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Nick Punto, former Red Sox IF, on being traded

Aug 29, 2012|

Former Red Sox player Nick Punto joins Mut and Lou to talk about the blockbuster trade with the Dodgers. He regrets not attending Johnny Pesky's funeral.

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Soured there much Lou not a three point seven WEEI. Talked to buster only later on this hour. Big trade made this past weekend and joining us on the ATP hotline AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three G it's AT&T. Rethink possible that was obviously with the centerpiece. Of the trade kind of work that's what we call here the Nick -- trade Nick Punto from Red Sox utility guy joining us on the nick put -- radio -- was called at that. -- -- her -- -- don't we do and I'd nick you know I'd. -- all three I was one I got traded to back to Boston actually after in August. I'm just wonder what was go to your Mike Zimmer -- happening meals that meet Michael Owen and you're out of this mega deal when you thought you part of it was your response. The same way yeah I mean. You know all these huge -- big dollars. We got a little Ricky -- already along with the people as well. You know it's crazy it's it's been a great. -- -- -- -- -- You know it's. Burke saying there is always helped to lead Boston. Especially if it doesn't work out he'll win because that's sure a poetry -- wouldn't want to win and didn't work out in -- two -- You find out -- what before a game is about to start in the lineup and and from what you told rob Bradford WEEI dot com to go back and forth like during a game trying to get news on what the hell's a lot of somehow went down. Pretty much together and the -- during got scratched from the lineup. -- -- still vote on the card you know we're just in the extra -- which means. You know we're capable playing that night -- -- playing so. You know I'm just doing my normal routine sitting on the bench watching game. And they're applied to have to run up and -- -- in. In hurting being you know it's it's a little chaotic and crazy to. Really don't know a lot you know -- -- to try to keep thinks as -- as they can't and then it kind of just blows operated the end. You know you saw a pretty difficult for months I think here in Boston given -- The did the chaos that was spring training from the aftermath of September and in the way the season went for the first four months there was a lot of negative to really get to see that. You know playing in Boston when you wind and how great it would be an. What was that like -- experience you think four months in Boston and into that open your eyes to anything. I still enjoyed it I really did. In. -- -- -- -- -- You know from 7 o'clock 10 o'clock and I knew -- searchers know better placed to. Take the field and and play the game so. It's it's a special place yeah we didn't play very well that I I could -- you would you be glad I can picture would -- -- like to win a world championship there in. Who have been pretty cool. A part of this season has been not to sets 7 at 10 o'clock but obviously -- saw how much scrutiny the players in the team -- I think. Pardon possible what happened last September and he played in in passionate baseball markets before. Was this media here you solve the course of four months that much worse than places like Saint Louis and other places you played during your career. Yeah I -- I would say that maybe that's why there's so much interest in the ball well do you know because. There is a lot of off the field you know everybody -- know whatever he's doing off the field. And it's it wasn't like -- ability at all I'd come I don't know occurred either as much interest -- -- -- because. They're not gonna find. A meteor count. That that all of it seemed like like boxer and he'll. You feel like it affected your teammates over the course of this year with a different stories that popped up we called drama stories nick did affect the team in that clubhouse. I hear the -- it can't. I know that it's you know human nature to listening -- So sure it does you know -- absolutely. You know when you wouldn't Ernie offseason they brought you -- here anybody garlic Cody Ross -- news. Last October those that kind of some names of calling out for you know guys -- gonna bring in good clubhouse guys to help their club ourselves. And provide you some leadership even in even in your role as a utility infielder. When you got today a clubhouse after being in four months did you sense that there was leadership in there that's one thing to think that a question now. Yeah yeah there's there's a bunch of leaders -- there wasn't like one bullish that the other guys. That you just got a lead by example I think a lot of you know David Ortiz who speak out here and there but most of the guys in there you know you just you watch him play and around the loopy all listed in -- early in. Yeah there's not a lot of vocal leaders but I definitely see now. Throughout the years he just kind of follow by example. Here you -- -- on -- the Utah and dads are -- you talked of rob. India today talking about the guys and a clubhouse and -- you know there was good chemistry guys didn't like each other and I. He covered the same thing we talked about the same thing there but was it difficult because when we looked at. It's the typical part of this team was Bobby Valentine maybe with communication having different coaches. That you find that difficult -- it -- like throughout the year. Some cultures were on the same page and that that element was where. It was a little bit in -- was that toxic -- there was tension there. Yeah you know I think that's what you see. Staff. Knows when they change it to look like these people all you know like. You were together you know managing job you wanna bring all your clothes. But he played within you know miners -- big week. Umps are reasons you know actually you have liberties something page and have each other's back. Because it is actually. There's a lot of scrutiny dating. -- -- -- -- -- Typically look at create in the the -- Didn't express that are sure that you didn't know that. Well and I think. As you went on the actually. You know we talked about it Bobby Valentine as a manager you know that the way York's the bull pens and maybe during games that. The strategies to to meet the one they have been critical with them I think is -- communication you know I'd just. Is the lack of communication whether be from different areas whether B players announcing you know injuries or. Miscommunication with players and not creating some stories that way. What's the communication there do you think with Bobby. And yet it's definitely getting better. Bill -- wasn't his strong suit that he he's deftly. Made huge effort because you know. Doesn't -- -- expressed that he's making it period effort to get and it is slip this on the Padilla. I guess that he really wants to get better which was which we all noticed. You know throughout the course you would like. We're talking a current dodger former red sock infielder Nick Punto your former teammate Kelly Shoppach ends up in new York and -- -- -- talk about you know how things went down in Boston but went to that communication line again he talked about the communication nick. With the front office and I just wonder if you look back at those four months. You know besides body -- time did you see the mobile lines communication blurred. We're guys hearing different things from different people as when Kelly brings up the front office we start to think okay. -- tell what guys what who's talking -- when it just seems like there wasn't a straight line that communication with the Red Sox this year. Yes yeah I can't comment on that either I don't know what you know what to -- -- communication links to. Two of the injured and your coaches during and I try to simulate that. You know there was not a -- not describe a little ball here it goes or mark rather. I just wondered if you could clear -- wanted to clear up some of that that the team to a lot of criticism for last week with. The Johnny Pesky in the four players showing up how was that communicated to you guys as team. He would Dallas. You know -- -- as an -- like 4 o'clock in the morning. And we showed and who's just one of those things were hectic. I know for me personally I can't beat my teammates that to me personally that -- become that I regret you know not. You know go to bed at 430 Internet alarm for 10 o'clock and discolored or you know. You know when I reflect back on the season and will be one of the things that I I definitely regret not doing. Silk. That's -- -- from India it was definitely one of those nights where you know we got those letters and I'm sure guys we're out -- street and their reading it. -- -- I don't David came on an Indian announced it to the team on the plane that -- member that are it was just a select few people. Yeah -- might have my headphones on I don't know if I said. Every couple pieces that he did an -- Was your first year here she were privy to these these ownership meetings nick that they Lewis talked about that he was a part of other guys have been a part of but. -- July 26 pretty well documented now that there was was some sort of meeting. Was a date was -- a normal meeting in your career we've been around a long time and the way that went down and ownership coming Jerry York and everyone get together. Coaches not there can you explain. What you saw from that and that couple days force. In -- he uses you know ownership they've -- mr. -- -- -- The speaker Larry Lucchino or those guys. Here they're very passionate and they wanna win and I think it is reached out to some of the guys and wanted to give their consent and elderly is just blew up -- is as big deal but it really wasn't. Were people call for Bobby's job. Now and now. He said that if you you viewed that is ownership called that that wasn't the players at some point nick requesting. Yeah I think goes this you know ownership. You know. Rendered helpless just is going to baseball apple loses which is which is really cool -- and you know offer. Growers a computer no -- and and and ensure that you are actually very emotional. Now it's not. And I got to get the cherry at a ball -- put. Not my mental good luck they'll Magic Johnson we sit back. -- don't do that -- -- expel or a Christian thanks nick that is now on dodger former. Red Sox infielder nick -- joining us on the ATP hotline AT&T forgy LTE. We speeds up to ten times faster than three jeetz AT&T rethink possibly have a chance talked all these guys individually the -- the question about -- funeral. That's a guy that admits.

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