Aug 29, 2012|

we have secretly replaced the normally chatty Bobby Valentine with this guy. Will anyone

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And secretly replaced are normally -- Red Sox manager with. This. Let's see if anyone notices let me ask you about some baseball field and -- all the stuff. This man looks just like the real loving V there was at least ten times less -- -- houses and different NN usual with communications and you're accustomed to. Dealing with in the past. I don't know. Is he taking a cue from Bill Belichick on people thought you were being announced straighten out the situation in that clubhouse and it it is what it is easy actually Bill Belichick it is what it is no believe it or not it's the real Bobby Valentine what -- and things work out went on the court. But -- 152. Is between questions our talk show hosts are pretty sure they notice a difference. You know New Jersey. Consensus of opinion and it changes needed he's the same mold confident Bobby -- still feel confident. You've met and got so why is he so much less wordy I don't know. Thanks Bobbie this is being the manager's challenge.

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