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Chris Price, WEEI.com, on the Pats last preseason game

Aug 29, 2012|

Mut and Merloni talk to Chris Price about the Patriots final preseason game, what the 53 man roster will look like, and if Brian Waters will return.

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Final hour -- elude got a three point seven WEEI patriots and giants tonight. And maximum memories of the Super Bowl a couple of not more than a couple of months ago. Chris price WEEI dot com covers the patriots force and get his thoughts on the roster on tonight's game Chris -- you. We're doing well I saw that you posted a poll question. At the it is what it is blog WE DI dot com you know what's the patriots you tonight with Tom Brady into the play him and get the timing down. Did they sit him to avoid any sort of pressure from behind it and inconsistent. Offensive line my vote is yes what would you like to see them do tonight Chris what do you think they'll do with Brady at quarterback. I would like to see them play him for. Meet a series or two mostly in -- and get that timing down make sure everything is okay do that instead he'd taken sixty something now that's pretty people which is usually about what he -- Although of course the usual -- -- and so you don't you wouldn't shock me if he didn't play him. But you realize like -- that I would let the team play him in considering what happened last week in the similarities to last year's third pre season game. I would be shocked at all you've been -- for you oysters are two Lester force series you before that -- series. Orbit and for the last ten years he's played in the pre season opener at soldier he wouldn't be shocked the -- usually you know. Forget about your usual convention -- you know within the typical -- when the when it comes to approaching network receiving -- the -- starters for you know for the entire game the patriots. The last two years to kind of you know the -- that it would be surprising to predict that there. Chris will most intriguing guys double watching it tonight is Jeff Demps has ever seen enough of him a intrigues me the kick return maybe what you can do and backfield guess he's -- get a lot of reps back there given. Maybe the injury report guys that really -- maybe not playing that much tonight what you expect to see from imminent. Yeah I would be surprised but like what you said Lou you'll probably know -- year presumably probably don't marine. I'll meet you limited release so he's gonna get an opportunity he's gonna get a chance -- to destroy what you learned over the course the last couple weeks. You really intriguing guy -- wrote it is for the site because -- they've had -- sure a lot appears got a couple John and Andre Davis and you don't met leaders agree that applicant never and so and with that amnesty devoutly ridiculous breakaway speed so. They're -- get him into the system as fast as possible they wanna know what they have with him. There before the regular seat and start because people to be on this roster I'm convinced he could be on the -- is cumulative deep -- roster because. The -- or stronger or imply they're paying him. Over 200000 dollars a year guaranteed money which is one of the highest contract. For an undrafted free agent you'll ever so I'm convinced that they are invested in him to the point where he's going to be on the trip to -- roster. Even wanna get a book this be destructive -- that possibly could say the other day that there are some similarities between this -- dolphins. The Florida and when Charlie what was the opposite corner there would be here's a couple of years ago but it still gonna teach them sometimes it's got to get a disputed the system. Bristles at any predictions on the roster especially at that running back position to bring emboldened not making this team going to practice squad is. Is our chance is it to orally to see Jeff Demps and to maybe think that Khamenei makes a guy like Danny -- that expendable and involve the makes -- team. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know until -- is ready at least until they're ready with an interpret option when it comes to working out of the backfield is dependable Deaver he's been oldest. Running back on this team. You know you look at the turnovers is what America this is how the left appears in the buildings are remarkable wouldn't consider that being relocated 27 that the oldest running back on this roster continue to go like that program to a lot of different things. Also brings special insight into the field so I think with its position is safe you know no matter what happens with them. And that file in the right back for second Chris the top of that pile and Steven Ridley and what he's done a pre season I love that came. Against Tampa Bay he runs so hard once again aggressively. Is there any concern about he does miss some times and not completely protect rickety back there. Is that the only concern about him going forward. Yeah I think right now that the only concern I would -- at this point which you -- -- -- -- was decisive and it -- you looked good -- summit in against the back up in the second after the kind of typical little political with a great result but what we've seen at -- in this preceding there's no reason to think -- -- -- not true number one running back to this point. Yeah you -- -- blitz pick up in the concern it and you know we saw him almost a breach Obama's second -- because. You with the guy's fault there wasn't so much yup and that -- fault but I think -- was the -- all have to figure that sex so. I think we need to improve blitz pickup I think what they're being prepared for this picture would look at all before the press delete -- -- -- -- -- -- and he's had a great -- are I think this group of young running back is going to have to improve your rebel leader that department. Given he had would head on their idea -- looking at this roster and figure there was 51 guys there's a couple of two spot depending with a depth went. The way I've looked at you added that depth -- Visanthe Shiancoe and a guy like Alfonso Denard. -- hasn't played at all. Is he is he is he a lock for this -- now that seem out there. No no worries -- not -- -- -- -- -- you know we haven't seen a lot of them in training camp but I couldn't indigenous there'll. Where -- -- into putting it on injured reserve but of course the year of you think reignited Shiancoe. In that the car would -- at the end of cutting back the workers -- spot in right now these are farm workers -- -- on the frustrating. That's pretty much what they're critical pork. You know what they're -- useful in order -- sport I think that there is a real good chance that gap -- eventually comes packed in in in in that sticker on the roster I don't think that's really think -- a stalwart but that's why. You know. Shiancoe in -- making it seem as opposed to some of the other guys because. You'll really we're looking at the information we saw a little bit Lester the -- information at -- patent in two -- tight Internet ethernet. As opposed to and increased lines of the workers who respond not quite what fort president of the post super. We're talking to Chris price WE DI a dot com you pick your way through these transitional battles when he gets a defensive end. There are some guys there and specifically Jermaine Cunningham we've heard about four years Chris and you see flashes of it. And I think he's been inconsistent so far but as you put your roster together is Cunningham a guy that could find himself looking for job here come Friday night. Yes I do I think he's been up and down here and I think what you are not as great career he's shown. A lot of positive things so the course of the summer including recorder back its earlier in the preceding against the Eagles but. He hasn't been able to build on that consistency to this point. I think if you end up cutting the world does it can't support cutting him is just different this will end -- making this team. You know we talked about -- and hope we get into good practice Parker Tikrit senate and the people and local. Would like to do this and they -- just in -- as little as possible cutting him with a guy you know. Who had to lift up through repetition of the -- pick a couple of years ago you struggle he basically a lawsuit last year it -- The guys that they brought in here in the off season you expected Trevor Scott. A chilly drilled those guys have moved ahead of him on the depth chart and I think this is a very importantly termed a very important to implement that -- -- Flash is positively. For an extended period of time to get the sense that it visited the secret to winning the roster spot. But I think -- you know it's not well at all nothing with him at this point but I think you know you need a positive team today against the giants if you want torture and also the roster spot -- port. No pitchers don't be the only team cutting players this weekend all other teams involved that there's one area of particular. But the pitches maybe keep it on other teams of the may be just generally -- a -- anywhere but at this one area where with that big. I think it can be offensive line I think it's still some questions over there I think on the left side things have been stabilized. With the return of Logan Mankins didn't play much. But all last week. But his presence or -- left -- I definitely opt out Neitzel Merck. I also think it would be surprised if we saw a lot of that's where there was a tight -- on the left spectacle out older. The right site to me is still a question mark and that's -- Even with the returner Brian Waters because at right tackle you really don't know -- -- -- -- this point I don't know markets can't in the treaty to be your right tackle. The consistent basis since Sebastien will work has had injury problems don't order your plot which make a giant question mark remembered when he's healthy. I think you can learn a lot this field so -- the left tackle out there. You know the secret -- help -- wouldn't be surprised it went -- got him also. See this. Money -- -- Angel himself was cut loose by the Denver Broncos the other day and -- me in the long snapper has struggled with that over the course of training here Parker looking of one of the special position that they could might be inclined to move on would be shocked at all the people that actually come backer more upper. Well and it will be typical patriots I'll ask you the question to somebody Delaski by Tex I think it makes no sense that could go up there and address to Chris Cooley. I think you're right they got a hundred tenants in the roster but Baxter come in an 858 via the ask Chris about Chris -- -- getting cents a gets enough tight ends -- -- You know you're not only -- -- on the roster also object Ballard who is ostensibly on injured reserve for the rest of this season and will you know. Will be expected to contribute your team in 2013. So. You're outside attack and the roster all of them very good I think do you can do a lot of different things -- just don't think you know you never say never with this team but it's the same time I don't know what he would do with it you know -- you put him. We'll keep you -- if you do make -- powerful -- inspector -- but I just don't see it happening when you're talking McChrystal in the league. Let's talk about this defense as a whole and analysts -- reprieve in LA here in camp and we are going through the front seven the safety position the corners and it's. Guy's success if it's exciting to me because. It's not one year wonders filling holes it's guys that the communication only get better from game one to sixteen but the next year and the year after playing sites each other for. For years is that. Fair to say. Yes you know I think one of the things that slowed dispute since Bill Lester was there were a lot of -- a couple of in their front seven particularly the defense line and it took time for them to learn how to play alongside with each other when he. To talk about -- -- developed an opening sort of marketers and then under Carter -- -- -- -- to learn how to play together and I think you saw them start to gel at the group. We're here in this heat and but I think this group that you have right now particularly the rookie and Sheila -- -- -- -- are true and more than -- I think dispute. Defense -- -- hit the ground. Start you know starting and they want and I think they're going to be better than they were last year. A bit and couldn't get much worse but I think they're gonna be better than we're Lester particularly the secondary to. Let's talk about the second -- think -- is set themselves up. To the point where they're not going to be pulling -- settlements and -- part timers like Matthew Slater. Orbiter to exterior now up to -- that neither did you know anyone in the defensive back position. So I think the defense is going to be better than it was last year that they are still -- question. You know I don't wanna see you both are -- -- in helping working out cover to order backers their strength as it is more the run game and in particular. -- don't -- particularly third down situations that they give it to defense better but again I think his defense is better position to now in the orchestra collapsed. Chris last one for me you know we have a chance speak with you since Hernandez Aaron and his guys his contract extension and yeah Wes Welker took the high road in terms of congratulating him congratulating crawled but. I don't -- regional lines there I think this our recognition that. My and my agents of Wes Welker sneaking here and my age are not gonna get that extension a play out this nine and a half million and there's a very good chance that. I might not be here next year is that a fair assessment of west Walker's a lot in life with this team after that Hernandez extension. Yeah I I think you're rather than her mother I think when you consider the financial situation apparent when you consider Welker look. Well there's been an open wide receiver most of better numbers overlaps fighters. In an up and then that Wes Welker has but I think. When you look at the big picture when you look at poker before you look at financial situation when you look at the number of dollars that you know they're willing to commit to a wide receiver -- over thirty. You'll see it's not a big surprise so I think -- It's my personal opinion that this is Wes Welker last season in a patriot uniform. Going forward he's going to be able -- supermarket you're gonna go somewhere else but you know I think what we talked about before. Mussina will be your pollution of the passing. The titans are moving to the forefront in you know going forward this is going to be tied into the office collect analyze much satellite receivers the couple -- for five years. And I think. That decision reflects that. Hope I'm reading your story early tomorrow about the patriots announced the signing Brian Waters that's also I hope at some point early tomorrow or -- they got to put you to work and you gotta say. Here's the release waters this year offensive line is -- that's what I hope. You're having union that we -- -- remember the -- time Lester like labor. You know in -- in the line up in the in the in the regular season opener and no one played more offensive snaps over the course of the 2011 regulars even. Then you'll be actually pick it up into play more steps -- got great -- he's a guy who knows what it takes. You have veteran he's a Smart guy you know any instances in my mind this is just -- gentleman agreement that they've decided that they -- looked to show the week before the regular season. We'll talk in their rhetoric we're not long ago. Ice Chris price WEEI dot com you can follow on Twitter at -- price and FL Chris is always a pleasure. Will -- decent. Chris Pryce who is all over the patriots has his projections up there and don't worry he's got an eight under and there he's look at his safeties who got five -- Gregory. Had Tebow Wilson Abner. Both the in the dark they gave guy -- roster they feel pretty good about that. Are 6177790850. To all 38885250850. Rise and cellphone pound WEE guide to free call can text us on the eighteenth tee Tex lines -- -- and Teresa.

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