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Brian McNamee: Clemens return to baseball is ego driven

Aug 29, 2012|

Roger Clemens' former personal trainer Brian McNamee joined D&C to discuss Roger Clemens return to professional baseball with the Sugar Land Skeeters. He discusses what fuels Clemens, why Clemens has returned to baseball, if he can still perform at a high level now that he's 50, and how steroids effect your body.

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I say that a frequent guest. Occasional guest on the Dennis and Callahan program Brian McNamee really needs no introduction the former trainer Roger Clemens. Joins us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE good morning Brian how are you. Kerry corridor. Where -- on -- were to -- -- just off the top what what do you think in in in any form either motivational legitimacy or whatever. About Roger clemens' comeback -- the speeders this past weekend. I didn't do so ego driven and I think. Right off the top -- that you guys you've done bring the popcorn sectors that circus known anywhere -- Do you think he's doing it to reset the hall of fame clock another five years of didn't get a start with the Houston Astros. Or mortar. And NI NE fifteen year old could pitch and pitch effectively without some kind of you know help. Performance enhancer in the major leagues. I I think I teach you every day I think if you if you could sort strikes and -- -- anybody can get anybody got an a level so and he eight. What so why isn't this though he didn't look in great shape but I didn't really watch all I always -- Sorenson spark. I don't I don't know what kind of condition he's in on I mean what's his name Jamie Moyer right east policy. He's done but he was 49 I think. Different got a picture though yeah a much different kind of pitches that you don't think you think you could get Major League hitters out to think he could come back -- for the Astros and pitch effectively. There and see if you can I mean -- I don't know at that age as -- as -- slaughter I don't think so maybe isn't as good as the one inning guy like that you can get if you can locate. And then subtract all successful what are what you -- now if you're ninety doesn't -- you still get guys out. Do you think he would do it I mean do you think I mean will will. Clemens if he comes back or right now Brian if you had to guess a -- on something. I couldn't. I'm into affordable -- -- -- But when you watched games -- -- the abuse suspect you look at LT Cabrera -- -- on the -- Brian Cashman said that he or suspected but -- -- local law when he -- for him. You know as the -- -- performance and and -- and Allen and and velocity. He had his. Yeah I suspected Bartolo Cologne was up to some and he was. You must have a similar the way you look at the guys and say he's going to be he's got to be on something. Yeah. I I do and I'm not being naive about it I I do I believe character a lot of it going on -- do a real lot of stuff you know about what -- has been saying. In the papers. W law a lot of a lot of what you say is true tomorrow professional armed in my in my background in my opinion. Is yeah I think it is you guys are circumventing the system. Not you have to be an idiot not the same arm. Guys are still taking it just is at a -- that book goes on because it's very very very views are. I can you know you -- ticket that stops a shot right now that it's just the law it's really simple. He gets out of your system that quickly correct. The way you did it they're going to the site is always ahead of potassium. It really. The real thing guys that have cleaned up their their their acts and help -- with just a synthetic test a testosterone but looking at what's cheating on what's not what's right and what's wrong they are just. Staying ahead of the testing you think there's a significant number of people still trying to circumvent what's going on with Major League baseball's drug testing. Definitely an area that's in every sport whenever there's money that type of money around. There's so much is Maloney sheeting and there isn't doing -- calling. How do you think Cabrera and a Cologne got caught them they just dummies. They have these stupid I mean if you can get an -- system in a day. Why weren't they more careful what how did they get caught. Probably -- -- are culpable but that's important system that they brought. And Hendrick not culpable in and year -- -- -- it's not a texture is not an exact science you. You know Evernote testosterone could stored in your system he's no longer sometimes to distort the facts that's what you can failure and later to take one shot. Because since its release oil Bates. We have an all summer could have got too much bigger store and got released that the requirement to protest. Although it may or maybe just got to leave you all all culpable confident comfortably confident in that action would be -- Bright in terms of what it does for an athlete what is the difference between the synthetic testosterone little Melky Cabrera and Bartolo Cologne caught doing. Verses the general anabolic steroids the rampant with the all the -- is in the bonds and I suspect Clemens back in the day. What's the difference between the two. I work I believe -- the same it is sectors -- it's the same. Did you type that they've found -- -- to -- -- didn't they didn't it make you successful what kind. I didn't hear that -- synthetic is just not natural break all the same stuff Canseco McGwire and all those guys were taken. That why isn't Melky is head as big as Barry Bonds. That's the growth hormone I believe and that's very appears to -- it -- created. For the side effects of locomotive of the larger organization and -- school. And then. Was a -- I know we've gone over this with him before what was Clemens drug of choice. Well fortunately straw and then he went into the Jewish whatever Kirk Kirk. Put together. There was so adjusted and assorted testosterone and broke well. And -- straw is testosterone. Now. It's a different type historic sentinel is different ones that are exclusive to sprint week. -- drug because it's beat the rest are well others mentioned that and so all and and you to to actually get. It's a good drug for. -- fitness people who show symbolic go to Italy right between the -- the current Matra. Do you suspect that Cabrera Melky Cabrera Bartolo -- just the first two of many because. On the -- took testosterone is just so easy to use and and get -- system quickly. We use is this. Artists at the sciences or -- the past. It's not that this synthetic pitches that he -- slaughter and there's up to clean system also Americans and clean so they're just getting water on that. But now I I would look at it as -- -- it's a -- personable players around cheating. And on. Wherever it is now it's a red flag and alt and we got chill out I'm I'm out of a limited group steroid use -- an Internet -- jail. No no don't take the next shot. It right what do you think about what what what is clemens' motivation. In your opinion. -- -- all that we are just that I think -- if you -- -- it's the limelight at its exporters whose. It's part is spiel to clean up the image did back in the limelight into grace's brand and also are. To see if he could stop the clock I believe you know he's you don't wanna be like that that that era and you know I I definitely know with all the people he's art to clean -- -- damaged. -- -- They are you able yet it bring it -- Conan and don't don't know what -- don't think that circus is going to arsenal right are you able yet to talk about clemens' trial. By artillery got our our our wanted to talk to you guys because -- -- -- -- enjoyed -- -- common -- -- American -- seven yard -- I have to go to us on his -- Our board -- Steve Martin -- at the American nutritious Saturn and I'm gonna goal. I'm going to be -- -- about week with -- -- at the gridiron training was. McNamee met several times great guy great motivate. Excellent excellent realizing that you see that you true grind that. And I really I get inspired watching him train these kids and I'll put some together with him. To train important at least once a month so -- to -- some frequency with him trying to work that out is lacy bra and training. And it worked out of you don't want Amare hopefully you want to mention Trenton facility for baseball here's a great great. Silica based or cookies in the back -- indoor turf. Rain or shine and then I gotta go get myself from -- nutrition that saw. I've been trademark and I look forward to sitting down with you guys in the studio and I'm not -- -- extensively about the trial. Excellent deal will stay in touch thanks Brian McNamee. -- show what you're talking on the road Brian McNamee. Committed lay it on the line. At some point later this summer in studio. Brian McNamee. Roger Clemens extranet Greg Bedard talks and patriot football in the 8 o'clock hour a quicktime -- -- a pro sports -- phone calls as well.

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