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Bill Lee gives his thoughts on the Red Sox trade

Aug 28, 2012|

Mikey talks with his old pal the Spaceman about whether the trade was a good move for the team. Bill thinks it came down to ineffective coaching.

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Back on the planet Mikey show go to -- space man alive who just broke another record I can't believe this is this is a bully boy got a call Tuesday space man out. You did it again. -- really all that. At the -- the use that I. Help I know you were to win this and I read it at NASA ran a thing on TV that you. If they talked about how no gets complete games anymore and how in his seventies and three years at seventy number -- and and they say and bill Lee did it again last night. At the -- became the oldest man. On to win a professional baseball game in the history of the game of baseball. And you went the distance. Yes they did and it was amazing. This -- didn't have one pitcher that went the distance all year. And it that he ballclub and they've been out of first place to place the day before and I pitched him back in the first place. And I drove in the first ride that I set up the next two runs with a sacrifice bind the hands. Seventh eighth and ninth inning I was like -- That's the banner -- I was gonna stay -- and and then we broke the game open in the seventh and eighth inning and we got a nine before. There was a force for game for a long time. Five lead changes and great just it was like an opera awards in the ball game -- was an -- Now I read that Mike Marshall is the manager of the former dodger outfielder infielder right outfielder -- Mike Marshall right right handed hitter. If he was he was come and take you out of the game after he gave up a few runs. Yep well I gave up three and -- stepped in and I struggled a little bit that it was they were up 43 we tied it. I don't we went up 43 then they tied it for foreign and I was like battered about anarchist he had to win this ball game -- first place field advantage in the playoffs. Yes so that's that's. So now now you did when -- 63 for the Brockton rocks -- and that -- the ball -- the cap or something the gloves in the hall of fame. Yeah I know you did it again are you gonna do this in again and next year or argued. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Actually Latinos -- -- September call up he's calling him and that's all three games on the eleventh twelfth and thirteenth begin to -- all reproduction exit. Now you know what I'd get better each game you probably would. Now let me ask you this as I've got good stuff I had pinpoint. I have this pitino third inning to the last. Two pro games them walked a guy. That's pretty unbelievable -- you know the Roger Clemens is now join in on the bandwagon at age fifty big deal right fifty. I know I went nine. And he did that there was no DH I asked them all you have to do is paid for my airfare and let me at nine you know come out and I'll help you guys. That's an on boys so they didn't really even give you salary to just paid for your expenses. Well I can't take a salary as some on Social Security -- That is the stupidest thing I've heard yeah. Any broad Social Security guards and a bog. Now let me ask questions here we're talking gradually -- that is that's just rate you know. And you call reasons Hussein ball I didn't just beat the record I had violated -- that I. The -- funny. Then -- I thought I would use same -- you know. And I make good plays that covered birds space like -- one hopper up the -- all. Save the basic you know I played the whole game -- -- you type -- a fountain of youth. And the great -- you did get released by the Expos after leading the team in batting average and DR race so that's something that no one else has ever done either. You know and then I tried to play for the giants and Heller would kick me out of spring training so this was trying to -- Tom -- space now I'm in giants but they honored me on the air crew -- and paper. They praised me and that. You know I don't know webcast today as did another one in San Francisco. And I mean there are people that come up to me on the street and they say that the most amazing thing that -- -- yeah. Is you don't I understand you you know you cut trees all day you know if you don't you bureau of Georgia 65 used to pitching against young guys is still -- really amazing feat. I wanna ask you because this is the hugest thing and I am sure that out and LA where you're on Burbank where you know. I mean Sandra fell amid Carol -- though little longer slaves -- part of San Francisco. Right okay. So this Red Sox thing where they unload bracket they -- Crawford's contract Nick -- for million and a half and ended in a process they got to give up. Gonzales but everybody here in this town is euphoric corporate. Because it gives them a little bit about some flexibility in the future wait what's your take on that big trade. Do you want to. That the Titanic going down and then everybody goes you know we got a lot of money -- to be here next year -- what you've got to be kidding me. -- clocked -- then -- cropper they shouldn't assign proper heating and wanna be here it was lost. Beckett is getting annihilated wherever he goes I think he'll right the ship. He'll lose a little weight and he'll be fine. It as well as I loved his swing I love the way he played first base everybody wanted him here. But what happened basically as Ortiz got hurt when Ortiz got hurt. There goes -- kind of spark you weren't gonna win it anyway so you basically unloaded the ship for the future. You can use that money wisely. I don't know my time you know a lot of talent I don't know. Think that the department did one thing they did learn on the Carl Crawford -- of personally outbid everybody for his services secondly I'd watch him swing and -- Red Sox uniform. Last year and a little bit this year I'm not sure he really knows the strike zone and -- I think it's just a good athlete him that allows him to hit and get on base at all. Or is this speed is speed data that is fast for the noise that was elbows that he's got to go under the knife again you don't know what he's gonna get in his swing. He is definitely I would say a suspect not a prospect. No I think it's a good deal in that respect. But you know. You know I'd still think there are greater problems there and that. You want people that wanna play in Boston yeah in the scuttlebutt out and everybody think everything I've heard is no one wants to come to Boston to play. And that's not a good data now. That Valentine. Is that the -- hide their media focus here. Valentine I think it's everything associated with that everybody I talked you out here they don't like Valentine's Day wouldn't play for him. Someone -- -- this was kicked off the plane. Yet we'll know he was some suspended for three days he had a little bit of -- of an incident -- Bobby Valentine. And he went a little nuts now you don't Paris Davis is already a little nuts to begin with. But say this is a genius and he's what I call also brought he's like Bernie carbo he knows when things are wrong. And I sit on my blog this guy did a webcast with the united set a sabres was not a lot on the plane that civil sabres a lucky guy. It is all right to miss the plane don't miss the boat. So I mean it's at right now the teams obviously in a state but. The wait why people are happy bill is this. That 200 million dollar that a 140 nations say. Over seven years that they had laid out for Crawford as well as looked worse and worse as time goes on. I knew it everybody thinks for the last five years of that a hundred million -- into a hell of a lot better then Carl Crawford that's one big thing plus. Beckett let's -- persona known product since last September 1. Yeah no I don't know why we we we agreed there I believe they'll. He -- he's going to be a hall of Famer he can turn it around. All the -- it was quicken up this seat tell like Rocky Marciano. Only did was type issues together shorten his stride and he had a knock out punch. I could have six. Beckett I can help Beckett I can help most any pitcher you know immediate effect. -- of velocity I mean we all watched him when he was good in 2007 he was up around 9596. Now he hits 91 it's a big moment for. Yeah well that's because these out of shape these big east heavy you know these. The with the way these trainers have things going may make some -- too much. A lot of guys you know don't. I watched him -- what work was terrible. It and he wasn't quick to the plate he was kind of dragon and all most of all emotionally he did not want to be here. In either until India wants you to plank -- under the bus. Everybody is bad -- is still got back on the highway. And and I'm telling you there -- when you get -- -- you -- he goes on a pair has only game winning hit was Chicago he's making a statement. And when. The first base believes that he has already disbursed about an LA. You know I think everybody's making a statement that they don't like Valentine and and Valentine is its stock gone up since all this money is well. No but you know there -- a lot of people look at this whole problem this year it as you know whether you like downtime or not that it wasn't really his fault. I was the players not playing up to their potential you know. Yeah well he created that playing out -- to their potential and he created the incidents with Youkilis and Pretoria. And -- created the the incident it was a save us. The sabres is the guy who was on the pine and I talked to -- -- AAA. And I got in the short to strike -- for wind up over the top in May exceed those these sort of a lot better and he's got Brasco phonies you know and. Maybe he'll -- 365. Well Manny you know he's. Got a pretty violent delivery doesn't have a lot of respect for his elbow he's probably gonna hurt that somewhere down the line. But I like the way he went after people and he did a good job. I mean. Apple Obama people don't realize how good he was until he's gone. You know uneasy and now because he's -- a team that's all beat up he's not going anywhere bases that -- great. You don't -- to -- -- that it's the whole general culture that is in Boston right now. I agree you know. I agree that -- a -- this is the right for stepped only comes to unloading some of those cultural well anybody right you. He Q you basically what you did issue you scopus shipped in the harbor. Trying to make is saying that the rest of your -- Yeah I don't let me ask you this the CIA good good to our predictions are out you have -- one team of all the teams left to win -- World Series. New York Yankees. Yeah. While legislation the guest at the Mets wouldn't be what's a -- I think the meant to be the worst team in baseball the beginning of the season. You know and now with the Dodgers I believe Beckett will hit the magic fountain of youth. You'll come on -- there also -- shutting down for a little bit you'll come back he'll win some clutch ball games. Build that beat the giants out here which I hate to say I love the giants you know and like I'm not in and say that it's gonna be the giants the Dodgers out here. And the Yankees haven't really been paying that much attention. -- yankees or Texas most people think you know idea so I can't believe you say the Yankees are as much as you hate your item as much as -- -- I do but I think they've they'd done a great job their managers it is done a great job. I watched that -- that. -- -- broke whether he plays the outfield now -- all those home runs. While playing all vote. More Morales was source coming -- a couple of changeup he hit a home run. That's swisher. Pleasure yeah yet swisher next -- and get swisher out when he get he he's going to be it creates brought out the only guys have trouble with Jeter. Yet mode now you think -- do and the testosterone at least 38. Either as an inside out swing Jeter is Jeter Jeter's. Gonna go down in history as one of the great ballplayers a ballpark I agree. So I mean I love Jeter. I like a lot of the old yankees I love Bernie Williams who played. You know Flamengo Qatar. I like them -- in the planning issue it's hard that this like that ballclub. And that they respected me and I respected them and that's the key to a great opponent you respect your opponent -- -- him. Even Tatum got up but what you do is when you got him down you stepped bottom. As they might be -- -- that -- -- man I always played the game in the finance. They brought in -- -- -- USC flunked out his freshman year I went to USC. Graduated with honors went into a national championship and they're talking about and. -- -- Well you might have -- a couple bridges somewhere along the way gate bridges could be repaired. But. That's what the soul of the game and that knowledge of the game and what I went into the game. In the fact that I'd never played on -- losing ballclub. You know and now I want another league championship would -- -- Pacific. Plug up that -- for me. That's free swimming the mayor gave me a pass like many Internet -- tell you -- you do have a resume restaurant -- -- -- -- -- I am the swimmer and the planning is as -- I told them. That I keep gold -- in Brockton -- didn't believe -- a manager pulled me from the ballgame. Two bit crescendo of 6142. Blues. There is there you're there in two years later. I'd say you wouldn't believe this might -- I hate. And wrenched my back I its Lipton Bradford -- -- at I was -- the patriot tire golf tournament that we did a celebrity tournament. Four hospital there saint Jude's and I don't win my wrist. I slipped and hurt my right hip. Came out to California. And I still want. I wasn't a 100% and I went out there and I want you know and blocked and I was a 100% you're a freak of nature. Well I know how to pitch and your style and speed endurance like anybody you wouldn't believe that I gave up six fly balls. 350. Feet away dead center field just like catfish diner you know why -- get this. You know I know how to pitch I don't want to pitch and I know when to -- -- -- agreement -- being. Your -- in your breathe and his knees and us. Yes -- -- -- and then I feel bad for him but the sun don't shine on the same dog ass every success. With his. Well listen we got to take a break here we got to run allowed to a commercial but -- or congratulate you on the new record. Yes and doubt when he comes back to renewing. On the tenth that I told Giambi if they wanna -- -- contract that they want a player manager just call me Lou Boudreau. -- come out and -- manager Immelt is something of that game will be played for me. So you Lou Boudreau or Catfish Hunter you're Johnny -- your route. Burt Lancaster and you're also Hussein bolt. -- They are no middleman out Malone theoretically deliver that all right buddy thanks a lot seal it it. That's total freak. I'd like -- know which chatted tequila he was separate tonight that's bill leave the space communication. And gather. One a professional ball game and broke his own Guinness book of world records at age 65. A couple of days ago.

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