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Bobby Valentine pregame with Joe Castiglone

Aug 29, 2012|

Bobby V & Joe Castiglione on tonight's Red Sox Radio Network Pregame Show prior to game 1 w/the Angels

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I mean we begin a nine game West Coast swing tonight you certainly be dead awful bullpen what is the status of Alfredo -- save us in his suspension. He says he's helped. You ready to go the end he's reactivated and ready give us as many innings as we need out there hopefully. Help us win some games did he issue an apology to you and your staff. He did exactly what you need to do move forward and we're moving forward together. Bobby's extort acquired the question is going to pitch tomorrow night. So that's our roster move necessitated. -- is there another roster move today. Well yeah we have an announcement for tomorrow but Franklin Morales will go on the disabled list and order to activate. Assess. And then tomorrow -- starter starter Stewart will be announced tomorrow. What's wrong with Morales right now nothing again it's one of those fatigue things let's. Protect him and his future. As well as making sure that he's really fresh next and he goes out there. And what do we know about Zach Stewart who came from the white sacks in the U -- straight. -- -- going to be on the mound you know like I've just seen some video and you know is good sinker eight pitches to contact he holds runners well as good athlete on the mound. And that we'll see how he does against the LA Angels. While the Angels are swept last weekend pitching match up back. That we saw last week with -- Weaver and buckles and Weaver was pretty effective within 87 mile an hour fastball. Yeah 87 that denying the not throwing only once did but to know he has such a deceptive. Delivery with the ball gets on players'. A little differently than other pitchers and it takes a little getting used to hopefully -- home just last week will. Be more accustomed to what they're seeing this week and what his buckles have to adjust after they hit in my last week on lower a lot of seeing ideas yeah he needs to get doubles ball's going matters -- that second baseman and that. It's the same ways to pitching. We see the lineup does not include Cody Ross is this that they -- -- being -- it is the to the you know the night -- the country and you know with the right hander out they're left in -- tomorrow we have a travel day. Coming up on Sunday were we to operated to and Oakland's schedule left handers so we just try to keep as fresh as possible. And have -- and way in the cleanup spot tonight. Well somebody has to hit there and you know Ryan it's always to the task. And you get in place you starting shortstop is that they restaurant realist or something you wanna see with the Hussein. Little of both -- -- we know that -- a good player and -- -- wanna keep Jones just sitting here in im watching and you know Mike you get an off to a every now that he's playing really well that day even he he gets tired at times will David Ortiz -- -- on the trip and -- That's yet to be -- -- it and that is he feeling a little better since the shaft I hope so but I haven't Danica that report yet. How about your bullpen now Bobby -- going a little bit short to. Since the last injury is it. Certainly enough to get by without a day off. Yeah I think we have enough to get by with Alfredo out there now and you know there there -- rested arms and you know -- might even rest a few more of them. And will close if it gets down to that localities the service tonight Billy's not available color or if I use him earlier of course them. We have other options is that because of -- pitch yesterday. Yeah well Bailey pitch yesterday and basically for a five. -- Mercedes best question of the day Bobby yet time realist art -- is here here and answer. And you're one of thirteen. Assorted disciples to become big league manager so. What was the secret. He had the magic keep taught everyone the right way to play the right way to think the right way to act. He ends so many of us were able to it turned that into a career after playing her playing career but we all would alternate. Who's -- rooting for tonight so she is tame or Valentine's team to both Italian too. Yeah so. You might have to ask him that but I know he's always on my side so. God bless them. -- asked Tommy Tommy. We root for tonight so sure about college in my life my wife I left before I left that she says you're in trouble. You better -- have to game and Bobby's side and the other half for the game book of Mike. I thought that was pretty good advice. You thank you feel pretty good now lest we talked you were in the hospital. Feel great. That everything went fine I've just got off of vertigo for about a week and fully. Well enough feeling great. Joined. So many things. I would enjoy receive this game tonight to my guys are going -- it. And I'll be proud of both of them. Mercedes-Benz -- visit your local authorized -- of this month were attractive offers and the vehicle of your dreams like the classy Cooper -- a perfect combination of safety performance innovation. At a price that that would driving but within easy reach on the web and in the USA dot com. Let's go back the job.

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