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Buster Olney, ESPN MLB Analyst, on the Red Sox future

Aug 29, 2012|

Buster Olney makes his weekly appearance on the show, discussing potential candidates for Red Sox manager, the Dodger trade, and the catcher-base runner collision issue.

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Butler and ID 37 WEEI that the voice of buster only couple days ago at Mike and Mike spurred a lot of conversation frost yesterday in terms of what the Red Sox do with the manager and is barred for Ferrell makes cents and joining us on the AT&T hotline it's AT&T forgy LTE. With speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible our -- buster only buster looking got. Got the conversation going here barrel for Daniel Bard. Let's get it the again at Don Boston let's go. Total speculation on my part but I and I got to believe the Red Sox you think about 2013 that they revisit John -- conversation. They thought they were close to getting something done last fall in the blue jays pulled back on it and he can't blame the blue jays making that decision that trying to. You know they had to get invested one full year and Ferrell. Now they get two full years and and he's contract runs up runs at the end of next year -- the blue case. Give me a little bit like a you know the Red Sox Jacoby Ellsbury have an asset. That one year away from free agency to go to John -- this fall and say look we we want you to remain the manager will commit you get a multi year deal. It is now. Ideally gonna walk away in the next year they told that the world you did and try to flip that that didn't get something for it. And so why not as the Red Sox to a presuming Libyans didn't Ferrell again. And ask them personal to -- return in and out I think a player like parties get a high ceiling obviously would make consent but that part of it -- leaks and speculation about. And a quick follow up buster -- you're saying it and it gets might be news to a lot of us that the Red Sox were actually close last year we there was some talk back and forth. Sox Ferrell blue jays but from the people you talked dude actually there was some movement there and there were close to getting something done last fall. Yeah I think it was close based on what I've been told. And you know identity came down to that basically Toronto ownership. Stepped -- and and didn't want it to happen because they didn't wanna be viewed as having had that situation where. He did their training -- bitter one year manager to the red they don't wanna be viewed as a farm team. For another team in their division and I think that probably was part of the reason why they pulled back. What's the status of Mike Scioscia think this year given there was solid Tito last year you know we go out there and you put a team like that together and if you failed don't make the playoffs. Doesn't always end well -- yet. That is a great. Great question and I think that's a great name to consider. I can get. It is no question that big culture within that organization has changed in the last couple years -- -- two years ago. Was broadly viewed within the sport is most powerful manager in the game he's got a contract through 2018. And -- -- from his perspective. You know he probably is committed to the -- and the future but if there's so much change going on within that organization. And we thought you know over the last year were they fired Tony greens -- general manager they buy -- Mickey Hatcher who was a very close friend. So -- -- and -- his wishes. There was internal talk about firing Mike butcher their pitching coach Eric post associate. And if you don't make the playoffs after all the money they spend and the fact that they're getting its -- on year added Jerry Weaver and getting an MVP year Mike Trout. I don't think there's -- -- this which is they may make it changed starting or help. Their owner it is absolutely. -- any idea of having more success especially this time we know the Dodgers are ramping up. And and trying to make their franchise more attractive so QB -- -- name. And I -- think another name that would be interesting -- them assuming that they can make a change ago. As these is keen to opt in to go to a different type a personality from the manager they just had. I wouldn't all be surprised either Red Sox you know look for that understated. Respectful. That tree and you know somebody's got a lot of experience and basically that's why pick -- Bradshaw missed. Would be named to watch. And an extra one more name matches on all comfortable isn't life if you want to get back into the public Tony Russa. Boy you know my head he's an interesting game and he got beat they had a lot of success. I've always thought that Tony would be more comfortable in any. In it in small -- medium market pity you know it Tony doesn't back down from anything. And on a daily basis there would be times when he didn't do it with different reporters. Let's face to the guys in the other team. And I you know especially after having a lot of success with the cardinals and he seemed so it's peace in spring with the fact that he walked away from the game at that time night. That that would be one that I I don't know. Don't know we've gone to the managerial search there's a guy that's still under contract for the open next year Bobby Valentine let people speculate now that made this big deal. Now does a better chance he can be the manager AG Gonzales Josh Beckett. That big of a problem that all -- now Bobby Valentine's issues in Austin now he's the right guy for the job. You know I've -- debt and I mean the truth is that it I can't tell you what John Henry banking. And I can't tell you for sure but I would say they -- that deal. Signaled that and cheering and is greater control this organization of the baseball operations within your organization that he did. A month ago. And it would make sense to me that they would change managers you know I don't think dead body was -- first choice I don't think you would -- be his first choice. It's been a disaster here I can't imagine. You know if you -- it's sort of and they would be no way to checked it to be itching to find out how much time -- -- you know each general manager has spent. -- dealing with the issues involving the manager around the thirty teams. But I think could be fierce speculation that that there's probably been. More time spent -- -- Kerry in dealing with the issues of amid swirling around Bobby Valentine and any general manager in baseball that manager. That being said are you surprised that maybe that move has not been made yet if these about the guy going before they haven't just. Cut ties here during the year -- Now because that we talked about I hit a -- -- the ownership. Way and in particular I think Larry -- probably has a lot at -- with Bobby and in order if you're gonna have. Let Bobby go during the year you would be. Animation of a colossal mistake Q and I I don't I don't I've never had a sense that they were going to be willing to do that. Now we've talked to since since the big deal and older and Ken Rosenthal yesterday trying to look at it from. From LA side you know players like Crawford Gonzales just aren't gonna be out there for awhile but it does seem like a lot of people wondering they spent 250 million. You could do it differently you know -- ethic that they with the Sox did a year ago latest on the pitching right. -- He and you talked about in the dodgers' perspective. Why ice well they basically get it because hey it's a little bit I think. You know it -- every -- person I spoke with and I wrote a column that it's on Sunday I -- and keep it simple question how do you evaluate the deal. Every single person. Viewed as they blowout. Tremendous victory for the Red -- I wrote in the lead on Sunday this is like baseball's version of the Herschel Walker trade. That's how would you within the sport where people are like are you kidding the Dodgers that all the leverage is taking on these two terrible contract. Along with -- AG Gonzales to players that they really wanted. You know that the Mexican American. To play and that market. Why in the world today not held the Red Sox. Forget it will take a contract but we're not giving any prospects at all. And if you attach a dollar value and ran it -- the general manager yesterday. If you catch a dollar your dollar value of the players. Really the Dodgers in terms of how how much money you would -- the value of having the two pitching prospect that they got. It was an overpaid and yet the nation's. One general manager spoke with -- -- one confirmed it about a hundred billion dollars. And until that that was viewed within the sport -- after the dodgers' perspective. I think we have to understand. They're not looking at it like a market value like you and I would look at it like a lot of GM to look at it. They're kinda like it a -- billionaire who's buying a Picasso. It didn't want it to work at them. And they don't really care what it would work you're UN high. And they're placing it very high value and making the postseason this year because -- in the process it's getting up. Community television deals and this will only increase the value that they make the post season. Abbas speaks to tell we're sort of in 2013. Mode at this point in with that in mind Justin Upton is any and that has come up -- three years and about thirty million bucks. Left on his contract Arizona may be realizing that the Dodgers and the Padres have a lot. More money to spend all of a sudden how realistic is just an up and being traded this off season with a Red Sox be logical landing point for him. I'd be surprised if he's with the Diamondbacks the beginning of last year. Beginning next year but -- indicated they were clearly needs to remove him there's clearly disconnect between him between. But I kind of -- the Red Sox were looking at Justin Upton in the same way that you know they looked at you all the amended before that trade with a question is. You have any a franchise type player who's under a very -- friendly contract. Why in the world with the Diamondbacks be willing to trade that player. In the same way that the question was -- by the died by the Red Sox and the Yankees before management traded. Why in the world with the Rockies have been willing to give them up and they you know to their credit both the Red Sox yankees back the way essentially smelling a rat. And I I wonder if the Red Sox and they sort of retool their -- will. -- questions about you know how Upton would do in the market wouldn't be comfortable. It's clearly there's some issues between the Diamondbacks in an Upton overstated -- engine. And so I I I kind of wonder is if the Red Sox now that's great flexibility. In look for our. It sort of market friendly way to get better at giving up a bunch of prospects for a player about -- a lot of questions would be the best way to go. Bust he wrote about the collision last night Yadier Molina and Harrison from Pittsburgh who FL like a Philip Bruce was -- -- and it took them if and if I was next at bat but. You -- getting rid of that play now just it is it more of catchers blocking the plate of the collisions which way do you go there. Catches potentially happen you create -- -- -- you I didn't speak a lot better -- tonight. He's locked -- -- play he got a approval you can get hurt the base runner. Exactly and I think you think it got scared and actually that it almost identical play last year. And and you guys can -- video of it. Where he's coming home and catchers blocking home any slide into the catcher dropped me. He basically -- errors and where he had no place to go we like to get buried by catcher's fully geared. So last night -- in the similar situation he's coming home he says you know what I can't slide I got nowhere to go I got to take him out. And believe it goes down -- where he's hit in his neck. Had to scare the heck -- I know it because I've. Exchanging email with employers and managers this morning with a elect and he'll look at -- broken. And so the question is in the I think it the same in the NFL -- dealing with the quarterbacks. Now with a wide receivers. One in the world is gonna step basically say look this is not worth that we're talking about a 75 million dollar -- that he body Molina. And you putting him at risk you're putting a Buster Posey. A Saltalamacchia. For one run in one game if you work that absolutely not in Italy matter time before they changed the rule. And you just hope they change before somebody gets really really badly. Yet because they're also seat to -- attack was good at it but he put himself vulnerable position you know that they would give you what looks like -- to slide. Initially go to slide feet first hopefully not at first then at the last minute they close that lane it's a very dangerous put. Well and -- within the rules and it. You know that he was viewed by and I'm sure you guys have heard this was viewed by rival base runners that late dropping the -- is being from the base -- perspective kind of a dirty play. Because. You know they felt like OK there's the valuable player I can -- and instead. Wouldn't put being -- suddenly there at much greater risk for being injured and and that's why you know with a look at some -- -- in the whole risk reward equation and. These guys are all financial assets for the sport -- makes no sense at this point in the sport in the same way. That is basically. In the NFL are backing up allowing people to take full. You know full -- quarterbacks. Rates up buster -- enjoy your week look for talking next Wednesday at the best buster only BS PN the one of the most the most informed guy. -- comes to baseball and -- joins us every single week on the show when he joins us he's brought you by toy yell it out Nash who would give them a try before you buy hit a home run. On your next new or pre owned car truck -- UB visit to a Yoder a Nashua dot com. I talked lot of baseball today. The football we come back and I believe I have ten words. That -- -- little -- Into an absolute football gas that's next.

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