in my way that Bobby Valentine should not make September. Jerry is so comfortable that -- 27 and four. They'll get to 89 what would definitely four or garrison. That could happen happened I think the a's have done that once -- -- -- I saw the movie they've done you -- for. The third time this year there's seven games under 500 and is the -- and I don't know check that but. -- a good number though if you missed it the new guys next two or three innings -- nine runs and Bobby left them out there -- Left them out that'd take a beating. And if you thought that was the worst part is next to -- -- no no no he was replaced on the roster. By Daniel Bernard at all. It's part of the plan out there who had a worse than Zach Stewart. No one blue -- that this is. Career defining present -- woman ever seen the static and all that has in his career are already been defined it -- three times writings 32 teams gave up one. Well Adrian Gonzales for four times. Up on him well you know it doesn't mean in the maybe he's good. That's -- good time that you watch now once due to the highlights. Yeah Feliz -- card slot and you can because I'm sort it out or everybody. And -- efficient with -- -- how many -- -- throw that in too. 72 to three inches and that is our Miller let's Davis Wilson Walden is for all of those guys. Say it was -- You wanna -- those key spots to came India and it was ten the three came in the case of Bobby said earlier today was abused hundred to be abusing his bullpen because he didn't use Andrew Billy. Analogy just abusing Alfredo service yet as is immigrants -- slamming the door nail on -- yeah desist abuse day now any moment now. John Henry's gonna get a text from somebody saying we don't think it's good needed to we have the exchange shoot the media asked them afterwards you have them why did you leave them out there. We're Euro the complexion of the now -- more of that yes it's got a three try to gets to the editor Anders. Bluetooth two outs in the Saturday and it's taken through Saturday. -- deathly treason in terrible and tonight guys came and etiquette. Savings of mobile I'm just let it regular pace for tomorrow. -- Like about this sex Stewart who came over in the Youkilis trade. The irony is that little Hummer will contribute more this team has contribute more this team as Dexter well. He's gone he's gone is now with Cleveland yet. At a great rate that the security -- they got they got -- value there. Well he redeemed himself. That was a terrible trade. But I cherry and but he redeemed himself when you say -- capsule. Interesting. Peace. -- -- -- -- -- everybody fixes that the potential beer Herschel Walker do you feel everybody talks to fix the patriot of the Red Sox -- The duchess. Not even. Debate not even. A vote for the for the dodges and that's what. Every single person. Viewed this as a blowout writes only a tremendous victory for the Red Sox every baseball person I spoke with every avenue and that is rare usually -- physical on the -- Here -- so yeah now -- the try to get the whole story. But maybe couldn't find anybody talk to majority gyms and they also had. Whose own modeling world. They basically get it because hey it's a little bit I think. You know because every baseball person I spoke with and I wrote a column that it's on Sunday I have and keep it simple question how to evaluate the deal. Every single person. -- if they blow out. Tremendous victory for the red dot I wrote in the lead on Sunday this is like baseball's version of the Herschel Walker trade. -- that Pella viewed within the sport where people like are you kidding the Dodgers had all the leverage and taking on these two terrible contracts. Along with -- AG Gonzales to players that they really wanted. You know that the Mexican American. To play and that market. Why in the world today not tell the Red Sox. Forget it will take the contract but we're not giving any prospects at all. That's the question I asked from the first day right first day I said. They would have done this deal without anyone come -- back the other way without anyone and they got their two best pitching -- what they would have done it by taking a couple of pitching prospects and and a Red Sox game most of the right and let's -- 506070. Million dollars now this -- Larry -- said when he signed his first contract -- long out of you can operate at a played for -- -- -- I think that's what Larry or Henry or church it's there right now. Since when we did on this do without any we prosper and -- house what we have to get some the best bet a hundred million dollars you know Magic Johnson just he used his. Willing to take whatever you know what are we said don't go along with -- whatever we said. Only went on to say from the -- perspective they're not looking at this like a market value like you and I would look at it like a lot of GMs would look at. They're kind of like the billionaire who's buying a Picasso. This is what it's worth two of them and they don't really care what it's worth to you and me. That seems like about it doesn't it. Yes yes yes that's still doesn't that -- explain that -- if you make a deal he made the best deal you can make right. I'll tell you I gave a cherry and looking a lot of credit and you guys did too. We didn't give enough credit they suckered. The duchess capsule -- -- the judges and I don't care. Gonzales -- GM VP next year back it would decide how it is remarkable again I ask. Guys on the beat guys in LA -- a network as only get I mean I want someone to do the anatomy of -- deal and it's particularly from the perspective of the judges. Did they ever think asked that it. To fight a little harder. -- club. Gave up -- what we're looking at is the end result of the negotiation correct and don't you believe that. That both teams gave him a little bit on something yeah yeah so well what -- ask that question I guarantee they asked a I don't know this for a problem under a regular tournament so -- there knows best of that top pitcher. Give his name tags on them. Yes -- getting short. I don't think it's there was at least discuss sure sure and I that probably -- you know. Well for Clayton Kerr shot to yeah. So what's. But honest to god I sat there with money you know twit live on in my hand all in the dampening on Puerto phonies and everybody else and this can't be right this is a hoax. This is that -- itself received April 1 yes or analysis. And someone points against the wall -- we will find -- didn't actually take Crawford. Actually take it actually give up prospects and it just seemed to be too much there. And the coupon and then it's come together and they say. When they pulled Gonzales of the field for it's at all my god this is happening now. They did -- they redeem themselves and and you know what it's a great way to the start the next phase the next year for the Boston Red Sox. But it doesn't include Bobby Valentine I hate to break a -- to break and he -- and you you and -- year. Kindred and Monaco yes a couple of -- you know the older guys if you -- You'll vote should hang it. Both young at heart goes strait yeah yeah I like that a bit these men in the -- you've got to get a bike -- you guys to get a bye -- -- like cycle. By a bicycle yet. And yet bike shorts. You gotta get them by what those are one of those vital you'll find out you know and yet it. He'll find out -- in some little to lose it in the -- -- rational chased them chased. Besides you know chicks dig this election. Yeah yeah and that speaking of -- Dustin Pedroia. Sat down with rob Bradford this like two days -- first we have this long form please the Bradford did with Josh Beckett and now we have like. Josh -- Dustin Pedroia said he was sorry for something you did. Beckett adversaries are different in the -- I don't know narrow the joy says he's sorry Joseph did too and again. They expressed regret this one stupid. Move they made so we will I -- Pedroia stuff it is very very interesting. In -- at that rob Bradford Brian Billick we'll Johnson -- five willow will dissect every single play every single drive every single substitution last night's X three patriot game. And property that you rate property which you will join us at 805 DNC in ninety seconds away from your phone calls let him.

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