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Greg Bedard: AFC is the Patriots to lose

Aug 29, 2012|

The Boston Globe’s Patriots beat reporter Greg Bedard checked in with Dino & Gerry to discuss how Aaron Hernandez’s contract has affected the team’s philosophies with signing players. Greg talks about how long Brady and the starters will play in the final preseason game, if this season will be Wes Welker’s last one in Foxboro, when to expect Brian Waters return to the Patriots, and who he believes are on the bubble to make the 53 man roster.

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It is always a pleasure talking football with the very accomplished beat writer for the Boston Globe who covers -- -- the patriots Greg Bedard joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T. Four GL TE good morning Greg -- Morning. Are we are we expecting a a an instant replay of last year's game 32 game for pre season department by Bill Belichick which they played pretty poorly in game three. Brady got beat up and he put a starters out there for at least a portion of game four do you suspect we'll see the same thing tonight it. Possible. You know I'm not overly concerned we -- -- we saw. In Tampa Bay that was a county young energized team in the patriots for. Extremely good -- everything they do on all sides of the ball. So. It's topic performance that concerns me. It's a lot of promise that factors and I think yeah we could see them for a years -- two media. You know anywhere from war to be played but I don't think anything more than that. I suspect Brady is not happy with his performance and by extension the offensive line in the entire offense I suppose and in the previous game attempt again I think of -- a bad taste in his -- my guess is he's an audience to get in -- to play a little bit right. I've yeah I would guess and I I thought Bree. It was not very sharply at the box and I actually did not think that the offensive line played as badly as. People bought in nineteen a lot of hit that -- talk. Were. On the box running with his on screen things you can't worry about -- -- on on the ball too long. Surely there are a couple breakdowns but it definitely wasn't anything like the Eagles. Do we know who and Wes Welker what smoker's family died. No I didn't I didn't it and I just I just wanted to figure out of I thought people were questioning waxes integrity. And also you know kind of run wild with speculation so. You know wanted to do my deal due diligence is a reporter and was told by couples sources that. That's what was -- I thought that that that need to be out there and I didn't think any further details. -- Wes Welker said he was happy for. Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski said it didn't bother him. What do you think he thinks what do you think he feels that's what he said what's the truth there Greg. Why I think he definitely. You know -- of these things like you know it would have been nice. If they would have done these things for me. Maybe a couple years ago. Force the injury or four you know -- ID -- find -- curious if are over the patriots I would have tried to draft -- the injuries that you know what we're gonna do the right thing by you where actions in questions and -- last because of the amount. ACL surgery and maybe try it our way to make it work. Then I mean how much -- -- have been with them because I can understand you know our guys back from you know. But yeah I think that west looks at all this going on just like how we couldn't line. A way to make things work. Now you know some people will. Point out that Egypt's football Welker and Hernandez but the same people. And some people might one day. All the conflicts of interest therein. You know maybe it sold went out. The web -- for too much money and then maybe just want to get the money for. Hernandez I think that's ridiculous I don't think one has anything to do with the other. The patriots walker could make something work -- is -- you looking at it lap. First. Big contract west is not gonna take less than top of the market. For his value and they just could make some work and -- two completely different negotiation. That's what I like to kind of zero in on is the patriots Handley west -- contract now Greg vs how they handled Bronx and Hernandez. Due primarily to his age and they're just trying to milk another year or two out of his production in the call -- a career. Called an end of the crew are New England. Pretty much yeah I mean and I don't fault them for that that's the business decision that they make that. Which you do in the salary to prepare and what people have to understand manner described where used to. Cover because he had a reaction to not not here Somalia's east or elsewhere the reaction. And that contract. Or people won't understand that they pay you. For what they think you're gonna do now what you have done in this sleek and really what you have done doesn't matter. This plea and he put it. You know when you look at what what is gone over the past 45 years and it's been incredible and you think that you should get X amount of money. But then you look at the other side of the point in the team's perspective music are what how much do we expect of him in the next 345 years right and it's not as much. That's why he's not getting offered as much is that it's a cool business but. That would visit the business I understand the paper's decision I tend to agree with what they have now decided to do. Which is you know obviously go forward Rivera Hernandez says and as the inside receiver right here on out. What you know it's it's tough spot. You you that you wrote that this is a new way of doing business that this is the new way for the patriots and you applauded him for. -- is that it just. Because of their an innocent Gradkowski deals or do you think overall as a new policy in place down there. Well I can tell you that not everybody agrees with com. What I wrote in -- including some mentioning people you know the patriots will tell you that though this is the way they've always done things and it's just over the about the player. -- -- a player one and two. Was open to this kind of contract and I. Quite frankly I don't leave because you can't tell me when you go back and you look at the way they've done things previously. And there might -- other contract out there I haven't gone through every single year but up to pop my head. Hi Warren is the last guy who they redid their contract where it two years. From the end of his contract that the only gotten you know down Matt Mike Vrabel they did. Three years early but really keep going into the last year -- contract because of the final two years were Dominique yours they were you make it 56 million dollars. He -- never see that. Everybody else has been -- lead going into their final season on in on the contract. And all of a sudden in eight months they've done three contract. Two years -- You can. The patriot to say that they've they've been open -- -- all the time but I quite -- I don't believe it in I think the evidence is overwhelming that they have now. And all that they all with the new CBA and you know a lot to do that you can Donna -- -- CB that you could've done it going to lock out other teams have done it. But the patriots have definitely made a decision they say you know what. Where this one and I think he came after Logan because there's no reason why they couldn't have done Logan like this. Is go to their great young core players early. -- cheaper. They've been millions in the future and and I do you think it's the departure for the team and I think it's a good one and one man they they should have done more before and and they did not. We're talking with Greg Bedard from the Boston Globe Greg in in your estimation will the advent of the tight -- era here in New England. Diminished the use of Wes Welker in this offence and thus diminish his value. In well in theory I think you figured it. In theory yes but in practicality when it comes to breed -- snap from center right and you get down to a big play I mean who you look at. I -- me it. It to me at its whopper. In Hernandez and gronkowski goes -- the guys that he can look at one when it come when push comes to -- in the soft and so. Yes in theory. You know we're gonna see a lot of three items in -- if she thanked whoever gets healthy we're gonna see wartime than that bank. You know there's no -- fault in the back field. Which Brady used to rely on all the time on third down and I thought that was a crutch for a long time I think that team. Agreed -- that after watching Steelers game last year and now I think that -- It's still very much in the picture when when breeding Yzerman and that that in another reason why I think we struggled. The other night it's just you know he's he's uncomfortable. Is not out there. Pay as we watch this football game tonight Greg give us a couple of prominent. Names of bubble guys who really need to play well to hang around. Well one guy from me in don't -- the roster on. I think that it's you know I think Jermaine Cunningham. Is the guy. But I want each blast at times in camp I think you look overall. The big picture not consistent even equaled his whole career. I thought. In average at best and I think if you know him Trevor Scott Justin Francis I think they keep two of those guys. Which of those guys now. You don't bring justice to me happen. Hasn't been recognized pitted in teams India has been practiced but you know -- from what I hear the patriot love the kid and they respect me enough for roster spot I don't know but. Right now I have. -- Cunningham on the outside the other one is. In the secondary. I think between I think -- Abner pretty much on the team. At safety. If that's the key now is had a both. He and you know the quarterbacks mark U mark -- -- in Alfonso Denard the seventh round pick we haven't seen a lot of who have talent. I think two of those guys make it now which one right now -- have Denard. On the outside looking in electrical did the other night he's got a tremendous camp all the way through. He's good on special teams Denard is and so those that are on the guys that. I'm really looking. When is Brian Waters walked into that door. Right after this game. Is is that our preparation for that that regularly shooting game I don't have any inside information. That every one is. Just couldn't lock step about not saying anything. Is really weird in Haiti it really tipped off to me that. I do you think he's I'm I'm I'm just gonna rely on what I heard from sources after the Super Bowl and throughout the creative process he's coming back. And you know ever once shut up and then. Play. I mean it's just remarkable it if you're gonna retire watch as the -- your time. Or not hurting I haven't heard anything about the contracts so. -- Does it worked as a veteran do you think just goes to Belichick -- and I can't stand training camp I don't wanna go through that again I want to play but I am not gonna show up play in these pre season games and Belichick like like one of his favorites to set up because if they all sat out. Every veteran who hated pre season didn't show up than -- Ghana would -- team. And out if waters to shore up here coming up I mean how does it will force say you know what I'm mark. Try him anymore I mean. And I think that's what culture and the word I'd use big. In my mind it started with. He wanted to guard last year he wanted Brian Waters in and called him at some point -- in after the -- and said. You know we need we want you here love yet. And waters said that's fine but I'm not doing training camp opulent receiving game Belichick was probably -- We need you got badly years back that it still. Five Indian waters like -- court -- second earmark of camp either Belcher with broad like -- I mean the the these things do go on elsewhere. Problem. Didn't Walter Jones and Walter Jones skipped training camp every year. Yet stray hand and you know for a would you know part of his waffling was completed wanna go to any. Mini camps and OTA's and stuff like that. Yes -- a lot of veterans hate can't hate preceding games and you know it if waters Scott Belcher to agree this more power to. -- ultimately Greg will there be a spot on this roster for the speedster Jeff -- Absolutely in my mind you think so. Yeah I mean. You know they didn't over commit anything you know that guarantees that it was 2008. Salary. This year which. You know shows that it wasn't exactly feeding frenzy for him when he came available I figured. The -- considering all the brought both support -- down this guy's achievement got bigger the printed that the winning team would've had guarantees hole for your salary. That did not happen I think yeah com. I think he's definitely on the team -- not only do what he showed the other night com. I just think you know why not -- you know bill. Wherever radio they'll find ways to use and then you know he has fumbling problems then you know they'll bring a myopic moron punt block and try to. -- if you kick it. Yeah I think you definitely -- -- -- they -- the kick returner I think you gonna get in the -- is third down back at some point I'm not out certain packages for him. Yeah I -- I and I'm very entry from what I saw the other night I think we're gonna have a lot of fun to watch inject them that maybe if they LP NBA. -- -- Crisco as the patriots winning the division by. Nine games I think ESPN magazine has him winning by six games. I know you've got to winningest division I know we'll we'll get to your preview section coming up assume but. Is there any way in your mind that they don't run away with the east with it -- Army not allowed Brady to -- Even if he doesn't think that when the division. Oh yeah I think. Well yeah I I tend to agree review and I think if if he gets hurt but still being made they when division. I think the bills that are going to be the second place team. But they have a lot of moving parts Lotta new parks. That tends to take into the second year to release. Work take hold. Quite frankly I think the I think AFC is theirs to lose I don't see static Baltimore going to be okay. Steelers that I think I think there endangerment in the playoffs this year. I don't see patent making that much the difference in year one. And you know achieved that they're going to be good and if you west but the chargers having problems. It's just. You know and that he is much stronger this year the patriots. The -- -- possibly NC. When Tom Brady sits down tonight whenever that happens to be will we see more of mallet or lawyer for the rest of the game in the second part of the question Greg is -- a great or bad performance by either one of those two backup quarterbacks changed the depth chart in two in terms of who is the heir apparent Brady does go -- I think. I think we see some sport wraps because I think with the patriot might read on the way patriots -- handle the the the backup quarterback position number two and number three is. Ryan mallet last year came -- -- to block out. He didn't get a whole lot -- didn't get a lot of work was very good in this this pre season and training camp has been more bowel. We know what we have and Brian Hoyer who's gonna -- the season in any event. We need to find out we we need to find out what we haven't mallet. And we need to improve right now because. He's going to be the backup once where leads in this is about. -- to get work. I don't think. Things change. All -- tonight in in my mind I think that. I I think that this court date. Race for the backup job competition. Is not competition a date or year. Is the backup has been the entire time I think that a lot of this has been spell check putting it carried out there. To it to keep -- -- going and working hard. And also just to build confidence and keep trying to keep people. Awful -- back -- the -- says he's not competing for the job and every start questioning Ryan mallet. And the that is picked him maybe you lose confidence that he goes backwards so maybe this has been all about. Keeping crime now that. The mentally engaged to play in eating. Proper job which he did he not really compete for an you know that's a problem that. -- the regular season stones what a week from tonight. The tonight. Yes what times that kickoff. Well I I think it data. Hey all right so what time will they settle that with the risk is award John and I agree. Eleventh hour deal they don't need training camp that and you get in shape necessarily. Do you thicken like. The day before two days before ten minutes before kickoff they settle. I think about two days before so they get everybody -- -- him and brush up on things Saddam. -- -- you know it's just the deadline spur action as Andrew Brandt. Like assailant is in the -- Packers. -- -- Yeah I am I eight yeah I think it's in the same situation that the player locked in they're gonna. Look at the regular season they're gonna -- and off about how -- you know it's going to be a month. We can go with a -- there -- the whole season without the officials but I think when push comes to -- I think they realize that they meet the real social there. I have rarely if ever ready text to a guest on our radio program I think discipline -- rear -- reading. From the seven point one on the AT&T -- like Greg Bedard is the next will McDonough. Fill the shoes drag -- You know like I thirty who -- double you know double W wide yeah like I -- I loved grown up. Breeden will mean -- nobody's -- and well and a these. He's reason I want a big going to this -- -- opinion on in Yemen although I. Regarding a pleasure talking football with you always talk you down the road different. No problem on a regular cart for the Boston Globe -- Santelli on the AT&T text AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTD.

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